’s Trophy Page Levels Up

140 3’s Trophy Page Levels Up

Trophies on

You might have noticed that we revamped the Trophies page on, adding new social features to help you compare and compete with your PlayStation Network buddies.

Let’s take a quick tour.

Trophies on

Trophies on

Here’s an image to show you where to find the new PlayStation Trophies page. You can find the page by using the top navigation bar at, and looking under the Community section.

If you’re logged in to your PSN account on, you’ll find a smorgasbord of content – Recently Played Games, Quick Links, Favorite Friends, PlayStation News, Friends, and more. All of this dynamically serves you fresh and relevant content.

Once you’re acclimated, check out the Quick Links module where you’ll find several useful tools. Among the many new features, my favorite is the Compare Trophies. Now, you might be thinking, “We can already do that!” True, but now you can compare up to 4 of your friends at once. From the Quick Links module, click “Friends”. Hover over a friend’s PSN ID, and then click Compare Trophies.

Trophies on

Also, if you want to flex your bad ass gaming muscle, check out the Portable ID page. While this page isn’t new, there are new features there including the Your Latest Trophies module where you can select a trophy you’re proud of and post it to Facebook.

Trophies on PlayStation.comTrophies on

My final favorite addition is displayed in the module called “What your friends are playing.” In it, six recently online friends are displayed and the game they most recently played.

This is all live now, so go explore! Trophy hunters, get those bookmarks ready.

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3 Author Replies

  • I can’t believe you guys haven’t made an iOS app for trophy checking and messaging psn friends or checking out what they’re playing.

  • Great work guys!

  • Bazinga! Finally! Thank you!

  • Did you include the “Delete game” or “Delete trophies from game” feature? THAT would be just great :)

  • If you made getting trophies actually worth something, like downloading DLC for games or avatars or ANYTHING then you would have a lot more incentive for getting them.

  • When I click on ‘go explore’ link you provided it says ‘Page Not Found’ – so, bad news here – it’s a dead link!

  • We would all love an iOS app for this!!

  • @ 1 and @7

    I’m sure all of this and more will be included in the apps that Sony is launching later this year (announced at PS4 event).

  • Would there every be a chance for a mobile iOS for the PSN in the future?

  • Cool stuff.
    Facebook news feed is now Trophy news feed. lol.

  • I would personally love an Android app but hey, I’ve noticed since the change that I can no longer view all games trophies, the list only lets you scroll back to a certain point.

  • I’m going to join the app bandwagon and add: make one for Windows Phone too!

  • Yes, i admitted i’m a trophy hunter ;)
    I saw those features last week and yes, my favorite is “what your friends are playing”.
    Now just let me delete the trophy list that was created when my sister put The Sims in my account. Thanks.

  • pretty cool stuff, I would also like to see some of these features (especially the favorite friends) in the PS3 and vita trophy sections

  • I like all the new features, but what happened to checking what individual trophies in games my friends have or are missing?

  • Well, it’s an improvement but I still prefer a certain popular PSN trophy site that had a much sexier layout and design for our trophies. Thanks anyway.

  • No trophy sharing to Twitter?

  • Glad the web presence for our collected trophies are improving. I am a terrible trophy hunter; plats soo elusive… they haunt me.

  • The trophy comparison window is too small. Additionally it can’t be enlarged. I want to see more than just 3 trophy lists at a time. Also the sorting options is sub-par for both trophy lists and friends list. Last I checked you can’t sort your friends alphabetically. Maybe I just missed it?

    Nice to see that your trying though. I do like some of the additions like the last trophies you/your friends have got.

  • I cannot believe PS is only now doing this (I guess better late than never). Integrating trophies with social media should’ve been an ongoing process throughout the PS3’s life cycle.

  • not bad!

  • Cool, now fix the antique 5 mins to sync trophies problem

  • PlayStation has come a long way since 2006. I’m glad the website is slowly becoming relevant to the PlayStation ecco system. Keep it up.

  • Some of these features don’t seem to be working. I’m logged in on the trophy page linked in the blog post, but when I click on “Friends” it says I don’t have any, which I’m certain isn’t the case. The My Profile button doesn’t seem to be doing anything either. OK. Guess I’d better stick to the tried and true 3rd-party trophy tracking websites.

  • Great more fine tuning for trophy syncing!!!!!!!!

  • YAY! I’m Cade’s Friend!!!! :-)

  • Sony needs to make an iOS official Trophy app. I can’t believe to this day you guys haven’t. The 3rd party versions are nice and all, but c’mon, I want an official one. As for everything else, looks great and keep up the good work! Love the direction SONY is heading with the Playstation brand again!

  • Is there a reason why I can’t compare each trophy from a particular game with a friend? Or am I not seeing this right?

  • @15 Exactly what I was about to point out. The new layout is nice but there are less features now that before such as the ability to see a friend’s individual trophies and also in a separate feature compare you’re friend’s individual trophies and not just the percentage on a compare screen. Now I would have to get on my PS3 to see that my friend just beat Hardcore difficulty in Dead Space and still has a few trophies before the platinum when he has played a small game/palate cleanser like The Walking Dead in between playthroughs. It’s a very specific example, I know. I’m sure it will be fixed to add these specific features but I don’t understand why they’re missing to begin with.

  • For those who want an iOS app to follow your (and your friends’) trophy collection, I highly recommend the gorgeous and extremely well done YapPSNapp. I tested lots of this kind of applications, and this one is by far the best of the bunch.

    Unfortunately, as these applications rely heavily on the HTML source code of the official PlayStation page, layout changes like the one performed today completely break these programs, rendering them useless. In fact, YaPSNapp was working flawlessly until an hour ago; now it can’t update the stats anymore. I hope they can fix it to work under the new HTML code.

    (Oh, by the way: I have no relation with YaPSNapp; I’m just a very satisfied user.)

  • You guys should probably just buyout the guys. They’re doing really amazing stuff w/ trophy data. :)

  • Hey PS, with the PS4 coming out soon, I was wondering if you guys are going to advance the trophies you have?

    I have made a sort of powerpoint presentation for the positive, negatives and advance you guys could do with the trophy system, if your willing to take a look at it?

  • Are mobile apps in the works?

  • If only you guys can redesign the trophy cards then everything would be complete

  • What a downgrade. So now you can’t view time and date stamps of when trophies were received even when comparing with friends on the site anymore?

  • I’ve seen this new design for maybe a month now and haven’t been able to do much of anything with it. I actually visited my profile page under the old design rather often because I could bring up any game I owned and see how many trophies all of my PSN friends had earned on them. To give me a goal to shoot for in a competitive sense. Now I see just 2 or 3 recent games of mine. Sometimes none, but never more than three, even if I click the option to show all. It lists my “favorite” friends but I have no clue how this term “favorite” is determined and I can’t seem to change who is designated as such (this window shows four names, and I have about forty on my PSN list). There’s also some bit about how many trophies each of those favorite friends have earned recently, but it hasn’t budged in this last month or so (nor have the seemingly random friends marked as favorites on the page). So, not sure what’s up or which of these features we should expect to work. LOVED being able to compare trophies seemingly endlessly before. That’s pretty much the only feature I was hoping to find working here again someday.

  • I’ll just go to now.

  • Just a correction: the iOS app I recommended in my previous post IS working now, even after the layout change. It seems that the PSN itself was unstable some minutes ago.

  • What happen to the My Lists (My Games) Section?
    I used to be able to click on games in my wish list and then add them to “My Games” list when I purchased them.
    However, that is no longer possible. I still see the My Games list, but no way to add any games to “My Games” list anymore. Is there a different way to update and add games to your “My Games” list?

  • Not an improvement, just a messy rearrangement.
    And why remove the ability to sort Friends by ‘Online Status’?! That seems to be the most likely way I’d want to view my Friend’s List!

    I’ll stick to

  • Arrangement is nice, but I’m very not happy about you guys taking away that search PSN friends username bar you guys had. Yeah I know the link to do that, but it was alot easier for just to go onto that bar, type in and search and you get your results. I’m very not happy about that bar is gone.

  • Also, ‘Portable ID’ should not require a manual refresh. And ‘Trophies your friends won recently’ is not even close to being anything “recent”.

  • This is not the best place, but….

    I’d like to share an idea with you guys about how to make the feeling of earning trophies worthy.

    When a gamer earns a trophy, s/he should REALLY earn something ($$$ – aka PSN credits in the wallet). I’m not talking about a lot of money, just a few cents would really mean something. Let’s say, for example, 2 cents for every bronze trophy, 5 cents for silver, 10 cents for gold and 1 dollar for platinum (yeah, I’ve struggled a lot to reach platinum, this one should be well deserved). Of course, double for PS+ users.

    I believe that such small amount of money wouldn’t lead Sony to bankrupcy, and surelly would make gamers happier (at least I would). We could use these credits to buy DLC for the same game, for example.

    Any action based on something like this surely would make trophy hunters go crazy, even casual gamers. There is of course a lot of technical issues and the problem with pre-owned games, but I leave such problems with you guys ;)

    I don’t know if something like this could still be developed for PS3, but, with PS4 on the horizon… i hope such thing could be added.

    Thank you!

  • awesome?

  • @44 I wouldn’t mind some kind of rewards on PSN, DLC download or avatars for getting trophies. But please no actually money for games. Everyone would suddenly be playing Hannah Montana and all gaming companies would make more trophies that are impossible.

  • the compare trophies is fairly slow on the ps3 with just one other how fast is it on the web version?

  • I will also love to have include the (Delete game) or (Delete trophies from game) feature I don’t know why Sony dose not do it i know a lot of ppl that will like please let us know if there ANY INFO ON THAT

  • Just as trophies are mandatory, unlockable PS Home rewards should also be required, to add incentive to not only replay to unlock, but give players incentive to use Home more. Some games have them, I’d just like to see all games do this. Also, Home should be brought over to PS4, and have remote play with Vita. Just an idea.

  • No one is buying an Xperia phone just for this so just make an iOS app already. It’s embarrassing you haven’t made a decent one by now, while Xbox has a great app.

  • smoothboarder540

    This would be cool if there wasn’t a glitch where most of my games were gone from the trophy list.

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