Star Wars Pinball Releases Today on PSN

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Star Wars Pinball Releases Today on PSN

Star Wars Pinball is releasing today as DLC for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS Vita as Cross-Buy entitled content. This first pack of tables will cost $9.99. If you have not yet downloaded Zen Pinball 2, we invite you to do so now – the download is free, and will give you access to the Star Wars tables which you can even demo to make sure you like the game!

The first set of tables includes Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here is what you can expect from The Clone Wars table, set to release later today on PSN.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars table embraces the striking artistic style and energy of the series and is a perfect fit for a high-energy pinball table. The incredible art, momentous light saber battles, and exhilarating action that makes the series so enjoyable translates naturally into an amazing pinball experience. Check out the trailer above to see the table in action!

Set between the events of the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars pinball table features Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, both represented as 3D characters, as well as Asajj Ventress, Savage Opress and battle Droids. The table would not be complete without a Republic attack gunship, which is especially spectacular when the table is played in 3D.

Star Wars Pinball: The Clone Wars

To start the main table missions, light the lamps on the center of the playfield that spell out “Council” by shooting the left and right ramps on the table. After spelling the words, the ramp’s right front side will lower, providing a path to the hole to activate the main missions.

Star Wars Pinball: The Clone Wars

We look forward to hearing your thoughts once you have been able to play Star Wars Pinball! Please share your experiences right here on the PlayStation Blog or on the Zen Studios Facebook, Twitter or Forums.
May the Force be with you.

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  • On that note, I hope Zen’s license with LA doesn’t mean FS can’t recreate the awesome Williams’ Indy table on TPA.

  • @Freelance …. yeah, I agree, I also play on the Vita more b/c of the better / larger screen …. upgrading to the XL helped, but I too prefer my Sony interface … it is a great machine (the Vita) somehow Sony needs to create more buzz around the unit … anyone I’ve showed it to / let play it has loved the Vita … maybe it needs a stronger marketing campaign … with deals like last years Amazon BF deal, you’d think it would sell out …. that was an amazing bundle. I bought our 2nd unit that day – my son was always using mine & I got tired of waiting to be able to use it …

  • So, is it Bobby or Barbie? Now I don’t know what to call you… ;)

  • Been buying all the Zen Pinball tables since the release so Zen 2 on Vita and this won’t be an exception. They look great.

  • @ FreelanceSam , They are now hand in hand with the house of the mouse , business partners .
    The sucess of Star Wars tables will open many doors for Zen Studios , Disney will be very open to this , it’s how business works . This will be bigger than Angry Birds Star Wars , and Disney should be open to another profitable
    license venture.

  • Meh even if they do expand to include Disney tables, I won’t be too interested. I used to be a huge Disney fan but not anymore. They’re not the same as in the past anymore.

  • I’m more interested in tables based on the older TV shows in the Disney Afternoon. Tale Spin and CDRR and the like. The new shows just don’t do it for me. That would be so awesomely cool. Zen, make it happen!!!

  • Looking forward to buying these later today, the Zen team makes incredible pinball games.

  • @FrelanceSam , Disney is fertile ground , TRon , Ducktales , and DarkWing Duck .

    so Bobbie it’s ironic that Farsight’s rep and Zen’s both named Bobbie , anyways LucasArts IPs ,
    that’s got potential too .

    Besides Star Wars , you could do FullThrottle , Monkey Island , Sam and Max themed tables .

    But when the Boba Fett table takes off , and you realise character driven tables do well ,

    Princess Leia
    Han Solo
    Darth Vader
    evoloution of the Stormtroopers from Clones to Storm.

  • MI is a must. Not sure if they can do Sam and Max though. Doesn’t Telltale Games have the license for it?

  • Tables looks amazing can’t wait to play them on the Vita! That is awesome as chocolate fun dip (Aka Nesquik)! lol #PSNation

  • Any chance of getting a discount regarding the previous tables? I’m missing a few of the original tables and I will like to complete my Zen Pinball 2 collection…

  • looks nerdy, how bout some gangsta looking tables instead. idk say likeee, god of war ?

  • Really looking forward to the new Star Wars tables. I have all of the Zen ones put out so far.

    Quick question though:

    Are there going to be any new tournaments soon? I would love to get in one of those…

    Or maybe in the future have the ability to create our own tournaments and challenge our friends? That would be fantastic!

  • I sense a disturbance in the force!!!!!!

  • Nice, thanks for the heads up, Bobby! I’ll def pick this up later tonight!!

  • Please Make Star Trek Tables :D

  • @robertmc8, if you have The Pinball Arcade, ST: TNG is coming mid March!!

  • Well if its anywhere near as good as marvel pinball i would say star wars fans getting a good deal Tho Zen i would love to see a Dragon ball, Final Fantasy, umm Pokemon would be nice for some lots of options i guess its just getting the rights and what not anywho best of luck!!

  • Glad there are pinball fans here! Love the Zen tables… but soooo tough to master.

    Bobby, please give us a dev code to increase the ball or paddle size. (=

  • Dear Bobby, would it be possible to get an internship at Zen Studios for an up and coming digital artist such as myself? I would love to help work on these tables.

  • PINBALL IS OUT!! Thank you!!! Sucks PSN updates right at the time I have to eat dinner and do the chores afterwards! :(

  • @ FreelanceSam

    “TPA and Zen Pinball appeals to two different types of people; people who want the real thing and people who want zany stuff in their pinball.”

    I’ve been playing pinball at arcades since I was young (back in the 80s) and I love BOTH Zen and TPA. I have to be in a different mood to play either one, but I still love them both equally.

  • I’m on the PS Store and I do not see the DLC. :(

  • Oh wait never mind I see it lol.

  • Since I already have the entire Zen 2 set of tables, I downloaded these first tonight. I must say that you guys did a truly fabulous job, and this is coming from a life-long Star Wars fan! If you’re taking suggestions for future tables from the Star Wars cannon, how about one table corresponding with each episode of the series? A Yoda table would be cool too where you could achieve the rank of Jedi Master! Thanks a lot for the great work, and keep on crankin’ out new tables, because I’m buying!

  • Picked up the game and, after playing the Boba Fett table, I have to ask to Zen Studios: is the “We’ll meet again, friends” line when the game ends a way to sneak in a reference to The Star Wars Holiday Special?

  • Still hoping for a Disgaea-themed table.

  • i just wanna say good job on the zen tables…i waited 2 weeks for this 2 drop…thx u guys job well done …as long as u selling tables im buying em 4 my zen pinball..i have em all but the 2 marvel packs…can we please get a discount on the marvel tables at least for plus users..that would be awesome

    Keep up the good work sony with the playstation plus…i was a 10 year xbox user & beta tester for xbl….. and i aint got nothing …. all i got was a damm helmet……for all the money i spent…..well u know where my money is going…im a full sony supporter owned every console and accessory

    as for xbox360 im done….ps4 will be my last & final console……

  • Where are the tables? I’m freaking out! There are not in the zen 2 table menu????

  • It’s a shame that Sony can’t seem to do anything right with their PSN Store.

    Why are these tables SO HARD TO FIND?!?

    They should be in New Add-ons and New Demos.. Not 25 pages down at the very bottom of ALL PS3 releases.
    It takes a lifetime to scroll through so much LittlebigPlanet Karting and PlayStation AllStars DLC… Meh…

  • I can’t seem to find the tables, it downloaded the update for it but it’s not showing on my selection of tables. Any advice?

  • Its release date is 27/02/13 right?

    The Star Wars pinball download is not available in the Australian Playstation store and the today day (27/02/13) day is almost over in Australia
    I am not happy with Australia Playstation and Zen too.

    Why advertise a new DLC game when Australian Playstation will never have it available on its release date.

    No wonder so many people hate Playstation Australia.

  • the new Star Wars Tables are amazing ! not even sure I can pick a fav. they all have so much going on … love looking through the window & seeing the ship pass by, & when you start the movie scenes – the asteroid & ship are too cool … & when Darth Vader comes you hear the breathing before you even see him … just WOW. I decided to splurge & grabbed the Avengers pack as well – Infinity Gauntlet always appealed to me … so my Zen increased by 7 tables … yea ! very impressed with the new tables … it will take time to see everything unfold … keep em coming !! thanks guys.

  • These tables are a BLAST! I thought I’d like the clone wars one the least, in part because I care about the movie/series a lot less, and in part because the table didn’t look as interesting – but not only is it ramp combo heaven, but it’s got some really fun elements with the extended table areas above the base table. I think I ended up with my highest score on that table, on my first play-through.

    All three are great, with a lot of things to unlock. Awesome job, guys!

  • And @81, @82, @83 are all correct – it was a pain in the rear to find these yesterday! I ended up searching for Z (Zen Pinball 2 appeared near the top of the list), and then going to the add-ons for Zen Pinball 2, and THEN scrolling down the list to find these tables. HORRIBLE way to find them, and I would never have tried it if I wasn’t looking for them to begin with, but easiest I could figure out after searching for a while.

    You’re not going to get any significant sales from someone stumbling onto these tables in the store – they’re just too hard to find. Your marketing campaign, current users seeing them show up in the list of tabls in-game (which they didn’t for me, until I downloaded the new tables from the store), and email/blog updates are going to have to be what drives sales. They just ended up buried in the store update this week.

  • Also, unless it was fixed today, it’s impossible to buy the Star Wars DLC from within the Zen Pinball 2 app if you’ve downloaded the demo. It just blinks and drops you back to the menu.

    These things need to change… Let’s take a vote on weather we should stick with the new store or revert back to the old.

  • I know I’m late to the party in terms of posting so not sure if the individual from Zen is still around, but I’d like to make one suggestion regarding the Boba Fett table – Vita version. Throughout the game, the grey circle with a check mark symbol appears on the right hand corner of the screen – you press this to have Boba Fett launch a missile/ammo during the game, etc. Unlike other tables, this symbol does not stay permanently on, i.e., other tables you press it to select a mission and so forth; however, in Boba Fett, its on all the time.

    When you hold the Vita upright vertically so that you can see the whole table; the check mark symbol blocks a significant portion of the gaming table (right hand side, middle). It’s visually distracting and prevents the user from tracking where the ball is. My suggestion would be to make the symbol smaller or allow for it to be moved so that the user could place it somewhere on the screen where it is not obscuring the view of the actual gameplay.

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