PlayStation Community Update

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PlayStation Community Update

On Tuesday, we announced this year’s edition of the PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards (which you can still vote on until Monday, February 25th). In honor of this illustrious event, and of the sale next week, we’ve decided to dedicate this Community Update post some of the great fan art that PlayStation fans created in 2012.

It was really tough to pick which examples to display in this post — there were so many great creations out there that you, the fans, have put together. The time, effort and love put into these pieces shines through, and there was no way to put all of the cool content into one blog post.

We did our best, though, and limited it to games in the running for a Gamers’ Choice Award. Here are a few that we think show the passion of gamers, and the variety of ways to express that passion.

Artist: VengefulTorture
Game: Sound Shapes
Nominated For: Best PSN Game, Best Indie Game
Piece: Moon Escape (A Community Level)

PlayStation Community Update 2-22-2013

Photographer: Cynthia Veekens
Costumes and Connor: Rick Boer, Aveline: Dominique Boer
Game: Assassin’s Creed III
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: AC III – Connor and Aveline, final 210265 sample

Artist: Monkey Buonarroti
Game: Gravity Rush
Nominated For: Best PS Vita Game
Piece: Gravity Daze


Artist: Memoski
Game: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: God of Rap


Artist: Amy Clarke
Game: Journey
Nominated For: Best PSN Exclusive, Best PSN Game, Best Indie Game
Piece: The Journeyer


Artist: Unknown Dane Grannon
Game: Borderlands 2
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: Unknown

There’s plenty more out there, too! If you’ve created some cool fan art, or just know someone who has, reply in the comments below and share a link to the work. We’d love to see what else the PlayStation community has to offer.

As always, check the links below for what’s going on in the world of PlayStation. See you next Friday!


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  • @ harrypoopers

    You don’t seem to comprehend how it’s simply a ridiculous argument. Are people’s PS3s going to magically stop working when the PS4 is released? Is it just sooooo hard to keep the damn thing? Is it really taking up so much space that you just can’t bear to have it sitting there anymore?

    Do you even know how Sony is going to work the streaming service? Do you know all the final details of EXACTLY what will and won’t be available with the PS4 at launch, or even shortly after launch? The answers to all of these questions is NO. You’re jumping to conclusions, and making arguments based on the speculation surrounding the issue.

    Are you assuming that I don’t want to have PSN compatibility too? Of course I would, it would be nice. But it’s just not that big of a deal if it isn’t there. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not an idiot, and I realize how to work around such a petty little issue. Sucks to be you, I guess.

    And if you think I made only one intelligible point, you also have a reading comprehension problem.

  • Memoski is amazing he should work for you guys his all stars art is epic.

  • @ Primero:

    Still going, huh? You do realize your posts A) still argue about points I’ve refuted, B) contradict one another, C) make you look like a JERK?

    Good day,


  • The fan art posted in this blog post is awesome, my favourite is the clay model of journey.

    I also drew something for Journey time ago, since its one of my favourite games. This is the link to it:

  • @ harrypoopers

    Still in denial, huh?

    Don’t just make the claims, prove them. Of course you won’t though…

    I expect you to either return with EXCUSES, or not return at all. We’ll see.

  • GlassWalls, I am quite disgusted, DISAPPOINTED and surprised!!! Not one of the selected works here have I seen in the PlayStation Community forums thread you created called “Share Your Fan-Art, Cosplay, and more!” You NEVER mention in the thread that the art needed to relate to and would be limited to “games in the running for a Gamers’ Choice Award.” You also failed to inform the forums thread about voting and any subsequent PS blog posts you made concerning this “community event”. I call this a major FAIL on your part. This feels more like a pet project than one truly equal for the gaming community fan artists. Next time you have to fill your time padding the blog try not to victimize the community through lack of full disclosure. May2099 D8~

  • @ Primero:

    Well, since I’ve already stated I’m quoting THE PRESIDENT OF SONY, I figured that would be proof enough…
    Why not ride yr lil’ robodog from Mega Man on over to a Nintendo forum? They may appreciate yr ilk there…

  • Wow Dane Grannon’s Borderlands tattoo and Monkey Buonarroti’s Kat are amazing!!!

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