GungHo Bringing Six More PSone Imports to North America

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GungHo Bringing Six More PSone Imports to North America

As promised, GungHo is bringing over a new batch of PSone Imports for your enjoyment today! Just like last time, I’d like to chat about these lovely games and what you can expect out of them.

Sentimental Graffiti

Sentimental Graffiti

Sentimental GraffitiSentimental Graffiti

This classic dating simulation was first released in the late nineties. It was popular enough to spawn various sequels, an anime series, and even a radio drama! The story revolves around a protagonist who was constantly moving about during his childhood, so he never had time to form deeper relationships with those around him. He receives a much unexpected letter from a mysterious paramour which simply states, “I want to see you.” He’s got it narrowed down to one of the 12 special women he met in his younger days, and it’s up to the player to decide how this tale ends…

Players control our hero by making use of his incredibly tight schedule. You’ve only got so much time to spend with these ladies, so you have to make it count! Carefully plan out each day by studying your calendar and preparing potentially romantic encounters with the 12 candidates. If you get it right, you might just figure out where that mysterious letter came from…

The game is very text heavy, but there’s a lot of great art and charming event scenes to enjoy. If you are a fan of visual novels, this is one you won’t want to pass up.

First Queen IV

First Queen IV

First Queen IVFirst Queen IV

First Queen is a classic RTS/RPG franchise that first introduced the “Gocha-kyara” (tons of characters) battle system. Players control several units by issuing turn based orders then watching the attacks unfold in real time. While the game starts with just a handful of units, your army will grow as your foes bend the knee or you seek out additional recruits via side missions. The ultimate goal is of course to unite (conquer) the entire area and ultimately bring peace to the land. Remember, when you play the game First Queen IV, you win or you die.

While the story contains a lot of Japanese text, the battle controls are pretty straightforward, and you should have little trouble conquering the world with your merry band!

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-banTrump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban

This classic card game pits players against a cast of cute, colorful animals in a bevy of classic card games including: Shichi-narabe (a variation of Sevens), Daifugou (Grand Millionaire), Page One, Dobon, Seven Bridge, Speed, Baba-nuki (Old Maid), Poker, Blackjack, and Shinkei-suijyaku (Concentration).

The game is light on text, and the only time you really need to be able to read Japanese is when you want to tweak the rules of the individual games. With a few quick Google searches, a player can easily find the rules to these classic card games as well as how they would be written in Japanese. Once in game, everything is fairly simple to understand.

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRungOz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung

This whimsical take on The Wizard of Oz features some incredibly nostalgic-looking, fully voiced CG cutscenes, lovely music, and about the cutest portrayal of the Tin Man I have ever seen! The classic tale of the little girl from Kansas who rode a tornado to infamy has been adapted to an almost absurd degree – with various musicals, movies, and video games. This particular adaptation is oozing with a quirky charm that’s sure to warm your heart.

Players take on the role of Dorothy as she (and her little dog too!) travels about the Land of Oz performing various tasks and collecting magical items. Her goal is to help out her new friends, and of course get back home (after all, there’s no place like home).

This game is fairly text-heavy, but its cuteness is universal!

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~

Affect’s Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~ provides a rather delightful twist to the time-honored classic Chinese game, Mahjong. Players choose 3 of the 6 fortune-telling beauties to compete against in this ancient poker-like, tile-based game of luck and strategy. As you defeat opponents, you can unlock special event photos that can later be viewed at the image gallery.

Luckily for you, these ladies don’t just play a mean game of Mahjong. Whenever you wish, you can enter “Fortune-telling Mode” and have a nice little horoscope prepared. Be warned, once you see your future, it can’t be unseen!

The fortune-telling will of course require significant Japanese knowledge to understand, but the classic game of Mahjong can easily be learned over the internet. Finally, the image gallery needs no translation.

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~

Japanese RPGs are common enough, and the dating simulation/virtual novel genre is no stranger to the west. It is, however, quite rare to see the two genres so delightfully melded into a beautiful, character-driven gaming experience. For the first time (officially), the Favorite Dear series hits the US with its third installment – don’t worry, the stories aren’t exactly sequential, so you won’t have missed anything important.

Players must control their team of warriors in battle against various monsters as they bring peace to the land, but off the battlefield, the main objective is to promote and maintain harmony in the group by visiting with allies. Once you select your date and location, you are treated to an event scene where you need to make the right choices to keep everyone happy. People who like you tend to fight harder, right?! Before you head back to the battlefield, make sure you outfit your soldiers with the best equipment possible so you can smash your foes to bits!

Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~ has a combination of anime event graphics and isometric, sprite-based battle sequences. Like any RPG, it’s very text heavy, so make sure to bring your Berlitz Japanese/English dictionary with you when you want to take Tia out for a walk about town!

These PSone Classics are just $5.99 apiece, so head on down to your local PlayStation Store and pick them up later today! We here at GungHo Online Entertainment America hope you enjoy the chance to finally get your hands on these classic imports, because we may have a few more up our sleeves – WINK!

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99 Author Replies

  • Any news on when we can expect Picotto Knights to be released?

    Also, aren’t you guys a bit concerned about releasing text-heavy Japanese-only PS1 Imports?

    • We don’t have any updates regarding Picotto Knights just yet.

      I understand your concern regarding text-heavy Japanese games, but we figured we would give players a chance at these classics that would have otherwise never seen American shores.

  • I don’t care about these. I just want to play some actual classics like Crash Bandicoot And Spyro.

    • I believe those classics are already available. Right now, we are only focusing on titles in GungHo Japan’s backlog.

  • On my Vita

    • Classics being playable on the Vita is a huge concern of mine as well – they look pretty amazing on that OLED screen!

  • I was really excited to see so many PS1 Imports coming out this week, but after looking these over, I don’t think I’ll be buying any of them.

    I want to support you guys and I’d be happy to buy more imports, but all of these games appear to be RPGs or other text-heavy games that I wouldn’t be able to understand.

    I appreciate your efforts, but please choose import games that require little (preferably no) comprehension of the Japanese language.

    • Indeed that is always the risk when releasing Japanese imports.

      GungHo Japan had all of these titles available in their backlog, so making them available in the states was really just a matter of paperwork. We figured we’d give them a shot for all the fans out there who may have been interested.

  • It’s cool that you guys are making these titles available, but are the majority of these even playable without knowledge of Japanese? Your post doesn’t mention if any translations have been done or what

    • These games are available in their original Japanese versions with no translation. We understand this makes RPGs and visual novels difficult to navigate, but we still felt it was worth it to make these titles available for any fans interested in obtaining them.

  • @5: The screenshots and descriptions show and mention a lot of Japanese text, so I’m guessing no translating has happened.

    • These games are all Japanese. There used to be a dedicated imports section in the PSN, but they have now all been folded into the Classics category.

  • I think I’ll pick up a majority of these. Don’t have enough money right now for all the ones I want, but I’ll pick up at least 2 this week.

    It’s times like these that learning enough Japanese to play games pays off.

    • It’s always nice to have the chance to put your schooling to good use!

      Remember, for every $50 you spend this month on the PSN you get $10 back… just sayin’ ;)

    No mention of translations as necessary the title says it all in one simple word “imports”.

    By definition these are not localized, they are brought in raw as they are with no modification. The whole point of this was to provide otherwise in accessible and rare titles to individuals willing to take the time to learn Japanese to play them. For instance I picked a bit in the 90’s to play games like Tobal 2 which was never released here in the US. Oddly enough I learned more japanese trying to play one of these games over the course of a month than I did in single semester class. I just don’t learn the same way as most people. So these games are good on a variety of levels and I would really like to see Sony make these games available since many are likely already on the Japanese PSN.

    • That’s exactly right, and we are glad you appreciate the chance to get these games ^_^

      As mentioned previously, there was no reason NOT to make these games available. I hope your studies go well and that your Japanese doesn’t slowly leak out of your brains like mine is >_<

      Now I'd better get back to playing more PSone classics – I mean studying…

  • @5 Did you not make it to the last paragraph of every game’s description? It’s pretty clear if you read it.

    • Statistics have proven that first sentences are infinitely more fun the the last.

      I really like to answer every comment, so that sometimes results in me having nothing constructive to add to a statement.

  • As a student of Japanese, I’m quite happy to see some more text heavy titles available that I don’t have to throw tons of money at to import. I certainly hope this isn’t consistently what we get from the Playstation imports section, but as long as it’s a sporadic thing, I’m excited.

    • Glad to hear it!

      I can’t speak for other import publishers, but right now we are working on the classic titles in GungHo Japan’s backlog. Without providing any juicy details, I can hint we’ve got a couple more text-heavy ones on the way and some more text-light ones.

  • Plus, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Sentimental Graffiti for a while now.

    • The series certainly had a big following in Japan. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had spread over here as well!

  • Not to be a killjoy but…why is this positive? Those games look awesome, I’d love to play them but given they are in Japanese they are accessible to virtually less than 10% of Sony’s userbase~.

    • We definitely understand that text-heavy imports might not be for everyone, but this was a case where we had the perfect opportunity to release these games and figured there was no reason not to please any import-loving fans who may wish to try them.

  • If one of the “few tricks up your sleeves” means “text translated to english”, consider me sold on most, if not all of these games.

  • I don’t know maybe Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung.

    • It really is an adorable game.

      Toto looks like some kind of mop head, and the Tin Man is shorter than his own axe – what’s not to love?

  • Are any of these playable on the Vita? That will determine if I get all of them or just Sentimental Graffiti.

  • Please bring Firepro Wrestling and Rock & Roll Racing 2 to NA!!

    • Those are definitely great classics. We are always open to suggestions, but as previously mentioned we are focusing on GungHo Japan’s titles right now. For us, GungHo games are a matter of simple paperwork, but games from other publishers can get pretty tricky with licensing issues.

  • I’m with Superstone bring Fire Pro Wrestling G over. It’s PS3/Vita wrestling fans that would LOVE that.

  • I…I’m sorry, but just…Why the hell are we getting THESE? I mean, I love games like these, but I can’t understand them if it saved my life.

    • As mentioned, these were GungHo Japan classics that we had the chance to bring over the America with little to no trouble. We understand they may appear an oddly eclectic lot of games, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to make these games available for everyone who may be interested!

  • Imports…..? I guess Crash Bandicoot is not an important game to Playstation Vita owners. Please someone do something about this. If someone is not willing to give up the rights to the game, they better be making a Crash Bandicoot for PS4.

    I just don’t get it. Didn’t Europe get it on Vita. I guess they are getting the imports and we can’t even get our own games. What!

    • While we are not the publishers for this particular series, I currently see 4 Crash Bandicoot games available on the PSN. Sometimes there is a delay in Vita compatibility that is fixed by firmware updates. Also, for some games, users are able to download the game on the PS3 and sideload it to the Vita.

  • >Sentimental Graffiti on PS VITA

    IM SOLD, take all my money



    i want to spend $50 monthly on items D:

    • I will gladly take your moneys ~ nyahahahaaa…..

      As for Picotto Knights – no word yet, but we will keep everyone updated!

  • Picotto Knights release date?

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any updates for that one – I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted though!

  • I can’t read ANY Japanese but I might pick up that Wizard of Oz game. I’m pretty sure I can figure out what to do… Eventually,

    • There are some pretty helpful guide videos for that one on Nico Nico (even if you can’t understand what they are saying). Just search this: オズの魔法使い ~Another World~ ルングルング

  • I won’t be able to understand any of these myself, but it’s greatly appreciated that you bring imports for people who are able to play these in the states.

  • I’m still waiting for Tobal 2, but Sentimental Graffiti does catch my eye…

    • It’s an eye-catching game for sure!

      Delightful art and soooo many events…

      PS: Love your PSN Avatar. DD2 was one of my all time favorite childhood games ;)

  • @Neku915

    They work on Vita through the JP PSN, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work, even if you have to cable transfer them.


    Keep up the good work! Only factor for me now is price, 600円 through the JP store, or whatever your charging =p

    • Our previous batch worked via transfer from PS3 to Vita, but we’ve been told this one will work directly on the Vita. I will confirm this as soon as I can.

      As for the price tag, it’s just $5.99 USD so at current exchange rates, it’s like 575 yen right? (what a bargain ^_^)

  • Just noticed $5.99

    Definitely grabbing RungRung, I need a break from Tales of Xillia. Maybe Sentimental Graffiti as well, I am curious which store she finds delicious in that screen shot…..

    • Methinks she is referring to “Ye Olde Delicious Shoppe.”

      We hope you enjoy Sentimental Graffiti, and if you find out who sent that letter – don’t spoil it for everyone else ;)

  • This is neat and all, but it seems kind of pointless to put text heavy Japanese games on the US PSN. Seems like there would be very few people who can read Japanese, in the US.

    • Definitely understand where you’re coming from, but as I said earlier, these games were conveniently in our backlog, so we decided to give our fans in the US a chance to get their hands on them!

  • I really hate to derail with another game request but I am curious if GungHo is able to bring Tomba 2 to US PSN or if thats MonkeyPaw’s thing.

    Other than that, it’s great to see these chunks of Imports being released at once. Although for people with zero knowledge of the language how much of these are easy enough to at least play through by just mashing X through the story parts? I would like to try out Favorite Dear, First Queen, and RungRung here but I dont want to suddenly find out I cant progress because i don’t know what Im doing or something like that.

    • We are always taking recommendations, and we will definitely look into this title.

      As for those games you mentioned, I’d recommend checking out the play through videos available on Nico Nico Douga. You may not be able to understand those either, but they will definitely help guide you through the games.

      Here are the Japanese names to make your searching go more smoothly:

      Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~ -> フェイバリットディア 円環の物語
      First Queen IV -> ファーストクイーンⅣ
      Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung -> オズの魔法使い ~Another World~ ルングルング

  • This makes me happy, abd judging by the comments I’m one of the only ones who is. I’ll be getting at least three of those later today. Especially Sentimental Graffiti =D

    • Hooray!

      We hope you enjoy them and that you are looking forward to the others that are still on their way ;)

  • Any idea if these might come to Europe?

  • Out of these, which one of these have the least Japanese?

    • Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban and Mahjong Uranai Fortuna ~Tsuki no Megami Tachi~ (not counting the fortune telling) are pretty light on the text, and the basic rules to those games can be found online.

      First Queen IV may have a lot of text for the story portions, but the battles should go smoothly enough. I’d recommend checking out some gameplay videos to see what you think.

  • Urgh i just want the Tenchu games on the store… Acquire, K2 LLC and From Software, you listening??

  • Any and all shmups and action games and platformers would be welcome in the U.S.

    Adventures of Little Ralph, please :-)

    • You’re actually the second one to point out that specific (and awesome) game ;)

      We are always taking recommendations and greatly appreciate everyone’s ideas.

  • And what about some snk games? kof 97 or 98? Real Bout 1 and Special, also playable on vita? Oh and don’t forget that Kof 96 neogeo station version and kof collection can’t be played on vita?

    • I can’t speak for other publishers, but I know there’s always a possibility more classic games will become playable on the Vita over time.

  • Que bueno que se sigan trayendo juegos importados, son algunos muy dificiles de conseguir; es un plus el poderlos conseguir online y tan facilmente.

    A mi me interesarian particularmente los de SquareSoft

    Tobal 1
    Tobal 2 (the greatest fighting game of all time)

    Bushido Blade I
    Bushido Blade II

    Eso seria una maravilla, soñat no cuesta nada LOL

    • We always love hearing suggestions, but it can be tricky getting titles from other publishers. You may want to suggest these directly to Square Enix.

      Right now we are focusing on GungHo titles, but we are always interested in finding others.

  • Nice. It will be great to finally have a proper mahjong game on my Vita. Thanks!

    • I predict you will be playing portable Mahjong soon…

      (see what I did there -> going with the fortune teller theme ^_^)

  • I feel like there are a lot of negative comments here. I think the people who have posted them do not realize that these are the games that people who play Japanese imports actually want to play. Out of all the people who do not like this, I am going to assume that none of them have ever actually imported Japanese games, pursued importing them, or realized how difficult it is to acquire titles like these in the US. Getting PSN to offer many of the gems on JPN is a step in the right direction. Anyway, the more JRPGs the better. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your kind words – they are much appreciated, and we hope you enjoy these games.

      We’ve got more on the way, so we won’t let you down ^_^

  • Wow, what a waste of space of the playstation store. I hope no one buys this. Seriously is this a joke? Lets release a game that no one can read. haha

    • Our goal was to make these games available for all who were interested. Judging by the comments here, I can see there are definitely a few!

      I think there’s plenty of room on the PSN for a few more imports, but I respect your difference of opinion.

  • Since I beat LUP★SALAD and am somewhat far along in FINGER★FLASHING (but boy does that game get hard when you have a one-track mind and can’t always think ahead) I could soon be up for more import hijinks. Sentimental Graffiti, First Queen IV, Favorite Dear seem like highly likely buys. Curious as to what kind of genre Oz is? You don’t really say much about its gameplay.

    As an aside, anyone thinking they can’t play the games or have fun without knowing japanese… come on! Videogames are still *games* no matter the language they’re presented in. With a little initial trial & error you should be able to figure out what does what and simply enjoy them for their /gameplay/ :D

    • Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung is an interesting little title for sure. I’d call it an adventure game (though the tag RPG might be applied if you allow liberal use of the word).

      The best way to understand it is to see it live in action.

      Try searching the following on Nico Nico:

      オズの魔法使い ~Another World~ ルングルング

  • Well, the art style on these looks really interesting, and their gameplay styles do look like they’d appeal to me… but without being able to understand the stories, I think I’ll have to pass. Great move releasing these in general, but even a basic translation would almost certainly drive sales up on these.

    • Very understandable!

      A basic translation was not in the cards for these particular titles, but I plan on putting together some simple walkthrough videos in the future to help players at least navigate menus. Stay tuned ^_^

  • Any plans to release Suikoden 2 as a PS1 classic?

    • We don’t have plans for that particular titles, but we are always taking suggestions. One piece of advice I’d give is to check who originally had the rights and hit’up that company with your request.

  • In a perfect world, we could use fan translations in these official import releases. At the least. Not sure if these particular games have them, but a lot of more recent trapped in Japan games get them. *sigh*

    Out of these, two of them interest me, but I don’t know if it’s enough to stumble through the Japanese.

    I appreciate the releases though.

    • Thanks! If you ever change your mind, you can find some walkthrough vids on either YouTube of Nico Nico Douga. Those videos may help you decide if these are the imports you are looking for.

  • Everyone keeps saying “Why bring these out here, when only a few people will play them?!?”, and to that I say “Isn’t it cool when a company does something for a small niche of fans?!” And we’re probably talking extremley small, like “Fits into a single room” size ;)

    There’s something very cool about being able to get something so foreign for a negligable price like this. As a person who thought about fighting through Saturn’s Sakura Wars back in the day, at a time where Omega Boost and Tobal 2 were “fresh” imports I’d purchased not too long before, you’ve got some respect from me, for this.

    I’ve actually heard of Sentimental Grafitti over the years, and if I were to see it for 6 dollars in a store in the PS1 days, I probably would have purchased it just because “who gets an import for 6 bucks?!?” 90’s Visual Novel art is also so very charming.

    It’s good to see some unique titles like this, in between the “Text, WHAT TEXT?!?” easy-to-understand shooter and fighting style games… though I hope to see some games of those types soon, too!

    • You said it right- “Why bring these out here, when only a few people will play them?!?”

      It’s BECAUSE those people will play them ^_^

      We hope everyone enjoys at least having the opportunity to enjoy these classics and more!

      Thank you for your kind words.

  • I don’t think half of these people understand to reason to bringing these to the u.s. these games are for people who has strong interest in learning the language and playing jap games. If you don’t have interest why waste time posting comments in the first place. That’s not cool for game makers to hear.

    For me I am really excited that they are bringing this rare games here as I am learning Japanese myself. I heard that japanese dating games like Sentimental Graffiti game has been a big success for learners. For those that are learning Japanese, even Danny Choo mentioned that he would of picked up Japanese quicker with dating games.

    Antonio I really appreciated your post. I just added money to my cart and cannot wait to play these games later. This really made my day.

    • I’m all about making people’s day!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks for the encouragement, and we hope you enjoy the classics.

      Good luck with your studies, and if you don’t mind me being a huge nerd, I’d like to say: 頑張ってください!!!

  • Oh, an idea for the future, GungHo guys and gals;

    It’d be nice if you could release some gameplay videos to Youtube for games like this, pre-and-post release. I’ve barely managed to find anything on these games besides OP’s and Amazon listing, and that makes it pretty hard to get excited for them, y’know?

    Getting to hear the music, see the games in motion, and just an overview to what one is getting into, would be quite helpful.

    • I’m actually working on putting those together, but for now I suggest you check out the great videos available on Nico Nico Douga.

  • I’ll take ‘oddly eclectic’ import releases over absolutely nothing every single time.
    I like your style, GungHo.

  • I don’t know why people who aren’t interested in these titles would be so upset. Its not like their availability is going to impact availability of any other title. Japanese imports are easy to obtain, thanks to the internet, but prohibitively expensive – partially due to shipping charges. There are so many interesting titles that are never localized. I’m seriously considering studying Japanese in order to be able play some of them. However, given my interest is primarily in visual novels and story heavy rps in which the words are the entire point, it will take a long time to gain sufficient proficiency.

    I would love to see some non-text dependent imports like DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense – Clazziquai Edition.

    • If you do decide to pursue such studies, I wish you much luck. It can be difficult, but also a lot of fun if you’ve got friends learning too.

      Thanks for the suggestion, and we will continue to release more imports of varying text-dependencies ^_^

  • I’d really love it if the Ape Escape series (all the ps1 and ps2 games for the series), LSD Dream Emulator and Moon: Remix RPG Adventure could be released on ps1 classics section of psn. Ape Escape would be easy to rerelease, since (unless I’m mistaken) Sony still owns the rights to the series. Plus its been translated into English. LSD Dream Emulator wouldn’t be as awesome/weird in English as it is in Japanese, so it is a perfect Japanese game to import. As for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, it is one of (if not the) best rpg that wasn’t released outside of Japan. I would love to play it in english, but since I’ll be learning Japanese soon I’ll be happy with a ps1 import rerelease as well.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions.

      I really do look into EVERYTHING our community recommends, but please keep in mind we may not always be able to publish them ^_^

  • I appreciate you bringing these and any others to us.
    Sadly I think I’ll skip out though.
    I wanted the Oz game, but if it’s very text heavy I’d never get through it.
    If there’s ever a fan translation I can read as I play, I may rethink that though.

  • So gamers are mad & rude that these releases do not cater to them? :/

    Cheers for the news, Antonio! I hope more unique titles make their way to the states!

    • I can assure you, more unique titles WILL make their way to the states :)

      And cheers to you as well!

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