February 2013 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Treks Back to Number 1

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February 2013 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Treks Back to Number 1

We’re back with February 2013’s North American Top Sellers (see the EU charts here). Journey had a reprise last month after some spectacular games usurping the #1 spot in January. Smack in the middle of basketball season, NBA 2K13 slides in at #2, and anime fans have stepped forward in support of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus card trading game.

Other interesting items hitting the lists include the original Mass Effect, as well as Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time sneaking into a couple lists in his newest adventure. Battle fans keep on rocking with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, enjoying the new levels and characters that are released. Among the classics, Final Fantasy swept, owning the PS1 Classics and PSP categories. Finally, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC all landed neatly in the top lists for last month, satiating fans eagerly awaiting their arrival.

PSN Top Sellers

I’ll leave you with that, and get back to my Dawnguard DLC. Remember, if you’re not on your PS3 or PS Vita, don’t forget to check out these games and more via the new web portal to the PlayStation Store — purchase, watch videos and learn more, from the convenience of your favorite web browser.

How will March do? I’ll see you next month with all the details.

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  • Look at all those Final Fantasy games… I wonder how much money they pulled in during that sale…

    • I think it speaks highly of the love so many people have for that game franchise. Personally, I love a chance to go back and play older games that I love again.

  • At best buy there are 32gig playstation vits memory card for $74.99, dont miss out!

  • The EU blog puts the last month’s ranking in parenthesis, perhaps NA could do the same? I just find it interesting.

  • Rockstar owns PS2! Nice.

  • Look at Final Fantasy dominating the PS1 Classics list!

    As a Tecmo KOEI fan, I’m glad to see Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and One Piece Pirate Warriors on the top list~

  • Darn, i hope One Piece goes back on sale again. Missed out on the one that just happened..

  • I was expecing Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time PS Vita to be number 1, but you can get it free provided you buy PS3 version first. Good game otherwise.

    We do get The Cave added to Plus this month, so that might a good game to try out.

    Journey was going to return to the top spot anyway. What other game has random players joining you and not telling who they are until the credits?

    • PS Plus does have a significant impact on these lists, and it goes to show how much value people really get out of being a member.

  • So Square owns the PS1 charts and Rockstar owns the PS2. Fitting since they dominated in those respective generations.

  • should do another run through Journey … now that I have the headset – the better audio would really add to the experience … besides, I only have 28% of the trophies after 2 full playthroughs … great game. really appreciated Sly on the Vita & the flawless transfer via the cloud – great feature ! wonder what week 3 on the Anniversary sale will bring ….

  • Yea I was expecting Sly Cooper Thieves in Time vita to be number 1, game is amazing, console gaming on the go. love it, hopefully Sanzaru started working on a new psvita game already, hint “Heavenly Sword” or how about “MediEvil”. Anyways I totally recommend sly Cooper to all vita players.

  • Will GOW : A be released at Psn at day one?

  • Great to see Sly on both PS3 and Vita charts.

    • …said the man with a Bentley avatar! I think Sly deserves it. The game is not only gorgeous (level design is phenomenal in my mind), but genuinely fun with a great story.

  • Maybe think about adding PS Mobile titles to the monthly list.

  • @Nomad-PhX

    Good heads up. I’m personally waiting for the 50% off sale, even then it’s still far to high of a price. I can get a 30MB/sec 32 GB SD card for $20. They sell the Vita 4mb/sec 32GB card for $100. I see a massive problem.


    Ni No Kuni at #11. Incredible game.

    Do I not remember correctly or have they combined the PSN and the “Full games” into one category?

  • @#13 agreed.

  • Soo sickk of seing Journey number 1 on every list. such an Over Rated game its sad. … veryyyy nice to see ROCKSTAR games taking every spot on the ps2 Classics. greattt games

    • Justin Massongill

      I actually just had a discussion with a friend about this. He only just played through Journey, and he said he liked Flower better. I’ve talked to plenty of others who call Journey one of their favorite games though — I’m in that camp myself, and apparently lots of others are too, hence the numerous awards the game’s won. To each his own!

  • I like these lists.

    But can you please seperate PSN games from full PS3 games, not interested in looking over 20 items from both categories at once.

  • I bought Journey because of the Award sale but Ni no Kuni is still my favorite on that list.

  • Well, I’ll just take the time to remind you guys (for the second time) that the Vita Store’s top 10 list hasn’t been updated since October.

  • @Justin Buying Journey Collection was best. After I finished Journey & Flower, didn’t bother with Flow.

  • I helped Journey achieve that top spot, having just recently played it for the first time. I fully understand why this gave has received the praise, it’s special.


    I have been gaming for a lifetime, been killed plenty of times. This game was the first time feeling like I truly died.

  • Thanks for looking in to it, Sid & Justin.

  • Tenchu Stealth Assassins
    Tenchu 2 Birth of the Stealth Assassins
    Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
    Tenchu Fatal Shadows

    Put these on the store PLEASE!!!

  • Is there any way we could get a direct link to the web store via PlayStation.com?

  • Oh and Justin/Sid the PS2 classic NFS Most Wanted dissapeared from the store.

  • Can someone explain to me why Sly Cooper Thieves in Time doesn’t work on my PS3? I just got it from a friend and when I go to put it in it loads than gives me a message saying the following.

    Make sure the disc is clean or place a PS3 blu ray disc in the PS3 system.

    What kind of message is this its obvious a PS3 disc it doesn’t make any sense to me and its making me maddddd.

  • @24 store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com

    @25 Yes, someone else commented about that.

  • @26 Is the disc dirty? Where did your friend get the game?

  • @26 Sounds like a defective or damaged disc. Try it on another PS3 to see if you get the same error.

  • Yu-gi-oh?? o_O

  • Nice to see Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires up there despite it only having 2 days in February.

  • @saab, I got that or a similar message recently. Disc was dirty so I wiped it carefully with a microfiber cloth and the disc played fine every day after that.

  • Justin Massongill , Not Saying Journey Sucks. i liked the game but do i think its Extremely over rated ? yes i do. the Sand is Beautiful and the Music is nice. other then that the adventure was nothing Special to me. only the Snow part i liked but sadly it diddnt last long. not a bad game, just think its wayyy over rated. To each his own Indeed Bro.

  • @Cade, I just finished all the easy trophies on Hearthfire and next up will be Dawnguard but I need to raise my smithing and enchanting to 100 so I can craft dragon bone armor with double enchantments. I had done that on my Xbox version and it was sweet. My armor and my follower, Serana, ensured that I never got killed. I forgot how much weaker my PS3 elf is, since I had concentrated my perks into magic and archery.

    • I started with Dragonborn, then picked up Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC at the same time a week later. I’m mostly done with Dragonborn, while working on building my home and family for Hearthfire and became a vampire (again) last night due to the Dawnguard DLC. I’m such a powerful magic user (double enchanting FTW!), but really need to work on my basic crafting skills and combat skills a bit more. I’m level 60 Wood Elf now and broke 400 hours of playtime this week. I love me some Skyrim!

  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny (but, sadly, not surprising) to see Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Revolution at the top of the PS3 DLC list for the month of February when the DLC didn’t come out until the last day of the month?

    • Hey homeboy, that’s a good point, and it clearly illustrates how much people love their Call of Duty!

  • Nice to see PSASBR still doing well in both PS3/Vita categories & now DLC as well. Can’t wait for march 19.

    Congrats to Journey again, but i’m always gonna like Flower the best.

    I still remember Greg Miller saying PSN games should just be seen as full PS3 games. Agreed.

  • Lol you gotta love “Top 5 PS1 Classics” ONLY Final Fantasy games :D

  • Sony/SE u better give me that freaking FF7 remake for the ps4 with all the money u had made with all these ps1 classics sold! For the love of God FF7 has been top 1 since i can remember only getting number 2 ion certain moments like legend of dragoon…. (WHICH I WOULD LOVE A SEQUEL FOR PS4 THANK U VERY MUCH!)
    This gen of PS has been the worst gen for awesome JRPGs like in the ps1 era…. go back to ur roots and see success!

  • @23

    “Tenchu Stealth Assassins
    Tenchu 2 Birth of the Stealth Assassins
    Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
    Tenchu Fatal Shadows
    Put these on the store PLEASE!!!”

    I second that.

  • With all the Vita PSN sales happening for the anniversary, any chance of a top-20 for it when the March top sellers gets posted in a few weeks?

    Been buying a lot of titles for it lately. My poor 32gb stick barely able to hold it all.

  • IMO….
    Journey-one of the greatest games ever. I have played through that game countless times and the music and landscape is just so beautiful i don’t know when or even if i’ll ever stop playing it :)

    • I might be known to shed a tear at the end, every single time. But don’t tell anyone I said that. ;-)

  • I wish the Vita top 10 list was actually the top 10 on the Vita PSN Store. It’s been the same since late last year.

  • @Krysta91 Judging by everything–reviews, sales, awards, playing the game–the vast majority feel as we do about Journey. For those who don’t, that says more about them than the game. I’m betting that if they play the game a few years down the road, when they’ve had a wider variety of life experiences, when they’ve lost loved ones or had tragic things happen to them, they’ll see it differently. But of course there will be a minority who can never get it. That’s OK. Gaming is for everyone but no single game is. Only Playstation makes such a wide, deep library of games for all of us.

  • This maybe give ideas to square enix to invest more on the PS store put more tittles and more sales

  • Wow nice list. I feel march is anyone’s game especially with all this PS plus/vita sale goodness. Hopefully they continue this anniversary sale next week as well, I’m really hoping DJ Max technicka tune gets a discount. Pretty please?

  • I’m glad that Playstation AllStars is still up there. It is a very great game and should be more noticed.

    I’m not suprised that Ni No Kuni is still up there. It took me 90 hours to complete the game to its fullest. 90 hours well spent. :)

    I’m also glad that Yu Gi Oh is up there very high. It’s the first Yu Gi Oh game in the store. But, the online multiplayer is broken. It is very difficult to get an online match. And when you do, bad connectivity. I hope a patch or an update can fix this. But other than that, I love it.

  • Final Fantasy on the charts let me think what would happen if the PSP games get HD releases on PS3.

  • PlayStation Mobile…?

  • Glad to see Mass Effect holding on in the top 10, without any special discounts. At $15, it’s a great value for a quality game that takes 30-40 hours to do everything in it and that offers a lot of re-playability.

    I almost feel sorry for people in EU who got Mass Effect 3 for free this month and are playing it without playing ME1 and ME2 first. I understand some of the main characters you encounter throughout ME1/2 aren’t even in it if you don’t import a save file. How depressing. :(

  • Dang, look at all those Final Fantasy games selling well, even now. You listening Square-Enix??

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