Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale Today, Free for Two Weeks

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Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale Today, Free for Two Weeks

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to follow up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s win for “Best Fighting Game” at the DICE Awards (the awards where all of the voting is done by other games industry pros), with a gift to all the players that have supported the project from the start.

I hear from a lot of you guys, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently… but that wait ends today! We’ve got two new PlayStation All-Stars joining the Battle Royale: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. Any fighting fan will tell you how much it means to have new characters joining a game, but it’s even better because — as promised — these DLC characters are totally free for two weeks!

Wait, “free for two weeks” sounds funny… Does that mean if I download them, after two weeks is up I have to pay? Nope. You have a two week window to download the DLC. If you do, the characters are yours free, forever and ever. You can play them online, offline, upside down, or however you want.

After the two week window ends, the characters will still be available on PSN, but as paid DLC. Latecomers can still get Kat and Emmett for $4.99 each, but if you download them in the next two weeks, they are yours free forever. The only way you would have to pay is if you missed this free offer, but you’re reading this now, so you won’t have to be that person.

Okay, so free is cool, but what are these characters are all about anyway?

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Just like he did on out on the frontier on Dust, Emmett Graves depends on his tools to survive. Easily one of the most unique additions to the cast, Emmett brings Starhawk’s “Build & Battle” style to the fight, dropping down weapons and structures to help him out. He can drop shotguns, rocket launchers, new grenades, an AP-building Rift Extractor, or even an automated turret that tracks and blasts at opponents. If he powers up for a level 3 super, Emmett pilots a deadly Hawk mech, blasting opponents with machine guns, planting aerial mines, or crushing opponents under the Hawk’s feet, all leading up to a super-ending flying strafe run that lays waste to the entire stage and sends everyone running desperately for cover.

Kat is great for combos and prefers close combat, with more inspired ways to zip around the arenas than anyone in the cast. In addition to the kicks you’ll remember from Gravity Rush, she also has some crazy gravity attacks, like creating a small black hole to draw in opponents, or a burst to push everyone away, and of course one of the deadliest level 3s in the game. Kat teams up with her mysterious feline companion Dusty, uniting their powers to attack with frenzied claw slashes, a deadly lunge you can aim in different directions, and a massive black hole that kills anyone unlucky enough to touch its center.

Both characters come with everything that was included with the original launch characters, including a full arcade mode with intro, ending, and rival scenes, a second unlockable costume, an unlockable minion, custom backings and icons, taunts, intro/outros, theme music, and more.

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

In addition to the characters, there is also a new stage called “Fearless.” The fight begins atop a giant rock spire you’ll remember from Heavenly Sword, before crashing down into the second part of our mashup, where it literally collides with an electrified track from Wipeout. Keep your eyes peeled for cameo character appearances in Heavenly Sword’s scaffolding, as well as for the Wipeout racers that will send you flying on impact. You can play this stage for free in ranked online matches, but to play it offline or in player matches, it’s $1.99.

Coinciding with these new characters, we’re also proud to announce the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale $6,000 tournament powered by Major League Gaming. For more information on how to enter the tournament, please visit the tournament site.

So, to sum up:

Characters? Free, and yours forever! But only if you hurry and get them before the two-week window (that starts today) expires.

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  • I’m excited. :)

  • I’d love to see the stats on this game. I feel like there’s no one playing it :-\

  • Awww sick, can’t wait!

  • yea ! this was the post I’ve been looking for – was worried there would be a delay … I’m all in – will be buying the new level as well … I’m thinking this will be an All Stars MP weekend …. thanks for this great game ! can hardly wait to try out the new characters ….

  • Cool, but I’m a bit concerned about the future of this franchise since SuperBot is being dissolved. I understand that SMS is going to continue support for the game wtih more DLC, but what about PSASBR2?

  • so, are these characters gonna get trophies after they’re no longer free? Cuz I honestly cannot see anyone spending $10 just for 2 characters if there’s no trophies. At least add ones for them beating their arcade modes.

  • Yay! Gimme! (> >_

  • i just hope this is the first of many…i know superbot and sony “mutually” parted ways…whatever that means..

  • Thanks Sony and SuperBot for the free DLC and the great game. Just please continue giving us support/patches/characters now that SMS is in charge!!!!

  • @6 if UMVC3 players spent 10 bucks on 2 DLC characters, PSASBR players will do the exact same thing..

  • Wow I really love this new challengers coming in and the new stage looks awesome.
    Someone knows the time when we will be able to have all this on the store?
    Thank u so much!

  • How about those new minions we’ve been hearing about? Would love to get those too!

    $4.99 for EACH character is a ridiculous price. Im glad these are free. No matter how much I enjoy this game, I would NEVER pay that much for these or future characters. (If the $4.99 included both that would be reasonable)

  • What I meant to say was…YAAAYYYY.. GIMME GIMME! O_O

  • I cannot wait to play. The store should be updated in the morning. East Coast gets the short stick.

    Can’t wait for more DLC announced in March. Please let it be more characters.

    My guesses are Cloud Strife and Dart Feld

  • So amped for this. Hope there’re more characters coming to PSBR.

  • Do Kat and Emmett have 3 costumes like all the other characters? Or only 2?

  • YES! Cannot wait til store updates to try out Kat and Emmett.

    @Seth Killian: How involved will SMS get with Playstation All-Stars? Are we still looking forward to patches and DLC? I only ask because it wasn’t that long ago that Starhawk met the same fate (Devs are gone and SMS taking over) and other than a patch soon after, I don’t think I saw SMS do all too much for Starhawk. I would hate to see All-Stars slowly fade out. :(

  • If only all these additions came with more than 1 trophy. Kinda weak sauce on that front, literally no incentive to play with Kat or Emmet…

  • wait so we get the stage for ranked matches but if we want to play it offline we have to pay for it? thats stupid

  • What happened with Superbot? Why don’t you guys shed some light on what is going on? You want us to support a game that we know nothing on what is happening with the devs of this game? I want to hear it from the horses mouth. Also there is only 1 trophy for this DLC? What other characters are coming!?

  • Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine anyone…?

  • So the map is also out today? I assume you have to pay for it to unlock the one extra trophy it ads to the game. Why isn’t there a trophy for beating Kat & Emmet’s Arcade Modes?

  • Sweet! I’m so excited for this ^.^ I’ve gotten everyone to the hundreds area Except Nariko since she is my 999. Hopefully we get some new DLC soon along with this, also I have three questions for you. First do you have anything to say about the recent split up of Sony and Superbot? Will you still be working on PSASBR? can you give us hints on any character DLC that will be announced in March like any “key characters”? lol

  • Thanks, Superbot and Santa Monica for this. Kat looks like will be a blast to play.

    Speaking of Heavenly Sword, Mr. Killian, how is that ” faster loading & trophy pack” patch coming along? :P

  • In Europe so, may wait til tomorrow, but is there only the Fearless trophy (as seen on current PASBR trophy list) or are Kat and Emmett story trophies after download of them?

  • What about Unranked online matches? Is fearless playable for free on those as well or just ranked?

  • Also “Beat the Clock” is today 6-7PM

  • any new trophies?

  • Now instead of teasing the players just update the store and let us play

  • I just want to see the store Update……

  • i love kat thx for adding her

  • YEY finally! i’ve been waiting for this since day 1 of the announcement:) While waiting for more characters to come, playing as them two is gunna be a blast!

  • Well people shouldn’t complain about them not being free after 2 weeks!! like 2 weeks??? 3 DLC free for that long is a steal, and Omar did say you could download if you still don’t even have the game. Like its common sense, if you don’t have the game and might be planning o getting it download this content when its FREE and put it on later.

  • To the duds asking for new trophies, there’s a new trophy already on you lists since last saturday ” activate Nariko lvl 3 on Fearless”

    Nice update Seth, was expecting the Fearless lvl to be completely free for 2 weeks too, I’ll be downloading anyway.

  • I can’t wait :D

    Now, if we could get Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy or Wander from Shadow of the Colossus…..

  • i suppose i’ll get the dlc for whenever i decide to try my free vita version of the game. I traded in my PS3 copy because i was so disappointed and bored by the product. It was such a lazy developed game. From the low roster count to the lack of single player content.
    To compare this game to Smash bros would be an insult to even the first N64 game. I feel sorry for Superbot being dropped by Sony, but i’m hoping that now they can make something more original and way better than this.

  • $4.99??? way toooo overpriced… i can get a full final fantasy title discounted for a character DLC….

  • I dont1 say lazy developed but, it seriously have much less content than it really deserves, this game sure is fun but, a playstation tribute to fans? oh come on, we can’t even get a new stage for free, and we only got these characters for free for two weeks because the extreme lack of characters on the game, its really a shame to say this game as a tribute to fans like this…

  • so can someone tell me when the DLC will be up on PSN

  • Cool, thanks;) Will ‘Crash Bandicoot’ be coming to this game to in the future to??? It just seems odd not having Crash as a playable Character as he was my 1st PS1 favorite Original PlayStation person… er erm Bandicoot i mean :D (+ Maybe SNAKE & Lara to would be cool???) ;)

  • great! thank you

  • I already saw the update on my Vita, have it, and when I try and play the characters because I’m so excited I can’t wait? “BAM, I’M STILL LOCKED HAHA.” As well, it seems the in-game store is just completely broken, and I’m guessing it’s because I’m in Canada.

  • i get a update on my ps vita, so it solve the sound clip bug?

  • What’s the deal? You guys have said that the characters would come with everything that the other characters have. Where’s the third costume? Are you going to price it as separate DLC? When is it going to be released.

    I will probably be upset if the March DLC announcement is a costume DLC announcement.

  • I am glad they’re free DLC, but 5 bucks a character is too pricey for too little content. Maybe if they each had a stageand their own stories and trophies…

  • Stoked on this! Big ups to SuperBot and Santa Monica Studios. Best of luck to the SuperBot guys. I know tons of people that love and enjoy this game on a daily basis. All of us at reddit /r/PSBattleRoyale have been waiting for Kat and Emmett!

    Kat = Swagneto

  • Yessssssss cant wait…..Hope to see or hear about more characters next month….THanks guys for all the hard work….

  • As always! It is not on the fricking store! What does this mean, that we have to wait till’ 10:00 PM or what? Why does this always happen, I knew it wasn’t going to be there, why don’t you say it’s out when IT IS out already…or am I wrong? Cuz’ I don’t see it ANYWHERE!

  • This game is alright, but is there any chance gameplay will be tweaked so that the fighting is health-based and not solely super move execution based? It’s frustrating when you miss pulling off a super move, and it makes it seem that normal attacks and weapons are pointless apart from building up your meter.

    Consider this:
    – Normal attacks deplete health.
    – Weapon attacks deplete more health.
    – Characters are defeated when their health depletes.
    – Super moves are instant kill.

    This will open the door to more casual players who can revel in the joys of chance kills, which happens in first person shooters, thus making it more accessible. More experienced players will be more keen in avoiding attacks, and weapons and powerups will have even more value.

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