PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here

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PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
UPDATE: The event in its entirety is now available to watch, right above this sentence. Relive the introduction of PlayStation 4, or experience it for the first time.

PlayStation Meeting 2013: it’s finally (almost) here! The festivities begin today, Wednesday February 20th starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Pacific Time)… and you’ll be able to watch live right here from this humble PlayStation.Blog post. Set those bookmarks and timers!

If you simply must leave the warm, soothing embrace of PlayStation.Blog, you’ll also be able to follow along live on, inside the virtual world of PlayStation Home, and even via your PS3’s Xross Media Bar — just look for it under the “What’s New” section.

If your busy, busy life can’t find time for a live video stream, then be sure to follow our livetweeting fun on Twitter where you can join the conversation using #playstation2013. We’ll be dropping a few key updates on Facebook and Google+, too, for those so inclined.

Please follow along starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time and share your thoughts in the comments below. And then come back to the Blog after the show’s conclusion for a full wrap-up of all the announcements. Enjoy with our compliments!

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  • Can’t wait

  • Just like everyone.. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Love PlayStation!

  • – Backward compatibility for PS1 2 3.
    – Can play downloaded PSP games on PS3
    – Stream gaming from VITA (or release a VITA that has HDMI cable supported).
    – Built-in video recorder and screenshot taker.
    – No HDCP while playing games, please!


  • Hope there’s a limited edition reward for watchers on Home! Hehe

  • ***I mean… can play downloaded PSP games on PS4***

  • My body and wallet are ready.

    Sid, not that you have a lot of control over these corporate decisions, but Sony are making all the right moves lately (new advertising, Gaikai, selling off useless enterprises – T.V.s still need a good cut, but whatever), so let’s hope that they’re smart enough to launch FIRST. Before the Kinectbox 720.

    Keep that momentum going. I could see this being another PS2 era, if Sony play their cards right.

  • So exciting! Go Sony! Go PLAYSTATION!

  • I’m ready :)

  • Playstation! Gotta love it


  • It does the housework and dinner.

  • So I may be stuck commuting, what’s the best option for streaming this on my Android phone?

  • Awh Yeeeeaaa Don’t disappoint Sony ! High hopes, fingers crossed, Good Luck and whatever else people say !!
    Excited !!

  • Will be watching. Doubtful that I’ll be an early adopter, yet I’m interested in what sort of changes come with the system, not just hardware based.

  • Watching this in PS Home..

  • HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @6

    Vita with an HDMI port, that’s been done. Sony filed a patent for a new one with just such a thing. More than likely will also be announced tonight.

  • Please upload this event to the PS Store after its done. Like you do the E3 Press Conference.

  • Please oh Please make my Vita integrate better than it does with the PS3. Love my Vita but let us use it in better ways. Oh and bring KILLZONE 4!!

  • Hopefully the sky doesn’t turn black and the stars don’t start to fall from the heavens while this happens.

  • If this is the Playstation 4, I will buy 2! Long Live Play!!

  • This is it guys, i want to see the future of the Psvita, new vita game announcements, gaikai support on the vita, perhaps a new vita model too, and of course the ps4.

  • @Sid Shuman

    Will there be a download of the event soon after airing? It airs 1am South African time and I’d like to watch/download it tomorrow morning, will it be posted on the Playstation Store (like the E3 conferences on the US Store) or on Youtube?

    If so, any indication of when it will be posted? Please try and find out the answer for me

  • Kinda wish i woke up a bit late, so wouldn’t have to wait as much but, the free games should kill the time.

    Can’t wait! Let’s get the energy going. Hoping for some Vita announcements.

  • I hope I can concentrate on my classes today! Can’t stop thinking ’bout Sony!! “f(x) = Sony”

  • 20:00 no brasil

  • I’m already there!

  • I will not be able to watch live so I will check the blog later tonight to find out all the awesome news. Will a full replay be available tonight?

  • I don’t think I’m the first but, I KNOW.


  • The loyalty voucher is very much appreciated. It made the day of PlayStation even better. Thank you, Sony and PS Group. All the best during the PlayStation event tonight.

  • Probably a dumb question, but is the event going to be available after the fact? I won’t be able to sit down and watch it until a few hours after the fact.

  • sounds…interesting

  • Add cross game voice chat and other features xbox live has had for years in the next playstation please. I also hope the price is reasonable ($400) and it has backwards compatability to compensate for a potentially weak launch game roster.

  • Cash in hand Sony…. Your move!

  • @6 i’d actually like to play a couple Vita games on my HDtv through the new playstation. Would be great for Persona 4 golden and Soul Sacrifice when that arrives.

  • I hope its not the ps4 but instead a really awesome Playstation throwback anniversary console that will play PS1, PS2, and PSP games. I Love My Ps3 and think its just to early for Ps4. Let sucky Microsoft go first anyways so we can blow them out of the water lol

  • @40 The ps3 isn’t going to suddenly disappear once the ps4 arrives, so no need for them to delay it. There will still be plenty of ps3 support like there was for ps2 awhile.
    I like the ps3 but its missing some major things as far as networking goes. I’m hoping it will be a cleaner faster experience on the new console. And a far better psn store.

  • Aww, this is at 6pm on the east coast? I was really looking forward to watching at work. Today is my wife’s birthday so I’m gonna have to like, acknowledge her instead of watching the conference. Ah well!

  • My body is ready

  • Can’t wait! I really hope for a fact this is the release of the PS4, especially after the comment to Microsoft suggesting the opposite. Either go big or go home, literally.

  • Hey guys, will it broadcast to another regions of the globe?

  • Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh…… What’s Next? Faulty Motherboards, No USB Ports, Forget PS3 Games Like PSX & PS2? As A Owner Of The True PS3 Legend Killer 60GB, I Can Honestly Say This Orbis Or Marketing Virus Will Only Leave Consumers Wandering Why Continue To Purchase Consoles When Building A PC Is CHEAPER,FASTER,COOLER,And UNDER $600 USD. Links On DIY GAMING PC Are Fluent And Precise!

  • A few more hours to go. I will watch it live for sure. :)

    Please make the new console so great, that everyone will buy it at launch. I am hoping that Final Fantasy Agni’s Philosophy is one of the launch games. It will be awesome to have console games with that kind of graphics. And, I hope this time around no FF VII Tech Demo but an actual FFVII remake for PS4. lol

  • Sony, please, really really impress us.

  • I can’t wait!

  • I among other just really want the PS4 to have backwards compatability for PS1,2, and 3 and some good launch titles

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