Defiance Out Today on PS3

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Defiance Out Today on PS3
Defiance Out Today on PS3

Defiance, the massive open-world shooter from Trion Worlds, is out today on PS3. Set in 2046, Defiance puts you in the shoes of an Ark Hunter. Hired by Von Bach Industries to scour the terraformed San Francisco Bay area for valuable alien technology that has crashed onto earth, your adventures are the result of a massive war that waged for years on the ground and in the skies. During your journey, you’ll team up with fellow Ark Hunters in order to find more tech, weapons, and loot. There will be times when you’ll find yourself facing off against other players: in Defiance, friends are a rare and ephemeral commodity.

Get a taste of what awaits in our full-length launch trailer “Welcome to the New Age” featuring “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Read more about Defiance on PlayStation.Blog, or head to to get the latest info on the game. Welcome to the new age, Ark Hunter. Good luck.

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  • @49: You can try shutting down the game & then logging out of PSN. Wait a few minutes & then log back into PSN and start the game again.

    If this doesn’t work, then try again later tonight after the PS Store updates.

  • @50 Such smart words coming from a really _____ name.

  • Hey #50….your entitled to your opinion…and so am I.

    And if thats what you call nitpicking well…im sorry, but those are actually some pretty big issues.

    How about we let the games sales decide if I was nitpicking or not ;)

  • ALSO @50…

    …and as for that mic comment i didnt notice first time…just realize SOME people playing a MMO actually do so to be social with other players…so come on. Who cares if you personally dont want to talk to others, you know the majority does.

    I want SOLID MMOs on consoles and i seriously dont think shoddy efforts are going to make that happen, if anything it will hurt the future of console MMOs if games like this fall flat on thier face in the fields of sales and stability of game play.

    I get, you want it to be good, its YOUR game so your defending it, but seriously, comon. -_-

  • AGAIN @50

    LoL, you thought this was a raccon city avatar…lol, thats precious.

    What a fail post you had there….like EPIC fail.

    Dis you do anything right besides be a fan boy for this game :D lolololololollololool.

  • @ WasteLandDan

    Yeah I think you were just whining a little too much.
    But like most MMOs they might not have the best start but get better as the update.
    As for me this game seems like a great time killer and a good game to get into some adventures with friends.
    As far as I know the mics are working just fine. We will have to wait and see.
    IF you are looking for an open mmo to group up and kill things together this game should do great.

  • What race will you people be playing as?!?!?!?!

  • K I got the game digital and the store say that I won’t be able to download it until the playstation refresh does anyone knows when will that happen because I check right now and nothing.

  • Sorry dev rep….i just didnt appreciate some take nothing but compliments fanboy jumping down my throat like that.

    Im sure you guys want complaints as much as compliments….in fact im 100% positive.

    • We want everything – positive and negative – I always appreciate people being nice to each other. We can agree to disagree, yeah?!

  • Im not a fanboy , I just was one of the “cool’ people that played the beta as you put it and enjoyed it alot, so i bought the game. As for your picture i could care less , it’s a simple mistake my bad. Still i think you’re judging a game based on the fact you can’t play it..Which makes me sad cause you will probably like it..

    The mic problem will be fixed or it is already..I still respect your opinion even if you seem a little mad today.

    I know my name is off the chart Sockazo :P

  • i live in florida refreshes here usualy around 7pm so 5pm other timezone

  • i just want to play defianceeeeeeeeeee .. i pre-ordered defiance from psn.. Who was the smart one from sony that said hey lets get people to pre-order defiance and not let them dl till store update when every other game you pre-order you can dl at 12:01.. fire him,her.or them they should not work there. just makes noooooooooooo sense anyone else feel same way.


  • Wish I would have known this wouldn’t be available until late today from PSN store. I thought games released on PSN were available starting at 12:01 am. Won’t make this mistake again.

  • .Hey, im chill, i wasnt tryin to be mad ORIGINALLY just bluntly critical, thats all.

    Im not trying to be mad now either, as a sign of good will i will send you a friend request, who knows, maybe we can become good friends and end up rocking the newest MMO on PS3 together…even if the mics dont work or i cant see how it plays first hand without buying it first.

    You dont get anywere by not taking a few chances after all…and this DOES look like a game im willing to put a bet down on honestly. Just not sure how its all gonna turn out…cuz i do have a few reasonable issues.

    …hey…just blame my attitude on the early days of DCUO….and we all know how that was o,0 it was crazy crazy.


  • @62,

    For real we could of used a midnight release even if we have to wait for servers. We would have the full game ready to play..NOW we got to wait for Sony’s PS store update , download over 10gb and install the game.

    I might not be playing till tmrw :O

  • @62 &64: I also pre-ordered Defiance from the PS Store & I’m upset that we weren’t allowed to download it at 12:01AM last night.

    But there are a few good things about having pre-ordered the digital version of Defiance to take into consideration:
    1) After Apr. 12, we’ll get $10 back from Sony as part of the “Get $10 for Every $50 Spent” program that expired yesterday.
    2) We won’t be wearing out our PS3’s Blu-ray drive by having the digital version. I’ve had plenty of friends whose Blu-ray drive failed & no longer could read discs. They then had to send their PS3 back to Sony for repair/replacement which left them without a PS3 for 3-5 weeks. However, if a PS3 hard drive fails – it’s relatively easy & simple to replace it yourself. It also does not void the PS3’s warranty.

  • Didn’t think I would like it, but I actually had a lot of fun with the beta. Might pick it up one day after I get through this crazy backlog that’s pilling up.

  • It all good WastelandDan,

    I will accept your friend request when i go on later today. I always down to play. Got alot of games but play alot of NHL 13 and third person shooters.

    Hurry up PS store and update for the people..It’s passed the afternoon 1:31pm here

  • Hey listen you guys. Add me for a good group player. Already got some people that are going to be making a clan and as we all use mics. so add me if interested in being able to start off the game with friends. =]

  • Also not giving away the clan name yet because i dont want anyone to take it.

  • Cant wait to start fighting giant alien monsters!!!!

  • BTW , poopface if you DO add me, i wont be able to even TRY it till friday when i get paid…im broke as a joke ATM :D

  • Trion! Thank you guys for making such a GREAT~!! idea for an amazing online ps3 game. About time someone gets it right!! I will be buying the season pass asap!

  • @67 ,

    All very good points. I KNOW this game will have a lot of great people playing it. See you all in the the game. Peace

  • Im useually a single player freeroam kinda guy myself…but i gotta a weak spot for anything SciFi Channel/alien related :)

    Lovemesomealiens :D

  • store update yet?

  • Ahh. Almost 5pm. No update. I love all thingsSony, will never complain about anything else except their complete lack of ability to run a certain division of their company specifically the updatepeople, they fail every time no question to beconsistent

    all i want is a SET TIME for the store to update even if the set time is 7pm if it was set as that it would be acceptable to be so late but the fact that its never the same ever . Its pathetic

  • Im downloading it right now. 4.9 gigs

  • The USA PS Store now has the Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition for $99.99. Why wasn’t it made available for pre-order?

    This really pisses me off because I would have gladly pre-ordered it and then I would be getting $20 back after Apr. 12 as part of Sony’s “Get $10 Back For Every $50 Spent” offer.

  • what now there’s a deluxe edition of defiance on the store? $99
    also downloading now

  • I paid $59.99 for the Defiance beta.
    Does this mean I will receive the full game?

  • I read somewhere someone was saying the game did not have a beta for non plus members. I just wanted to give credit where it is due and say that I played the beta when I was not a plus member. I applied for it. Though it is missleading to call it a beta. It was more like a demo that close to launch. I’m passing for now on the game because the voice chat did not work and it gave me a bad feeling about it. Me and a friend tried for a while to party up and he was in the same area but a different map. We could voice chat for a minute then it died. Their website never works either for me so just bad feelings all around.

  • just picked the game up after liking the beta, if anyone wants to play add me :]

  • This game is awesome but there are some noticable patches that NEED to be made.

  • lol @82 paying 59.99 for beta

  • saids now defiance servers down just got the game dl was on for 10 min. way to go trion

  • man an hour waiting for the patching and downloading, now it says the servers are down? what gives???????????/

  • @86 I have the full game idiot. Don’t be so ignorant it was a question, which has now been answered.

  • Store’s been updated

  • does anyone want to partner up with me (with a headset) or at least join my group if so add me and put defiance in the description

  • @TAZ9499
    Hey im not at my ps3 right now but ill add you. me and some other friends with mics are going to be grouping together

  • I’m excited to play this. I tried the beta and gameplay seemed promising but needed some polishing. I can’t decide whether to buy Xbox or PS version, so I’m going to wait for the reviews.
    I’m can’t wait for the show to start and see how the both the game and it will interact.
    Hopefully, they both will deliver.

  • well put about 6 hours into it today, after you get past the annoying updates installs and patches the game is pretty good, I was in the beta and some things are better but there is a lot of work to do for the team


    guys if you play the game please do some matchmaking, i always queue for shadow war and it doesn’t ever get half way full :( hope more people try the game mode out.

    game also needs some rebalancing as shotguns are THE pvp weapon.

  • Really wanted to like this game, but the beta was too broken too near release. Even if there were no bugs, honestly, the game was boring as hell. It was like a dull Borderlands in art style with the most generic TPS gameplay imaginable.

    I just can’t justify a game being released with so much still needing to be fixed.

    Hope the show is good at least.

  • I did’nt see anyone talk about the dodge an bonuses. Do we get them if we pre-ordered. I pre-ordered mine on the psn.

  • Any one know if the version on the PSN store is on a different server than the disc users or something? My friend and I can’t seem to play together. She got her copy on PSN and I’m using the disc.

  • Never mind, alls good

  • Okay First Game I’ve Purchased From This Company And Very Dissapointed That I Spent Sixty Dollars On A Game That I’ve Only Gotten To Play Once After Waiting A Full Twenty Minutes For Patches To Upload Download And Then Install. I’ll Admit I Had A Great Gaming Session Of About An Hour Only To Return To Be Denied Access Because The Sever Is Down From I’m Guessing The Company. Whats Going On I Know Game Stop Is Not Offering Refunds And Lets Be Honest I Would Not Mind Keeping The Despite The Fact It Closely Resembles DC Universe Online, Which In My Opinion Was A Complete Waste Of A Great Software Engineers Time, But Is Masked By Okay Gunplay And A Multiplayer Aspect. If I Had To Rate This Game Based On My Experience So Far 5 Out Of 10. I Understand There Are A Few Glitches To Work Out Within The Proccess, But This Server Thing Takes The Cake. VERY UPSETTING. I Mean, Although Not Online, At Least All Skyrim Did Was Freeze. The Inability To Play The Game Purchased Is Infuriating. SOMEBODY TALK TO ME AND EASE MY WOES!!!

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