March 2013 PSN Top Sellers

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March 2013 PSN Top Sellers

We’re back with March 2013’s North American Top Sellers (see Europe’s charts here). This month we have added PlayStation Mobile to the lineup.

Newcomers to the PlayStation lists include Terraria, an endearing, yet challenging side-scroller where you craft, dig and explore, the highly anticipated BioShock Infinite, and the bad-ass PS Vita title Nun Attack. Speaking of Vita games, fans of the JRPG series Atelier will be excited to learn that recently released Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland battled all the way to the top of its list.

God of War: Ghost of Spartarose again to appear on the top 5 PSP games, and finally the PS2 classic vehicular combat title Twisted Metal: Black bumped Grand Theft Auto 3 off the charts.

On with the show…

Top 5 PlayStation Mobile

PSM - Chimpact
  1. Beats Trellis
  2. Castle Invasion
  3. Chimpact
  4. Life of Pixel
  5. Gun Commando

Click here for more information on how to get PlayStation Mobile games for your PS VITA or PlayStation certified device.

If you’re not on your PS3 or PS VITA, check out these games and more via PlayStation Store on the web.

How will spring come to a close? I’ll see you next month with all the details.

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4 Author Replies

  • I’m suprised that Ni No Kuni and All Stars are not there. They’re both great!

    I’m glad to see Yu Gi Oh still up there. But the online needs major fixing. It’s so difficult to get an online match.

  • Hey, PSMobile! Sad to see Switch Galaxy didn’t make the list, as it’s one of the best games on the platform. Though, lack of advertising will do that. Plus you kinda need to see it in motion to fully appreciate what it is.

    Maybe the Playstation Store could have videos added for PSMobile games?

  • Hoping to play Journey this week hopefully.

  • Vita needs Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R, I’m determined to get these localized in North America. Not saying much is it :) I mean shove those Vita numbers in Namco Bandai’s face, Altelier Totori Plus is number one this month, imagine the numbers on Tales of Innocence R and Hearts R. Both titles released years ago and have yet to make it to the US shores (non imported version…) I’m begging Sony to do something about this, Hideo Baba threw the US Vita sales under the bus and doesn’t want to even bother attempting to localize ONE of the titles…. I’ve got a Vita, I love it. Within a couple months, I’ve played it longer than the PSP. Bring some hope because this is absolutely discouraging. Sorry if it’s slightly off topic, but I want to see some Tales games in the top 10 Vita games!

  • it’s great to see atelier totori plus in the top of ps vita chart’s i already buyed totori plus on psn for vita and loved it, now expecting other jrpgs coming to us like demon gaze, tales of hearts r, toukiden, mind-o,atelier meruru plus,legend of heroes and more =)

  • Atelier Totori Plus and Dead or Alive 5 Plus are awesome.

    I hope we get Atelier Meruru Plus in NA too!

  • @50 & @54

    I completely agree with these two statements.

    JRPGs have done great when it comes to digital downloads (Seeing as how FFVII-IX have stayed in the top five since their releases), and Atelier was definitely a surprise!

    I wish these sales can be shown to Square and Namco. They don’t have to fully localize & dub Type-0 or the Tales of R games, but it would be nice if they could at least find a way to release translated digitalized versions. The fanbase is there and they will get them, regardless of dual-audio or not. I know I would.

    On another note, could Bioshock Infinite be a bit low on the digital sales because the physical copy comes with the first Bioshock on disc? Just a thought.

  • It makes me smile to see Ateleir Totori+ at the top despite its ninja release. Hope to see Atelier Meruru+ soon as well.

  • Empire’s Boiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! bout damn time Dynasty Warrior’s Empire’s got some respect & Love!!!! xDDD still think they coulda added in english voices for it though, but that’s really it’s only flaw, other than that the game’s perfect! aside from the missing the 1.03 patch it needs to give the “Resign” option for Empire Mode, anyone know if that’ll ever be released by the way? o.o? But yeah Empire’s should been No.1 on that list in my honest opinion. Great list’s though!! keep up the great work guy’s! =)


  • Hooray for Atelier Totori Plus!! :D Bought it myself. Maybe this will finally convince Tecmo-Koei to publish a physical copy???

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