God of War Unboxed: Inside the Ascension Collector’s Edition

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God of War Unboxed: Inside the Ascension Collector’s Edition

Whether you’re a long-time God of War fan since the game-changing PlayStation 2 original, or have yet to join the legion of Kratos devotees around the world, the long-awaited God of War: Ascension is going to be an unforgettable experience for loyalists and newcomers alike. And for the true God of War fan, the God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition is destined to be the crown jewel in your game collection come March 12th.

God of War Unboxed: Inside the Ascension Collector’s Edition

At only $79.99, the Collector’s Edition offers a ton of content at a great price. A beautifully crafted 6” statue of Kratos—a one-of-a-kind collectible that won’t be sold anywhere else—accompanies a premium Steelbook case with the iconic God of War Omega design. Also included is a wealth of digital content: an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme, a PSN Avatar pack, a 48-hour multiplayer mode XP boost, and a Season Pass for all future DLC released for the game. Also included is a voucher to download the official game soundtrack featuring Tyler Bates’ thrilling score to the game, recorded with a full orchestra and choir at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

The Collector’s Edition is nearly sold-out, so be sure to pre-order yours before it’s too late (and to claim your bonus DLC as well).

I’m also excited to share the final “Behind the Scenes” video from our captivating live-action “From Ashes” trailer and TV commercial. This latest installment of our Unchained BTS series offers insight into the full-scale Hollywood production behind bringing Kratos to life, featuring interviews with the minds behind both the game and the trailer.

God of War Unboxed: Inside the Ascension Collector’s Edition

If you missed the first two BTS videos, be sure to check out the work that went into bringing Kratos and his Spartan army to life.

If you can’t wait until March 12th to get your hands on Kratos’ latest adventure, head to the PlayStation Store right now to download the single-player demo and experience the intense opening of the game. The demo also features bonus video content from the game and more.

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  • I’m excited about God of War Ascension, but I’ll think I’ll just stick with my pre ordered regular retail edition. I’m not interested in the DLC for a multiplayer, I have no interest in playing (I bought God of War games for it’s single player campaign only). The Kratos statue is nice, but it’s only 6″..it would look like a midget next to my 12″ Ezio Auditore, Nathan Drake, and upcoming Joel & Elle statues. The next reason is the steel cover…why post just a Omega symbol? It would had been so much more badass, if they would had used the regular box art, for the steel cover. Lastly (and most importantly) my limited funds. There are just so many awesome games being released this year (not to mention the PS4), that I have to budget my “fun money”, for I can get them….some sacrifices has to be made. lol

  • What happened to the 8″ statue that was originally promised with this Collector’s Edition?

    That was the version I pre-ordered, not the one in this video.

    Why was there a bait-and-switch on the statues?

    I doubt anyone at Sony Santa Monica has the guts to reply to this message.

    Challenge given, any takers?

  • Will it include the original box cover art? Cause i dont know if it only includes the steel box.

  • THis game can’t get here any faster? Man I’ve been ready fo rthis game for a long time. It’s almost here though so I’m not that impatient. I guess I can play the demo a couple more times.

  • The CE looks nice but these CE’s have become stale and stupid. Its the same lackluster stuff. Its gotten pretty bad Thats y im done with CE’s. Ill just stick with the regular version of this game.

  • I miss the days when they used to give you nice freebies for pre-ordering.

    My favorite was a desktop clock for Chrono Cross on the PSX., which by the way sells for around $60 on eBay.
    Sony used to give away some cool stuff too.. Twisted Metal keychain, Ice Cream Scoop, tee shirts, posters.

    Maybe it’s just me, but DLC skins don’t make me want to run out and pre-order.
    A great game at a low price with a physical freebie on the other hand…

  • Gamestop offers the double sided poster, 4 MP armor sets, the King Leonidas Armor & Spear … not too bad for a preorder …. I went today to do the preorder today – since the blog didn’t want to say if they will offer Day 1 digital on GOWA …. which I would have gone with had the not left it soo late … anyway, I am at least set for those goodies & asked the clerk if there was any chance they could upgrade me to the CE …. I want it for the season pass for DLC …. so I’m on the list. here’s to hoping !

  • pls make sure that theres not going to be online trophies i really do hope its only single player trophies at least give us that much

  • ARES!!! slay my enemies and my life is yours!!!

  • No response?

    Cant say I am surprised, I have been on their forums.

    Just stay hush hush and hope not too many people notice.

    How far the mighty have fallen, this is the theme song for this generation of gaming.

    PS4 will correct or continue this phasing out of the gaming community?

    Back in my day game developers would walk through 10ft of snow uphill to answer your questions and respond to feedback.

    These kids these days and their razzle frath, and hinkum links, they just dont get it. (And wonder why studio after studio gets closed down, LOL)

    Ouya maybe you will be my next love, at least they have not been made bitter and cold yet.

    By the way Starhawk rules, go play COD

  • This Game Better Be worth it

  • Starhawk was alright. A game that got over-hyped and i was disappointed. The MP just felt boring and stupid. With a game like that there really cant be any DLC for it. I mean what else can u put in there?. It pretty much already has it since the SP was a tack-on and u cant really add to the story. Now i got that said im looking foward to gow. I was surprised that they decided to make another on the ps3. Yes gow will still have similar stuff just like every other gow game but they have all been good games. I cant wait to see what gow will look like on the ps4.

  • For those that have already played the demo, are there any thoughts on who the “Fury Queen” might be? She was mentioned in a note found during the demo and is implied to be the mother of the Marked One. But how could this be? Callisto was never mentioned as being anything more than a normal human

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