Grand Theft Auto Series: Deep Discounts on PSN Now

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Grand Theft Auto Series: Deep Discounts on PSN Now

Grand Theft Auto Sale

All this week, as part of the Spring Fever 2013 sale, select titles from the Grand Theft Auto series available on PlayStation Network are 30% off. PS Plus members enjoy a 50% off discount on all titles in the sale. See a complete list of games available in the sale below, along with wallpapers for each title.

Click on each image to go through to the full wallpaper collection for that game at, where you’ll find a range of sizes and resolutions, including versions for PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

PS3 Titles


PS3 Add-Ons (Both require GTAIV, either disc or digital, to access)

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

PS Vita / PSP

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

PS2 Classics

Grand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto SaleGrand Theft Auto Sale

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2 Author Replies

  • When will Vita get an original Grand Theft Auto?

    (I’m assuming never)

  • awesome thaks.

  • @1: Probably when we get Agent.

  • all i have to say is that Rock* is a kickass team of devs!! i enjoy your work!

  • Thanks for the update. I am finally downloading Injustice. I am not going to yell you at for being late.

    But I have a request, can you please update the store maybe at midnight on Tuesdays morning either EST, PST, or any other timezoneone you would like? Microsoft updates there stores by 8am EST on Wednesdays. I am tired of waiting until 7pm or 8pm EST to download something.

    Also, please update your web store to allow automatic downloads on the PS3 when making a purchase from online and auto payment with PayPal. Microsoft has both of these features. With PayPal, I have to first add money to my wallet when I do not have enough funds to make a purchase. I should be able to click pay and the system automatically pull the funds that I need from my PayPal account. Just like you do with credit and debit cards.

    Thank you.

  • truee id love something for the vita.

    rock* looked out for me once when my house got broken into. nothing big but they looked out and for that ill give them my music for free lol.

    Phillip Santana

  • @5: We’re getting the automatic downloads sometime soon. I remember an announcement about it coming to Europe. Forgot when exactly.

  • Nice, looks like I’ll be buying me some GTA tonight!

    Anyone else want GTA 1 from PSOne?

  • @1 – I second that. Vita could use an original GTA game.

    This is a good sale, but I already own all of this content on-disc. I wouldn’t download these digitally unless they were free as part of the IGC.

  • @8 – YES. I really want GTA1, London, and GTA2 as PSOne Classics.

  • I hope this is coming to the UK also! I want to play some classics!

  • When will Red Dead Redemption have one sale?

    Would be awesome RDR Free for PSN+ and 50% off in all DLCs, like PSN Eur make last year.

  • if i buy Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories for the Vita, can i use the second stick to control the camera ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • Really good prices here. Thinking about picking up the complete edition of GTA4.

  • what about those two that came out recently for the PS3?

  • LUVVVV RockStar

  • @13 – I’m also curious about if you can control the camera with the right stick on Vita. I’d imagine you can remap the controls however you want them. But I have no idea if the camera is even controllable in the PSP games. I have both games for PS2, and I think they might have added the camera control feature just for those games. But I don’t know for sure.

  • The 5 PS2 GTA games really could have used an HD bundle for PS3. I was so disappointed when they were released as PS2 classics instead. Those would have been some fun trophies to collect.

  • Does anyone know if the game saves that I have from the disc version will work seamlessly with the digital download version? I haven’t finished GTA4, and I’m considering picking up the bundle at that sweet Plus price point. I don’t really want to start from the beginning, though.

  • @13 – I just did some research. On PSP, you hold a shoulder button and use the left stick to move the camera. There is no way to map that to the right stick.

    @19 – I have switched from disc versions of games to digital versions in the past, and all the save files work with no problems. I don’t know for sure if this is the same with GTA, but I can’t imagine it would be different.

  • thanks @20 … my interest just dropped slightly lol … maybe ill just get vice city stories just for the hell of it

  • @21 – Haha, yeah same here. I was planning on playing the first few missions of LCS and VCS on my PS2 discs just to see if they are worth $10 each. But if I can’t move the camera easily, that might get annoying.

  • Actually, T3DV0L70L1N4 you can now remap the shoulder buttons to the right stick on Vita. This was added in a firmware update a while ago. Just hold the touch screen while playing a PSP game, and the option will appear.

  • Thanks, T3DV0L70L1N4. I think at this price point, I’m willing to risk it. The cost of the extra episodes alone is accounted for in the price of the PS Plus GTA4 bundle. I am loving this Spring Fever. I got the Borderlands 1 & 2 bundle last week. I already had Borderlands 1 on disc, but for only a dollar more than the Borderlands 2 standalone, I have the option to play it off the hard drive. Great prices.

    If anyone is on the fence about the PSP games, I have Vice City Stories on my Vita, and it was so fun and hilarious, it more than made up for the wonky PSP camera control scheme. It’s not HD by any stretch, but the action is pretty fast running on the Vita architecture. For me, driving like a mad man and listening to the radio was one of the best parts, and it performs great on the Vita and is very fast-paced.

  • GTA fans will love this sale!!!!!!

  • I echo the sentiments of others here. These sales look great but please get on a PS Vita GTA game!

  • Any one wanna prefer one over the other? Vice city stories or liberty city stories?

  • @23 – I know you can remap the buttons, but the problem is that you need to hold a shoulder button while moving the analog stick in order to move the camera. You can duplicate the functionality of the left stick onto the right stick, but you’ll still have to hold down a button in order to move the camera.

    I’m still on the fence about getting one or both of the PSP games for Vita. @24 makes a pretty convincing argument though! I’m going to play the first few missions on my PS2 discs and see if they’re worth re-buying for Vita.

    @27 – I haven’t played either one in about 5 years, but I do remember enjoying VCS way better than LCS (PS2 versions). You can grab people and toss them, and that alone made it incredibly enjoyable!

  • Awsome discount!! Wanted to buy all of them and this discount on Plus made it possible!! Thanks i now own all of them :D

  • I have a question that because I just downloaded GTA4 and GTA4LCS time trial for free.

    So When I try to actually buy the Grand Theft Auto® IV: The Ultimate Edition, the store says it’s “not available for purchase, because I had already bought GTA4.

    I haven’t had time to experience the 1 hour time trial till weekend so would the paid Ultimate Edition be available for me to purchase as soon as I deleted the trial version, or after it has been played?

    I do not want to miss this sale so anyone has the definite answer?

  • Hi. I just read details about Grand Theft Auto®: Episodes from Liberty City™ on this website and it says that:

    DualShock 3
    Keyboard & Mouse”

    and I wanted to ask if keyboard and mouse is for real supported in this game??

  • the borderlands discount was far better than GTA’s

  • The PSP games at the same price as GTA4 ??? Seriously sony, drop all PSP release to be maximum 10$. The machine is near death bed, and the vita gamers need some reasons to spend extra bucks on retro gaming. At 15$ it is clearly not worth it in digital form.
    Another thing you could do is RELEASING ALL THE PSP CATALOGUE on Vita store ? no really not in your capacities ? I have about 6 games i own and cannot play on Vita … it has been more than a year since release, and the updated DB is still not happening regularly. And how can most of those games can be transfered from PS3 ??? I dont have one, but if i had i could play my games on Vita…

    What is wrong with updating the list ? Can you one day explain the reasons instead of being MUTE.

  • i do love the series, own most all the games at least twice, on PC and Playstation formats… however, i do feel theres a bit of exaggeratlon here in terms of the discounts… id hardly call 30-50% as being huge or deep discounts… 75%, sure… but 30%, not huge or deep… and for games that are years old….
    using more appropriate adjectives would be superb….

  • Rockstar, your not just my favorite developer, but one of my favorite brands. I have a giant R* poster and my android wallpaper is one of the rockstar official wallpapers. Love you guys a lot, please do a dynamic rockstar theme for the PS3.

  • Just wondering How does rockstar feel about late psn store update? Does it not mess with your business in any way?

  • I bought vice city & episodes from liberty city,its weird though because i wanted the add ons for my original GTA 4 but they cost more than the actual stand alone copy of episodes from liberty city smh. I got san andreas on a earlier sale

  • I’d really love an HD compilation of the 5 PS2 games, with trophies, updated controls, and enhanced features, released on PS3 and Vita.

    Going back to the old games, there are always a few things that annoy me. The lack of a map in the pause menu in GTA3. Adjusting the camera with the right stick forces you into FPS mode. Not being able to map the controls to match GTA4’s layout. An HD compilation of these games that fixes those issues would be amazing.

    I’d also love to see the PS1 games released as PSOne Classics. Rockstar released the PC versions for free on their site, but my computer is no longer able to play them. I’d gladly pay for some retro-GTA action on my Vita, so until the PSOne Classics come out, I guess I’m left with Retro City Rampage!

  • i didn’t not like how serious GTA 4 felt and how terrible the combat was. I’m honestly more excited for Saints Row 4 than i am GTA5.

  • Yeah, paypal is better than coupons for 20 or 50 because you always keep with a useless 2 or 3 dollars in your wallet.

  • any chance of a complete pack with all of them bundled in?

  • Hell Yeah Grand Theft Auto Vice City & San Andreas At A Great Priice Nice One Rockstar!! And Rockstar Your Social Club Event Made My Day At The Other Day With GTA IV & EFLC :D

  • Guys ,please,we want trophies added to GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

  • Nah, we dot care about getting old GTA trophies.

    How about a new Red Dead Game?;) I freakin’ love Red Dead. That is an amazing game.

  • Btw, just got the GTA Ultimate Bundle with a plus discount. Amazing game and amazing, thoroughly detailed/planned DLC. Thank you for putting time and effort into your DLC unlike most developers nowadays.
    I always enjoy your guys’ games, always detailed to perfection. Money well spent.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (now $13.99 / PS+ members $9.80)
    Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (now $13.99 / PS+ members $9.80)

    i don’t understand this logic…?

  • Rock* i am just wondering when PS VITA will get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas please admin reply me or any one please..,Thanks to Rock*

  • Awesome sale, I’ll finally be able to play the Episodes from Liberty City.

  • Are we PS+ subscribers in New Zealand going to get these “deep discounts” on the GTA classics???
    Since I spotted this article I’ve been waiting for it to happen but GTA:Vice City Stories and GTA:Liberty City Stories are still $18.95 as is GTAIII and Vice City, San Andreas is $27.95, GTAIV is $49.95, The Ballad of Gay Tony is $33.95 and The lost and the Damned is $18.95. Those are the stock standard prices…. Where is the 50% off for PS+ members????

    I own all of these (except vice city stories and liberty city stories) but planned to get them all off PSN because of this special so I don’t need to hold onto my ps2 discs..

    Come on hook up your loyal New Zealand and Australian fans!!!!

    Or at least email me someone to contact about this!

  • @ Ghirlandajo , i have the EXACT same problem… any answers?

    “I have a question that because I just downloaded GTA4 and GTA4LCS time trial for free.
    So When I try to actually buy the Grand Theft Auto® IV: The Ultimate Edition, the store says it’s “not available for purchase, because I had already bought GTA4.
    I haven’t had time to experience the 1 hour time trial till weekend so would the paid Ultimate Edition be available for me to purchase as soon as I deleted the trial version, or after it has been played?
    I do not want to miss this sale so anyone has the definite answer?”

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