God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Deploys Today

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God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Deploys Today

Champions! With God of War: Ascension out in the wild for two weeks now, we’re seeing our ever-growing community becoming a legion of champions in multiplayer and thousands conquering Kratos’ latest single-player journey. We’ve been listening to every bit of constructive feedback on our boards, Twitter, Facebook, here on PlayStation.Blog, and around the internet stratosphere. Rest assured that our development team at Sony Santa Monica is committed to supporting you.


GOWA-ZeusMark1 GOWA-PoseidonMark1

FACTOID: Ares is the most popular God allegiance thus far, but also has players with the lowest overall skill rating. Hades is the second most popular, and the highest skill rated players, evil incarnate FTW!

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest 1.03 update, deploying today. Though this update may be small, it throws an added support line at the Trial of Archimedes, and enhances multiplayer customization with a new appearance feature for your Champion – we call them “Marks”.

We received extensive feedback from the community that the “Trial of Archimedes” section (Chapter 28) near the end of the game was excessively challenging. In every God of War game, establishing a well-paced difficulty ramp towards the end of the game is paramount to us. Based on player response, the degree of challenge offered here was short of our goal of being perfectly balanced.

In the 1.03 update, at the end of each elevator stage (three total), players will now receive a measured amount of green health orbs and a nominal amount of blue magic orbs. This change affects all difficulty levels. We are confident this revision will address feedback regarding “Trial of Archimedes” while still preserving the level of challenge appropriate for this late section of the game.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Good fortunes in your quest to conquer the Trial of Archimedes and complete Kratos’ ascension!

As noted, 1.03 also adds “Marks” for added customization to your Champion in multiplayer, and 8 additional new tints, including “Ash”. Now you have an opportunity to become a “Marked Warrior”. These are the six mark’s we’ve added in this update, with more to come:

  • Mark of the Thief, for HADES
  • Mark of the Trojan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Spartan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Legionnaire, for ARES
  • Mark of the Mercenary, for ZEUS
  • Mark of the Deep, for POSEIDON

Unfortunately, the time necessary to diagnose and explore audio issues cited by many of our fans during their play experiences made a solution in time for inclusion in the 1.03 update unfeasible. Despite this, we are still very aware of these reports, we continue to monitor user experiences in this regard, and we are working as quickly as possible to find a fix. We understand that this issue is of particular frustration for many of you in the community; your patience is greatly appreciated!

This is just the beginning of post-launch support for God of War: Ascension. As stated previously, we have an influx of DLC in the weeks ahead to support your strategic play-style, and an unannounced 4th weapon class. We’re also exploring other new enhancements we can’t disclose just yet, however you can try asking The Oracle (aka @SonySantaMonica) – you never know.

Now do well warrior, ascend! And stay in touch with everything God of War on our official site.

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2 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the support, But i hop there is another god of war coming out that wil be amazing
    anyway so thank you all for the updates thanks again.

  • for those of you missing your redemption code for the CE …. did you try sending another email with you voucher – sr number & the incident number ? I also had no code in my CE & waited 7 days … after hearing nothing I wrote again with all attached info & within the hour received an email with the proper code …. so my issue was resolved on the 19th …. just remind them you’re still waiting – also, might be good to complain to the store manager – I had mine send Sony an email too ….

  • Wicked awesome! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for future updates and DLC.

  • If you want a hard game and a true action game DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH, one thing is to fix glitches other thing is to ruin it by making it easier for casuals.

    What the hell sony? why did you nerf Trial of Archimedes just because “timmy” could not learn how to play an action game?, the trial is a complete joke now this is seriously embarassing.

    Thank you whiners for destroying another game.

  • This game was/is incredible. The story, for what it was, was not bad by any means…it has BY FAR the best gameplay out of any of the GoW series. Hands down.

  • God of War Ascension be on the online store?

  • Thank you.
    A God of War on Vita would be nice.

  • THANK YOU for turning down the frustration level in this game. I find it challenging enough as is. As for audio, my only issue is that the audio is VERY FAINT. I have to turn it up to double other games just to hear everything. This is on a PS3 launch unit with 5.1 surround LPCM enabled.

  • I have my suspicions about some of this future DLC. I noticed a fifth set of stairs to the far right when choosing my allegiance on Mount Olympus. This suggests to me that there are plans to add a fifth patron god. Athena, perhaps? I’m sure there’re probably some female GoW fans who wouldn’t mind the chance to play a kick-butt chick in multiplayer.

  • LOL pussies!! lmao cry me a river pfft “to hard” ,the trials where great, love the marks tho. Glad i beat the game before this patch.

  • Again do not buy this game, the patch ruins the entire difficulty and it turns it into a mainstream casualfest, the most insulting thing is how they nerfed all the difficulties instead of one, even the normal difficulties on vanquish or metal gear rising are more difficult now than the hardest difficulty of GoW:A.

  • this patch did nothing to improve chapter 28. its stil lvery hard. i am about to give up on it comletely

  • It Is Hard But It Is A Playable Hard. It Took Me Awhile But I Got Thur It And I Play It On Hard So It Can Be Done.

  • Just got the game yesterday. I already updated to the new version. Why is there no offline multiplayer?





  • Hades users are suckas!

  • that’s a nice little update …
    what else can we expect?

  • Update is late i could have used it last weekend when i was stuck trying to beat the trail on hard for over 8 hours SMH! Anyways I already platinumed the game so no big deal lol (even though i almost threw my controller at the tv)

  • thank you

  • Speaking of Hades.

    I think Hades people are FAR TOO RIGGED.

    It was as if it was made on purposed so make the other teams look bad.
    No, seriously, they are wayy too powerfull, is not a fair fight compared to the other 3.

    We were like 4 against 1, he kept stealing life from us and simply wouldn’t die, we did kill him, but when I’m with Ares, I can’t even stand to fight 2 at once, it’s ridiculous.

    I think you have to upgrade the Ares and decrease the life steal and stealth time of Hades.
    Zeus could also be better too.

    Please fix this so that everyone has a fair shot at the multiplayer.
    I’m guessing my ratings are high regarless who I choose, but still, Ares need an upgrade fast.

  • Oh, and another thing.

    I’m fine with all the gore and decapitation of the brutal kill, but may I suggest removing one of them, the one were you piece the stomact and the to rip off the other’s intestine.

    That’s.. just plain digusting, and not even properly done, it’s like there were no gravity, standing in mid-air.
    Instead, have it so that blood would flow down his body, maybe a few drips of blood.
    That much be much better and appreciated.

  • Wait…are you serious?…are you guys making the game easier for whiners?…why?…GoW isn’t a game for lil sissy…for real…thats disappointing…make a patch to take off the entire MP and bring the challenges(which should be there since the beginning)…shame on you St.Monica.

  • There were beta perks!? Give me! I’m pretty certain my playstation auto downloaded as well and I am a plus user. I live on playstation :c :> |m|

  • “Rest assured that our development team at Sony Santa Monica is committed to supporting you.”

    Wow, I wish every game developer was so eager to support their game/customer/fan base! I dont want to mention names but EA sucks.

  • What’s wrong with the patch (version 1.03)??? I can’t download it!! It says “Error 80710736”.
    I want to play MP, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In my opinion Ascension has a good story, the combat feels fresh, graphics are awesome, bosses are incredible and the exploration is amazing BUT my only problem is that the God Of War QUALITY is lost in Ascension, there are glitches, bugs, audio problems, loading times, textures problems and the saving icon is far beyond annoying and this is something you can expect from a low quality third party game but not from a PS3 exclusive, so, and this is gonna sound hard, I think directing a God Of War game was too big for Todd Pappy and hopefully someone like Stig Asmussen can bring back the quality we deserve as die-hard GOW fans.

  • tengo problemas con la actualizacion del parche 1.03 de god of war ascension me sale un error me podrian ayudar

  • me sale un error al actualizar y no puedo jugar en multiplayer

  • The audio is a complete mess. I can’t play the campaign like that. Great SSM,THAT’S THE WAY TO TREAT YOUR COSTUMERS,RELEASING A COMPLETLY BROKEN GAME!!!!!!

  • Please make an update to return to the original GOW parry system. Why change something that worked so well? Am I the only that doesn’t like the new blocking/parry system in Ascension. It kills the fluidity of the combat. I find myself standing and blocking waiting to hit X to parry, instead of attacking a bunch of baddies catching that one out of the corner of your eye about to counter and blocking at just the right moment to parry and clear them all out. Also is it possible to reflect projectiles or medusa’s gaze.

  • Im loving the game at the moment I haven’t yet finished the single player but I have maxed all warriors out in the multiplayer. I have earned all of the items found in treasures (nearly game modes and kills/magic kills aswell) except these; the barbarian hammer, the spear of destiny and the lower body piece for the griffin armour. I have no fragments for these either and I must have gone through hundreds of treasures in trial of the gods and many if not more in the multiplayer. other people are also having the same problem and I’m wondering if it is a glitch, if so when will we see a patch?

  • @77
    EA is only a corporate headquarter who’s only purpase is to make money.

    If you want to talk to the developpers, you need to go see each studio’s website individually.
    It’s the only way to give feedback.

  • Hey,
    Ive been trying to download this patch for the past 2 days but i keep getting this error code:
    Is there anyway that i can fix this because i can’t play online or progress past the trial of archemedes in the campagin.


  • I got the game last week, I’m now stucked at beginning of Chapter 28 because it just simply does not work, I’ve tried reinstalling and is not working, seems that this update scewed the game somehow, and now I can’t continue because Kratos can’t get out of the vortex, not to mention that the graphics are all messed, most of the background is gone, pretty much everything is black, and when you do a “pan” on the scene, all the edges of the figures remain in all the black background.
    What do you suggest people? is it the game or my unit?

  • Hey guys since the last update and being able to double exp for a few days is cool and all.. but anybody know why i choose my zeus alliance and play a match then after the game is over my poseidon class gets all the exp? Even if i pick any class and back out then come back it stays on poseidon.. not a bad class but not my favorite, anybody else experiencing this issue?

  • excuse me but i have a question, look, when i play god of war ascension with a warrior like hades por example i play and well all normal but when the skill point are given the game them to other warrior, and when a i select one and enter to a lobby and i return to menu y puts other warrior i dont know why is this please can someone help me?

  • For the sake of the gods anybody know why i enter a multiplayer game with Zeus class and when the match is over it gives experience to poseidon, this sucks!! It just keeps auto starting me on poseidon also no matter what class i choose, please help!

  • By the GODS!! The new 1.05 update has truly fixed my issue and im left with a sweet taste of double XP! Thanks Santa Monica Studios! I have all the god of wars by the way and was reading in game informer that they gave ascension a 8/10 which is complete Rubbish seeing as how it sould be 10/10! The multiplayer scheme is genius genius genius! WAHOOOOO

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