PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here

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PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
UPDATE: The event in its entirety is now available to watch, right above this sentence. Relive the introduction of PlayStation 4, or experience it for the first time.

PlayStation Meeting 2013: it’s finally (almost) here! The festivities begin today, Wednesday February 20th starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Pacific Time)… and you’ll be able to watch live right here from this humble PlayStation.Blog post. Set those bookmarks and timers!

If you simply must leave the warm, soothing embrace of PlayStation.Blog, you’ll also be able to follow along live on, inside the virtual world of PlayStation Home, and even via your PS3’s Xross Media Bar — just look for it under the “What’s New” section.

If your busy, busy life can’t find time for a live video stream, then be sure to follow our livetweeting fun on Twitter where you can join the conversation using #playstation2013. We’ll be dropping a few key updates on Facebook and Google+, too, for those so inclined.

Please follow along starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time and share your thoughts in the comments below. And then come back to the Blog after the show’s conclusion for a full wrap-up of all the announcements. Enjoy with our compliments!

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  • Break the Walls Down!

  • here are some PS+ trial codes (one month each) to celebrate.

    Here is code #1: CE55-3NN7-E7DH
    Here is code #2: 4CD9-4AN8-QKFQ
    Here is code #3: ARKG-Q9N8-7PMR

    First come first served.

  • What do you mean ”via your PS3’s Xross Media Bar”? Can watch live it directly on my ps3?

  • Better not have amazing features one year then take them away a year later.

    Eventually there won’t be backward compatibility (at least no with all previous consoles), but this time around you owe us FULL backward Comp. After failing with PS2 on PS3.

  • It’s time!!!

  • I’ve never thrown/traded in a system, all the way back to my Atari 2600. If I want to play old PS games, I’ll play them on their native systems, which will be sitting within arms reach of my PS4, anyway. Forget backwards compatibility, it will do nothing but drive up the price on the new system.

  • All I can say is that if really the PS Orbis is announced today I hope it will be released in Spring 2014 or Fall 2014. I highly doubt if the new console was shown today a price would be revealed most likely that would be a E3 announcement. The PS3 is going strong in my eyes and with games like Beyond two souls, The last Guardian and The last of us things should be fine for PS3 owners.

  • I checked out some of the video from the “what’s new” section, which leads to a web link… and the streaming quality is pretty bad (particularly when compared to something like Netflix). I have a 50mbps internet connection and yet it seems to be in SD quality.
    Is there any way to change the quality of the video stream?

    I’ll try Home next and see if the quality is better, but just wanted to mention this as it doesn’t make a very good first impression, particularly given the high quality of other video streams like Netflix.

  • Here’s crossing fingers for the return of OtherOS functionality. Just kidding.

    @XFRod: Not everyone is a system hoarder like you ;) Seriously though, I’d like fewer bulky things in my small studio apartment, so backwards compatibility would be a huge plus.

  • Where in Home can this be watched… I haven’t used Home in eons. Is it the Theater section? You might be a bit more specific in your blog post….

  • @57 saab01

    so what? I mean even if it launch before it will not stop you for enjoying your ps3. Many ps3 owners are ready to switch to next gen… follow the evolution

  • Thanks Sony for the $10 gift! Cannot wait to see what you have in store for your Playstation fans!!!

  • Can’t wait to hear and see the news.

    Wanted to advise anyone in Canada with a PS Vita as well, Best Buy is selling the 32 GB memory card this week for 79.99 instead of 99.99.

  • Heres my official song for today :

    The Pointer Sisters – I’m So Excited

    LOOL !!!

  • Cant Wait!

  • @ Elsa, It should be able to appear under the “New & Recommended” or “Theaters” tabs.

  • Can’t Wait!

  • This is sorta exciting,wonder what the ps4 is gonna be like.

    Well my body is ready for whatever you throw ;D

    Also is it naive expecting the Vita getting a tiny bit of spotlight in this event?

  • Can’t wait for this event!! Looking forward to it!!

  • Looking forward to this one. I “hope” it’s the announcement for PS4, but you never can be too sure. I’ll definitely watch it live at 6pm.


  • Today is finally the day. “The moment of judgement”. Can’t wait.

  • What time is it going to be in Europe? I don’t get anything about those timetables

  • P…S…4…!!! Can’t Wait!

  • The stream better not mess up given the amount of people who are going to watch this

  • PS VITA price cut to 189.99 and memory card prices all cut by 40%. True gaming anywhere with across the board remote play from ps3 to ps vita.

  • Oh and thank you Sony for the $10 PSN gift voucher!

  • Should I add the Leeroy Jenjins call? Can’t wait to see what the main guys at SCE has to offer.


  • I tnink there should be different versions each with a different level of backwards compatibility.
    Elite with PS1, PS2, PS3.
    Advance with PS2, and PS3
    Standard with just PS3
    and a Basic model with no b/c except for PSN digital download.

    A Vita card port for games without cross play
    phone pairing so you can get and makecall with headset while playing
    Vita intergration
    Highly personalizing start screen. That includes fonts, font color, font size, photos as avatars, start music sampled from our library,
    bookmark icons for direct web page access
    Move included
    Superior graphics and sound

  • I wish this was happening either an hour earlier or an hour later. 6 Eastern is 5 CST and that’s right when I leave work and have to catch the bus. I won’t get home till about 6pm here. The last hour at work is usually pretty dead, and if it were an hour later I could just catch it at home (maybe miss the first few minutes or so). Oh well, I’m sure that it will be recorded so that I can just watch it later.

  • i cant wait gonna be EPIC

  • GOD OF WAR ASCENSION DEMO IS OUT FOR TEAM SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curious about watching it live in the XMB… Does it just open an internet browser window, or will I actually be able to watch it natively from the PS3 XMB?

    I’ll probably just watch it on my laptop hooked up to my TV, but not having to lug that over and find all the cables to plug it in would be nice.

    Meh, I’ll probably just watch it on my iMac anyways… -_-

  • I hope it is more than just ps4. I want a 64 gb card for vita for 100 bucks

  • My Question is If they do Reveal Ps4 will our playstation network account transfer into are ps4?

  • YYYAAAYYYYYY i didn’t get my 10 dollar voucher <_<

  • Today’s gonna be an special day!!!! plus God of War 4 rumours Holy “#%&&/%/

  • Just hope next gen console is packing powerful hardware + alot Ram and Vram but 100 times better software to make it shine bright. Download things while its in the background when playing games like system software update and ect.


  • Can wait. (too busy playing games to worry about videogame related stuff coming in November)

  • Can’t wait for this! Really hoping for backward compatibility with PS1, 2, and 3 though.

  • This is very exciting, I’m just wondering when do I see this event in mountain time.

  • Long time coming ! but hope it worth it !!

  • Finally all rumours can be put to rest and facts will awaken!

  • SO pumped!!!! lay it on me Sony!!! Im f’ing READY!!!!

  • How can anyone of us be the “first” to know?

    I feel like Sony insiders already know, making them first.

  • what time is it on if you are in ireland?

  • YES!! Can’t wait for it ahhh

  • cleversignin got anymore ? …. and come on sony wish yall gave me a 10$ Code aswell.



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