Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Coming to PS3 This Fall

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Coming to PS3 This Fall

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

“Although my heart may be weak, it’s not alone. It’s grown with each new experience. And it’s found a home with all the friends I’ve made. I’ve become a part of their heart, just as they’ve become a part of mine… I don’t need a weapon. My friends are my power!”

Since this memorable speech, Sora’s dedication to his friends has shown across the series, and the magic of KINGDOM HEARTS continues to unite fans throughout the world. Ten years later and seven entries in, we have a new opportunity to replay the adventure that started it all in beautiful HD.

We’re proud to announce the upcoming release of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX for North America! The young Sora wields the magical keyblade in search of his lost friends, making new ones with Disney’s Goofy and Donald along the way. The story continues through classic Disney stories like Aladdin, Hercules, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Utilizing RPG mechanics and gaining new exploratory powers throughout his adventure, Sora solidified himself as a starry-eyed hero that bridged Disney classics with a unique overarching story of friendship and courage. This classic hit comes in breathtaking HD with various gameplay enhancements, and is exclusively available for the first time on PlayStation 3 this fall.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIXKingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

Sora’s adventures took a dramatic turn with his journey into the mysterious Castle Oblivion in KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories. These events revealed some of the hidden intentions behind the shadowy Organization XIII. Their movements and the training of one notable character in the series, Roxas, are detailed even further in stunning HD visuals through the cinematic scenes of KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days.

All of this is included with full Trophy support in one spectacular release. Plus, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX includes the once-exclusive KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX content, like new enemies, weapons, abilities, cutscenes, missions and more!

We can’t thank the fans enough (many of whom have asked us many times for this very game!) for all their support throughout the years, and we urge all of you to continue to follow news surrounding KINGDOM HEARTS on our official Twitter and Facebook. Relish this opportunity to replay the original and know again why without a doubt, the light, is KINGDOM HEARTS!

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  • This will be the happiest day of my life! I’ve been waiting for years to see the final mix come to America! Now let’s just get Sora in PlayStation All Stars so we can promote this!

  • Many people would happy I guess.?

  • Every time the word “finally” shows up in these comments, take a drink.

  • Oh. My. God. YES. Good job Square for reminding me why I STILL love you.

  • What!? no dragon_night? I’m utterly shocked :p

    anyway, I should be happy but I got no ps3… guess hope for this for vita?

  • Finally! I’m so glad this is happening! I will defintely get this! Too bad it releases around the end of the PS3, I hope it lives for another few years…

  • Excited for this, and can’t wait for KH2 to get it’s HD rerelease!

  • Seems like a long time to just change the resolution and textures on this game, unless if Square-Enix is probably currently developing a secret surprise if we get platinum or something.

    • Much more was done to these than that, plus its 2 games and hours of video footage from a third, so don’t worry–we still have a few tricks up our sleeve.

  • If Konami can bring back Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD to the Vita, why aren’t other companies doing the same. Vita has great potential for HD releases.

  • Robert,

    Can you tell me what – if anything – is happening with Lord of Apocalypse? Game has been out in Japan for over a year and SE hasn’t given the Vita an ounce of support so far.

    At least sell the publishing rights to someone else. I hate how SE sits on properties (Type-0) with that “if I can do it, no one can” attitude. It only breeds consumer apathy. For example, I won’t be purchasing this on account of Type-0 and LoA being released. I’ll support the publishers who support my interests.

    But best of luck next-gen. The FF series overall is in decline and SE doesn’t have much else.

  • Extremely excited for this. My nostalgia levels for this series are through the roof. :)

    Couple of question:
    Will this be available through PSN? (please don’t end up like Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep!
    Will the original Japanese audio be available as an option? (rarely do we get this from Square, but it’s a highly requested feature)


  • Give me Dragon Quest VIII Remake or don’t bother.

  • Hey look at that, SE doing something completely stupid as usual by releasing a game in the worst release window ever.

    Fall? Are you insane? KH is a noteworthy brand, but it will /die/ in the fall window. Just like Rayman will.

    Still, I’m buying. I hope you don’t give KH an ‘indefinite hiatus’ if this sells poorly. You know how Re: Coded did, after all.

  • Where’s dragon_knight when you need them? lol

    Seriously, though, while this news wasn’t totally unexpected, it’s great to finally have something in the way of a release timeframe and whatnot. Instabuy when it hits, that’s for sure!

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak
    Also that. I want that.

  • Who cares, they refuse to localize the best game they have, bravely default

  • What? No Dora HD remake? I’m I’m utterly shocked

    Also hoping for a vita version here!

  • WHAT?! NO KINGD- oh. Okay, that’s cool.

  • @6

    Lol. I was going to say that too, It was getting annoy every week with that person.

    Those pics look so much cleaner and I’m so going to buy that.

  • Yes! But can you please also make BBS Volume 2 for Vita. And also, include KH3D as a playable game in 2.5 HD Remix

  • Please relate this back to the people who set up ur trophies: Either make heartless cards easier to get or dont make a trophy for heartless cards in KH Re: CoM. Excited about FINAL MIX!

    • I never personally thought they were difficult to acquire in any playthroughs of my own, but yeah I can send it up the chain.

  • I’m going to play this because Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favorites, but what would really make me happy is KH3! Enough with the random unnecessary KH titles and give us 3 please.

  • I’m surprised Dragon_Knight didn’t make a comment as of yet. That will suggest he’s a little boy in school right now doing his math lol

  • This is news, but until fall? ugh >.< I'm already waiting on PS4 now KHs.

    Hopefully this means we'll see other KH titles come to PSN. And just like RE Revelations is coming from 3DS to Console, i'd like to see something similar with KH3D. Pain in the butt to have multiple systems just to follow an amazing story :p.

  • Now that Kingdom Hearts HD is out of the way …

    WHAT no Final Fantasy Versus XIII? I’m utterly shocked.

  • Finally .-. God bless you Robert Peeler

  • Will it release digitally on PS Store?

  • @6 Work on getting a PS3 since this won’t be going to PS4 and Sony will continue to support the PS3 for the future.

  • Aw what?!! Talk about dropping the ball dragon_night! You failed us all!

  • I’m not sure if u will respond to this, but we also need a NEW Parasite Eve game, even if it’s a sequel to The 3rd Birthday.Make it happen down the road. Would love to see if Aya Brea truly comes back or not as hinted at the end of her last game.

  • @26 Don’t think its released yet.

    @28 Maybe. We’ll know closer to release.

  • What? No KINGDOM HEARTS? Oh, wait…

  • Thank you god. Thank you Playstaion. Thank you Square Enix. Thank you Disney. Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories thankk youu soo muchh !

  • Kingdom Hearts needed a refocusing of direction and I hope this is just the start of that idea. With numerous games released that have been side stories or fleshing out of history the series has been moving sideways more than forward. I hope that this is a precursor to an eventual ‘real’ announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I’ve always been surprised given the level of popularity this game has that it hasn’t gotten the true sequel care as other games have.

    Either way, I’m excited. I’ll say ‘finally’ when I see 3 :)

  • YAY! September release please!

  • Awesome!!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Well now all we need now is a Final Fantasy X psn port and now we’ll all set.

  • is it a ps3 exclusive?

  • When can I pre-order this?

  • “All of this is included with full Trophy support in one spectacular release. Plus, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX includes the once-exclusive KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX content, like new enemies, weapons, abilities, cutscenes, missions and more!”

    YES! Finally Square-Enix USA and PlayStation USA are doing something smart!

    1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix is coming to the US.
    2. The Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts is being used!

    YESS!! That’s 1 game I’ll definitely be adding to my collection.

    Now let’s hope for:

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix
    – Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
    – Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
    – Kingdom Hearts Re Coded CUT SCENE MODE

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance on the PS3

    Kingdom Hearts III on the PS3

  • This is great and I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 with KH 2 and KH BBS as well as video from KH DDD. Also I would love a Vita version I would even buy it twice if they offered cross save.

  • I really hope it will come out as a digital copy as well. Only disc copies will turn some people back. I mean I know lots of people will buy it as disc but for those who went digital will find it really disappointing if it is only on disc … I know I will be disappointed since I stopped buying discs and went digital and i won’t find myself buying any games on discs anymore. I’m still waiting for SE to release FFXIII and FFXIII-2 digitally so I can play it T.T

    I really wish SE will show digital games some love and release their games on PSN store

  • Will it be out before or after FINAL FANTASY X HD? Has the team considered a Vita version? Thanks for your replies!

  • @jonjon0890
    Yes. This game is a PS3 exclusive from what I’ve heard. Besides, there hasn’t been any Kingdom Hearts titles on the Xbox or the Xbox 360. Nintendo Wii U couldn’t handle so much epicness on its hardware. =P

    Considering it’ll be out in the US this Fall, I would expect you’d be able to pre-order around the summer time.

  • Finally a Kingdom Hearts for PS3, cant wait to just get started on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix =3

  • Robert please respond. Pls.

    Why can’t we get kingdom hearts birth by sleep on psn for psp/vita? It’s one of the most popular titles.

    Not to mention the glaring issue of ff crisis core missing too.

    Pls respond with anything

    If this bothers other people too, copy and paste. If you want birth by sleep and crisis core, copy and paste this
    Pls respond

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any information that I can provide on either KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep or FINAL FANTASY VII Crisis Core.

  • @41 well if you follow their naming convention the BBS wouldn’t belong in 2.5. To me its makes more sense this way
    2.5 (PS3)
    KH Re: Coded Cutscenes
    KH3D Playable

    KH BBS Collection (Vita):
    KH BBS Volume 2 (New release)

    KHIII (PS4)

  • Wooooooooot!!!!

  • Finally finally finally it is coming to America *tear*

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