Puppeteer: Release Date and Hero Heads Revealed!

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Puppeteer: Release Date and Hero Heads Revealed!

I’m just back from the wonderful city of San Francisco and the 2013 Game Developers Conference. Whilst I was there, I met with some members of the press to give them an exclusive look at the first two acts in Puppeteer, and also share an exciting gameplay reveal… Hero Heads!

Puppeteer for PS3Puppeteer for PS3

Puppeteer for PS3Puppeteer for PS3

As Kutaro, you’ll find all sorts of amazing heads to act as your noggin as you journey to get your head back from Moon Bear King. Be careful to collect and keep the right ones, as some have the power to change and shape the world around you, while others unlock bonus stages – adding even more adventure and hilarity to this dark and fantastical tale!

I’m excited to finally let the cat out of the bag (no, not Ying-Yang…I mean a metaphorical cat) about four very special heads that Kutaro will encounter on his journey and aid him in his quest. Each Hero Head possesses a power that once belonged to one of the four legendary “Moon Heroes” who fought valiantly to protect the Moon Goddess from being overthrown by the evil Moon Bear King. Alas, their powers were no match for Moon Bear King’s twelve generals who ultimately defeated the heroes… but what if someone were brave enough to attain all four of those powers and use them together?

At GDC we officially unveiled the first two Moon Heroes and their powers; the Shield Power of the Moon Knight, and the Bomb Power of the Moon Ninja! When Kutaro collects these Hero Heads, it adds some truly transformative mechanics to Puppeteer, which you won’t see coming! For more on that, stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more Puppeteer coverage from GDC.

I’m also very excited to share our final box art, and to let you know that Puppeteer will be available at your favorite local retailer September 10th, 2013 for $39.99!

Puppeteer for PS3: Box Art US

Lastly, I couldn’t just drop by with all of this awesome news without bringing you something extra, so check out our new Story Trailer for a deeper insight into the dark happenings on the Moon.

That leaves two more Moon Heroes and their game-changing powers for Kutaro to quest after, doesn’t it? Well then, you’ll want to check back here in a few weeks for more on the strange tale of a boy named Kutaro!

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  • This looks really great! Here’s to hoping there’s a demo — got to keep the purse strings tight these days, you know.

  • Vita please!!! After playing Sly Cooper as a X-platform title, I can’t see myself playing games any other way. Hope you guys at least consider it. =)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GhostMachine1

    Yes, there is an incentive for pre-ordering. You get to have an awesome game on day 1. That’s how it was in the good ol’ days, remember? Is that no longer good enough?

    But don’t worry, even though the game is far from release right now, and all of those plans probably haven’t been fully realized yet, I’m sure there will be some pre-order bonuses regardless, as that’s the way it is these days with all these spoiled brats infiltrating the gamer community, and the retailers know they need to find a way to separate the consumer from their money, even in spite of the fact that the consumer base is becoming more and more populated by shallow, self-centered, undeserving punks… but, the retailers need to survive so they’ll always be looking for ways to coerce the little bastards to pony up some of their not-very-hard-earned allowance money that their mommies gave them. Dangle a few shiny bonus trinkets in their faces and they’ll bite. Seems to work… for now anyway.

    …Just kidding. :D

    Kinda… ;)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Anyway, the game looks amazing so far. Strikes me as a cross between some modified (less serious and grotesque) Black Knight Sword themes, and some Rayman Origins gameplay elements… at least as far as I can tell from that trailer. And that’s a VERY GOOD thing.

    I’m sure it has it’s own unique gameplay and art styles though. I’m not saying it’s a clone of anything else. I’m definitely looking forward to Puppeteer.

  • Honestly, I don’t understand Sony at all. There are no games coming to the Vita, not even from Sony. Are people really interested in PS3 software with the PS4 announced and no BC?

    Why even launch the Vita if you weren’t going to support it?

  • Sick price point! I was going to buy it anyway, but this helps greatly!

  • 1,000,000 thanks for keeping 3D in this title. people just dont understand how awesome 3D really is when used properly. day 1 buy for me too.

  • Wondering what the move features are like, I’m one of the few that use my move wands as much as the dualshock.

  • Gavin, love the $40 price point on family titles. Really appreciated.

    Anything that you all can share about multiplayer? My wife is interested and we play a lot of games like this together. I will be there on day 1, but that would sweeten the pot.

    • Great and thanks for the enthusiasm!!
      Please do stay tuned for more information in future posts.
      E3 (mid-June) will be our next big beat of game feature updates :-)

  • Seems to me the rising sun has got there mojo back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So excited! And I would have paid $60 easily for this, but I’m glad Sony is experimenting with more prices for regular games, it makes since since there are so many games that you guys put out. Gives the lesser known games a shot at still being purchased along side big releases.

    I hope that there are some PS3 ads around the time this comes out that showcase all the recent releases, including this game. I’d like it to see some attention in marketing.

  • glad it finally has a release date :D

    the price point hit the sweet spot :)

    gonna buy this day 1 for sure!!

  • You guys can count with my money Day 1….1st time I saw this game I fell in love with it…its one of my most anticipated 2013 games…fantastic work by Japan studio…I wonder if there is limit to your creativity.This is the type of game we need.

  • Is it too early to get an idea of how long it will take to 100%/Platinum this game? That is what I will definitely be aiming for when I get this game.

  • Kutoro is a Perfect fit for Playstation All Stars! I’m in love with this game’s presentation.

  • 3D confirmed! This was already a must buy for me, but that is some sweet icing on the cake. Thanks, Eric!

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