Grand Theft Auto Series: Deep Discounts on PSN Now

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Grand Theft Auto Series: Deep Discounts on PSN Now

Grand Theft Auto Sale

All this week, as part of the Spring Fever 2013 sale, select titles from the Grand Theft Auto series available on PlayStation Network are 30% off. PS Plus members enjoy a 50% off discount on all titles in the sale. See a complete list of games available in the sale below, along with wallpapers for each title.

Click on each image to go through to the full wallpaper collection for that game at, where you’ll find a range of sizes and resolutions, including versions for PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

PS3 Titles


PS3 Add-Ons (Both require GTAIV, either disc or digital, to access)

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

PS Vita / PSP

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

PS2 Classics

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

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2 Author Replies

  • @ Djaros can you reply me over psn i would like to make friends with you….Rock* please make San Andreas for ps vita please…Thanks

  • Man I wished the Grand Theft Auto 4: Ultimate Edition was for $20, I don’t have the extra $1 for it and I don’t think I can spend $50 just to get it.

  • Love the game, but one problem, i downloaded the gta IV ultimate edition and it doesn’t allow me to pick between the three games like gta ballad of gay tony or lost and damned. has anyone had this problem because i would like to be able to play these games but goes straight to gta Iv

  • It is so unfair that these discounts only seem to be for North America……………

    I had planned to get the entire GTA series digitally so I don’t have to keep my PS2 discs, I’m really dissapointed…

  • What is wrong with comment #49????

  • @LightLegendz sony should give the same special discount deal on pricing for the GTA games to the rest of the world outside of the USA!!! 50% off for PS+ subscribers and 30% off for regular users

  • @54 am having the same question here and i would be glad if Sony releases Gta San Andreas in the whole world so that every body can enjoy the awesome sale am just wondering when that will done..,Rock*

  • I wanted to take advantage of this so bad I did a points redeem for a psn card, AHHH Looks like I’m going to miss out on this. Sucks… Good news: I had my GTAV Pre-ordered already!!! Can’t wait. Upset on the delay but if even one GTA makes it through for free on psn plus, I will be glued to it til GTAV! Can you please work something out with PlayStation? It’d make my day. I loved GTA ever since I first played the first one. Each one pushed out I loved! Good work RS.

    One Question to add to this, Will there be anything special for GTAV pre-ordered like they do with many games these days?

  • @56 can you teach me where to get free psn code so that i can also enjoy this awesome sale because i dont have even a dollar in my psn wallet and if you would like to help me find me on psn as Bendolar123 and on skype as Bendolar123 i hope would reach for me and add me there…..Hope to hear from you soon….Thanks for reading and Rock*

  • @Bendolar123 – I tried through earning points on app trailers on my android and redeeming for $10 psn card, watching videos, had to rack up 10000 points literally watching hours of pointless stuff and I got jipped, I didn’t receive my card, they stopped trying to help me after I even stated about it, So I had no luck… reported them to bbb…

  • Thanks @DonkeyKongKilla am having an Ovi Mobile and Am just asking if that could be done on it and also what about not having a psn card…..

  • @DonkeyKongKilla Can You Give Me The Website So That I can try this because sorry to say i dont have money neither do i have a credit card….Thanks DonkeyKongKilla

  • Ps3 got gta 4 and many more. But not fair for ps vita hardly get much new game. Please provide more game for people who has ps vita as much as ps3 got.
    I already got all gta on my psp ps2 but now I want GTA4 on my Vita. Still waiting and waiting.
    Please can you also discount other new games from ps vita as well ps2 and ps1 .

  • I know, PS3 sale is way over, but all the main GTA games are cheaper on the STEAM sale, even with the PS+ discount, disappointing. :/

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