Celebrate Twisted Metal’s First PS3 Birthday With Series-Spanning Sale

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Celebrate Twisted Metal’s First PS3 Birthday With Series-Spanning Sale

Twisted Metal Birthday Bundle

Hey all! I wanted to drop by PlayStation.Blog to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Twisted Metal for PS3!

“What?!?” I hear you say, “The game’s already been out for a year?!?” Indeed it has! Crazy how time flies, huh?

Seems like only yesterday some of y’all were telling me I was an idiot for focusing the new game on three characters versus a larger cast like we did in the earlier TM games. Ah, good times, good times.

But seriously, on behalf of myself and the amazing Twisted Metal teams from Eat Sleep Play and Sony, please allow me to say thanks to all of the Twisted Metal fans who showed up to support this latest explosion of carnage and meaty gameplay.

While our online community is by no means the biggest in gaming, it’s so exciting to see that it’s very much alive and kicking. It’s easy to find games, and new players are hitting the scene each and every week. We’ve gone through a number of post-launch tuning passes, and other than a handful of annoying glitches we just can’t address (remote bomb transportation, anyone?), we feel the multiplayer in this new Twisted Metal (both online and 2-4 player local splitscreen) is the best it’s ever been!

So jump online this week a-…huh? What’s that you are saying now?!? You haven’t even tried the new Twisted Metal yet?!? And you! Yeah, the one wearing the Battletoads sweatshirt standing in the back trying to ‘blend in’. You say you’ve never tried anyTwisted Metal game?!? Well land sakes alive, you’ve done come to the right Twisted Metal PS3 Anniversary post! Check this out:

Starting later today, February 12th and running for only one week, PSN is running the following Twisted Metal sale:

  • Get Twisted Metal PS3 for only $29.99! That’s right, the latest and greatest Twisted Metal for PS3 is on sale for one week only at a super low-price that’s even crazier than Sweet Tooth!
  • Get Twisted Metal (PSone Classic) for just $4.99. Yep, the one that started it all is now for sale digitally, for the first time ever!
  • Get Twisted Metal 2 (PSone Classic) for $4.99 as well! For many, TM2 is the best in the series. If you dig splitscreen competitive gaming, this is the one to pick up!
  • Twisted Metal Black (PS2 Classic) hits for $7.99 and yes, it does contain all of the gruesome, sick, twisted, and disturbing movie endings! For those not in the know, Twisted Metal Black is the game that took the comic book, T-rated universe of the PSone-era games and steered it into the dark, sinister universe that we all know and love today.
  • And if you’ve got a real sweet tooth for car combat, pick up all of the above via a little something we like to call the Twisted Birthday Bundle, for just $39.99! Man, that’s a lot of depraved (but deep) vehicle combat for very little cash!

So there you have it. I hope you agree: PSN is throwing Sweet Tooth and the gang one hell of a birthday party! I hope you’ll be there to help celebrate some of the best car combat the biz has to offer (if I may say so myself!) And I hope to see you online with Twisted Metal PS3! It’ll be fun to kill you!

Oh and don’t forget: go to TwistedMetal.com to create your very own custom vehicle skins to take into your online battles and to download from the countless skins the community has already created and uploaded!

Stay Twisted y’all! And thanks so much – as always – for all of the amazing support you’ve given the series over the years!

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  • You wonder why the online community is so small?!?!? I tried to play last night and the same damn connection errors are plaguing the game. Eat Sleep Play shot their own game in the foot by releasing a faulty online product. Otherwise it would have one of the stronger online communities right now, because the game play was very solid and no one has a game like that now a days.

  • @50 are you planning to troll every article?

  • I bought the ps3 game for $20 last year new. no one playing online.
    twisted metal 3 is the best in the series and isn’t in the bundle

  • Online community is dead Jaffe. I can’t believe you released such a buggy online product. Its so sad because the gameplay was so amazing but you destroyed the online community by releasing an unplayable product. We couldnt form parties that worked, we couldn’t join games,w ehn we did we got disconnected. This still lasts even today. Absolutely unforgivable for such a franchise as this. You killed the franchise you started. We won’t ever see a game like this again thanks to this travesty. I can forgive the obvious mishaps in singleplayer (like forcing me to play Talon for the last segment of the game….dont even get me started on talon also) dont get me wrong i love the game, hate how you released a buggy online product. i could be playing awesome twisted metal matches online right now but there is absolutely NO community because it was too buggy for TOO long. Hell twisted metal black online worked WAY better day 1 than Twisted metal online ever did. pathetic.

  • Series-spanning but not all inclusive, TM3, TM4, TM Small Brawl and Twisted Metal: Head On are suspiciously absent. I already own all of these on disc but I’m tempted to download Twisted Metal 2 to play it on vita. Two things though, can we get some TM:HO support for vita and please never release TM3 and 4 digitally.


  • Wow at those prices how can anyone resist? Oh wait, very easily.

    No thanks.

  • I already have Twisted Metal Black. I bought the european version of Twisted Metal last year, which came with it in a digital download. Also, for those who don’t have it, it’s a great game (the best on the series, excluding TM 2).

  • Nice but it over price go to amazon cheaper .

  • Its quite funny how people complain about TM2012 or TM:PS3 game’s online being broken all the time, yes there are glitches, but I play almost EVERYDAY!! And as I look through all those comments I don’t recognize a single name 0_o .

    Not sure if this is the place to say it, but I will anyway. With a smaller community and fewer “lobbies” to join mean the connection’s to those games are going to be “harder to join” I recommend Everyone who does have issues with joining a game of Twisted Metal to check your routers and make sure it isn’t on your end that you can’t join the game. Not saying that it is the issue, but since doing a little “work” on my end I have had little to no issue connecting to games.

    Plus NEVER use the Quick Join function in this game, go to the server list and choose a game in-progress or a game that is close to having 6 players.

    Anyway just a thank you to Jaffe and All for Twisted Metal PS3, I have had the luxury of meeting some of the greatest Players in gaming today because of this game. and have developed Friendships that go beyond the Game. It is an amazing community, and a very very passionate one.

    We are still Here, and we are only growing stronger twistedclans.tk

  • I hated the ps3 twisted metal and this is coming from a guy who played twisted metal 2 and black religiously. I bought it the day it came out and played it twice. It has not aged well at all. To let 10 years pass without making one was way too long.

    $40 dollars for this is not a good deal either, I’d charge $20.

    How can you play twisted metal 2 on the vita when you don’t have L2 and R2 buttons? I couldn’t fire weapons

  • @ Ryumoaner

    Are you serious, moron? You, the biggest troll of all, calling someone else a troll?

  • Where’s twisted metal 3 ,twisted metal 4 & twisted metal small brawl what gives sony?

  • That sounds like one of the best deals EVER! Those games are amazing. I already own the disc version of all of those and the digital version of Black. I might wanna buy the digital ones of the PS One games. Just kinda’ wish the other TMs were available though, especially Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted Edition. Thanks Again

  • Why are vc games taking so long to release on psn acrossed ps3,psp & vita whats sony’s excuse?

    P.S..Nintendo supplied on demand on vc games & then some with little to no delay at all !

    Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

  • Uh,that’s great,I suppose. (?)

    Uh,where’s it at for the Vita? :(

    Hell,I’d LOVE to have the PS3 version as a dowload on PSN/SEN for my Vita. ;) :)

    Has Sony or Eat,Sleep,Play ever considered that one?Would bee a real boon for us Vita owners to see out here!

    How about it Sony/Eat,Sleep,Play?

    The Vita needs games and a shot in the arm here,you know?

    Make it happen!

    I’ll be the first inline and online to do a dowload of it my Vita. ;) :)

  • This is pretty cool, while I own the them already, it’s nice to see a franchise like this getting a sale/deal/celebration.

    Since I gave (supposedly to borrow lol) my copy of PS3 Twisted Metal to a friend, I might just grab the Digital version.

    Just wish the game wasn’t as big a download, but I can always find something to delete if I grab it. At least then I could MP with my friend instead of trading SP experience heh.

    Thanks Twisted people.

  • I think Twisted Metal 4 is the second best of the classics, will you ever release this one on PSN?

  • Really wish the Twisted Metal PS3 multi-player worked, when it does it’s my favorite multi-player game!

    Please continue making these games, I still think this game has huge potential with an online community. Lack of marketing and the online being broken really hurt this game. I would love to see this on the next gen playstation, or the Vita or both! :D

    Jaffe, I saw you mention that you wouldn’t mind doing a PSN version of Twisted Metal, I think that’s a great idea! Like how Insomniac did the Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault! They released a multi-player focused game with a short story with PS3/Vita cross-play functionality for $20! I’d love to see a Twisted Metal game like that!

  • Happy Birthday to the Twisted Metal series!
    I will have to skip on this bundle, since I still own my copies of TM2, TM:Black, and TM (PS3).
    I might have to get TM (PS1) at sometime though. Never owned it back in the day on my PlayStation.

    Thank you for posting on the blog, Jaffe. Can’t wait to see what project you give us next in the future.
    P.S. Thanks for standing up for games, against that bad reporter. Wish more people in the industry would stand up.

  • P.P.S

    @PS Vita owners. I feel bad for you guys. You’re constantly on your knees begging for anything and everything.
    I think that is why a lot of people are waiting for a price-drop/more games before they buy one (myself included).

    I didn’t get a PSP until it had been out for 2 years. By then It was cheaper and had a lot more to offer.

  • I want Twisted Metal 3.

  • @71: Like how PS3owners moan and groan over DLC out on 360? I guess they have nothing else to play… or they just want it.

  • @73
    I don’t think that is a good comparison. I don’t feel sorry for those people, because they just look bad.
    Either be patient and wait for the DLC to come to the PS3 — or — go buy a 360.
    Most GAMERS own all the consoles anyway. Fanboys just like to complain.

  • Hey David, happy anniversary for tm 2012!

    Wait. Twisted metal 1 is on PSN?!

    Was today the first day or was it released earlier?

  • I thought the PSone games were $5.99 regular price, so that means the sale is only $1 off?

  • I’ll only be getting the original TM here, but it’s because I already have TM2 and I bought the new TM on release (pre-ordered, actually) so I’ve got TM Black from that. And I have to say, I haven’t had a single regret. Sure, there were issues online but the offline game rocks so much that I was having fun either way! And I haven’t had a problem playing online since those first few rocky months.

    Thanks, Jaffe, for all you’ve given us!

  • Where is Twisted Metal: Head On…?

  • Twisted Metal Black is the only one I’m getting. That’s definitely one of my all time favorite PS2 games. Would’ve gotten Twisted Metal PS3 if it was more like Black. But after the direction it went and all the negative reception it got I steered clear of it. BTW I would like to see Twisted Metal 4 on PSN too.

  • Cool. Black is not only one of my favorite in the series but one of my favorite games of all time.

    Already picked up Twisted Metal PS3 the week it came out and it came with Black though so I won’t be picking up this deal.

    Good luck on your next project David Jaffee.

    Maybe a Twisted Metal MMO next? Gran Turismo like vehicle and weapon upgrades, objective/mission co-op raids both PvE and PvP, large parking lot size hangouts for guilds/gangs to meet, do stunts and build skills and strong smart npc’s to ride your vehicle and man weapons.

    And I also agree Twisted Metal PS3 would make a great addition to the Instant Game Collection.

  • @ 11 hotandserious

    I’m not sure if it would work for those games, but some psp games can be downloaded to a ps3, then transferred to a vita. I did it with Pinball heroes, give it a try.

  • This is super! I recently started trying to convert as many of my physical games into digital games as possible, for a number of reasons, and I had really not expected to ever see a sale on Twisted Metal. $10 is a really good discount.

    Also very much considering TM and TM2 for the PS1 Classics. I liked both games, and it’d be fun to have them on the Vita and PS3. The price is great though, so I will probably give in. :)

    Good job! Surprise deals are a lot of fun.

  • I’ve ignored Twisted Metal for a year?

    – God I hated the electric cage match mode in story mode so much I haven’t played it since –

  • This is absolutely ridiculous to bundle other games together just to sale TM PS3 version. I have played this game almost a year now and the problems have not been fixed. Us true TM fans do want more players but also issues to be resolved. Where you at Sony?

  • I bought TM2 for $5 because I remember it being fun. I’ve forgotten how hard it is.

  • I already own Twisted Metal 2, Black and Twisted Metal PS3 and just went to download the first Twisted Metal for PS1 but it is not there. Did I miss it? And is it coming out by itself anytime soon? Please…

  • Best Twisted Metal game was for the original PlayStation. You guys should release a Twisted Metal for the PlayStation(R)Vita.

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