Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th

Hey guys I’m Philippe Fournier, production manager on the upcoming cyber-shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It is 2007 — the future. Step into the shoes of Rex Power Colt, a cyber-commando sent to a remote island to stop Colonel Ike Sloan from taking over the world with his rogue cyborg army.

For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, we wanted to go back to the late 80s and early 90s — what we like to call “the VHS era” — when video games were still new, and over-the-top action movies were at their pinnacle. Most of the team grew up during those years, so it was a ton of fun to relive this carefree episode of our lives, where we could watch cartoons like MASK or GI Joe with Uncle Dan on Saturday morning.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

During the conception phase, our days consisted of watching VHS tapes of action movies sitting in front of an old CRT screen. Our office space looked like a kid’s room in the early 90s, with He-Man figurines on our desks and Terminator posters on every wall. We probably had the best Halloween day ever, with people dressed up as Robocop and our very own Omega Force cyborg soldiers.

All of this helped us create a game filled with explosions, cyborgs and cheesy one-liners delivered by the greatest Hollywood action hero from the 80s, the one and only Michael Biehn. The script is terrible. So terrible, that it’s actually good. Our universe sometimes doesn’t make sense, and that’s perfectly fine — not everything made sense during those years.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

Fans of open world games, laser-tag, neon pink and dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes will absolutely cyber-love Blood Dragon. It’s based on the same award-winning technology and gameplay systems from Far Cry 3, so when you’re laying waste to cyborgs in the open world, expect a lot of explosive and random encounters filled with cyber sharks, robo dogs and mutant goats. The game is a standalone offer, which means that any fans of the 80s will be able to jump in on April 30th on PSN.

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  • I never played Far Cry 3, but I will be buying this day 1. I love the look of the game. I never wanted something so much in my life…

  • OMG how did you even know my love for 90’s!!??

    I am buying 8 of these.

  • **correction
    I am going to keep buying this until I max out my credit card

  • LOVE the music! Is it Paul Haslinger by chance?

    Need it on Vita!!!

  • @loveinspace

    This music is by the synthpop / electro artist ‘Power Glove’, not to be confused with the power metal band ‘Powerglove’.


  • I usually don’t go for FPS games (other than TimeSplitters), but I just might make an exception here…

    This looks REALLY, REALLY good.

  • I feel like this was someone’s idea for a standalone game that got turned into a DLC to gauge interest. Hope it’s awesome and does get turned into its own series.

  • Pretty stoked on this.. Not sure why it needs to be called Far Cry 3 but I’ll still play it.

  • Oooh…the graphics looks stunning for a PSN game…I’ll buy…since Farcry 3 is great and this just looks like it.Great job Ubi that was a good idea.

  • This is labeled with Far Cry 3 why?

    Fear of new IPs is ridiculous.

  • It’s labeled with Far Cry 3 because it is the exact same game mechanics and using the same engine. It’s basically a mod with a story. That being said, this looks amazing and I’ll be buying it day 1

  • Awesome!

  • Not only do i want to play the bajeezus out of this, I want to watch it as a cartoon in its entirety

  • i already have this pc because it was leaked and can’t wait to purchase it from psn store and my opinion i think it will be one of the best downloadable games of this year and there is so much funny 80’s references and never seen any game likes this and also it feels alot like far cry 3

  • is this going to be dlc or a standalone game? no matter what the answer is I’m getting it no matter what.

  • “15$ becuase of steam listing”
    Since when does Steam prices reflect psn prices? Sometimes new games are more expensive on steam, often times games are much cheaper on steam. Plenty of times games are 1$ on iOS, 15$ for vita, 5$ on steam and 20$ for PSN. like Plants Vs. Zombies.

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