The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

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The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

We kicked off the television campaign for The Last of Us on Sunday, with our first official TV spot on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’d like to share with you the extended story trailer that TV spot called out. Take a look at some new gameplay from The Last of Us:

The Last of Us: Watch the Extended Trailer

This gameplay represents a slice of the journey Joel and Ellie will be taking across the United States. They’ll travel westward, traversing different climates, environments, and seasons. The moral dilemmas and decisions they’re forced to make will test the limits of their conscience and humanity. Who is a friend and who is a foe? The Last of Us explores many questions that deal with themes of loyalty, love, and redemption. We’re excited to hear what you have to say about the game and its narrative.

The Last of Us will be available June 14th, 2013.

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  • Game of the Year!

  • looks like a rental for me

  • GOTY!

  • Sony should announce a PS3 price cut for June 14th ;)

  • Also, I must say congrats to SONY. Your new advertisement agency has been amazing

  • As much as I want to see this game sell a ton… I’ll be skipping or stopping my TV anytime I see the commercials. Blackout till I get to finish it much like Bioshock Infinite!

  • I can’t wait. I love you, Naughty Dog! Please being us Jak 4!!!

  • bring*

  • Agree with Mako on both comments. This game looks to be a shoe in for GOTY with competition from Bioshock and maybe Tomb Raider for me. Also, I am loving this aggressive marketing from Sony lately. Commercials during shows like The Walking Dead? Thats over 12 million viewers! Keep it up!

    Nobody should rent this. We should support Naughty Dog by buying this day 1 and enjoying what is sure to be the PS3’s swan song (alongside Beyond, of course), its incredible that these developers can still pull off amazement and FUN since the PS1 days so consistently.

  • I hope to god this is day 1 digital on PSN because it should be.

    PS I dont know why God of War wasnt SONY!

  • WOW WOW WOW I love that trailer it looks amazing only 2 months and 2 weeks left I cant wait. Hopefully the single player and Multipayer will be great so far I am sure the single player will be amazing But I haven’t heard any new details of the Multiplayer its making me worried at the moment.

  • WOW WOW WOW I love that trailer it looks amazing only 2 months and 2 weeks left I cant wait. Hopefully the single player and Multipayer will be great so far I am sure the single player will be amazing But I haven’t heard any new details of the Multiplayer its making me worried at the moment. COPY PASTE!!! NO I JUST KIDDING MARK MY WORDS KIDS THIS IS GONNA BE THE NEXT GAME OF THE YEAR, NEXT YEAR I MEAN ITS ALREADY FOR NOW BUT IN 2014 HER TROPHY ITS GONNA BE THE GOTY!!!

  • Time and money are commodities i have deeply invested. I am sold and have been sold for sometime.

  • Bioshock Infinite has set a new benchmark for excellence in gaming, on nearly every level.

    Naughty Dog? Time to top them. This year will see the likes of GTA V and Watch_Dogs, but we know you can make this year about Joel and Ellie.

  • How large is the game looking by now. Single or Double Layered bluray?

  • I like all the effort and investment behind this title! I feel engulfed just watching the trailer. Feeling despair and hope for Joel and Ellie’s situation you can’t help but want to explore their relationship. It’ll a unique journey!

  • From_Concentrate

    Awesome trailer. Looking forward to playing this so much.

  • Amazing. Look’s intensely fun and beautiful..I cant wait to play this game for sure. Naughty Dog is the bomb yo’.I know this game will be huge!! Can we preload on PS store?? :D This needs to be there Day 1.

  • @18 Yeah, I’d love for this to be a day 1 digital title. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be :)

  • Just saw the trailer on YT and it looks amazing! Been awhile since i bought a game with a GOOD story.

    I got a qestion, are these infected zombies the only creatures in the games? I know there are humans aswell, but i hope theres more than just those two.

    Infected animals, anyone?

  • Darnnit, you made me look.

    Oh, yeah, looking great, very emotionally compelling. My most anticipated game for remainder of 2013.

  • Already got the Post Pandemic Edition preordered!

  • “Wow, Im so cool, Im edgy because unlike most people, Im going to brag about how Im not going to buy this and instead rent it!!!!”

    Ryumoau(post #2), you are such a tool. Your post is indicative of what type of person you are. What use is it telling people that you will go and rent it and with a holier than thou tone as if you are doing them a great service by playing their little game.

    Do us all a favor, please don’t play this. Go play a JRPG or something, because everyone knows how much “better they are” than western games.

    Seriously, because of one stupid comment on this thread I’m annoyed over what should have got me excited over one of the best games of the year.


  • Got my Survival Edition pre-ordered!

  • There’s one thing I’ve always hated about SOME of Sony’s exclusives. The L1/L2 being used to draw and shoot. Why have triggers if you’re NOT going to use them the way they were meant to be used? It’s not always a good thing to try and be different

    Please tell me this game is going to be different by letting us config the buttons to fit our needs because L1/L2 and trying to aim with R-stick is VERY HARD!! to do with no finger movement.

  • @14 …except for gameplay. Bioshock Infinite’s gameplay is very good, but not revolutionary. However, given that almost every single thing and feature in that game is given an explanation, with nary a plot hole left dangling, is a near-miracle in gaming itself.

    However, this trailer looks like it might be for a decent movie or TV show. It could have easily been a trailer for a Walking Dead or Revolution spinoff. Not only that, the whole Joel/Ellie duo partnership has been de-emphasized in the trailer. So…

    Where is the gameplay?

    WHAT is the gameplay?

    2013 seems to be the year of duos – Isaac Clarke and John Carver. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth Comstock. The Army of Two bros. Whoever Ellen Page and her fairy/spirit/mind assistant turn out to be in Beyond: Two Souls.

    What will be different about Joel and Ellie? And will they succeed where others have failed – will they manage to top the real breakout duo of the year – the Luteces from Bioshock Infinite?

  • My most anticipated game this year with the new infamous!

  • That looked beautiful. The more we watch The Last of Us the more we want it. Hope you have a sequel in the makes cos this game is like the most wanted this year. I’m counting the days till its in my hands!

  • Did anybody play the demo yet?
    Im having trouble setting the demo on God of war ascension. I have the god of war ascension collector’s edition…. but i just see the count down

  • This looks insane. I need to go pre-order it.

  • Looks to have some good writing!

  • Shut up and take my money!
    The gameplay looks awesome, the enviroments and the tension even better, and all of that combined with Santaolalla’s music?
    This is gonna be INSANE.

  • @30 TheBratPrince79

    You see a countdown because it is when the demo will be available….

  • Looks really good but I’ll buy it used because there’s no single player DLC content.Most people want single player DLC ,not multiplayer,trust me.

  • @ Berae
    Thanks :)

  • This game looks so amazing! and this trailer is put together perfectly I love it!
    “It’s gold Jerry! GOLD!”
    Now we just need more tv ads. for the game. I’m spreading the word for this game. I really hope it does beyond excellent in both reviews and sales. Good luck guys!
    Can’t wait to get my cool CE.

  • Ya know…this seems like what i call a semi-freeroam…i wonder if i can go were i want when i want or have to wait for my actors…i mean my characters que to move on.

    I hate on rail stuff…like alot….but man do i love post (anything)apocalyptic….hmmm, il keep watching.

  • Looks like a must-play, but my days of pre-ordering stuff and risking getting burned are over.

  • Stop teasin us and release the game already, geez. >.>

    Nah take your time. I want it to be perfect.

    BTW, make a profile for the Pulse Elite Headset because I ordered it a few days ago and and it would be perfect for this game. Imagine being in a quiet room and you can hear clickers then feel the vibration in your ear as they come closer. Or vibration when they click out loud.

  • I would love to have that instrumental playing on the background…

  • DoTheKiller91

    There not zombies,they are infected people that are still alive

  • This just goes to show that there is a lot of life left in PS3, already pre- order pandemic ed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks so damn good! I wish you guys would have saved this for the PS4 though, it would have sold many units.

  • looking ace :D

  • Is this going to be available for purchase on the Playstation Store as a full game download or will there only be a disc version?

  • @ 14 Indigo_Dingo – Bioshock infinite is a great game but GTA V?…watch dogs?…I’m sorry but games like that cant even be compared to TLoU…time to top ND?…I dont think so…remember that they have Sony on their side…GTA V is a simple game with weak story and its super ultra overrated and watch dogs is still to be something…TLoU can be the best game ever.I’m sure GTA and watch dogs nor bioshock infinite can even try to be.

    PS:With so many good games who needs PS4?..damn you Sony.

  • After playing God Of War Ascension and getting very very dissapointed with the game and with the production team because they think customers are fool and houting like dogs and no-one from GOW team ever replied to any of the their customers and never fixed any of the bugs in the game,i promise that i will not buy any game the Santa Monica Studio promotes.So this game will suffer because of Santa Monica Studio and their crap of a game and their stupid ever attitude towards the customers after buying GOW Ascension,I will not buy The Last Of Us and will advice all my friends not to buy this game.

  • Well said Harpreet_Lko ! I have been saying this for a LONG time. Sony has stopped listening to their consumers and has been releasing better graphical games with lower quality standards for a while now. God of War Ascension is proof.

    I laugh at all the comments saying they pre-ordered this because of a trailer and how it is GOTY. Why? My bet, cause it looks pretty. What gameplay video has been released? How much of the game do you actually play rather than just watch pretty pictures? Will this be Heavy Rain? Will it be Uncharted? Will it be some hybrid that has a “supposedly” good story but the game aspect is almost worthless? There are too many questions left unanswered to pre-order or even get close to saying it is a GOTY. I still can’t believe sites voted Heavy Rain as GOTY.

    Oh well, this will fall on deaf ears anyway so let me end by saying, “I told you so”. When the PS4 flops due to features people don’t want, outrageous pricing and lack of innovation maybe Sony will give up on the console market. I hate the Xbox but they really do seem to listen to the actual consumer for certain aspects. We shall see with the Xbox720, if that is true or not.

  • KnightRid

    Yea thats true,look what happen to ac3.people were saying “GOTY” and it ended up with people hating it(I enjoy it myself) i dont understand why.but thats somthing else to talk about. What do you mean sony has stop listening? thay show us more what games are coming out rather then the featurs in the ps4.Is it that what you want? They learn there lesson by not making that mistake also I heard that the price will be between $450 to $500 instead of $600.People thought that God of War Ascension was going to be great because,well its GOW lol the blood and gore not the graphics on how it looks and I don’t see a lot of people complaining that it sucks ,the only complaining is that GOW is getting a 7.5 and not an 9 lol. People are saying that Last of us is GOTY because it’s Naughty Dog! and so far there not dissapointing the fans also there has been gameplay of it?Soo If you hate sony WHY DID YOU BUY A PS3?! you hate xbox too, soo your better off with PC or Wii-U lol mostly PC.Please reply if I didn’t understand what you said and explain what I said wrong

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