Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Coming to PS4 + PS3, PlayStation-Exclusive Content

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Coming to PS4 + PS3, PlayStation-Exclusive Content

Update: Customers who purchase Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on PS3 or PS4 can download an additional 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay via the PlayStation Network at the game’s launch. We’ll have further details to share in the months ahead!

After an incredible demonstration of support from our community, sharing the news of our newest Assassin’s Creed title, we are finally prepared to unveil our new Assassin, Captain Edward Kenway, and the new setting for Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. You’ll get a chance to dive into Edward’s adventure on PS3 on October 29th (and also on PS4, but we’ll announce the release date later), but right now we have something we are truly proud to show off. Watch the new CGI Trailer below and we’ll meet back up to make sure you caught all the glorious details.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Coming to PS4 + PS3, PlayStation-Exclusive Content

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the narrator of this trailer is none other than one of the most notorious pirates of all time: Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. But, surprisingly, Blackbeard is not the focus of this trailer, no sir (or madam) — that would be our newest Assassin, Captain Edward Kenway. You can already see that he’s a perfect fit for the life of plunder, adventure and debauchery led by some individuals during the Golden Age of Pirates which spanned a short but pivotal period in the early 1700s.

Edward Kenway is a captain, among a great many other things, and as such, will command a mighty ship. In the dangerous waters of the West Indies, he’ll need to be heavily strapped with multiple pistols and twin wicked cutlasses that positively sing in his hands. But it’s not all about raiding the rich, treasure-laden galleons that bumble about the Atlantic, Edward is always up for some… extracurricular activities. Did you see him dive into the ocean and swim underwater? That’s not in the trailer by accident. ;)

Assassin's Creed IV

You might think you know a lot about pirates, but like any true Assassin’s Creed game, be prepared for a great many surprises as we uncover the true Golden Age of Pirates!

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  • @D-squad yea after finishing up 3 im not paying full price anymore for AC games. After 2 they have been milking it kinda bad. I played brotherhood and it was alright then revelations i heard was a mess so i skipped on that one. Then 3 got alot of hype and was very disappointing in my opinion. It felt more like a tutorial than a actual game. I will prob get 4 but for the ps4.

  • *III, dang Romans and their skinny numerals.

  • lol didnt AC3 just come out like 3 seconds ago?

  • I love that people assume ACIV just now started development after ACIII dropped.
    The team split into two after AC2. The AC2 team was developing ACIII while a team was putting out AC: Brotherhood and Revelations.

    I’m assuming after the 2nd team did Revelations, they started production on ACIV: Black Flag while the 1st team finished up ACIII.

    I hope you at least watched some “last time on” videos for AC Revelations before you popped in ACIII. So you knew what Desmond and Co. were up to. The ending to Revelations was awesome.
    I’d feel like I missed something if I skipped any AC game.

  • two words “Assassin’s Piece” HA One Piece.

  • Thanks for the content, but do they always have to wear the hood? It looks so out of place in this scenario. Why not a cool hat or mask?

  • AC4 lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo.

  • lol

  • I’m definitely interested, but I have to wonder: the previous titles always moved forward in time, from the Crusades to the Renaissance, but this one moves back to Connor Kenway’s grandfather. This piques my curiosity. That exclusive 60 minutes of additional gameplay for the PS3 and PS4, is that time sensitive to just launch, or can that be downloaded at any time?

  • Nice to see all of this love for Liberation :). I quite enjoyed it myself, but completely skipped the console version of AC III.

  • I love the AC franchises, but i really believe you guys starting to go down the hill since the multiplayer side was introduce. To be honest i did not enjoy the last one with Connor, but the fighting was a joy for sure, Revelation was very interesting but too short so i was really hurt. What i am saying is go back to the single player only, full depth game play, give me satisfaction, let me believe once more. Regardless i will give you all a chance with this one but don’t let me do what i did to COD i finish with them since the 3rd Modern Warfare version.

  • ANOTHER ONE -_- and what worrys me is the fact that its on both pls dont change graphics and pls oh pls DO ONE LAST PRINCE OF PERSIA FOR PS3 id love to see dahaka on the ps3 so pls do one more and make it so its linked between forgotten sands and warrior within pls and thank u

  • So im pretty much sick and tired of everyone throwing a fit about a game every year. Do you realize that Ubisoft has a couple departments that work on these games. They were working on this game the same time they were working on ACIII. They worked on this for a couple years. I was not impressed with 3, but hopefully BF makes up for it.

  • Assassin’s of the Caribbean might be a good rent

  • It would be awesome if they could put both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game on the same Blu-ray disc. If the game can fit on one or two 9GB DVDs for [other console], then surely they could fit two versions of it on one 50GB Blu-ray disc.

  • This will be the best Pirate game since Pirates: Legend of Black Kat for Ps2 and Xbox…….anyone…..anyone? great game no one played.

  • looking forward to it on PS4!

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Now i have to agree with those on this series saying this should be a SP only game.. MP and COOP.. DO SUCK with the AC series… they are last minute addons that i don’t think most people even find enjoyable.

    Also, are they going to start flinging these out like Activision did with Guitar Heros? LOL

  • okay so since all psn game purchases whether they be full game or network title have a 2 console (now playstation device I.E sly cooper thieves in time) restriction and obviously if it has to be specifically worded as playstation device it means ps3 and or ps4 does that mean if you have both systems your maxed out for slots or is the restriction getting expanded? and if it is expanded wouldnt that defeat the purpose of lowering the restriction to discourage game/account sharing? i just dont want to have playstation network down forever again lol

  • the only reason i ask is because i intended to download AC: BF for ps3 and was curious if cross buy will apply or if its an entirely different purchase to maintain the 2 console per purchase rule.

  • I avoided playing the naval side missions in AC3 as the few it forced me to do just going through the story were quite tedious and I didn’t enjoy them at all. I eventually quit playing the game entirely once I saw that there was a club challenge to completely uncover the maps for every location. That was just f***ing uncalled for. While I like the concept of Assassin’s Creed, I honestly don’t know if I’m going to keep playing them anymore if you keep making ridiculous additions like this. And another game so soon? Not a great thing either, in my opinion. I thought AC3 was going to signal the end of the yearly cycle. Instead, you’re launching the next numbered entry, AND it gets a subtitle? In the past, subtitles were only used for the direct sequels and spinoffs. Having a subtitle on a numbered entry subconsciously screams at me “LOW-QUALITY CASH-IN, STAY AWAY!”. It’s a very strange choice to break naming conventions like this.

  • According to the wiki article about Haytham Kenway, Edward is his father and Connor’s grandpa. Could be absolutely false, but still interesting. I though Ubisoft said they were done with Desmond and his family tree.

  • ..bu görüntğler oyundan mı yoksa sinematik çekim mi? Oyunun grafikleri olamaz herhalde…

  • I want to get it on the PS4 for the graphics

  • Will totally get this on PS4. Don’t get me wrong, the PS3 still has a lot of potential but I really don’t need more PS3 games as I already have around 200 retail games that I need to complete!

  • ill get it for ps3 after the price lowers. the ps4 doesnt look to impressive. so im gonna stick with ps3 for alot more years. till the ps4 hits close to $100. i dont see paying alot of money for a system or game. the systems with probably break when they release anyway. same way with ps3. they broke the first year.

  • idk why ppl are hating on ACIII so much. I thought it was one of their better AC games

  • F*** PS4.In another hand…can’t wait to see some gameplay of this new AC….I hope this new character is up to compete with Connor at least because I’m not too fond of blonde characters.

  • i dont get why people dog assassins creed 3 so much, any real assassins creed fan knows that number 3 was way better than the others, personality i dont like they release one every year, but i am curious to see how this one goes now that whiny ass desmond is gone, i hope they remove the whole “future” thing completely

  • wait if the world ended in AC.III how is it going to continue in AC.IV!?!

  • This game will be coming out on all platforms regardless which means the final game will not look anywhere near as good as it should look. You’ll see it on PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/720, WiiU, and possibly a Vita spin-off.

    Sony paying for the exclusive content doesn’t even matter at this point as it always ends up selling more copies on the 360, at least that always seems to be the case. Maybe Ubisoft should polish their Sony versions instead of leaving them as inferior copies.

  • so?then mean ps3 games cen played on ps4
    yes i hope they markting earlyer i hope this year i dont whant to wait en yes we always the lastest marktet getting new stuff but we al we cen do is thank you for the ps4

    but we whant more info we whant tosee ps4 what it cen do how it works is the ps4 able to play ps3 games end online
    how works steam survice it is free how it work then we whant to know demit

  • This may be somewhat off topic, but for eventual PS4 Greatest Hits games, can y’all please do away with the red cases?

    It’s time for a new color scheme that works well with ALL games. Have you considered black or gold (or even both)?

    Please do not bring back the lime-green from the original PlayStation GH days.

    Is a red case the cheapest option for GH’s because of the lowered price points? If not black/gold, how about blue?

    This is just a suggestion. Don’t go over-budget for cases. lol


  • @Fearmonkey First one was my favorite. You should continue the series again. I stopped at Brotherhood, but AC Liberation made me love the series again.

  • Looks cool, but don’t think I’ll pay full price. My Dad’s boyfriend got me AC III and I didn’t think it lived up to all the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool game, however for this one, I’ll either wait for a discount or ask my Dad’s boyfriend to buy this one for me too.

  • Omg i swear Assasin Creed would never die but a game and series that would never ever die would be Metal Gear, i cant wait for Ground Zeroes for Ps3 Yes !!!!!!!!! this march Hideo Kojima will release trailer and for what system im nervous.

  • So this AC 4 going to be on ps 3 and ps4 also righ?

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