Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Explodes onto PSN April 30th

Hey guys I’m Philippe Fournier, production manager on the upcoming cyber-shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It is 2007 — the future. Step into the shoes of Rex Power Colt, a cyber-commando sent to a remote island to stop Colonel Ike Sloan from taking over the world with his rogue cyborg army.

For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, we wanted to go back to the late 80s and early 90s — what we like to call “the VHS era” — when video games were still new, and over-the-top action movies were at their pinnacle. Most of the team grew up during those years, so it was a ton of fun to relive this carefree episode of our lives, where we could watch cartoons like MASK or GI Joe with Uncle Dan on Saturday morning.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

During the conception phase, our days consisted of watching VHS tapes of action movies sitting in front of an old CRT screen. Our office space looked like a kid’s room in the early 90s, with He-Man figurines on our desks and Terminator posters on every wall. We probably had the best Halloween day ever, with people dressed up as Robocop and our very own Omega Force cyborg soldiers.

All of this helped us create a game filled with explosions, cyborgs and cheesy one-liners delivered by the greatest Hollywood action hero from the 80s, the one and only Michael Biehn. The script is terrible. So terrible, that it’s actually good. Our universe sometimes doesn’t make sense, and that’s perfectly fine — not everything made sense during those years.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on PS3

Fans of open world games, laser-tag, neon pink and dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes will absolutely cyber-love Blood Dragon. It’s based on the same award-winning technology and gameplay systems from Far Cry 3, so when you’re laying waste to cyborgs in the open world, expect a lot of explosive and random encounters filled with cyber sharks, robo dogs and mutant goats. The game is a standalone offer, which means that any fans of the 80s will be able to jump in on April 30th on PSN.

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  • Will there be a PlayStation Plus discount?

  • Price?

  • Looks very, very cool! Can’t wait to play it!!

  • Yeah 80s Cyper-Punk theme Game

  • I have the full game Far Cry 3 – but is this DLC or stand-alone, or both?

  • This is a stand alone thing – does not require owning FarCry 3 AT ALL…

  • Everyone, read the last sentence. It will be a standalone downloadable game. FC3 not needed.

  • FIFTEEN BUCKS! (on Steam, anyway.) Totally cyber-buying this Day 1. Thanks Ubi!

  • Looks hilarious :-) day one buy. I am throwing some money at the screen right now LOL

  • Will it have a platinum?

  • wow this is only going to be 15 dollars? thats insane, i thought it was gonna be a game of its own like far cry 3 so i assumed like 60 bucks lol. Hopefully its 15 then I can get it for free with my money i get from sony for spending 100 bucks on the play store in march

  • Day one for sure….a Plus discount and platinum would just sweeten the deal.

  • Questions:

    1) Will there be a demo or free trial?

    2) Will PS Plus members get a discount on the expected $14.99 purchase price?

  • Totally righteous dude!

  • Holy Cow, this should have been a full retail release! Looks great!

  • SOLD!!!
    Far Cry 3 was the best game of 2012 IMO.

  • I’m so getting this, can’t wait…. ( Matthias Hues low vioce )
    I come In Peace lol

  • This looks amazing. I hope the soundtrack is just as cool.

  • I second that, the soundtrack needs to match the vibe; but I’m sure they knew that going into production. This looks stellar, excited to pick it up when it gets a plus discount.

  • Man…. If only that gatling gun would have made it’s way in the original FC3 game…. >:)

  • This has to be one of the greatest game trailers I have ever seen! That’s awesome. I have never been interested in Far Cry, but now my curiosity is peaking. I want to know more.

  • so this is a PS3 exclusive?

  • You had me at sausage pancakes….

    The music reminded me of The Running Man movie. Watched that tape almost religiously as a youngster and had all those one-liners down.

    It’s like you squeezed all the awesome cheesiness from the 80’s/90’s. So many references in that trailer had me smiling. Will be buying this no doubt!

  • All I want to know is if the game has screen tearing?

  • Have you guys seen the video of those 2 IGN guys playing it for the first time????….. Very Funny Video!…. Love the reloading animation!

  • I can’t wait to the day my us ps plus subscription ends. I won’t renew it. All the good stuff goes to the EU store. They can get new games like the Mass Effect 3 and BatMan for free and we get Zombies Vs Planet. We know that you can’t wait for the E3 so you give us LB Kating game and 3 other arcade games. We need a real good games.

  • I don’t even have to know the price of this, I’m picking it up!

  • I passed on FarCry 3 due to other gaming priorities, but this campy sci-fi take looks more like something I would go out of my way for sooner than later. Crossing my fingers on a full trophy set with a platinum. That would seal the deal (well, that and a PS Plus discount).

  • Michael Biehn FTW!!!

  • better be 14.99 i aint paying more than that

  • Yep yep this is a must pick-up for sure dudes!!!!

  • It’s like every cheesy action movie from the 1980’s & 90’s threw up on the Far Cry 3 engine… And it’s awesome.

    (Whoever brainstormed this idea at UBI should get a raise for this. For real & for true.)

  • Merci Monsier Fournier. I am hyped for the title and can’t wait to experience your new universe. I’m pleased you could sign up Mr. Biehn as he’s certainly the perfect voice for Rex. Can you share any details on pricing? This is a definite d1p so I’d like to know how much cash to prepare for Blood Dragon.

  • Will this be releasing for the PS Vita?

  • Thanks for making this game standalone. Wish more publishers would do that. Hope theres a PS discount on the game as well.

  • Like they used to say back in the day – If you have to ask the PRICE you can’t afford it .

  • Day 1 buy for me.I love the over the top 80’s cheesy action,soundtrack and the wisecracks.

  • @23 no it’s going to be on Xbox Live and Steam.

  • someone know what is the name of that type of design ?

  • Other than the engine this has nothing to do with Far Cry 3, why not just called it Blood Dragon alone? It’s like you need to slap on FC3 to the title just to get validation.

  • Fox Force Style! mutha f***a!

  • For some reason this game looks awesome.

    “… expect a lot of explosive and random encounters filled with cyber sharks, robo dogs and mutant goats.”

    Oh, that must be it.

  • $15 bucks sounds perfect, but I’m wondering if this means its gonna be a short game. And I agree with supvic…what’s this have to do with Far Cry 3?

  • you guys are nuts if you think it will cost $ 15 … i predict $20 on low end and $ 30 on higher …

    far cry 3 was one of my top five games of last year so i will happily pay it

  • The trailer didn’t do as much justice to the game as the leaked gameplay I watched. Looks fantastic, good music, great voice acting, funny, familiar gameplay mechanics… I’ll definitely be buying this day one for $15. It will be worth every penny.

  • Oh and…

    Cyberpunk > Steampunk

    …that’s right, I said it.

    Come at me, brah.

  • Can you tell us if there are any plans for a disc release of this?(It looks absolutely wicked!)

  • Sold! Day one purchase! Totally excited for this. I wish it wasn’t digital only though that’s not what matters most. I haven’t played this yet and I’m already hoping for a sequel or similar title.

  • Cant wait For this game :D I saw the 17 minute gameplay and couldn’t stop laughing at all the references and gags from the 80’s cliche movies and series XD Definite day 1 buy for me And not to mention its a stand alone game its a great thing cause my girlfriend has my copy of FC3

  • people are saying $15 because of a Steam listing…we’ll have to wait if the price is jacked up for the PS3 version.

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