PlayStation Community Update

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PlayStation Community Update

On Tuesday, we announced this year’s edition of the PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards (which you can still vote on until Monday, February 25th). In honor of this illustrious event, and of the sale next week, we’ve decided to dedicate this Community Update post some of the great fan art that PlayStation fans created in 2012.

It was really tough to pick which examples to display in this post — there were so many great creations out there that you, the fans, have put together. The time, effort and love put into these pieces shines through, and there was no way to put all of the cool content into one blog post.

We did our best, though, and limited it to games in the running for a Gamers’ Choice Award. Here are a few that we think show the passion of gamers, and the variety of ways to express that passion.

Artist: VengefulTorture
Game: Sound Shapes
Nominated For: Best PSN Game, Best Indie Game
Piece: Moon Escape (A Community Level)

PlayStation Community Update 2-22-2013

Photographer: Cynthia Veekens
Costumes and Connor: Rick Boer, Aveline: Dominique Boer
Game: Assassin’s Creed III
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: AC III – Connor and Aveline, final 210265 sample

Artist: Monkey Buonarroti
Game: Gravity Rush
Nominated For: Best PS Vita Game
Piece: Gravity Daze


Artist: Memoski
Game: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: God of Rap


Artist: Amy Clarke
Game: Journey
Nominated For: Best PSN Exclusive, Best PSN Game, Best Indie Game
Piece: The Journeyer


Artist: Unknown Dane Grannon
Game: Borderlands 2
Nominated For: Best PS3 Full Game
Piece: Unknown

There’s plenty more out there, too! If you’ve created some cool fan art, or just know someone who has, reply in the comments below and share a link to the work. We’d love to see what else the PlayStation community has to offer.

As always, check the links below for what’s going on in the world of PlayStation. See you next Friday!


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4 Author Replies

  • Oh wow, the gravity rush and AC III art are really good. I’m not sure, what exactly is the Journey one? Is that made out of modeling clay or something? If so, that’s really impressive! And the Borderlands tattoo is spot on. Good Job everyone!

    P.S. Happy 1st birthday PS Vita!

    • Yeah, there’s some really cool art out there, of all styles! The Journeyer piece is made with Sculpey polymer clay. The artist has a ton of other cool stuff on her site. Just click her name there to check it all out.

  • Yo Playstation… i gots a question. Will we Ever get some digimon games??,
    ill take any PSone & Ps2 digimon game. please Sony make it happen

  • Kudos to all of em’. Makes me wanna get back into art.

  • Gravity Rush is definitely the best PS VITA game I ever played. I hope it wins.

  • God I hope Borderlands 2 wins….and Gravity Rush…

  • The Borderlands tattoo was done by Ronnie Starrs Tattoo Studio 89 Paragon street , Hu13QW Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom. He has other pieces on his Facebook page “Dane Grannon Tattooer”

  • The game that wins will be the most popular…

    game that people want to buy at 50% off. Sony needs to consider putting all the games on sale at the same price then and only then will they not get a biased result.

  • Happy 1st birthday PS Vita!

    I cant wait for Gravity Rush 2!!!!! so excited and I will be getting PS4 when it comes out.

    Love the PS Vita.

  • Wow, they could have used a much better fanart picture from Pixiv, like this:

  • this is an awesome sound shape level

    • Yeah, I liked it too. There were a lot out there that didn’t have videos up that are neat as well. I vote for more SoundShapes videos!

  • any word on any big vita sales next week for the anniversary? 64 gig cards puhleaseeeeee

  • Wow EU PS+ knocked it out of the park again for March. They’re getting Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, and MGS Hd Collection.

    I hope we get something good for US PS-, but probably not. :(

  • Hey Paul, do you know if Sony will continue to support ps vitas cross-controller feature on ps3 and if they will also use it with the ps4? Id be happy if as far as the ps3 goes, if Sony enabled most of their 1st party hd collections like Jak & Daxter collection, R&C collection, sly collection, Infamous collection etc..PLease pass the word on…

  • when will we have a community discussion about the ps4 , you guys are not very socialble for a announcement , we got lots of questions

  • Hey!! Can someone tell Sony to slash PS Vita Memory Card prices in the west, they are the system killer. PS Vita is priced ok here, the cards are killing it though. Bundle PS+ with every 32GB memory or something, you know, marketing 101…

  • Also, Happy first birthday to USA PSVita!! I believe it is tomorrow but I got mine one year ago on this day. To celebrate, I bought a white one, yay.

  • And I keep forgetting to post this:

    グラビティ・キトゥン | 序二段 [pixiv]

  • Gravity Rush is boss. I hope Japan Studio is working on Gravity Rush 2, or has plans to do it after they wrap up their other projects. Not sure how large the whole studio is but they seem to always have a lot going on.

  • Gravity Rush was the best vita game of last year so I’m biased towards that one, but nothing shows dedication like that person who got the Borderlands tattoo.

  • the Kat pic is godly!

  • I have one question are these awards going to stop because i have spent a lot of money on games from the PSN and now i find out that digital downloads will not be supported on the PS4.The economy is bad and alot of people like myself need to trade in our PS3 to get the PS4 so that meens that i will lose all these games and wasted my money for nothing,that is a dirty move i thought sony was about their customers i guess not.I will pass on the PS4 if this is not going to be changed i will not show support to a company that just back stabbed me.

  • @Tito, if your that low on cash, do you really think buying a PS4 is a wise move?

    No one is forcing you to buy anything.

    Good idea passing in the PS4, you obviously need the money more for other essentials. Good man.

    Also, they did not stab anyone That’s simply your opinion which many do not share. Regardless, they will sell a ton of these with/without your purchase.

  • Are we going to get a blogcast this week? I’d think this would be a good week to have one but I don’t see anything so far.

  • @Tito if you knew what was inside your PS3 and then looked at the specs of the PS4 you would understand why there will be no BC. I to am disappointed but I never planned on trading in my PS3 just moving it to the bedroom.
    I’m pretty sure we will hear more on this in the future though. Will we have two different PlayStation stores maybe 3 counting the Vita??

    Either way I’m super excited about that PS4 and can’t wait to at least preorder it. I want Infamous Second Son, the new KillZone and I know they didn’t show it but it BETTER be there…. I NEED that Battlefield 4, kinda biting my nails because I didn’t see EA at the conference. Controller looks super comfy too guys!! Much love to the PlayStation Family :)

    And there is still so much stuff to look forward to this year. /broke.

  • @20: So, SAVE FOR IT… geez.

    You act as though the only possible way to ever buy a PS4 is to sell your PS3. You’re telling me you can’t put away $10 here and there to save up for a PS4? If you can’t be patient, that’s your own problem. Not Sony’s.

    And we don’t even know how Gaikai b/c will work yet.

  • Awesome! I really like the apple in the Gravity Rush pic, that’s clever. ;)
    The AC cosplay is great too, it’s rare to see Aveline cosplay in comparison to the others!
    The Journey statue is very nice as well.

  • I LOVE All OF THIS!!! especially Kat and dusty plus That borderlands 2 tattoo was epic!!!!!

  • I know its not in the subject, but when Dynasty Warrior 7 :empire coming to the PSN ? And what will be its price ?

  • In support of commenter #20, Tito Varela07, and against commenters 21, 23 & 24. To Elvick__ and to anyone else who is unaware, the President of Sony has already stated that the PS4 will not be backwards compatible with our current PSN games. For me that means over 130 PSN games, another 30 Full PS3 Game downloads, and almost 1900 total pieces of DLC that will not be supported in the next gen. While I do have plenty of money to spend in today’s economy, I’m not looking forward to what Sony has presented as their future, nor would I have invested so heavily in the PSN of the past. I’ve spoken with a large number of gamers who share this sentiment, so blind fanboy allegiance like nolo451’s is not contributing to the discussion that needs to be going on here. Sony did “stab us in the back” figuratively speaking because the PSN was touted as a cross-platform medium and instead it is a ticking time bomb for PS3 owners…

  • Mad props to #28, harrypoopers (fantastic name btw!) to understanding #20, TitoVarela07 the guy’s been my bud for a while now and has been sticking with sony even through a hacked psn id and to see him trashed here burns me up! I think he, i and anyone else who even looks at this blog, wants to believe in the ps4 and move forward with sony. Doing so may mean trying to save pennies here and there or daring to trade in the old just to have the new, everyone’s circumstances are different and some of us don’t have mommy and daddy buying it for us. Nobody seems to notice how ps+ was not mentioned for ps4 either (and no i am not trying to start a ”us ps+ vs eu ps+ rant here) and for ps4 to be touted as a ‘high end pc” (using sony’s words) means that we should not be in a situation of just shrugging off this “no backwards compatibility.”

  • We are not in a nes cartridge doesn’t fit the snes slot word anymore and the push seems to be digital digital digital, so yeah when we dump money into a game digital to sony and then get the proverbial finger for a legit carry over based on psn id at least it kinda throws the çross-platform’ legitimacy out the window. What’s so wrong with a minute fee to transfer the digital ownership to the newer system like what nintendo is rolling out with the wii u and wiiware games (i don’t need haters here for the nes/wii references i am just trying to use comparisons). The numbers ‘harrypoopers’ put up are staggering and looking at it that way should make anyone uneasy. If it doesn’t then take note that Mr Paul Sullivan has tagged out on commenting since we have started discussing this…..
    Peace and God bless

  • @ harry poopers

    Here’s a real simple solution to your problem: Keep your PS3. Wow, that was hard to figure out.

    Anyways, nice artwork here, folks. I always appreciate stuff like this because I’m one of those guys that can only draw stick figures.

  • Ginzu3000 and harrypoopers thats what im talking about straight talk,and to B-Real206 get real first i do not live with mom and dad i have 4 kids and 2 grandkids house payments and bills you dont even know about and this coming from someone who cant afford a Plus membership,i have been with sony since the ps1 and have shown support threw the hack that happened to the psn my own account getting hacked and i still buy my games from the psn.I have over 25 AAA titles idie games and classics,and to get slapped in the face by sony like that is not right.I also have a 360 with games bought in the marketplace and if they support the digital download i will go with the new xbox.Sony says that they are all about the customers thats a bullcrap statement.Go and ask mommy for your allowence and get a PS plus membership before you do your fanboy service in the blogs.Ginzu ill catch you later.And MR. Sullivan are we going to be ignored like always on this blog when theres a serious issue or question or are we going to get the reason for this slap in the face.

  • What happed to warriors liar for the vita did Sony just give up on the game?

  • @28: Again, we have no idea how Gaikai will work. Of course our native PS3 games won’t work on a system that doesn’t have the cell processor. They were developed with it. That doesn’t mean that they won’t do anything for those with a bunch of PSN purchases, like offering Gaikai streaming for that content.

    Just wait and see… and besides, you can keep your PS3. Tada.

    @30: Well, smarty pants. How on earth will a game developed on the cell processor possibly work without it? The games were developed on the PS3, not the PS4. The hardware is different. Without the cell, the games won’t function because they were designed for it.

    @32: Oh please. If you’ve got all that, you should know you can save up money for a PS4. What a concept… saving money to buy something you want and DO NOT NEED.

    And if he doesn’t find value in PS+ that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have money. I guess since you have a lower PSN level then you’re too poor to buy games to play so who cares if you can’t play the 2 games you can afford?. That’s the level of “logic” you’re using.

  • I just got to roll my eyes every time i read some of this posts…This need to be said, playing video games IS a hobby that can be expensive if you want it to be, playing video games is NOT an entitlement.

    I didn’t get rid of my PS1 to fund the PS2 and likewise when i picked up the PS3 for $600+ Tax at launch. Like some commented, You want a PS4? Then save for it.

    You want to play your PS3 games/digital purchases? Keep your PS3. Simple… isn’t it?

    I’m reasonable to understand that it would be a royal pain in the @ss for sony to emulate all of those PS3 games/digital purchases on the new hardware given the PS4 new architecture. Hopefully they’ll make Gaikai work so you can stream the games they know you own and bought from them according to your/their records. We’ll see.
    Also Titovalera07, psn account hacking incredibly rare…Odds are you gave your info/password to gameshare with some you know and that’s how you got hacked.

  • @ Primero Incognito: What part of my diatribe stated I would be selling my PS3’s? I’ve lived through YLoD-ing my first B/C PS3 and moved on to throwing more money at Sony. All told, I’ve had a PS1, 2x PS2’s, and a PS3 each die on me during their respective generations, so I’m not exactly anticipating my two current PS3’s living forever… And what happens in a few years when Sony no longer supports the PSN for the PS3? Also, if I state I’m coming out in support of people with less money than me and allude to the fact that I own thousands of games, why would I want/need to sell any of hardware? Really a simple deduction if you can read and do critical thinking; wow, that was hard to figure out…

  • @ Elvick__:

    Love your Terra avatar, btw!
    My original post is still “awaiting moderation,” but in it I had included the link that reported Sony’s President stating that the PSN games we already own would be incompatible with the PS4. Just because Sony decided to change their business model from a traditional game console to a more PC styled console doesn’t mean they need to be as short-sighted as they are being. The PSN is supposed to be cross-platform, cross-generational and it is anything but, based upon the info that’s been released. If they remedy it pre-launch (which they need to), then great. But they need to state they’re working on it, not simply, “it doesn’t work.”

  • @ harry poopers

    So, what you’re saying is, you have 2 PS3s that you’ll probably be using less once the PS4 enters your household, and you have plenty of money to spend, which means that once that dark and gloomy day arrives when BOTH of your PS3s crash ‘n’ burn, you’ll be able to replace them easily by purchasing a slim PS3 which will probably be $99 by the time your current PS3s die, and considering the fact that not only would the cost of the PS4 probably be higher by the same amount (or more) if it included the Cell processor, as well as the fact that software always runs best on the original hardware architecture it was designed for, somehow you have a problem with the PS4 not being backwards compatible?

    Sorry, I’m just not following you there.

  • And what’s with these disgruntled people always touting the number of games they’ve bought, or how much money they’ve spent? And even worse, claiming that because they “stayed loyal to Sony” through the hack, that it somehow requires Sony to quell their ambition and vision for their future projects, and instead cater to the whims of a few short-sighted folks who don’t understand the sacrifices that it takes for companies to stay competitive and survive in the industry?

    You spent a lot of money? You bought over 100 games? So what. Most of the rest of us have done that too.

    You stayed loyal to Sony through the hack, huh? Wow, you deserve a medal of honor, ’cause nobody else around here did the same, right? Please…

    Just keep your PS3.

  • Primero Incognito said: “Sorry, I’m just not following you there.”

    Yeah, that’s quite evident…

  • @ harry poopers

    Wow, great counter-point. I’ve been completely destroyed.

    Seriously though, believe me, it’s a GOOD THING that I’m not following you. Nobody should, at least on this topic. I’m sure you have other talents worthy of admiration, but you’re in the wrong in this particular discussion.

  • I really like to thanks sony for give me 10$ voucher very nice present!

  • @ Primero:
    Yes, you’ve made such a compelling argument throughout your incessant ramblings thus far… Good job attacking the subject matter and making only one intelligible point; that you don’t want a backwards compatible PS4. Pat yourself on the back, tough guy- you’ve earned yourself Internet cred! Yet the fact remains that I, and plenty others I’ve had conversations with, would prefer a PS4 with at least PSN game compatibility. Not PS1, 2 or 3, just the network they continue to promote in this cycle and put front and center with their presentation of the PS4.
    So, Primero, I’ll eagerly await your next attempted character assassination and continued assertions of being “wrong.”
    Hugs and kisses,

  • :|
    Hopefully that’s a temporary tattoo….

  • The Gravity Rush pic is amazing

    BTW, can you guys put the Soundtrack up on the PSN. Golden Abyss and Unit 13 have their soundtracks up there…

  • Can you guys make these pics public on your flickr, pls?

  • I am so fragging honoured that one of my artwork is used in this post! Thank you very much Paul Sullivan for this amazing blog!

    For those who wonder which artwork is mine… Let’s say I was the photographer and put all the pieces together ;-)

    If you are interested in more pictures be sure to check out the website of the wonderful Rick Boer @ Deviantart and ofcourse my online portfolio @….. Then you guys have proof its mine!

    Once again! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Cynthia Veekens
    (oh no! I gave it away!!!!! xD)

  • And a note to Paul Sullivan (I hope you read this?)

    Is it possible to link my website aswell to the photographers (my) name?
    I would really appreciate that!

    my website is

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