God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Deploys Today

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God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Deploys Today

Champions! With God of War: Ascension out in the wild for two weeks now, we’re seeing our ever-growing community becoming a legion of champions in multiplayer and thousands conquering Kratos’ latest single-player journey. We’ve been listening to every bit of constructive feedback on our boards, Twitter, Facebook, here on PlayStation.Blog, and around the internet stratosphere. Rest assured that our development team at Sony Santa Monica is committed to supporting you.


GOWA-ZeusMark1 GOWA-PoseidonMark1

FACTOID: Ares is the most popular God allegiance thus far, but also has players with the lowest overall skill rating. Hades is the second most popular, and the highest skill rated players, evil incarnate FTW!

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest 1.03 update, deploying today. Though this update may be small, it throws an added support line at the Trial of Archimedes, and enhances multiplayer customization with a new appearance feature for your Champion – we call them “Marks”.

We received extensive feedback from the community that the “Trial of Archimedes” section (Chapter 28) near the end of the game was excessively challenging. In every God of War game, establishing a well-paced difficulty ramp towards the end of the game is paramount to us. Based on player response, the degree of challenge offered here was short of our goal of being perfectly balanced.

In the 1.03 update, at the end of each elevator stage (three total), players will now receive a measured amount of green health orbs and a nominal amount of blue magic orbs. This change affects all difficulty levels. We are confident this revision will address feedback regarding “Trial of Archimedes” while still preserving the level of challenge appropriate for this late section of the game.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Good fortunes in your quest to conquer the Trial of Archimedes and complete Kratos’ ascension!

As noted, 1.03 also adds “Marks” for added customization to your Champion in multiplayer, and 8 additional new tints, including “Ash”. Now you have an opportunity to become a “Marked Warrior”. These are the six mark’s we’ve added in this update, with more to come:

  • Mark of the Thief, for HADES
  • Mark of the Trojan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Spartan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Legionnaire, for ARES
  • Mark of the Mercenary, for ZEUS
  • Mark of the Deep, for POSEIDON

Unfortunately, the time necessary to diagnose and explore audio issues cited by many of our fans during their play experiences made a solution in time for inclusion in the 1.03 update unfeasible. Despite this, we are still very aware of these reports, we continue to monitor user experiences in this regard, and we are working as quickly as possible to find a fix. We understand that this issue is of particular frustration for many of you in the community; your patience is greatly appreciated!

This is just the beginning of post-launch support for God of War: Ascension. As stated previously, we have an influx of DLC in the weeks ahead to support your strategic play-style, and an unannounced 4th weapon class. We’re also exploring other new enhancements we can’t disclose just yet, however you can try asking The Oracle (aka @SonySantaMonica) – you never know.

Now do well warrior, ascend! And stay in touch with everything God of War on our official site.

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  • Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for supporting the game after release!! May I ask just one favor, i am a ps plus user and the automatic update auto downloaded the beta on my system. Therefore, the beta doesn’t show in my download list so the system seems to think i have not played in the beta. I can not access the beta rewards on the psn store. I think this is a bug. Can it be looked into so i can have the beta rewards?

  • I’m disappointed that patch 1.03 doesn’t fix the audio problems, but appreciate them being acknowledged, so thanks. Hopefully the wait for a fix wont be too long, so I can get back to playing through the game’s single player.

    Marks look super cool, btw!

  • Currently playing the campaign…
    … AMAZING.
    Loving it. Forgot how much I loved God of War.
    Once I beat the campaign, I will join up with the rest of the Spartan Army
    and bring some heat to my online opponents.
    Bring it!

  • Well, glad to see work being done. We understand the complexities of fixing issues, just acknowledging them is a good enough start, and I have faith you guys are onto the audio issues and will have them resolved soon enough.

    I just wish it had been Seth working on this post, I have a bone to pick with him about PSASBR, and SSM hasn’t helped me either. But, oh well, I’ll get my answer eventually I hope.

    Enjoying the game quite a bit, it’s on the backburner at the moment, as I need to finish Sly 4, then back to GoW.

  • The Multiplayer is fantastic! Been having a lot of fun on the battlefield and upgrading weapons and armors.

    I am glad the Trial of Archimedes isn’t totally nerfed. I haven’t gotten that far in SP yet but looking forward to it. Got sucked into the Multiplayer with the Beta and the full MP experience is just awesome. Great job SSM!

    Looking forward to the future updates and DLC. Love the MP maps so far.

    Oh, cool to see that FACTOID. That is pretty interesting!!

  • I made de Trial of Archimides on Hard without this patch. I won the platinum trophy in less than a week.

    Why do you make the game easier?

  • Hey, my collector’s edition was mission the voucher for the season pass, soundtrack, theme, xp booster…

    I send an email to Sony two weeks ago about it and they have not answer me yet, I would like to get my code if possible.

  • It’s took me 45 minutes to beat the Trial of Archimedes on hard without looking on youtube. I don’t understand what the problem was if you’re fully upgraded it shouldn’t be that difficult. When you watch some review about the trial some people have only three magic bars that means there not fully upgraded and that why there having a hard time.

  • I meant the voucher was missing, not mission.

  • Would you guys consider adding female avatars to the Multiplayer component as a DLC expansion? I keep hearing from female God of War fans that they reallllllly want to play as a girl. Consider it Sony Santa Monica! :)

  • No surprise that people who use Hades are tough to beat… I personally use Poseidon. Any plans to add MP trophies?

  • I thought this was already out a while ago?

  • excited to hear about the 4th weapons class … my best guess – axe … as we have the hammer / sword / spear, there’s a lot of different axe types – light & fast, heavy that adds physical damage – double blades … hmm. looking fwd. to it …. the marks sound fun – not sure with my heavily equipped warriors how much I’ll be able to see of it, but cool …. I voted for more maps & the new weapon class on the survey – hope the 4 vs 4 Favor of the Gods new maps are underway … currently working on a Poseidon warrior & will be glad to get him to 30 …. I’ve spent a fair number of hours with this game, & glad I bought it. thanks SSM.

  • Add more co-op stuff please.

    The game is amazing and everyone should buy it!! :D

  • Weird timing, I downloaded this over the weekend

  • I don’t believe I received the beta rewards either? I played during the PS Plus beta until character level 19 I believe. I am really enjoying the beta, I chose Zeus this time after choosing Ares in the beta. I feel I’m probably a mid-level player right now but getting better, I have matches I’m on top and matches I end up last. I can tell from my experience now with a level 19 Zeus character that Hades characters are often skilled. I feel you nerfed the parry from the PS Beta which disappointed me greatly. I don’t feel a triangle blow should stun you if you parry successfully.

    Biggest problem for me is that I’m a night owl and I have a very hard time finding matches during the early hours of the morning. It usually causes me to give up. Any time actually except the weekends and evenings I have a hard time connecting in a reasonable amount of time. Never had this issue with other games.

    Great additions with the marks, good idea. I really feel you nailed the melee multiplayer. 2v2 Team Favor of the Gods is my favorite mode. I like the well in Persia, “THIS IS SPARTA”.

  • Oh, and I also wished the co=op modes where a bit more fleshed out. You get so little XP for playing them and they are extremely difficult. Shorter rounds that ramp up slower would have been a lot more fun IMO. Except for the Archimedes level, it’s rare to get past 2 rounds, even with a good co-op partner.

  • I come across the camera issue on the bridge…. i found out in ur web site how to fix it. but remember that not everyone will have internet and other will not think of that. just advising.

    also, Its the online region locked? if so pls fix that too! fighting with puertorricans only its boring as hell! i want to fight americans and japanese and europeans and everyone!

    BTW I eat Hades players for breakfast with my underpowered class poseidon!
    Fun fact: Zeus class its way OP…. as a matter of fact its not a fun fact…. im getting mad just thinking about it. >_<

  • i cant get into the psn store on my vita

  • my collector edition was missing stuff aswell
    dlc voucher psn avatar pack ps dynamic theme and the sound track
    exact thing as #8 ornager i contacted sony the day i bought it and now it two weeks and still no word
    I fell ripped off (a bit) please help

  • I am happy that I finished the Trial of Archimedes on Hard and pre-patch within 1 hour, really wasn’t that bad but I can see that you guys want people to finish the story.

  • i think the vedio store on vita sould be avable in usa server

  • My fears are true. It nerfed the Hard mode as well. Luckily, I anticipated this and disconnected my auto-update feature. Personally, if you’re going to play a game on Hard mode…expect it to be Hard. Gamers whine excessively, I wouldn’t have changed the Trial of Archimedes across all difficulties. But, there’s a reason the designers are in their positions and I’m not.

  • This GoW experience has been utter crap mixed with an insane amount of frustration. Bugs/Glitches, I am glad to see them being addressed.
    That being said the WORST issue has been the CE missing its proper voucher. I emailed the day I bought it after opening 6!!!!!! CE’s with 0 codes.
    First I was told to wait 3-5 days, which I did and had no choice but to email again after 10 business days!
    Can you believe I was told to wait 10 business days? Coulda swore that is what I did.
    Anyways I have now bought a code from eBay because I just can’t believe I would receive a code from Sony.
    Due to this I have cancelled my Last of Us CE and will never again support any Sony Collectors editions again.

  • I managed to beat the Trial of Archimedes on Hard RIGHT BEFORE this patch released. It took me around 4-5 tries, but it is definitely doable. Now even more doable. The first time I played it on Normal I beat Trial of Archimedes on my first try, just be sure to spam your time stone as much as possible.

  • Whoever was complaining about this section of the game for being too HARD! are not true G.O.W. soldiers. Only the weak ask for HELP! (Kratos4Lyfe!!!)


    FLASHBACK PACKS: a flashback pack is a single player dlc that lets you have the costumes from previous god of war games become playable on this one. there are five games and so there would be 5 dlc packs. each pack would be 2.99 while all 5 packs would be 9.99.

    POWER OF THE GODS PACK: it is a multiplayer dlc which unlocks all weapons, armor, etc for all the allegences which would save you the trouble of getting weapon fragments or leveling up just to have that one item you want.

    CHAMPION OF THE GODS STORY ADD-ON: a single player adventure involving the actions before the champion you play as in multiplayer was sent to the furies prison. questions like: who was he before this? , or what did he do to be taken there? could be answered here among other questions. this dlc would be 8.99.

    THE GOD OF THE SUN PACK (MULTIPLAYER DLC):be a champion of helios and have power as mighty and furious as the sun.this dlc would be 4.99

  • THE ASCENSION OF “THE OTHER ONE” STORY ADD-ON: a single player story;Deimos ,the brother of kratos has been through years of torture under the hands of thanatos.in this dlc you will see though his eyes and learn and experience how he managed to survive all these years until the day kratos arrived to save him. this dlc would be 8.99

    DYNAMIC COSTUMES PACK: a 5 costume pack containing some single player costumes for kratos. 1.THE GHOSTESS OF SPARTA: a female version of kratos 2. THE FRUITFUL ONE: kratos in a banana suit. 3.THE YOUNG WARRIOR: play as the kid version of kratos as shown in ghost of sparta. 4.MARIONETTE KRATOS: if the gods are going to use him like a puppet ,might as well make him look like one. 5. THE ZOMBIE OF SPARTA OR FRANKENKRATOS (WHATEVER WORKS BEST): kratos as an undead champion of the gods. this dlc would be 2.99

    DONT 4GET 2 REPLY!!!

  • I’m glad about the update, but connection is definitely a problem. Such as sitting in the lobby for a long period of time, & being disconnected from the server.

  • Where is the 3dtv support?

  • Not downloaded this update and I will not download.
    Who says that this game is hard nor should it buy and very easy to not like the game is that it is very short, expect more of the series one game longer and more challenging.
    Even my eight year old son this without resetting the game update 1.03, so I’m finishing hard getting ready for the Titan.
    Hopefully Last of Us is being even more challenging than most other studio I hope these new games.

  • I just finished the story campaign and it was so great! I kind of love the multiplayer too I’m playing Hades and the Boosts from rise of the warrior really got me into the game at first.. Good job guys!

  • I’d also say that the Trial of Archimedes wasn’t that hard.
    I hadn’t gotten the update and I completed it in one go.. in fact I only died a few times through the entire game!

  • More customization is good for me :D can’t wait for any new content u guys come up with!

  • need audio fix patch!!

  • This patch is out 2day? …but, I actually downloaded this 1.03 patch a few days ago. Weird. Anyway… Let the fun continue!! :D

  • I hope the audio fix comes soon. I don’t want to play it until the audio mix is perfect. Sound is a huge part of God of War.

  • Is this patch mandatory?

    I haven’t bought the game yet, but I like difficult games as Demon’s Souls.

    I’d really be piss off for not being able to play it with its original difficulty.

  • I have used the amulet of uroboros on well over 100 enemies and I still have not received the trophy. This is my last trophy to earn this platinum and it is very aggravating!! Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Will there be any sort of patch to help me out?

  • I’m kind of glad about the patch for the trial of archimedes because i literally have spent about 8-10 hours total trying to beat that part of the game and only advanced to the third stage once only to die soon after because i had no health. playing on hard difficulty and I have played all the other GoW games from beginning to end on hard also. still its sucks that i cant beat it without the patch but I am definitely tired of seeing that damn YOU ARE DEAD screen.

  • Multiplayer is fun but i have no complaints. The only complaint i have is the single player audio where Orkos saves Kratos from the Furies ambush and Orkos teleport, they were missing his teleport sound and really took out the fun of the game and only hear they’re dialogue.

  • This patch did not change anything for me as I have not received any health items or whatsoever after defeating the first wave. Deleted the gamedata and reinstalled the patch but no change. A save after each wave would have been much better

  • Found my second favorite online game! Please add online torneys and stat tracking. Keep of the good work!

  • Way to nerf the Campaign and make it easier.

  • Glad I Platinum’d the game before they made it easier. Did they also make it easier on Titan mode? I’d like to tackle that some time in the future, but without the safety net.

  • @42 and anyone else STILL having problems on the Trial. This guy has a really great strategy:

    Remember to BLOCK. Most attacks from most of the enemies can be blocked. Abuse your Amulet & Orkos. If you’re stuck, the 2nd wave can be beaten almost entirely with well-timed use of the Amulet & Orkos, while blocking the rest of the time.

    Figure out which enemies give you back magic & health, and how much. All the enemies in the 1st wave give some amount of magic back, so you can use a lot of magic in wave 1. The Amazon women in wave 2 and centaur in wave 3 give health. The wraiths in wave 3 also give magic. Use that to your advantage and PLAN AHEAD!

    It took me 4 days to beat this on hard, but I finally did it using the above strategy. Remember, it is possible. And naturally, much more satisfying if you do it before installing the patch.

  • For those who are sayign the campaign is easier..if you really want a challenge ..take on the multiplayer..NOW THAT WONT BE SO EASY..lol Thank You Santa Monica for considering MP for this game..it is definitily worth my 80 bucks!! – (Collectors Edition was a MUST for me!) I cant wait to hear about the new DLC..i shall be supporting this game as much as i can!

  • I have all GOW games and let me say this: YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE nerfin the chapter 28. All GOW games
    have a special moment like this to be remembered. Now you will only remember the game because is the one with most glitches on it. I still remember some of your videos from past games where having a glitch on your game was not well welcomed and now it seems that having glitches did not matter.

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