GungHo Bringing Six More PSone Imports to North America

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GungHo Bringing Six More PSone Imports to North America

As promised, GungHo is bringing over a new batch of PSone Imports for your enjoyment today! Just like last time, I’d like to chat about these lovely games and what you can expect out of them.

Sentimental Graffiti

Sentimental Graffiti

Sentimental GraffitiSentimental Graffiti

This classic dating simulation was first released in the late nineties. It was popular enough to spawn various sequels, an anime series, and even a radio drama! The story revolves around a protagonist who was constantly moving about during his childhood, so he never had time to form deeper relationships with those around him. He receives a much unexpected letter from a mysterious paramour which simply states, “I want to see you.” He’s got it narrowed down to one of the 12 special women he met in his younger days, and it’s up to the player to decide how this tale ends…

Players control our hero by making use of his incredibly tight schedule. You’ve only got so much time to spend with these ladies, so you have to make it count! Carefully plan out each day by studying your calendar and preparing potentially romantic encounters with the 12 candidates. If you get it right, you might just figure out where that mysterious letter came from…

The game is very text heavy, but there’s a lot of great art and charming event scenes to enjoy. If you are a fan of visual novels, this is one you won’t want to pass up.

First Queen IV

First Queen IV

First Queen IVFirst Queen IV

First Queen is a classic RTS/RPG franchise that first introduced the “Gocha-kyara” (tons of characters) battle system. Players control several units by issuing turn based orders then watching the attacks unfold in real time. While the game starts with just a handful of units, your army will grow as your foes bend the knee or you seek out additional recruits via side missions. The ultimate goal is of course to unite (conquer) the entire area and ultimately bring peace to the land. Remember, when you play the game First Queen IV, you win or you die.

While the story contains a lot of Japanese text, the battle controls are pretty straightforward, and you should have little trouble conquering the world with your merry band!

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-banTrump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

This classic card game pits players against a cast of cute, colorful animals in a bevy of classic card games including: Shichi-narabe (a variation of Sevens), Daifugou (Grand Millionaire), Page One, Dobon, Seven Bridge, Speed, Baba-nuki (Old Maid), Poker, Blackjack, and Shinkei-suijyaku (Concentration).

The game is light on text, and the only time you really need to be able to read Japanese is when you want to tweak the rules of the individual games. With a few quick Google searches, a player can easily find the rules to these classic card games as well as how they would be written in Japanese. Once in game, everything is fairly simple to understand.

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRungOz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

This whimsical take on The Wizard of Oz features some incredibly nostalgic-looking, fully voiced CG cutscenes, lovely music, and about the cutest portrayal of the Tin Man I have ever seen! The classic tale of the little girl from Kansas who rode a tornado to infamy has been adapted to an almost absurd degree – with various musicals, movies, and video games. This particular adaptation is oozing with a quirky charm that’s sure to warm your heart.

Players take on the role of Dorothy as she (and her little dog too!) travels about the Land of Oz performing various tasks and collecting magical items. Her goal is to help out her new friends, and of course get back home (after all, there’s no place like home).

This game is fairly text-heavy, but its cuteness is universal!

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Affect’s Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~ provides a rather delightful twist to the time-honored classic Chinese game, Mahjong. Players choose 3 of the 6 fortune-telling beauties to compete against in this ancient poker-like, tile-based game of luck and strategy. As you defeat opponents, you can unlock special event photos that can later be viewed at the image gallery.

Luckily for you, these ladies don’t just play a mean game of Mahjong. Whenever you wish, you can enter “Fortune-telling Mode” and have a nice little horoscope prepared. Be warned, once you see your future, it can’t be unseen!

The fortune-telling will of course require significant Japanese knowledge to understand, but the classic game of Mahjong can easily be learned over the internet. Finally, the image gallery needs no translation.

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Japanese RPGs are common enough, and the dating simulation/virtual novel genre is no stranger to the west. It is, however, quite rare to see the two genres so delightfully melded into a beautiful, character-driven gaming experience. For the first time (officially), the Favorite Dear series hits the US with its third installment – don’t worry, the stories aren’t exactly sequential, so you won’t have missed anything important.

Players must control their team of warriors in battle against various monsters as they bring peace to the land, but off the battlefield, the main objective is to promote and maintain harmony in the group by visiting with allies. Once you select your date and location, you are treated to an event scene where you need to make the right choices to keep everyone happy. People who like you tend to fight harder, right?! Before you head back to the battlefield, make sure you outfit your soldiers with the best equipment possible so you can smash your foes to bits!

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~ has a combination of anime event graphics and isometric, sprite-based battle sequences. Like any RPG, it’s very text heavy, so make sure to bring your Berlitz Japanese/English dictionary with you when you want to take Tia out for a walk about town!

These PSone Classics are just $5.99 apiece, so head on down to your local PlayStation Store and pick them up later today! We here at GungHo Online Entertainment America hope you enjoy the chance to finally get your hands on these classic imports, because we may have a few more up our sleeves – WINK!

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  • I would like to second what #48 said. LSD is a game that I would purchase on Day 1. I know the games that you could get are limited but i think that game would be possible for GungHo.

    • That game has actually been recommended to me a lot, and I have enjoyed my experience watching the gameplay videos on YouTube.

      We will continue to look into fan recommendations, but we hope everyone keeps it in mind that we will focus on the GungHo backlog first.

  • If anyone is super desperate and patient, download the official Google Translate app for your phone. Open the app and hold the camera up to the screen and it will translate it for you. It’s not perfect, of course, but sometimes it will translate quite well or you can at least get the general meaning of the text.

    I don’t think this specific feature is available in the iPhone version but I could be wrong. I know for certain it’s available for Android version.

    • That’s a pretty brilliant idea!

      Just remember, all Google Translate text must be taken with a grain of salt ;)

  • Darn… I really appreciate that you have chosen to release these games to the American market, but I’m equally saddened that we won’t be receiving them translated. I would love to play through the Oz and Favorite Dear games, but my knowledge of Japanese is terrible. I hope that some day these games will find translations, because from what I see from those screenshots, they look pretty enjoyable.

    • I totally understand your point of view. If you ever decide to give them a try, they will be waiting for you!

  • These look great; I’ll be buying one or two tonight and quite possibly all of the others over time. Thanks much for bringing them over. And please *DO* continue to bring Japanese-heavy import titles over– I love RPG’s, and I love practicing my Japanese reading (and learning new vocabulary) by playing them.. there’s no better way to learn a new language than by playing its games, in my opinion (coupled with other resources, of course). :)

  • @luvtoseek, “mad and rude”? that aptly describes 75% of the people who post on here, everyday. Without them this blog would be a ghost town, albeit a pleasant ghost town.

    As SAB CA said, these are very very niche, and the niche would fit in my mom’s backyard. Therefore, it’s not economically feasible to spend what? $100,000 per title to translate a game that will only earn them $5000. But Gung Ho is very nice to do this much, for those 1000 people on the NA store who might buy these. Might not even be that high.

    Antonio, you are very nice, even responding to those trolls who invade every blog post to complain about off topic things. Stop that, it won’t help.

    Btw, still loving Dokuro. Perfect game to bring over, since almost no translation needed. I don’t have enough time for my Vita games so I’m still stuck on stage 8, level 7?

    • Best of luck getting past that Dokuro stage. There were so many times I almost gave up, but I ultimately beat the game and even went back for the Platinum – a rewarding experience indeed!

      And no amount of trolling will stop me from hitting up every comment.

      … OK actually I take that back. I’m pretty sure there exists some exact amount of trolling that might make it physically impossible for me to respond to every comment, but until the day comes when I face such a troll barrage, I will do my best!!!

  • Antonio, THANK YOU!

    We riichi (Japanese mahjong) players (as small and niche as we are) have been waiting for a long time for someone to release a proper mahjong title. Not only did you pick a “proper” one to release but, a standard four-player (3 AI opponents) version. Many titles released during that time focused on a two player version. Good choice.

    Although, I would point out to anyone thinking about picking up the game.. It focuses on gathering sets of matching or, sequential series of tiles to complete a winning hand of four sets and a pair (mahjong). It’s much more similar to Rummy than poker. Nitpicking, maybe but, there definitely a difference.

    Regardless, THANK YOU, again!

    • You are most welcome!

      And thanks for correcting/educating me – that’s actually good to know ^_^

      Believe it or not, I’ve never played Rummy!!!

  • Some really…. odd choices to be sure, but I adore what you guys are doing. So just keep up the good work!

    Any little hints for the upcoming releases? I’m still hoping for The Adventures of Little Ralph, and / or Panzer Bandit myself.

    • Those are definitely the popular requests when it comes to PSone classics!

      Right now, we are only doing GungHo Japan’s titles – so there’s a hint! ^_^

  • Wheres Digimon World?! Were getting every game BUT digimon world! Best ps1 game ever!

    • Games tied to IPs like that are super tricky, but I recommend you hit up whoever originally released the game.

  • It’s GREAT that Gungho is doing this, but I gotta be honest. I find the execution… disappointing. I mean, it’s always something dumb, like a card or mahjong game, or something text heavy. Where are the quality action games I remember hearing about back in the day? Like… man, what was it called… it was like Gunstar Heroes, except Atlus did it….

    *googles it*
    RAPID RELOAD! That’s what it was called! RAPID RELOAD.

    Why can’t we get games like that via the import program? Action, we can understand. Platformers, Fighting games. I’d shy away from lame parlor games and RPG/RTS stuff, although you could still bring ’em over for people who can read Japanese. Just focus on ’em less, please.

    • We are definitely gathering lots of feedback like that to consider!

      Like I said though, for now we are doing the games in GungHo Japan’s backlog. We will share all this feedback with them and perhaps we can pluck some more action-packed goodness out of our Japanese archives for you.

      In the meantime, I would recommend you check out our previous batch of classics like Makeruna Makendo 2 (fighting game) and Zanac X Zanac (shmup).

  • Hey! great to see all these games here.. I’ll try my best to learn Japanese and enjoy this games later!

    And about Dokuro, I lOVE THAT GAME!.. I’m waiting for Dokuro 2! or any other game from GameArts! Vita needs a Grandia!


    • Always nice to see more love for Dokuro :)

      Game Arts delivers some great stuff, and I always look forward to seeing what they have to offer!

  • When will you put up legend of legaia?

  • Can you promise me that at some point Puyo Puyo or some iteration of it will be making its way onto PSN as either a classic or PSN title?
    It is a tie between this and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (Was there ever even a SPF1?) and Puyo Puyo. Ever week I hope I see it added, but alas.

    Also, since this is about Imports, I’ve noticed that there is a section for classics called ‘Online’, does that mean I can play Cho Aniki online co-op from my PS3?

    • I cannot make such a promise, but we will continue to release GungHo Japan’s imports for sure.

      The Puyo series is definitely an enjoyable one, but I’m afraid I’m not qualified to answer any of your questions with official authority. As far as I know, PSone Classics are not compatible with network functions. It may be a typo on the storefront.

      Hope you continue to look forward to the great import titles making their way to the PSN!!!

  • Thanks for bringing more games over! I’m still enjoyng Zanac X Zanac from the last batch, and I will definately be picking up the Oz game from this batch. Do you happen to know of any sites that have translations for the games? In any case, the lack of translations don’t really bother me, I’m just thankful you guys are giving us a chance to play them!

    • It’s always nice to hear that people are enjoying our games!

      As for Oz, I haven’t found any fan translations yet, but there are plenty of helpful walkthroughs on Nico Nico Douga.

  • Wait. GungHo owns Game Arts. Game Arts made Lunar 1 & 2.
    Can we get Lunar 1 & 2 as PSOne Classics? That would be absolutely amazing.

    • While I agree that would be amazing, there may be some issues trying to get those particular games available as PSone Classics. We are always taking suggestions though, so we appreciate such ideas!!!

  • 64 comments(now 65) and 61 replies. That’s how you do some PR Brotha! Well done Antonio. :D I don’t read nor speak a lick of Japanese so I will not be purchasing a single one of these but good on ya’ for bringing these forth for the folks looking for some old school Japanafun. :D

    • Thanks!

      I actually assumed based on your avatar you might know a Kanji or two :)

      We appreciate your encouragement and wish you a delightful day!

  • I understand that the games are in Japanese and not translated to English… but is there any translation online? Thanks!

    • As mentioned I don’t know of any translations, but there are definitely walkthrough videos on Nico Nico and various guides available in Japanese that you may be able to Google Translate.

  • Unfortunately nothing too enticing for me to look into from this batch; it is too difficult and cumbersome to attempt to play through text-heavy games that can’t be understood by anyone who is unfamiliar with the Japanese language. I was hoping that after Zanac X Zanac in the last batch you guys at Gung Ho were going to bring over more shumps. Maybe next time as there are plenty to choose from:

    Thunder Force V
    Lords of Thunder (PC Engine)
    Gate of Thunder (PC Engine)
    Aldynes (PC Engine)

    All of these titles are worthy of consideration but the top four on my list would be really appreciated. Thanks

    • Those are some good suggestions for us to look into!

      We don’t plan on doing any PC Engine games right now, but it’s good to know the kinds of titles people are looking for.

  • The problem I have with bringing in Japanese imports is that they are for such a small niche of customers. The issue is that all the other people who are buying your product and therefore providing you with a paycheck are paying for you to incorporate entirely useless products instead of something everyone could use and enjoy. I am fine with imports and support it, but honestly provide a translated version and stop wasting the money of the majority of your consumers catering to a select few.

    • As I mentioned before, to get these games released was just a matter of paperwork and a few Emails.

      We hope people appreciate the chance at these games that would have otherwise never made it to America, and perhaps in the future we will release classic games that are more in line with your tastes.

  • It’s always great seeing more imports on the store, even if they are text-heavy and in Japanese. XD There’s always going to be someone out there that will be glad to find these for a decent price instead of paying out the rear for a physical import copy.

    If there were to be more imports in the future, perhaps some more fighting games that never came to America for the PS1? I know there’s only so many fighting games on that system, but fighting games are usually easily accessible in Japanese.

    And will we see any import PS2 games on the store? How about talking to Takara and bringing the Japanese Transformers game to the store? Mediocre, but the game can be played in perfect English just by setting it in the options menu! There you go, folks, I gave you a suggestion. XD

    • Thanks for the suggestion my heroic Prinny friend!

      As I’ve mentioned before, licensing a game related to an IP like that can get really tricky, but as for your PS2 question, that is definitely a possibility we will look into!

  • Hey I know this question is so far off but I was wondering will there ever be a konami port to any of the yu gi oh titles that release for the psp? or any gundam battle assaults from the ps one era? thanks in advanced

    • That is a fair question for sure – perhaps the good folk at Konami would have some information about that!

  • I don’t speak a word of Japanese but I will be buying 4 of these titles. I love Japanese culture since I heard a song from XJapan for the first time 17 years ago and I love Japanese games. Yes, I would love to have an English version of these titles but if gamers want to see that becoming a reality they should support companies like GunHo when they bring Japanese games to the USA. Thanks for all your hard work Antonio and GunHo!! 5 stars out of 5! ^_^

    • Yay, and thanks for all the support.

      It’s always interesting to hear how people get into their hobbies. I think Vampire Hunter D started it for me…

  • Im sorry for got to add for the ps vi

    • Ah I see. I know many PS1 and PSP games will run on the Vita, but sometimes it takes an update or sideloading from a PS3.

      The classics we released this time around all play on the Vita directly!

  • i would just like to know if Brave Fencer Musashi will be coming out for download?

  • Antonio Cara Let Me Tell You One Thing You Are The Best

    You Answered Everything In My Life Didn’t See Something Happen Like This

    Now My Question Is Can I Buy Spyro From My Pc and Download it on My Vita

    And Thank You For Answering :D

    • I have not heard any confirmation regarding this title, but I know Sony is improving the Vita’s compatibility on a regular basis.

      I also like the way you type.

      It’s Very Classy And Actually A Bit Hard To Do!

  • I’m trying to find other Japanese PSOne Classics brought by GunHo but I can’t find a list anywhere (even if your official website)…

  • Wow! I think it’s awesome how you’ve been responding to all these posts! Do you think you guys can be the first to release a PS2 Classic import? I don’t really know much of the catalogue you have but I know there are a bunch of PS2 games that never made it here that I would like to play and unfortunately the region-locking also means they would need an imported console as well.

    That reminds me, I’ve got Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua on my desk waiting for me to learn enough Japanese to actually play it… And thanks for the tip on Sentimental Graffiti being good for beginners in the language, any word on if it has voice (since that really helps me identify words)?

    Btw any plans for a new Lunar game? I would really love to see what it would be like on a modern engine :)

    • It was actually another user, againes, who brought up playing Sentimental Graffiti for educational purposes :)

      As for the first PS2 Classic Import – it’s always a possibility, but someone may beat us to it!

      We haven’t heard any plans for a new Lunar game, but we would definitely share something that awesome ASAP ^_^

  • Thanks a lot Antonio. I usually don’t comment on the blog but just wanted to show my support here as some of these titles will be played and enjoyed by at least this customer. Picking up sengura and favorite dear, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! I’ll do my best ^_^

      Hope you enjoy the games, and see you next time we’ve got some classics to offer!

  • I gotta say I love you guys (and by you guys I mean GungHo). You have some great releases. I love having random Japanese import games on my Vita, but text heavy ones like these are a little be difficult to enjoy.

    While I know it’s a long shot, it would be nice to see some of these dating sims translated… you really don’t see many of those in the US, which is painfully disappointing. I’ll pick up some text lighter ones though. Thanks!

    • Ahh shucks – well we here at GungHo love you too (and by you, I mean the fans who appreciate these games, but also specifically you I suppose)!

  • @ VinsanityV21 –

    “it’s always something dumb, like a card or mahjong game…”

    Actually, “Mahjong Uranai Fortuna” is the first real riichi (Japanese mahjong) title to ever be released in the US. There are a few localized games with mahjong mini-games in them (Yakuza, for example) but, this would be the first stand alone title, ever.

    As for dumb, that’s a personal opinion. Can’t really comment to that. The heart likes, what the heart likes.

    • Different people like different things, and we are delighted to meet the needs of Mahjong enthusiasts!!!

  • As someone who has played a fan translation of Sentimental Graffiti and countless other games translated by 1 or 2 people for no profit, I’m not amused that the pros just leave them untranslated.
    It’s one thing for the japanese not to risk exporting their games, but bringing them to the Americas without translating is pure sadism, you just allow us easy access to games we still can’t play.
    BTW, I’d buy a Japanese course educational game with Toro. If you want us to buy games, teach us how to play them.

    • I definitely respect your opinion.

      We brought these games over for any who were interested, and we hope fans enjoy the slowly growing imports selection!

  • When will naruto ultimate ninja impact for the psp be released on psn for ps vita users?

    • I’m afraid I have no authority to answer that one. Right now, we don’t have any plans for titles tied to IPs like that.

  • I really like these new games added to the PSN! (honestly thought when I saw these on the PSV that they were in the NA shop on accident haha)

    I can’t read the language but I buy games from Japan when I visit(since they sometimes have games there that I would rather play). Normally I buy games where I do not have to really worry about the text so much and eventually I remember which menu options I need to go to. I’m still thinking about which games I want to get and have been looking at a few of these titles after reading the descriptions.

    Does this by any chance mean that we may start seeing games like the Hatsune Miku Diva Project series hitting the PSN imports as well? I have UMDs(which I totally want to be able to play on the PSV) and the Limited PSV but have not been able to try any of the DLCs for any of the games and am thinking that that perhaps if import games start hitting NA PSN shelves then perhaps the DLCs for those would also be compatible and we could also be earning trophies for digital versions of Japanese games on the PSV.

    Oh that also makes me wonder if we will eventually get certain avatars available here as well like the Evangelion ones :)

    • I know I’d like to see those games as well :)

      As I mentioned, we are focusing on GungHo Japan’s titles right now. You may want to ask the original publishers of those titles to see if they have any designs on them ^_^

  • Thanks for bringing Sentimental Graffiti to the Vita.

    I have my Saturn copy but I’ll buy this too just so I have a portable version :)

    • I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that O_o

      Portability for the win!!!!!

      Wow my slang is so outdated already…

  • bring Rockman 5 and 6, please.

    • I believe those questions would be well directed at the publisher that made the other Rockman titles available ^_^

  • Any chance of bringing more Megaman games? 5 and 6 are looking mighty import-friendly.

    • We don’t have plans for that series, but perhaps the original publisher would be more apt to answer such questions.

  • Looks interesting. I will pick up one or three of these. I don’t suppose you have any PSP titles that never made it over in your archives, do you? As much as I’d like to see what may be classic gems from the playstation, it would be nice to see newer games as well, especially if the prices are right.

    • That’s definitely something to consider – a PSP import eh?

      Thanks for the suggestion, and we will keep everyone posted as we release more titles ^_^

  • I definitely understand where you’re coming from.

    It’s also a tricky thing – do you spend all the time/money/etc to translate decades old classics, or do you go for newer games that will likely do better and still cost the same amount to localize?

    For these particular titles, they had the chance to come to America with just a bit of paperwork, so we were happy to give fans the opportunity to get these games.

  • The fact is that it is more than just a few emails and paperwork. The truth is that these games are taking up space on a server somewhere and with the cost to maintain and rent space in such a facility is very prohibitive. I would know because I build and maintain them and have known how much owners charge for rent. These games cost you money every second they are on the network just because they are using space on your server. Space better used on games that the majority of your customers can enjoy. And if you are one of the small customer base that enjoys imports, I am sorry I feel that your eccentricities should cost you money, because honestly most things that are unusual and dont meet a particular markets demand cost more. Basically if no one else wants it then it cost a lot of money to make it just for you. This is the United States where most people speak english. PSN should carry games in english. And if you are going to have a game in another language perhaps you should consider spanish as there are more people in this country who speak that language than japenese. Honestly get translated versions or dont have imports at all.

    • That is definitely an opinion you are entitled to.

      We hope import fans continue to enjoy our games, and hopefully in the future we will release something more akin to your tastes.

  • Hi Again Antonio:

    Thanks for your attentive responses to everybody’s comments and questions; just following up my own message and alluding to a post a few spots above this one that mentioned Japanese PSP imports and I wanted to mention a few requests, more shumps of course:

    Darius Burst
    Star Soldier PSP
    Salamander Deluxe Pack PSP

    I understand that they might have a higher price point than the usual PSone classics but that’s fine by me as long as they are still in the budget range. I’ve brought up these games on the previous comments section (First batch) however I am aware that only so much information can be retained so a little repetition couldn’t hurt. Also I found a way around the PS3 only problem for Zanac X Zanac and got it placed on my PSN account to upload to my PSP from my personal computer via media go. Only needed to create and sign-in to my account as a guest on a relatives PSP and purchase it that way and boom it appeared on my PSN Media Go account as devised.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, and I’m really glad that workaround got you access to Zanac X Zanac!

      Stay tuned for more imports ;)

  • i am actually kind of excited to see a game like sentimental graffiti on the psn. Almost bought it until realize that it’s not translated. so it would have been a waste. this whole thing feels like an oxymoron. we will beable to play the games but at the same time cant because we cant read the text. so we wont even beable to play the game. im hoping to see a visual novel that get translated next time.

    • I completely understand your point of view. I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more English language visual novels myself!

  • Any chances to include as PSImports , PSP, PSVita or PS3 games that wont have an English translation ?
    like Project Diva, Super Robot Wars, Taiko no Tatsujin, RenAi sousenkyo, and others ?

    • There is always hope – but we don’t have any plans to license those particular titles. You may want to contact their original publishers.

  • Wow, you’ve replied to every single comment posted on here, that’s awesome! I wish posts made on here had like a 70% reply record so I could know my posts get read, keep up the good work, it’s appreciated!

    As for the games, I’ve never played any of them, but the first game – Sentimental Graffiti – sounds interesting enough to buy. Thanks for the update.

    • I genuinely enjoy the chance to interact with everyone on the PS blog – good, bad, or neutral, it’s always great to hear feedback.

      We hope you enjoy the games and have a delightful weekend!!!

  • While I don’t play RPGs I do appreciate GungHo releasing these RPGs to US PSN. Your company already get major karma for releasing Zanac X Zanac statewide.

    Sadly I don’t see anything in the GungHo Japan backlog that interest me. I really did enjoy Finger/Flashing so I might been overlooking the GungHo Japan backlog a bit.

    I would love your company to release more shmups and action games in the US. Only problem is most of the best shmups they are owned by the big companies (Konami, Namco, Square-Enix) so pretty much there’s no way you guys would able to get the license for them in the first place.

    I did notice that Raiden Project (has Raiden I + II) and Raiden DX aren’t on PSN in JP and the US. If you company is looking for another shmup license for both countries in the future these two choices are safe bets.

    • Thanks for the recommendation!

      That’s a keen observation about the games owned by other companies. The most frequent requests we get have their licenses tied up in other companies, so the best I can offer is that players reach out to the original publishers to inquire about import releases.

  • I love the whole idea that you’re bringing these titles over, but the whole reason why I love to play RPGs is for the story. I can’t follow the story if I don’t know what anyone is saying. :(

    …Hopefully you guys sub some of the future releases. Sentimental Graffiti sounds awesome!

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I wouldn’t mind releasing more English language games myself, but for now we are focusing on GungHo Japan’s PSone imports.

      Also – neat Avatar ^_^

  • Sentimental Graffiti was one of my all time favourites! I’m really glad to see it available :) Thank you!

  • You know, I’m really glad that you guys are doing your best to bring over these imports. Its a little upsetting that so few lower profile games see a release overseas. It would be awesome to see newer games come out on the psn as imports like the project diva f game on the vita or the sword art online game on the psp.

    Still, keep up the good work, i’m rooting for you!

  • Right on! Wipe out regional lockouts! I can’t guarantee I’ll spend much here (though I’ve always wanted to try SentiGraf, that was mostly a decade ago…) I love to see this kind of choice being offered. I’m one of those guys who took Japanese lessons and have imported games, both when it was possible and *cough* before as well.

    I’d also look forward to more riichi mahjong titles, as I’m already a fan of series like アイドル雀士スーチーパイ、ちゅ~かな雀士てんほー牌娘、and lately the great PSP game, ひぐらしの哭く頃に: 雀 (against AI, it’s always a bit more fun with cheating special abilities, right?)

    • Love the enthusiastic response ^_^

      We will continue to release great import titles and we appreciate your feedback.

  • I just saw the game Sentimental Graffiti on PlayStation Store, and was actually tempted to buy it but I’d never heard of it being translated into English. There was no mention of it being a foreign language game, so it was implied that it was in English (because nearly every game available are in English). Checked the screenshots, which showed it was in Japanese, but I was still skeptical because it’s always possible that they could’ve been stock image from the original version that was re-used for English release.

    Thankfully, this blog confirmed my suspicions of the game being Japanese. So I think it’d be good idea to have a disclaimer stating that it’s a Japanese-only language game. Especially since import games are now merged into PS1 Classics.

    • Thanks for the feedback, and I definitely understand your concern. I’m glad you were able to confirm it here.

      I sort of miss the old dedicated imports section. We definitely don’t use stock images for our releases, so if a screen shot is in Japanese, it’s safe to assume the game is too.

  • It will be years yet before I have time to learn Japanese. All the same, thank you immensely for doing this, as these games (Favorite Dear especially) are powerful motivation to make fast progress when that happy day finally arrives and I can turn my mind to the internalization of this vibrant living language.

    Best Regards,
    A Friend & Ally

    • Thanks for the kind words my new ally and friend!

      The RPGs will be difficult, for sure, but my advice when you start learning the language is to look for books/games/manga designed for children. Once you have mastered Hiragana and Katakana, you will certainly appreciate the Furigana (small Hiragana characters) that float atop the more difficult Kanji.

      Perhaps Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung would be a good start! – Less Kanji, more simple stuff!

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