Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale Today, Free for Two Weeks

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Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale Today, Free for Two Weeks

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to follow up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s win for “Best Fighting Game” at the DICE Awards (the awards where all of the voting is done by other games industry pros), with a gift to all the players that have supported the project from the start.

I hear from a lot of you guys, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently… but that wait ends today! We’ve got two new PlayStation All-Stars joining the Battle Royale: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. Any fighting fan will tell you how much it means to have new characters joining a game, but it’s even better because — as promised — these DLC characters are totally free for two weeks!

Wait, “free for two weeks” sounds funny… Does that mean if I download them, after two weeks is up I have to pay? Nope. You have a two week window to download the DLC. If you do, the characters are yours free, forever and ever. You can play them online, offline, upside down, or however you want.

After the two week window ends, the characters will still be available on PSN, but as paid DLC. Latecomers can still get Kat and Emmett for $4.99 each, but if you download them in the next two weeks, they are yours free forever. The only way you would have to pay is if you missed this free offer, but you’re reading this now, so you won’t have to be that person.

Okay, so free is cool, but what are these characters are all about anyway?

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Just like he did on out on the frontier on Dust, Emmett Graves depends on his tools to survive. Easily one of the most unique additions to the cast, Emmett brings Starhawk’s “Build & Battle” style to the fight, dropping down weapons and structures to help him out. He can drop shotguns, rocket launchers, new grenades, an AP-building Rift Extractor, or even an automated turret that tracks and blasts at opponents. If he powers up for a level 3 super, Emmett pilots a deadly Hawk mech, blasting opponents with machine guns, planting aerial mines, or crushing opponents under the Hawk’s feet, all leading up to a super-ending flying strafe run that lays waste to the entire stage and sends everyone running desperately for cover.

Kat is great for combos and prefers close combat, with more inspired ways to zip around the arenas than anyone in the cast. In addition to the kicks you’ll remember from Gravity Rush, she also has some crazy gravity attacks, like creating a small black hole to draw in opponents, or a burst to push everyone away, and of course one of the deadliest level 3s in the game. Kat teams up with her mysterious feline companion Dusty, uniting their powers to attack with frenzied claw slashes, a deadly lunge you can aim in different directions, and a massive black hole that kills anyone unlucky enough to touch its center.

Both characters come with everything that was included with the original launch characters, including a full arcade mode with intro, ending, and rival scenes, a second unlockable costume, an unlockable minion, custom backings and icons, taunts, intro/outros, theme music, and more.

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

In addition to the characters, there is also a new stage called “Fearless.” The fight begins atop a giant rock spire you’ll remember from Heavenly Sword, before crashing down into the second part of our mashup, where it literally collides with an electrified track from Wipeout. Keep your eyes peeled for cameo character appearances in Heavenly Sword’s scaffolding, as well as for the Wipeout racers that will send you flying on impact. You can play this stage for free in ranked online matches, but to play it offline or in player matches, it’s $1.99.

Coinciding with these new characters, we’re also proud to announce the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale $6,000 tournament powered by Major League Gaming. For more information on how to enter the tournament, please visit the tournament site.

So, to sum up:

Characters? Free, and yours forever! But only if you hurry and get them before the two-week window (that starts today) expires.

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  • Haven’t played PSABR in awhile, but definitely plan on downloading this for free and checking Kat!!

  • Guys i am not seeing the download at the Playstation Store…is there a specific time it will be there?

  • alright everyone whos saying “they r to much money” “thats a rip off” DONT BUY IT THEN why tell us here….go play ur call of duty. second stop asking “r they free” “do they come out today”…its in the post learn to read i hate it when theres all u ppl who just come here to complain about sony u dont like it go play ur x-box or wii i love sony u dont like it leave they mess up every now and then but they make up for it in free stuff like this and plus

  • Great news !

    What is the new update (549mb) about ?

  • So where is the DLC? Cuz it sure isn’t on the PSN Store guys. Pretty sure its the 12th too so someone please tell me what is going on here! How long will we have to wait cuz after the update is done I can see the characters but they are locked. Try to go to the store to unlock them and download the DLC and I get nothing. WTH!

  • loving the update.got any info on the next bunch of all stars to join the roster?

  • oh and another question will kat and emmet bring all the alternate costumes or do you have to buy them seperately?

  • I can’t wait until the Store update so I get t play as these awesome characters! I’ll also be buying the stage because it’s worth every penny!

  • i have updtae and get the carc but they appear with a lock and when i choice the it send me to the PSN and nothing happen anyone can help me

  • I dont mean to be a noob but i was looking on the PSS and i cant find where to download Kat and Emmet it wouldn’t let me on playstation all stars

  • Looks at second picture: “Emmett got his Level 3 in under a minute?! :O”

    lol, can’t wait to check them out!

  • liers where is my dlc characters!!!!!

  • I feel bad for Sony. They have to read the comments that you people post on their website. Seriously, who complains about free DLC? And the lack of 2 bronze trophies is hardly something to whine about….

    Thanks Seth, I’ll be picking this up later, along with Fearless.

  • What are the prices of the minions?
    I’ll buy them as long as they’re fair since they only appear on the stages for a few seconds.

  • i got the in the game but the are with a lock why how i get the lock out and when i select them they send me to PSN and nothing happens how do i fix this

  • not complaining just excited

  • Guys wait a few hours. The PS store hasn’t been updated yet.

  • u cant fix it exexx49 have to wait until the store updates

  • Why PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has failed? ‘Cause it’s not honor the PLAYSTATION STARS Name!

    Big Daddy IS NOT STAR!!

    Kat IS NOT STAR!!

    Emmet Graves IS NOT STAR!!

    Nariko IS NOT STAR!!

    Toro IS NOT STAR!!

    Fat Princess IS NOT STAR!!

    Parappa IS NOT STAR!!

    This game should be called Playstation NON-Stars Battle Royale!


    If Sony had listen us, this game wouldn’t be a FLOP!

    It’s s shame see characters like Gabe Logan that grew up with Playstation beeing ignored by Sony, and characters that are total shame are in the game!!

    Think about it Sony! Think about IT!

  • ohh ok tnks

  • how is parappa not a star anyone who had a orginal ps1 remebers parappa

  • Will Kat or Emmett bring trophies for finishing their “campaign” ? A little disappointed that the stage isn’t free or with some Plus deal, but for $2 its not too bad.

  • About the free stage “Fortress”….

    In order to play on it online for free, do we have to download anything from the Store? Or is it already included in the latest patch (but seemingly left out of the patch notes)?

  • Will be downloading them later today. I hope more characters and stages will be announced however. It would be sad if this is it.

  • Keep the DLC coming, can’t wait to see what Superbot works on next!!!!!!!

  • @72 You’ll be able to play the stage for free on Tournament mode but on offline mode it’ll be unavailable unless you purchase it.
    Also could you guys PLEASE add 1vs1 Ranking and Non Ranking mode. Lots of people want it as a mode.

  • I’ve got 3 chars at 999 (Toro, Big Daddy, and Nariko) and intend to have Sackboy up there soon… but I guess I could try & get Kat and/or Emmet up there if they interest me enough (I’m primarily interested in that stage though).

  • is the PSN finally update so i can get my 2 caracters or noot yet

  • I skipped out on this game due to the cast list. Some of them aren’t even playstation “All-Stars.” Still the DLC gives me hope we’ll actually see characters from Games like Legend of Dragoon. Would also be nice to see Jaster, kinda odd the game has Big Daddy which is a multi-platform character but does not have Dart.

  • @80 Some called it: Super Mario Smash Bros Sony version.

  • This is a game that every PlayStation fan should platinum!

  • @68 are you nuts? with the exception of Big Daddy all the characters you mentioned are PlayStation EXCLUSIVE. And Parappa not being a star? fool, he’s been around since PSOne, he was in a VERY popular game, and he is considered a PSOne mascot along side Spyro and Crash. Nariko and fat Princess have been with PS3 since darn near launch. Toro is the Japanese mascot for PlayStation.
    get your head out of your butt and do research.

  • I just wanna try to play the new characters but the game wont let me. I can go to the marketplace and theyre not there. If I load up PSASBR it will show the new characters but it will say “Press X to unlock.” I press X and it takes me to some form of the market place and when I’m there it wont let me do anything. Can someone PLEASE help me?!?!

  • @82 I applaud you good sir, good show

  • @82 applaud! and @ 83 u cant yet the store hasnt been updated yet just have to wait :P

  • does anyone know when the store is updating?

  • @75 You misunderstood my question.

    My question was, do we have to even download anything to play the stage at all, even online? Or is the data for it already included in the latest patch or something?

  • @83 and everyone else asking why Kat and Emmet aren’t there


  • Awesome! I can’t wait to play as Kat, and also I like that the new Maps are free to use on ranked match, definitely will be purchasing the maps though. :)

  • @87 as it says up there in the article, the “Fearless” stage doesn’t require to be bought if you’re going to play the stage online. However if you want to play the stage offline via practice mode, free battle, etc. then you would have to pay for it.

  • I am someone who has not purchased the game because I’m waiting to see some more Japanese characters announced as DLC (preferably JRPG characters) and also wondering if now that Sony Santa Monica is in charge, if there might be a way for a mode to be added that made it more like a traditional health-based fighter. As #49 was saying, at the moment, as someone who did play the BETA and has played over a friend’s place, it feels like your attacks don’t do anything at the moment. You basically just mash the other player until your super bar goes up and then if you do that enough times, you win.

    It would be much better if there was a mode where your characters all had health bars and each attack against you depleted it, with supers doing more damage than the other attacks (I do disagree with the supers should be instant kills idea, since that’s what they are now). At the very least, there should be a mode or an added option that allows players to play in that manner. The super-only way of winning was a very odd choice and not one I can say I enjoyed very much.

    On the other hand, I will be downloading today’s DLC in the hopes that future DLC/patches entice me enough to buy the game sometime soon.

  • God, reading some of these comments. Have some of you people never experienced game DLC before? You have to wait until the entire Store updates to download them!

  • dude this game is freakin awesome i love the game I would have like to see Darts, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and maybe even some Resident Evil Characters since these games have been around since PSone.

    Parappa is a star cause he is from the original Playstation
    I sort of hate the fact that big daddy is it in since originally Bioshock was made for Xbox 360 months before it was released for playstation 3.

    I would like to know the time when the Playstation store gets updated. I really do want the DLC for this game.
    as for those who complain about this game yeah i understand the bad things about it.
    So who cares if you think Super Smash Bros. is better and will never compare to PSASBR. I think this was a good try to use i am disappointed that they used the newer dante reboot version instead of his original self from the original DMC series of the game. However if they made a DLC costume that was the original Dante that would be cool. I am glad they have the Free DLC Characters. Hey the way i see it the more characters the merrier that would mean no sequel, but yet it can still be a good game for PS3.

    Thanks Sony for this Cool and great game Keep rolling Sony Brothers!

  • I have just played on Fearless now. It’s a nice stage, with an annoying wall that sucks up your Super when you touch it, after falling from the first platform

  • @90 Let’s try this one more time.

    I know what it said. I know we have to buy it to play it offline. But, in order to even get access to it ONLINE, for FREE, do we have to DOWNLOAD (NOT BUY) the stage from the Store first? Is the data for it included in the latest patch? Or will it automatically download if the stage is selected during ranked matches?

    (Seth, if you please…)

  • Thanks for making the first ones free.

    I hope we get to see more new characters/skins/lvl etc…

    Fun game.

  • @95 you just have to update the game, I didn’t do anything other than that before playing on the new stage

  • Awesome! Can’t wait till the store updates. Lv. 999 Kat/Emmett anyone?

    Really glad we get these 2 chars. for free – if we download em early of course. The lack of trophies & story doesn’t really bother me, they did say it was all bout the competitiveness this game would bring & watching the SCR tourney was intense. I just hope it makes it onto EvO this year.

    Aside from that, will we see some character changes being made? i’m highly wanting Jax to have abit more meter gain & slight changes to how his Lv.1/2 work.

    Anyone wanna battle, or practice? Add me.

  • @95 oooh I see what you mean now. No you don’t have to download it from the store. The data from the patch should have it installed already for online play. the user above you seems to have played on the stage already

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