PSN March Savings: Get $10 For Every $50 Spent

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PSN March Savings: Get $10 For Every $50 Spent


What a start we’ve had to 2013! We here at PlayStation Network have no intention of slowing down anytime soon, and we have a great new promotion and a number of great digital titles coming your way starting next month.

Starting February 26 and throughout the month of March, we’ll be offering you the chance to get $10 back for EVERY $50 you spend using your SEN Wallet! This means that if you spent $100 you’d receive $20 back at the end in April. Everything from games, movies and TV shows — anything that accepts SEN Wallet funds — is fair game. If you were thinking of subscribing to PlayStation Plus, now’s a great time to do it. Grab the 1-year membership for $49.99 to get the most of your PSN experience, plus a little extra cash back.

We also have a number of brand new Day 1 Digital titles coming your way in March, and even better, they’re all available for pre-order starting tomorrow, February 26! Pre-ordering the titles gets you a free theme, and a number of the titles come with additional pre-order bonuses for PSN buyers.

Grabbing these titles is a great way to take advantage of this promotion, as every $50 you spend counts toward getting $10 increments back in April. See below for the full list of titles:

March 5th

MLB The Show 13

  • Pre-order from 2/26 to 3/5 to get a free exclusive theme and an extra 120 million in Franchise Budget to jump start your team.
  • Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

  • Pre-order from 2/26 to 3/5 to get a free exclusive theme
  • March 19th

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Pre-order from 2/26 to 3/19 to get a free exclusive theme
  • March 26th

    Bioshock: Infinite

  • Pre-order Bioshock Infinite or Bioshock Infinite+Season Pass from 2/26 to 3/26 to get a free exclusive theme, The Industrial Revolution Gear Pack for Bioshock Infinite, and receive the original Bioshock game as a bonus.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

  • Pre-order from 2/26 to 3/26 to get a free exclusive theme and receive the world-famous the Els Club DLC course as a bonus
  • Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

  • Pre-order from 2/26 to 3/26 to get a free exclusive theme and receive the Overkill Edition as a bonus
  • Overkill Edition content: Includes Exclusive Bonus Weapons (Day of the Dead, AK-47, Double-D Shotgun, TAH-9 handgun), Outfit/Mask Sets (Day of the Dead, Overkill and Polymer), Exclusive Overkillers Contracts (new missions designed for nonstop, frenetic co-op destruction)
  • We’ll be sending out your earned credit before April 12 via e-mail and XMB Message on your PS3! Let us know what you’ll be buying this March in the comments, and make sure to get all your purchases through April 1. Happy gaming!

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    • Good luck to you guys getting PS+ and this deal! If the $49.99 doesn’t qualify, the DLC for Wakeup Club on the Vita is $0.25. Cheaper than some theme or wallpaper, which are usually a buck or a couple of bucks. And it is available on the PS3 PS Store.

    • Those who don’t see Tomb Raider and GoW, they may still be Day One Digital. Not every Day One has been a pre-order. Hang tight. I for one am hoping for GoW Digital!

    • i got only 50.02 dollar on my wallet, planning to get 1 year of ps plus… 49.99… what can i do with the remaining 0.03 dollar :(

    • I have learned my lesson; always be patient on buying anything on PSN. Wait for a sale! Unless when it’s my legitimate ultimate favourite game, then i’ll pay full price… heck even twice if i could.

    • I really like this type of deal, spending “X” amount of money and getting some back. Keep them coming! =)

    • Glad this is happening a week after I spent half that amount on Hakuoki, else I might’ve been tempted to scrounge up another $25 on stuff I don’t exactly need at the moment. :(

      But just for the sake of arguement, stuff paid for right now as-in before the stores update, counts towards this since it is the 26th?

    • How about a $10 “loyalty” voucher that is actually distributed to “loyal” Playstation customers?

    • Hell yes I will take 15 months of Plus for $40!

      $10 bucks off Bioshock isn’t a bad deal either…but the physical version is more valuable to me so I will be buying the disc.

    • #57

      Whatever manager at Sony decided to hand out the loyalty credits to “a few loyal customers” last week should be fired. The only thing it did was piss off many loyal customers in the community that got nothing.

      Again, further proof of bad management in the PlayStation division.

    • Awesome! I just got a $50 PSN gift card today thanks to my Playstation Credit Card points.

      I’m still a little annoyed that I didn’t receive a $10 voucher last week (considering I spend $20-40 per month on PSN, own pretty much everything Playstation makes and have been a PS+ subscriber since day 1), but ah well. Between the credit card reward points, PS+, the constant discounts being offered and then deals like this, I get more than my fair share of value out of PSN.

      And honestly, my friends who are Xbox Live Gold subscribers are pretty jealous of all of the perks I get with PS+, especially now that I have a Vita to rack up additional stuff on.

      Also, I’m confident Sony’s going to find a way to continue to deliver value on these purchases for the PS4. Backwards compatibility may not be possible, but Gaikai is an exciting way for Sony to be able to deliver content without the system NEEDING to be compatible. We could be looking at the entire Playstation 1, 2, 3 and PSP library available online via cloud streaming for the next generation. And honestly, I’d be cool with that.

    • @Admin, can you please let me know if i’ll be elegible? I bought persona golden around 9am central time on the feb 26. I’m confused because the tweet says purchases done “starting later today” and the tweet I think I read it at 11am however here says starting on the 26 so I don’t know if I’m elegible or not, can you please clarifiy? thanks! ^.^/

    • By the way, no backwards compatibility is the worst and all, but there is a lot of content you can get on PSN which (in theory) should still work on PS4. Game Soundtracks, Avatars(?), TV Series, and Movies gotten from PSN all ought to be transferable. Sony said no games, not other media. Plus PSP and Vita stuff were never going to be playable on PS4 either. So there is still stuff you can pick up while still boycotting/anguishing over that horrid announcement :D

    • or now hear me out Pierre Gravereau and PSN Team…

      You could knock off $10 (usd) for pre-ordering a game. I’m just going o leave that on the table and you think about that.


    • BTW, for those whining about PS+ being $49.99 — buy a freaking avatar for $0.49, or pick up a mini for a buck or two. You’re getting $10 back for something you would have bought anyway (and it looks like the extra 3 months promotion will stack through 3/4/2013!), so there’s no reason not to buy something else.

      The childishness during these promotions is ridiculous sometime.

    • Looks like this is the PERFECT week to get a year of PS+ :) getting it tomorrow i hope

    • Why would I buy anything on PSN if none of it will be playable on PS4?

    • PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just renewed my PS+ just now will that still count? Or does this take effect after the store update? I just need to know if i am still eligible or if i just gave myself the shaft.

    • cool, come right before GoW and tomb raider release

    • DAMN IT!

      I bought another anual PS+ subscription to take advantage on 15 month offer 3 days ago, even when my current subscription was going to expire on DEC 2013.

      Lost 10 usd T_T

    • Why exactly are people whining about spending money before this promotion? You people should know how things are. Promotions can surface at any moment, without any kind of warning. It’s been the same way forever. Since mankind invented flippin’ commerce, in fact.

      Also, I’ll get Bioshock. And probably Tomb Raider, if it comes to the PSN.

    • #64

      I think it’s more an issue of the blog entry which is written in a way that a lot of people might believe spending $49.99 on PSN+ would get them $10 back. Also, is tax included in the $50 qualifying limit? The fact that it’s not spelled out clearly is really just shady business.

      Again, bad management in the Playstation division.

    • No Tomb Raider on PSN? :(

    • Very nice! I was planning on re-subbing to PS+ anyways, get my extra 3 months and $10 back? SOLD!

    • #70

      because promotions should be announced at the beginning of the month (which the community has asked for several times) rather then randomly surfacing and pissing off lots of Playstation customers who bought content the day before. It’s a stupid way to do business.

    • Are you guys really arguing over $0.01? Buy a dumb avatar for $0.50 or something. Wow, get $10 back and you still find something to complain about…..

    • Cool.

      I would rather have discounts instead of a rebate. But either still saves me money, so thank you.

    • Any chance we can make it spend $100 and get $20 back. Since it’s kind of slim pickings on stuff you can get for 10 bucks. Unless a wave of ps1 classics show up in the store (which is probably unlikely). As for now, I’ve purchased all my favorite ps1 classics that are in the store. I currently have 10 dollars in my US account and nothing to spend it on!

    • Whtas the cheapest item? An avatar for $0,49?

      I’ll get ps+(more 3 month bonus) for $49,99… So i believe the extra $0,01 will be needed to achieve the $10 bonus.
      But i need a confirmation by the staff

    • I’m glad I waited to renew my Plus, but even with this deal, I hesitate because we’ve received no assurances that PS3 owners will still get the same level of benefits after the PS4 launches this fall. I’m sure I’ll get a PS4 eventually, just not at launch, and not until I am so completely done with all the content I have bought or will buy for the PS3, since none of it will work on the PS4. :(

    • @djtripd

      One of my PSN friends hasn’t spent a dime on the PS Store, but he claims he received a $40 voucher via private message. I’ve spent quite a pretty penny in the store, probably over $300, but evidently that wasn’t good enough.

    • ” Why would I buy anything on PSN if none of it will be playable on PS4?”

      Because you still have a PS3? My God, QUIT ACTING SO ENTITLED.

      I hope they delete comments such as yours, there will be no PS3 content transfers to the PS4, so deal with it.

      People will still buy stuff from PSN (as I will), so you are pretty much just wasting your breath,

      Some of you seriously need to quit acting like kids (that is if you aren’t a kid).

    • #80

      I hear you! Send out vouchers to “selection” PSN users is a great why to get the rest of the community bitter and mad at Sony. Like I stated before, whatever manager at Playstation that decided this was a great idea should be tossed out on his/her ass.

    • @djtripd What tax?

    • LMAO, renewed my PS+ 2 days ago, ah well, time to find another 50 bucks to spend :)

    • Will MLB DL be for Vita/PS3 or both?

    • @TitleOne

      I’ll use my PS3 for years! Of course, i’ll get a PS4 but only in 2 or 3 years minimum, since they probably will release a PS4 slim with less bugs and more features ;)

    • QUOTE FROM NEOGAF BY mochuuu
      PSN Community Mgr.
      (Today, 05:02 PM)

      QUOTE”We are counting solo Plus 12 month sub purchases as $50. so you won’t have to worry if you’re total is 49.99, you’ll be set. But that only goes for Plus 12 month sub purchases. I can’t speak for other purchases that may be $49.99. Hope that helps!”

    • #82
      The fact that Sony’s gesture only benefited seemingly random users that they label as “loyal” is what really disconcerts me.

    • #81

      Your a perfect example why Sony and the Playstation division can treat there customers like crap and get away with it. If all the content on PSN won’t work with the future PS4 then it should ALL be heavily discounted cause it has a life span of roughly 1 year.

      BTW I am entitled because I PAID a lot of my money for content that Sony decided to kill to improve their bottom line.

    • #88

      Complete agree, it was very disrespectful for those who got nothing.

    • If I renew my “PS+ for a year” plus a “99 cents dlc”… then will I get $ 10 in my PSN account?
      (and sorry for my bad english)

    • I just renewed PS+ 3 days ago.. Oh well, not going to complain when Sony offers $10 credit like this for buying stuff from the store (looking at you Bioshock: Infinite).

      I’m really liking how you guys manage to set yourself apart from Xbox Live where you have to pay $60/year and get nothing back in return….oh wait I guess you get $0.25 back every year for your birthday(pathetic).

      You guys are really setting the bar here for a great service. Just wanted to say thanks.

    • I was waiting Tomb Raider digital…I don’t want any other game in the list….perhaps bioshock…So…not seeing a way to spend $50 bucks

    • Anyway you could add the download size to these announcements?

    • @djtripid,

      Riiiight, that’s why they said they were going to support it for at least 10 years, and its only been about 6-7 years since it was released. Are you forgetting about the PS2? That was released in the year 2000 and they just stopped selling them in 2012! They barely stopped selling them last year,

      Where the hell did you pull that fact out of? Who said only one year, that doesn’t even make sense, when they just ceased production of the PS2 last year! Why would they quit supporting a console that many people will still continue to use?

      LOL, Keep making stuff up though, I’m sure that makes you look smart.

    • there is nothing preventing folks from keeping their PS3s to keep their content playable … I’m not sure what all the angst is about … if / when I buy the PS4, I’ll clearly keep the PS3 so I don’t lose my digital content – to say nothing of the vast disc based library I have … it seems pointless to boycott PSN downloads … to me anyway. as to the loyalty reward that some folks received, no one knows what the criteria was, so hard to debate the point … maybe people who were missed this time round will qualify at a later date … it seems to have created a lot of division among the Sony Nation … at least this current offering – spend $50 get $10 back is clearly understood.

    • #89

      You seem to be assuming that the PS3, and PS3 games, will be “dead” as soon as the PS4 comes out. The PS3, and the games made for it, will still exist and be supported for at least the next several years – it’s not like all that content goes away as soon as a new platform gets released – hell, they only just stopped making the PS2 within the past year. Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome for all of my PS3 games to carry over and be fully supported by the PS4, but if not having that means the console can be cheaper at launch, I’m willing to make that trade.

      No one’s “killing” anything – and I respect the fact that Sony was completely up front about the lack of backwards compatibility, regardless of my feelings on the decision itself – that helps us all make an informed decision as to whether we keep our PS3’s, wait awhile before buying a PS4, or not buy a PS4 at all. Personally, I always keep my old consoles (especially since most of my friends aren’t early adopters, so I kinda have to if I want to play online with them), so in the end the decision doesn’t really affect me at all.

    • #95

      First you spelled my name wrong.

      Second, I don’t want two consoles so hence forth in a year if I was to buy a PS4 all my PSN content and disc based games are dead which is a fact. I’m pretty sure that if all your software broke every time you bought a new computer you would be pretty upset, why should it be any different for consoles?

    • I just bought a code online for Playstation Plus if I use this code will I receive the 10 bucks? Its kinda misleading since this code is for a 1 year subscription of plus so no funds will leave my wallet. Would I qualify yes or no?

    • + Pierre Gravereau on February 26th, 2013 at 9:48 am said:
      The deal runs from Feb 26, 12:01 am (PST) through Mar 1, 11:59pm (PST). So you should be good to go if your purchase was today after 12:01am (PST).

      @Pierre Gravereau
      did u make a mistake??? isnt it through april 111:59pm (PST). instead of Mar 1, 11:59pm (PST)??

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