The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

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The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

We kicked off the television campaign for The Last of Us on Sunday, with our first official TV spot on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’d like to share with you the extended story trailer that TV spot called out. Take a look at some new gameplay from The Last of Us:

The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

This gameplay represents a slice of the journey Joel and Ellie will be taking across the United States. They’ll travel westward, traversing different climates, environments, and seasons. The moral dilemmas and decisions they’re forced to make will test the limits of their conscience and humanity. Who is a friend and who is a foe? The Last of Us explores many questions that deal with themes of loyalty, love, and redemption. We’re excited to hear what you have to say about the game and its narrative.

The Last of Us will be available June 14th, 2013.

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    but it’s made ONLY by Naughty Dog not Santa Monica Studio,they have nothing too do with it also GOWA just came out in march 12 so its still too early to complain about the bugs.the rest is your opinon overall on what you think about the game.

  • I hope to get a great multiplayer.

    I hope there’s a second “The last of us” obviously without a “2” and the end, but rather a name of some sort.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a MMO action of this game online, were it’s an open world, and you try to survive fpr the most ammount of time.
    I think it would be cool.

    Anyway, can’t wait til it’s gets released. Haven’t pre-ordered mine since I’ll be getting it day 1 at the store.
    (Pre-ordering it would make me wait another week or 2)

  • This looks great.

    However, and ahem.

    Jak 4 please.

    The wait has seriously been long, long enough.

  • 49 KnightRid
    You obviously don’t have a clue what your talking about. Just about everyone is loving what Sony is doing with the PS4. The features that they have announced are awesome and they are building a system that is going to be super easy for developers to develop their games on. You are also wrong about the new X Box. People are hating what microsoft are doing with their next system and it sounds awful based on the current rumors and if those rumors are correct then its going to be the next xbox that is going to be the flop. If you hate PlayStation and Xbox so much then maybe you are a PC gamer or not a gamer at all. Whatever the case, please do us all a favor and keep your ridiculous and uninformed views to yourself.

  • I cant stay on my socks! So amazing!

  • i really want this game for what ever price i have to pay to get it but i have a fealing on what the ending is going to be like and that’s Joel die’s and Ellie live’s why i think that is because of mass effect 3 ending where the hero dies to save the universe just how i see the last of us ending.

    it will be a very disappointing to spend so much money on it do all the hard work of finishing it seeing how the story of the game plays out just do see joel die to save ellie very disappointing. the are ways to finish games or a series of games that dont involve the main character dieing.

  • GhostFreak9956

    Call me a jerk, but I like sad endings more then disney endings…Why? because it feels more realistic,in life there’s no happy endings ,the end of our lives are always sade not happy.I like happy endings but they have to at least have losses through out the whole story. idk we will just have to wait and see what happens in the last of us.

  • the word ‘like” sounds wrong what I mean to say is “understandable”

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