Defiance Out Today on PS3

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Defiance Out Today on PS3
Defiance Out Today on PS3

Defiance, the massive open-world shooter from Trion Worlds, is out today on PS3. Set in 2046, Defiance puts you in the shoes of an Ark Hunter. Hired by Von Bach Industries to scour the terraformed San Francisco Bay area for valuable alien technology that has crashed onto earth, your adventures are the result of a massive war that waged for years on the ground and in the skies. During your journey, you’ll team up with fellow Ark Hunters in order to find more tech, weapons, and loot. There will be times when you’ll find yourself facing off against other players: in Defiance, friends are a rare and ephemeral commodity.

Get a taste of what awaits in our full-length launch trailer “Welcome to the New Age” featuring “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Read more about Defiance on PlayStation.Blog, or head to to get the latest info on the game. Welcome to the new age, Ark Hunter. Good luck.

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  • already pre-ordered my copy through PS store, i am just waiting for the store update can’t wait to play Defiance

  • I was in the beta.

    Found the gameplay very similar to Borderlands.

    Was hoping for something like Resistance 2 coop mixed with Starhawk vehicles and structures.

    Or even Starship Troopers mixed with Starhawk vehicles and structures.

    Oh well Borderlands sold well, this should be a natural fit for its fans.

    Will there be a demo for this game on PSN anytime soon?

  • Question to all who come here: Will you be playing as a traditional MMO or single-player type? I typically don’t play multi-player, and I am curious how others are approaching this game.

  • @johnnyp70 The only reason I played it as a single player type was because I didn’t know how to get set up in a group, but playing as a group is way more fun. Vans to make her dance.

  • @3 you solo it or group up am going to do both for story mission but definitely going MMO-style for the rest

  • @ 4 & 5 So it is playable as a fairly complete game solo? I wish I had more time to dedicate to gaming, but with work & life, it’s hard. So to commit to a truly MMO experience is tough. Thank you for your input.

  • pre ordered it on sunday add me if you want to play / oh yeah and did anybody get the stuff in the beta from all of the arkfall codes? i entered them in on my page on the site but never saw it

  • Third Person View… bout TIMEEEEEEEEE. i hate first person thats alll i ever see in shooting games. glade this is not.

  • @ PainOfSarrow-I could not agree with you more. That’s the only reason I am considering it.

  • johnnyp70, Exactlyy Bro.

  • @johnnyp70 yes you can play through the story like any single player game but there is a lot of fun to be had in the mmo side of the game like the Arkfall fights and dungeon instances

  • @johnnyp i completely agree with you about the MMO experience and the time it requires, but from what I experienced in the beta it feels more like a casual MMO than hardcore MMO and won’t require the same amount of time to feel effective or have fun as DCUO or WoW

  • @GeoDarky & @m4dDmUdD-Thanks guys. I wanted to give the beta a shot, but the HD space was limited. I upgraded to a 1TB drive over the weekend, so space is no longer a problem. Maybe the $40 I will be getting for the March promo will be going to a digital purchase of Defiance…

  • Why would SCEA wait till today to put up Defiance an mmo in the store knowing full well that the servers were not going to be there till midnight… it is a mmo.

  • lol 1TB with ps+ oh yeah! I have about 100 ps3 games on my system with room to spare!
    now if the PSN store would just start updating in a timely manner… damn west coast hippies and their slack work ethic

  • I’m sitting here at home bored out of my mind waiting for my game to arrive. Got an email saying its been dispatched but could take another day or two. :( Hope it arrives soon. The beta was great and now cant wait for my copy to arrive

  • Questions:
    1) The mic problems still haven’t been fixed according to several people on the Defiance forums. What is the ETA on a fix for the mic problems?
    2) Have the numerous problems with the “Raid the Radio Station” mission been fixed?

    I very much want to like this game but Trion Worlds really needs to work very hard to earn the trust & loyalty of PS3 players by quickly & effectively fixing bugs.

    • Our team is working on uncovering and fixing bugs as they are reported – but sure to report (or you can also post in the tech support area of the forums.)

  • @m4dDmUdD I hear you. I’m over here on the east coast and man, sometimes it’s a Wednesday morning update for me. Wake up, buy my games, set the PS3 to shut off when DL is complete and games waiting for me when I get home.

  • please update so i can play this game. i am very excited.

  • can anyone confirm that the map for the beta is the whole world map? minus the limited area you could travel. that’s my main concern. can you travel to whole new world maps?

  • Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed that we have to wait till later in the day to download this. This is my first Day 1 Digital purchase and its not very positive. I’m sitting around watching a stream of somebody playing their game because I can’t.

  • Has anyone been able to find out a time we will be able to start playing?
    Asked off work two weeks ago just so I could play. now im sitting here twittering my fingers :(

  • not getting it till i know the grouping and voice chatting is fixed

  • Isn’t this game free to play? the beta wasn’t very promising if it is a $60 title.

  • @twodeeee
    I thought they fixed that after the beta.

  • @Kchow23 no the game is not free to play.

  • The game is going after an MMO style of play. Which we really dont have on psn. except for DCUO or Dust514

  • Just for undertsanding here, people mention solo a lot. Do they mean just play the game alone without the group or does playing solo also mean be able to play alone without needing to go online? My friend wants this game so much but has no internet at the moment. If the game worked the same way offline then he can get it now otherwise will have to wait until he has internet again

    • The game is online only, however if you want to play by yourself and with folks you just meet along the way, you can just fine!

  • Thank you very much for replying to my questions, Ms. Tobey.

    I reported the abovementioned problems on the official Defiance forums during the beta. One of the community managers repeatedly stated that the mic problems were all fixed in the full game. Apparently, he was either mistaken or he lied to us.

    I pre-ordered Defiance from the USA PS Store. I will download it later tonight and test out the mics as well as the “Raid the Radio Station mission. Rest assured that I will report any problems on the official Defiance forums.

    • I promise no one on my team is (purposefully) telling mistruths. If there are still issues, please let us know and we’ll get on them. That can happen. :)

  • @24: Defiance was never a “free-to-play” game. It was always stated that you buy the game but there are no subscription fees.

  • excited to play but very dissapointed after purchasing this from gamestop to have to wait to patch before i can play,oh well maybe the gameplay will make up for the wait time!

  • I am just saying that it feels like a free to play game from what I played from the beta even though there are plenty great f2p games like Hawken and Warframe… Granted that it was a beta, the game overall just doesn’t seem to have the polish that a $60 game would and perhaps they should’ve gone free to play. You mention that PS3 doesn’t have this type of game except Dust 514 and DC Universe which are both free to play.

  • @32 DC Universe was not free to play when it was released. It was a full retail game like Defiance is, plus it had a monthly subscription cost.

  • @33 Yeah, I am aware of that but then it went free to play for a reason…. Defiance could just fast forward to that point.

  • The game itself doesn’t feel like a $60 purchase to me… was wondering if it was a free to play game instead because I feel that it should be considering the quality of the beta ( its bound to have its share of issues being a beta, but the quality just isn’t up to par… perhaps the full game is).

  • So let me get this straight….

    1. PS+ only beta
    2. No plans for a demo

    …are you TRYING to keep people away from this game?

    Look at what people who were “cool” enough to get in are saying, in absence of being able to give it a try its down right sales destroying from my perspective.
    You went with some weird exclusive crap marketing angle on this one, and Im thinking it may have cost you your games succsess.

    (This is one more person not getting your game for these reasons, and i had planed on it when it was announced)

  • Loved the beta and it’s currently installing. I can’t wait to lose myself in the world of Defiance. Should have taken my vacation early ;)

  • And just WOW at an MMO released with broken voice chat…just W0W…

    …one might honestly get the opinion this is a diliberate sabotage job honestly.

  • Cant wait for the PS store to update i preordered it A few days ago Come on PlayStation

  • @from_concentrate
    How are you installing it? I cant even download it yet from the ps store

  • Got in on disk. 10gb required install.

  • @Sockazo- I’m guessing he/she has the disc and it requires an install.

  • If anyone want to get a headstart in a good Group that uses mics add me=]

  • Ohhhh a diskk didnt know those still exist anymore

  • @36 the beta wasn’t just for ps+ memebers, but you did need a beta key that was extremely easy to get if you tried at all.. also how would they do a demo for an MMO, I could see a timed trial, but there isn’t really a way to truncate the full game into a demo since its a sandbox mmo. I’m curious what your sales experience is and how much of an authority you truly are in that matter. Truly the only widsom you can offer is your personal opinion as a consumer, which is valid but does not speak for everyone. The only exclusive marketing were unique pre-order bonuses for vendors which is a fairly normal occurence.

    So your point #1 is way off, and point #2 might be fairly valid for any game as it is nice to have a demo before playing a game and deciding whether or not to make that a purchase. However, as stated above wouldn’t exactly fit for this game.All your other “points” are basically uninformed meaningless dribble to be expected of a spoiled consumer of teenage maturity and understanding of the real world.

  • Hey what class are some of you guys going to be using

  • class doesn’t really matter as you can get all 4 abilities

  • Oh well i supposed not then.

  • how come my digital content redemption code says its invalid

  • @36,

    Dude you need to chill this game is solid without you nitpicking..You must be a hypocrite since your picture shows a Operation Racoon city person and that game never had a demo nor a beta so…We all know how that game came out just to sale on its name alone.

    As for voice chat, I dont mind cause their is only some people i will talk to and i know it’ll be fixed. Come on PS store and update. I want to join the fight!!

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