PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

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PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

Coming later this evening is the next system software update for PS Vita. We’ve listened to your feedback and have included many improvements to make your PS Vita experience much more enjoyable, such as adding a new folder system that allows you to organize your games and apps.

PS Vita v2.10: Folders

Here’s a look at some of the new enhancements you can expect with software update v.2.10:

  • Create folders to more easily manage your favorite application icons on the home screen, with up to 10 icons in each folder and a maximum of 100 on the home screen (including icons inside the folders).
  • Verify which PS Vita card you are using by looking at the home screen’s info bar. You can also save the layout of your home screen icons in the memory card.
  • Added video support allows you to play videos within the browser (memory card required; some videos are not supported).
  • New email enhancements allows you to view HTML messages, add multiple email addresses to your contacts, and easily search your messages using the new search feature.
  • PlayStation Plus members will be able to automatically update PlayStation Mobile format software and upload game save data onto online storage using 3G connection.
  • New “Mute Automatically” option will mute your PS Vita speakers when your headset is unplugged and pause your music when using the music app.

PS Vita v2.10: FoldersPS Vita v2.10: Folders

For additional information on PS Vita update v2.10, including how to update your system, please visit this page when the update goes live.

As always, let us know what you think about the new enhancements in the comment section below.

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  • You need to know that i am suffering instead of enjoying the vita. I can’t play with my friends because i can’t use my main account, No arabic which means most of the vita features are useless. Everything is expensive the memory and the games , No games like GTA/GT5/inFAMOUS/Heavy rain..etc

    Can’t use the remote on ps3 or the pc because you are locking them! So please fix the vita.

    Again , Thanks for the update. We need more updates like these. Let the hackers alone and focus on fixing these problems and then give them an attack. Don’t mean to do anything bad but If you don’t i will hack the vita my self. I trust you sony so i support you a lot. Try to do the same for us in middle easy.

  • @Don, I know I’m beating a dead horse here regarding the 100 application bubble cap, but are you able to clarify why physical Vita games don’t adopt instance-based installations? It’s curious why those application bubbles are persistent and not removed/replaced each time a new physical Vita game card is removed/inserted.

  • Fantastic news! Thanks :- )

  • @ Kchow23 when I first read your post (#84) I was all “Why would anyone want to disable trophies? What would be the point in living!” lol

    @ james3thebeast (#94) It was said since back when the promotion first started that people would be getting there money back around April 12

  • Nice update. Really appreciate the folders. And I love the upgrades you guys keep giving the browser. Speaking of browsers, we can once again not log into the blog on the PS3 browser. When I try it just says you can not use the psn in your region. It’s a US account so I don’t know why it’s saying this. I’m posting this from the Vita instead which works fine.

    For you next Vita update, what I’d like to see focused on is BATTERY LIFE. It could be SO much better. Now after 6 months my battery is losing charge pretty quickly. Some simple things you guys could do to help with battery life would be; allowing us to completely disable the home button light. It’s bright, and is unnecessary. It’s a useless drain. Also, please adjust the wi-fi so that it’s only on when needed and turns off immediately after it’s done downloading the data or page info or whatever, instead of the like….2 minutes it waits to turn off now.

    Even in games if you can, I don’t think these games need to be constantly connected draining my battery. It should only come on when actually transfering data, unless I’m playing online obviously. Or put a quickly accessed disable wi-fi button in the *hold home button* menu.


  • FOLDERS!!! Aww yeah year of the Vita! Your move, Nintendo!!

    seriously, the one improvement I want is I do wish I had a way to change the battery on my Vita. It’s becoming too weak to hold a good charge and what can I do once it stops holding a charge at all? Buy a new Vita?? Ugh..

  • Thank you very much for listening to our feedback and incorporating it in future updates. If I may I would like to make a suggestion for a future update. I’d greatly appreciate an option to bypass the live area and launch an application/game directly with one touch of the icon. As an optional feature every user could decide individually whether to use it.

    Thanks again for listening to us.

  • The whole reason for why I wanted folders was to be able to have more than 100 games/apps on the homescreen at once, so this is a half-good update. Though now with recent sales, I need a much larger memory card, so I’m hoping that memory card prices go down and a 150 GB card is announced at E3.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been waiting for this update. Video playback and folders.

  • The reason for a lot of us wanting folders is to get by the 100 icon limit. This actually puts us even worse off as the folder is counted against the 100 limit. I hope this is just a first step in fixing the problem and not a completed update.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    That’s a start. Still needs much more to get done though.

  • Thank you for folders! I wish you were able to create folders with in your pictures videos and music on the ps vita. Its annoying to do it through the ps3 or computer =/ Anyways im not taking away from this great update. Excited for it to go live. Also excited for SOUL SACRIFICE in 3 weeks from today!!!


  • Folders and layout-saving? My obsessive-compulsive need to organize my screens thanks you!

    Next step: bustin’ that 100 icon cap. (There are a lot of indies coming out, y’know.)

  • When we’re going to see the US 3G vita unlocked from AT&T?
    When, when???

  • the folder system is a great add, a couple of other things would be

    *copy and paste text
    *ability to connect to home and the store from remote play
    *or able to view the web based store via the vita web browser

  • I’m surprised by the continued 100 icon limit, but folders are great!

  • TALLglassofWATER

    oh heck yes we need to be able to copy and paste!

  • and please unlock vita, for many providers, you know how many boo’s it got when you announced that it was at&t only. i hate at&t and it reflects onto you by the relation.

  • I really like the addition of the folders…been wanting that for along time

  • Still has a 100 Icon limit, but hey, it’s still a good start.

  • Don’t see why add this Create folders thing but its plus to have still. Verifying which PS Vita card you are using by looking at the home screen’s info bar super cool. Saving the layout of the home screen icons in the memory card that is super plus to have. Video support within the browser is plus but it should support all types of video playback still. New email enhancements always cool to have and hope their fix bug it had before. The last two is good but Vita should have these’s as well – Google Plus, Crunchyroll, and other apps like them onto vita.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    What’s the point of folders if you’re still restricted to 100 apps? Worthless update is worthless.

  • PLEASE make every PS4 game ‘HAVE TO HAVE’ Remote Play :P :P :P Not one or two games. ‘EVERY’ game would really make the PSVita a must have machine ;)

  • @ 125

    Totally agree. Now we can have 100 folders with 1 icon in each!! lol

    I hope that isn’t the case.

  • How about allowing PS Vita or/both PS3 users to upload their own avatar onto their PSN accounts and it much first be approve by someone from Sony to allow that photo or icon to be use with anyone accounts.

  • Great update, but people wanted folders not only to sort the content better, but because of the 100 app limit on the home screen. If you are including the contents in the folders towards the 100 app limit then that defeats half the purpose of the folders. That really needs to change as it’s going to be a heavy inconvenience in the future (it already is for a lot of us since save files for vita games are tied to the icon instead of a separate entity).

    I think being able to save icon layouts per memory card is what stole the show for me.

  • support for HTML5 video and audio is the highlight for me — the PS Blog itself had mostly broken content without those features. There were lots of great HTML5 games at GDC that wouldn’t work on my Vita, and this might just fix that! I just hope it supports the Ogg/Theora codecs in addition to the h.264, which would be a nice contrast with iOS devices.

    The next favorite is having Plus automatically update PSM games. Thank you! Now if Plus would auto-sync store updates so that the Store loads instantly instead of the current 20+ second delay… Also, it would be nice if Plus would download patches for games whose media isn’t currently inserted.

    While I appreciate the goal of adding “folders”,what I would prefer to see is being able to “tag” a piece of content with multiple labels, and then see content matching those labels via a visual metaphor like folders/piles. For instance, I might tag LBP Vita with “platformer” and “kids”, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe with “tower” and “kids”, and Life of Pixel with “platformer” and “kids”. Then I would see three virtual piles: “kids”, “platformer”, “tower”.

    Still, a great update! It’s awesome that our requests are being acted on! :)

  • The physical games really need to just share 1 bubble instead of creating new ones for every game you insert. Why can’t you just have a blank “game cart” bubble that updates upon entering a cart? It already has to take a few seconds to read the cart upon inserting it anyway. This would cut down a ton of clutter.

  • Folders!! Yesss!!

  • Good to know we can finally be on and watch the videos on our PLAYSTATION Vita a year+ later from release date. Also good to know, the icon limit is still in place and the memory cards are still the EXACT same price and capacity. I’d be pretty made as a developer, that’s really hindering their sales.
    I still have the worthless 4gb, I can have like one good Vita game for use and 0 apps.

  • OMFG!!! I lost hope with a lot of VITA errors but this update solves most of them! I MEAN, videos in the browser( :D), auto pause when headphones disconnect, HTML on the mail app…. WOW. I think a lot of our complains were addressed and it is very satisfying and rewarding to see that. Now I think I’m going to buy a 32GB memo card and hopefully, my 2nd PS VITA!

  • @Don Mesa

    If you were actually listening you would note that many people wait to update in case of bugs. Also why do you chose the same day as a store publish to force an update. I want to buy things from the store and play them, but I won’t be able to after work due to a forced upgrade. Thursday, they need to be on Thursday, please.

  • ¡¡Folders!! yeah!!

  • @133 – How about not complaining about things, and be appreciative of what’s being done. At least Sony is listening to what fans want when it comes to system updates. I’m sure the icon limit will be changed later on down the road. Why does it matter to you anyway when you already said you only had a 4GB card? Obviously you haven’t reached the 100 limit, so why are you complaining about it?

  • Finally!!
    It is very annoying to go through pages to find the stuff you want to use. Organizing all the stuffs is always a pain.

    Good job SONY. Good to see you are listening to users’ feedback and make adjustments to the system. Consumers love this kind of approach!


  • I must say, I am very excited about this update. It’ll be nice not having to swipe up and down to find things.

  • Oh Sony I love you! :X :X :X I’m loving the Vita experience so far I’m just a bit sad that I didn’t get one Sooner! I decided to buy a iPad mini instead but returned it for the Vita. :D

  • Very cool! Now I just need the ability to have an option on the song that plays when I’m in the menu. It’s fine for the first week after that you have to shut it off… just give us a way to change it or make our own loop to play and seriously we will worship you!!! lol

    Oh and could you please come out with a 64gb memory card I’ve already filled up 2 32gb and a 8gb and I need more space now that you’ve allowed more bubbles it could totally handle a 64gb one.. I know the technology is here for there to be one so make it and I’ll buy 2 of them..

    Chop chop!

  • THANK YOU! Folders and better video support is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

  • @134 I wouldn’t buy a 2nd psvita because you dont get to link up the two and play games together which is what i tried to do finding out that you can only share what you buy on 2 systems and if you want cross buy then theres no point in making it for just your vitas… so i ended uo returning my second vita its a shame they wont allow for 3 systems.. i guess its about money and not wanting people to share accounts.

    it just sucks

  • thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • This is really cool for my ps vita

  • Please make a twitchTV app or make the website version work!

  • Small thing, but it would be nice if the PS Vita could automatically update the clock when Daylight Savings occurs. Moreover, the store freezes on me whenever I just turn on my PS Vita and go to download something… I think it is checking for game updates (I don’t know) and downloading something causes a conflict that freezes up my PS Vita.

  • This is pretty slick stuff. Thanks. :D

  • I really like the look of the “folder bubbles”. That was pretty creative guys! I mean it looks like the iOS folders (in a vita way) but I really expected a Windows 95 folder icon type thing. I honestly really like it!

  • great! but please SONY LISTEN! it would be nice if , when the group messaging app is opened then you get them instantly like Skype and make it so u can do in game messaging like ps3. this is the last thing that I want. thanks you so much. please take this into consideration.

  • NICE! Finally! I’ve been waiting for Folders because I’m already at the last page of the PS Vita and I was wondering if I could still add more game. Thank you :)

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