’s Trophy Page Levels Up

140 3’s Trophy Page Levels Up

Trophies on

You might have noticed that we revamped the Trophies page on, adding new social features to help you compare and compete with your PlayStation Network buddies.

Let’s take a quick tour.

Trophies on

Trophies on

Here’s an image to show you where to find the new PlayStation Trophies page. You can find the page by using the top navigation bar at, and looking under the Community section.

If you’re logged in to your PSN account on, you’ll find a smorgasbord of content – Recently Played Games, Quick Links, Favorite Friends, PlayStation News, Friends, and more. All of this dynamically serves you fresh and relevant content.

Once you’re acclimated, check out the Quick Links module where you’ll find several useful tools. Among the many new features, my favorite is the Compare Trophies. Now, you might be thinking, “We can already do that!” True, but now you can compare up to 4 of your friends at once. From the Quick Links module, click “Friends”. Hover over a friend’s PSN ID, and then click Compare Trophies.

Trophies on

Also, if you want to flex your bad ass gaming muscle, check out the Portable ID page. While this page isn’t new, there are new features there including the Your Latest Trophies module where you can select a trophy you’re proud of and post it to Facebook.

Trophies on PlayStation.comTrophies on

My final favorite addition is displayed in the module called “What your friends are playing.” In it, six recently online friends are displayed and the game they most recently played.

This is all live now, so go explore! Trophy hunters, get those bookmarks ready.

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3 Author Replies

  • I like the new features alot. If some of these features were to be added to the xmb friends list thatd be awesome

  • The refresh button for the portable ID still doesn’t work but I wish you’d make it look similar to what’s on other trophy sites because that gray box is bland -_-

  • I would like to have a PSN Store app on iOS.

    A feature I’d like for PS4 is it turn off ALL options for trophies. No notification, no earning, no viewing no nothing. I know I can ignore them, and I do, but I would like an opt out feature please.

  • Nice update, but the trophy list is still missing a lot of games. A few examples: Prince of Persia, Rock Band 2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3. This has been a problem for a while on the US Playstation site, I’m surprised it still hasn’t been fixed.

  • Great update.

  • It would be cool if the page had friend suggestions like LinkedIn does. For instance, if I’m currently playing Haunt the House and have a lot of earned trophy/hours logged overlap in the same games as another user, it would be cool for PSN to suggest I explore their profile.

    Just copy the simple examples from the Programming Collective Intelligence book and it would be a great start ;)

  • Is there an app for that?

    Seriously though it would be cool to see all this natively on my phone.

  • I really like how you can see a list of your friends who are playing a particular game. It’s very useful for finding to play with or asking for advice. Overall, I really like the trophy page redesign. Keep up the good work!

  • Still have a long ways to go to compete with third-party trophy sites. My portable ID said I had 33 platinums. That’s like two or three years out of date. I’m up to 71 already. Why no automatic refresh? Plus, they’re ugly, and have less information than other sites.

    And how about providing some kind of resource to developers so trophy information can be accessed? I’m not sure how exactly other sites manage to automatically obtain trophy data, but it would be nice if anyone could get to it through some kind of official means. I’m pretty sure this has been a request on PS Blog Share for years.

    I keep up a trophy leaderboard consisting of 95+ people for a PS3 forum using my own little PHP/SQL-based webpage and it would be a heck of a lot easier if I could incorporate some kind of official data straight from PSN, instead of manually adding it based on data I get from random trophy sites.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    My page is blank. This sucks.

  • I want an iOS app too!!!! Make an app for Apple!! Someone do it that knows how it doesn’t have to be from playstation anyone who knows how could do it.. I’d prefer a genuine playstation app but id take anything really anything ios and android too just whatever something cool and it would be cool to have an app to chat with your friends on psn too..

    anyway nice job with the overhaul keep up the good work guys im loving all the changes

  • honestly id like to see the trophy view on ps3 changed, i’d like to be able to scroll over the icon in my friends profile and see what ‘that cool icon’ is from, if you dont know what game it is…its hard to tell by just a icon.

  • Even with today’s update your website for trophies and friends is still garbage. Have you ever tried loading it up on an iPad, like lots of people do these days? It’s terrible. has worked wonderfully on my iPad for years now. YEARS.

  • How can I fix the following bug:

    I downloaded the 1 hour trial of Need for Speed wanted and “unlocked” 8 or so trophies. When I bought the game (retail discs), it shows that I havent earned those trophies. And I cant re-earn them. For example: take down your first cop.

    If I switch to Trophi’es offline mode I can see my 8 first trophies, but they’re not there in online mode, nor on “My Trophies” webpage, or any other trophy card sites.

    Some people have told me to delete my profile, but I dont want to do that!!!!

    Please help me!

  • *Most Wanted

  • More partial to myself. :-P

  • Whats a Trophy? LOL I swear it’s like we are in middle school again comparing back packs. Grow Up!

  • would be great if I could erase my trophies, it’s because I took them out (someone else played with my account) and / or want to get them back. Or at least delete those games that have the “0%”, as it looks very ugly that part…

  • As a trophy whore, I am SUUUUUPER happy about this! (Just got my 41st platinum in Tomb Raider last week!) It has somewhat of a resemblance of my favorite trophy website, PSNProfiles (dot com)! But it’s certainly not there yet in terms of communities, tips, charts, graphs, stats, recommendations, overall percentages! Keep going! Work! Don’t stop! This is a step in the right direction however! =D

  • THIS IS BROKEN! Some games are not showing up online! For example, I have 100% in Frogger Returns, in both offline and online Trophy mode, fully synced on my PS3. But online it doesn’t even think I ever played it! What’s going on??

  • will we ever be able to remove games from the trophy list? i only ask because i have a few that have 0% and a few 2%’s that i didnt like.


    I also agree with this!! Any way we could eventually delete games that lay under 10% or 15%? All of my games are above 50% (Except recently purchased Sly Cooper) and as you can imagine, anything I don’t wanna play that would be at a low percentage would bug me. Also, 1 hour trials of games handle trophies terribly as the trophy list for that games remains on your list forever (if I’m not mistaken)

    Also, “double platinums” due to cross-save are a cool idea at first, but could pose an issue in the future the more that cross-save games release! Please merge a cross-save game to one, single list instead of two! I realize syncing could pose a weird paradox but find a way to fix this! I don’t want 40 platinums of individual games and have to compete with someone with 20 cross-save games that did half the work but with the same amount of platinums!

  • completely agree, the cross-save would lead over the trophies.
    Besides, that that “full demos for an hour” give us trophies, not a good idea, assuming you download the game, but I do not like, I’ll trophies a game I’ll never play again.
    Consider that we can delete trophies in our PSN account

  • So I tried and that site DOES list all my Trophies for Frogger Returns, but this new Sony Trophy page DOES NOT! EPIC FAIL! It list my wife’s Trophies for the same game, so why not mine???

  • Here is a partial list of games NOT showing up for me at your new Trophies website, even though my Trophy COUNT is correct, and even though these games DO show all my trophies correctly at

    Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom








    Hustle Kings




    High Velocity Bowling

    Groovin Blocks

    Wipeout HD

    Maybe you should have hired the team to do your programming?

  • @ElektroDragon

    Lmao, I know, right!? I always thought they should have bought the PSNProfiles website, they are constantly updating that site and pushing the limits, it’s awesome! As for games not showing up on the list, yeah, that’s been an issue on the PlayStation Website Trophy Page for quite some time now (years).


    Where is the official PlayStation iOS app already guys? I mean even Nintendo is going to be releasing a damn Miiverse app before you guys do! Time to embrace the fact that we all don’t have exclusively Sony devices in our homes. Sure you’d love it if we all had Vaio laptops, Xperia phones and Sony tablets, but in reality a LOT of us have and iPhone and/or iPad. Long overdue guys.


    I had to create a European iTunes account so that I could download the Official EU PS app for my iPhone to be able to see who’s online, compare trophies etc. Not a huge deal if I have my Vita with me, but I don’t take it everywhere I go, so it’d be nice to have an official North American PS app already.

  • I like how the new site has been coming along over the last week, but why is everyone’s iOS app request being overlooked without a comment in return?

  • Mine doesn’t seem to show all my games, seems to be older ones not showing… Probably doesn’t help I have nearly 150 games in my trophy list ;)
    For example, I couldn’t find Burnout Paradise in my list.

    And yes, an Android and iOS app would be great!! :D

  • So now will we be able to see the up to date trophy list on the Sony website. Finally ?

  • Looks nice, but I do have one big issue with this update. As others mentioned, we can no longer see the specific trophies of our friends. We can only see the percentage of trophies they have earned for a title. Hope to see this fixed. Also having the search bar for usernames back would be nice. Great job with everything else, though. :D

  • Bork bork bork, smorgasbord!

  • Do what sef said and go to yourgamercards . net. Pretty sad that you guys invented the damn trophy, and yet you are so far behind in the actual display of them. I know there’s a choice between PSNP or YGC, but go with the completely less shady site and choose YGC. You won’t be disappointed now, and in a month or two when an entirely new version releases, you won’t be disappointed then either.

  • I wish I could show off my trophy skills in the form of a special TIER avatar or something similar. To bad I missed the Playstation Rewards program awhile back. That sounds like a great idea.

  • I’d love the idea of going to a special section in Playstation Store & being able to get rewards with spending trophy points.

  • Have to agree 100%… Bring over an iOS app to check trophies and friend status. Far overdue for this!

    You guys made a Music Unlimited app for iOS so there is no reason this couldn’t be done.

  • While I appreciate the effort here, the US portable IDs are still vastly inferior to the Europe one. I don’t understand WHY we can’t get a list of recently played games on our US portable IDs like the European page. Good thing that the US PSN logins work fine on that system, as that will be the portable ID that I continue to utilize!

  • Nope, I didn’t see the words “Trophy API” in there once. Oh well.

  • The unchanged Portable ID is still a far cry from the customization (or “customisation”) of the EU site, or even third-party sites (PSNProfiles is quite nice). I like the initiative, but as has been said, there’s much to fix.
    – Syncing trophies themselves takes forever.
    – If I access and exist a game’s list on the PS3, I sometimes have to wait for the entire games list to finish loading should I exit back out before I can do anything else.
    – The site could do with a “total trophies” count per game (“3 of 10”, opposed to just “3”).
    – The “My Games” list in the site can no longer be populated.
    – Some games have not had their availability updated; NIER still shows as a pre-order.
    And on a personal note, I’d prefer not to see others trophies if it means spoilers for me. I hope, at the least, that hidden trophies are still invisible on the site unless you’ve earned them, too.

  • Definitely need a mobile app for this as well as a message and friends feature too.

  • Looks great. Too bad portable ID still requires refreshes to update…

  • It seems u can still display trophies that obtained after u update the trophies page, now it only show 3 games in my page when I click the Trophies tab. The old system can show all the games tho………..

  • When can we delete games off our trophy list? Trying game automatically leaves it on your trophy list at 0%.

  • Every time I try to sign in at that site, it refreshes the page and gives me the same option to login again….. Any suggestions? I would really like to see what this site has to offer.

  • u guys should make an app that u can send games to download but only to a cetain amount of friends

  • That’s a nice addition, but what I’d really love to see would be a trophy set deletion feature. There are a few sets I just want to completely delete off my list. They really bug me, actually.

  • Trophy deletion shouldn’t be all that complicated to add, too. To prevent unwanted deletions users will have to use a pin code of some sort to delete trophy sets, and if needed a recovery feature could be in place. That way everyone’s happy.

  • Can anyone please help me with this? I don’t comment or interactive with the playstation sites because I need to login several times I day, anyway I can stay logged in? I keep ticking ‘stay signed in’ but doesn’t work.

  • Why not bring Vita’s live area discussions to PS3? I rather like it.

    Oh, and let us share screenshots on Vita.

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