PlayStation Home Arcade App Available Today For PS Vita

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PlayStation Home Arcade App Available Today For PS Vita

Since launch, PS Vita owners have gained access to lots of great applications on our new handheld, and we don’t have any plans to slow down. We’re rolling out a brand new app that brings many classic arcade games, along with a few new titles that were previously available only through PlayStation Home. We call it PlayStation Home Arcade.

PlayStation Home Arcade is available today and serves as a portal for some of your favorite arcade classics like Centipede, Asteroids, and Frogger. We’re also offering more recent titles, like Icebreaker and the very addicting Scribble Shooter, which was previously only available in PlayStation Home. The PlayStation Home Arcade app is a free download in the PlayStation Store, and you can purchase games from directly within the app, starting at $1.49 each. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering Ice Breaker, WipEout 2D and a demo of Scribble Shooter absolutely free!

If you’ve purchased any of the available titles as arcade cabinets within PlayStation Home, you can download these titles again on PS Vita at no additional cost.

The following titles are available today through PlayStation Home Arcade:

  • Icebreaker (Free)
  • WipEout 2D (Free)
  • Scribble Shooter (Demo available for Free) – $1.49
  • Frogger – $1.49
  • Time Pilot – $1.49
  • Asteroids – $1.49
  • Centipede- $1.49
  • Astrosmash Gen2 – $1.49
  • Shark! Shark! Gen2 – $1.49
  • Mad Blocker – $1.49

We’re constantly looking for new ways to expand PS Vita’s gaming and application offerings and giving you access to the best portable entertainment experience available, so we’re excited for you to check out PlayStation Home Arcade yourself. Let us know in the comments which games you’ll be checking out!

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  • its not available yet man it comes out LATER TODAY

  • @Lisatsunami ah hah! those are placeholder bots. They’re all avatars of funny looking people. You can tap them awake with a couple of taps, but I’ve never once seen a real user still asleep. I think this might be confusing people into thinking that wake up club is working as intended.

  • This is AWESOME news! Hopefully it’s a sign that PlayStation Home itself will SOON launch on the PS Vita. Or maybe we will get something new? Something that will be both on the PS4 and PS Vita. Something akin to the XBOX Live avatar service. I wonder where all the Doom and Gloom Vita haters are now? Would they like to own up on those bets now?

  • Coolness. Always good to see more vita stuff coming.

    @Squiggle55 It’s weird, the first couple times I used Wake-up club I was able to cheer on other real PSN users who were sleeping. Now these past couple of times when my alarm went off, everyone else was already awake, but it still said I was the first to wake up. And I agree about the alarm volume thing, I literally got out of my bed last night to go check and make sure my vita’s actual volume was turned up lol.

    And @Don another wake-up question, I’m not sure if it’s just me but, if I’m the last to wake up, I’m not able to click on anyone else’s avatar or send them a friend request, is that supposed to happen? I think they should make it where you’re be able to stay in the room as long as you want and maybe press a button or something to leave

  • i was wondering could yall implement google play store into the vita it self plz give me an answer

  • Classics never die. :)

    Losers like Ryumoau and Sevyne should just avoid the post if they’re not interested. Ah, who am I kidding, they can’t help themselves… they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

  • Hey Sony, and anyone that will listen for that matter. Can you fix the issue where I can’t have more than 100 apps on my PS Vita, this includes the apps that come with the system that should had been a bit more integrated, etc.
    I really like to have my PS Vita for the go, not the swap this, download that, finish this, oh no more room, delete this, delete that, oh, that too. download, and IT”S FULL AGAIN, AHHHHHH!!!!

  • This is pretty cool. Any chance PSV will get its own version of PS Home in the future?

  • I thought PS home was coming to PS Vita! -_-

  • @ Squiggle55 &BlueBl1zzard

    I have noticed the same thing with wake up club. Aside from the “yes” to start. I’ve been 1st 11 out of 12 times. So maybe the app hasn’t put me in a group of live people because of a low user rate, not to mention how many people are getting up at 5:45 am? Someone mentioned local people, I would have thought it tried to find folks who were logged in and wanted to wake up at the same time in GMT. Maybe that “yes” button is making the app not work correctly and all we are getting is bots.

  • PAC MAN pleaaase!? lol


  • @TwinDad I get up at 5:55 a.m. lol and sometimes there are a decent amount of live users. I believe it does look for people who are simply signed in who have their alarm set at the same time. I don’t think it’s only local as I’ve see some peoples’ profiles and they were Japanese PSN users (unless they just happened to have JP accounts and live near me).

  • In early Home days, there was a great Echochrome mini-game in the arcade in the bowling alley area. Is that included? The text adventure mini-game from Xi would also be neat.

    What about Cogs — it would be FANTASTIC to play with front+rear touch!

    Glad to see Scribble Shooter break free of PS Home :)

    Qore had a bunch of fun Lua games as well. Will those come to Vita as well?

  • This is awesome. I’d love to see more classic game I’d actually want to play though. I love Time Pilot and Asteroids. But how about Galaga? Or Gyruss? Or Pooyan, for that matter. Atari has a bunch of great games like Phoenix and Kangaroo.

    And maybe you could take with SNK or G1M2? They produced a huge number of SNK and Data East games via the Minis platform.

  • @ all w/ Wake Up Club concerns- I cannot get this app to work properly. It looks great & as an incentive to “wake up” earlier, oh wow- it’s like my brain does not want to disappoint the app… anyways, I’ll run it again tonight.

  • This is well worth the mention cool to see more support for the PS Vita, because it definatetly needs more suppport than it’s been getting.

  • Awesome!

    As for home app i would like to see some sort of app’S interactive with home real time, or manage items or home games etc with the Vita

    My biggest draw would be a app for navigator and the wardrobe (more so wardrobe) and use it as a quick changer so u do not have to stop talking to ffrienfds on the ps3 or mic chatting, just use the vita tto change clothes and when ur dne hit enter and ur avatar changes at the same time ^^ also a easy placement decor app :D andapp for friends for home speicifcally XD sorry is ound greedy but the wardrobe app would be cool or something to do with x7 anyways this is awesome i buy ^^ i hope to see more apps!

  • @56: You lost your privileges to call someone a loser when you decided to post here every single day in every topic where someone is not satisfied with your perfect sony baby.

  • Could you add a street mode for Near? I don’t have the 3G version of the PS Vita (hardly anyone does) and whenever I take the PS Vita with me, I have to keep on pressing the “Update” button so it saves the data from the areas where I have been. Would be great if Near did this on its own, every 10 minutes while on standby mode and with no Wi-fi connection. Moreover, with a street mode, Near can stop asking me to connect to a nearby Wi-fi hotspot and instead just save the location data to later sync when I get home.

  • I am hopeful that a new PS Vita update is coming soon to address some of its issues… the Facebook app could use some updating.

  • I’m glad we have something like this, but honestly these classics are just not being given enough love!

    Why not give us a virtual arcade on the PS3 where we can arrange cabinets the way we want and invite friends over to play co-op. They also should have trophy support since, let’s face it, once you’ve come to appreciate them it’s hard to play games that DON’T have them.

  • Enjoying it. Tested and you do not have to be online to play your games you bought. Awesome!

    Scribble shooter is surprisingly fun.

    Frogger plays great but the sound is weirdly quiet but other than its awesome Frogger.

    Asteroids default controls are unplayable. Figured out you can remap the thruster to up arrow. Would have been better on a trigger but it is still fun.

    Centipede’s sensitivity is super high. If you bearly touch the stick it move all the way across the screen. Still fun.

    More games please!

  • Also to comment on Ice Breaker – it is fun but it is a little to slow. A difficulty mode would have made the breakout clone better.

    Wipeout 2D would have been better if I have never played Motorstorm RC. Playing Wipeout 2D just makes me want to play Motorstorm RC or Wipeout Vita.

  • Add Joust and I will love you forever.

  • Utterly fantastic!

    first started rolling quarters into space invaders in 79′ – and never stopped until the demise of the arcade.

    Already bought Time Pilot, Asteroids, and both Intellivision games.

    Of course I have a PS3, but I do most of my gaming on the Vita.

    Most wanted game for the vita would be the original Vanguard by SNK (not Vanguard II or any other flavor). My best
    friend and I would play at the arcade after school for hours on a single quarter – which probably did not make the owner happy – then again – at that age I was oblivious to such things.

    Would also love to see some Vectrex games especially Mine Storm; also from Intellivision – the classic Space Battle; from the Atari 2600 – the original Superman game (I know the license is probably a problem – but one of the best games ever made for that system); and last but not least an authentic port of Star Raiders from the Atari 800.

    Sony please buy Atari NA & Infogrames and own the intellectual property of most of the greatest arcade games ever made.

    Best wishes to future success and thanks again.

  • When will spyro come to Vita as a Ps-one classic??

  • any news about ratchet and clank: full frontal nudity on Vita?

  • Joust
    Moon Patrol
    Ghosts n Goblins
    Kung fu master

    Most Bally and Williams published games.

  • I was waiting for Night Stalker… is that game coming, too? retro intellivision fan here

  • I bought Astrosmash but it won’t show up in the app and the PS Store won’t let me download it. How do I make this not-happening start happening?

  • Hi SCEA!

    Kudos and Thanks for this, really nice to see more love for the Vita. Vita games for everyone!
    Will try to browse and pick up some games from here.

    Just one quick question which hopefully you can answer.. (even positively or negatively)

    Are the PS Vita Apps, Ecolibrium, Imaginstruments and T@G coming to NA PSN store? A lot of players are waiting for these incredible free apps for their vita! Hopefully it will. :)


  • Nevermind, it showed up. Weird.

    And I agree with sciteach, I’d buy the hell out of Night Stalker. And Thunder Castle.

  • you guys should add tbe full playstion home to the psvita

  • when will the social media part of ps home be available on vita?

  • Anyone else having a problem going to purchase the games through Home Arcade…? I try going to purchase the games and it doesn’t do anything. It just sits there. Help, please?

  • SCRIBBLE SHOOTER! Thanks for this app!

  • Would love to see pshome come to the Vita..Some more cool apps would be nice too.. A Dropbox app would be cool :)

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