February 2013 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Treks Back to Number 1

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February 2013 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Treks Back to Number 1

We’re back with February 2013’s North American Top Sellers (see the EU charts here). Journey had a reprise last month after some spectacular games usurping the #1 spot in January. Smack in the middle of basketball season, NBA 2K13 slides in at #2, and anime fans have stepped forward in support of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus card trading game.

Other interesting items hitting the lists include the original Mass Effect, as well as Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time sneaking into a couple lists in his newest adventure. Battle fans keep on rocking with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, enjoying the new levels and characters that are released. Among the classics, Final Fantasy swept, owning the PS1 Classics and PSP categories. Finally, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC all landed neatly in the top lists for last month, satiating fans eagerly awaiting their arrival.

PSN Top Sellers

I’ll leave you with that, and get back to my Dawnguard DLC. Remember, if you’re not on your PS3 or PS Vita, don’t forget to check out these games and more via the new web portal to the PlayStation Store — purchase, watch videos and learn more, from the convenience of your favorite web browser.

How will March do? I’ll see you next month with all the details.

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  • Will Dead Space 3 see a price drop digitally like we’ve seen from other retailers. I’d love to buy it on psn but its still $60 meanwhile I can buy it just about anywhere else for $40.

    In fact why are psn prices so slow to fall even when retailers drop theirs

  • @51 Probably not for a long time.

    We had users complain about high prices on Xbox Live.

  • lisatsunami , i lost loved ones and im 25 with manyyyy life experiences. nopeee still dont feel any Emotional connection to this game. i guess il never.. get it.

  • How does the Walking Dead download works. Purchased the season pass, but I’m only getting a theme? Do I get the game within the theme. I had the first 2 episodes from PS+ a few months ago…

    • You boot up the game (episode 1), and from within the menus, if you own the Season Pass, you can download the rest of the episodes. It stays contained within the single package, and extends the game similar to DLC. Note: Not all Telltale Games are like that, but Walking Dead is.

  • @54: Start The Walking Dead game as you did to play the first two episodes. In the in-game menus look for “Download Content” or something to that effect. When you click on it, you will be taken to a page in the store where you can select which episodes you haven’t downloaded yet to download.

    It’s somewhat different and confusing from how these multi-episode games are usually set up.

  • Thanks Cade & Satnamji, will do that. Hope I get a chance tonight…

  • Journey has been propped up by discounts, if you left it alone it wouldnt be on this list, same with alot of content actually

    And thanks for reminding me about dawngaurd, I had it in my cart the day before the update and got distracted never actually checking out… so I missed out on the deal :…(

  • Yugioh on the top proves that playstation owners have wanted one. Now if we could get one for the Vita.

  • Lots of great games on there but the best by far is the Skyrim DLC. I sooo cannot wait to play the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game on the PS4, Skyrim on the PS3 is awesome but just imagine how more the PS4 will do *drools* …the launch can’t come soon enough for me, my PS4 funds are getting bigger :)

  • I’m sorry I played Journey and found it extremely boring. I love games that think out side the box and have different gameplay and all. But Journey was for me a waste of time and money. Does it deserve all the awards? Yes, yes it does. I happy to see a game with no guns, no violence and no voice chat made a huge impact in the gaming industry. Happy to see Sly is getting some love on PS3 and Vita. And FF will always rule the PS1 classics.

  • @60 Boring? Its one of those game where random players join to help you. Collecting all the glyphs and finding all symbols helps.

  • With Final Fantasy numbers like this i still wonder why Square Enix is still reluctant to release FF7 Crisis core on PSN. And why the localisation of the amazing FFtype 0 is still a no go …

    What the hell are they thinking. Playstation players are in love with FF, so why still neglecting them this way.

  • dem final fantasy

  • Interesting how all the PSone Classics are FF games and all the PStwo classics are Rockstar games.

  • Crash & Spyro for Vita when?

  • I liked it better when they had PS3 & PSN categories listed separately!!

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