Metal Gear Rising Gets Exclusive VR Missions on PS3

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Metal Gear Rising Gets Exclusive VR Missions on PS3

Metal Gear Rising VR Missions

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is, in essence, a best of both worlds. Combining the top-notch action expected from the over-the-top experts at PlatinumGames combined with the deep storytelling and rich narrative of Kojima Productions, it plays to all its strengths. It is a return to form for some, with such classic Metal Gear appearances like Codec calls, Metal Gear Ray, High Frequency Blades and the titular character, Raiden, but infused with new elements like new villains, new allies, and the much-anticipated Blade Mode (try it out now in the demo available on PSN).

But what I’m excited to unveil today should be an old favorite for any Metal Gear fan, PlayStation-exclusive DLC VR Missions! Adding 30 all-new missions to the game, featuring that classic VR/Virtual Reality look inspired by the original Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, the pack is pure, uncut gameplay that pushes Raiden’s Cyborg body to its limits.

Metal Gear Rising VR Missions

Metal Gear Rising VR MissionsMetal Gear Rising VR Missions

Featuring a mix of combat training, tactical maneuvering, stealth-based approaches and more, these missions will both provide practice in which to hone your skills in original stages not seen the in the game’s campaign, and feature an eclectic mix of challenges that any veteran of METAL GEAR SOLID 2: Substance or METAL GEAR SOLID: VR Missions would come to expect. And, in an interesting twist, you’ll be able to take control of the much loved/hated Dwarf Gekko in the VR Missions.

I look forward to seeing your best combos and highest scores on our official MGR Facebook page and Twitter page! And don’t forget to take the blade into your hand and Cut What You Will, starting February 19th!

Pre-order now and receive the exclusive Cyborg Ninja skin!

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  • Pretty cool. Sort of like the additional vr missions for MGS2. I absolutely loved the demo. Can’t wait for this game. Platinum makes some great action games.

  • I really love thecombat systaem, and the parry/evade methods. I like how it is not very automatic. it keeps me focoused and mentally involved. I really appreciate how rewarding things feel. i like how this game seems like it will take some time to master and appreciate fully. I wish Platinum would make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, it would be so crazy and fun!

    I have never been so excited for a video game ever. This is everything I have wished for in any video game, and so much more! Also, I have wished for a Metal gear game as a cyborg ninja since MGS1 came out, so long agao. This is my dream come true in video games. I like how things hgave a somewhat MGS1 feel to it, even though it is an Action game. Incredible job. I am reluctant to admit it, but I think I will enjoy this more than the amazing Mr.Kojimas masterpieces. I am in awe of this incredible work!

  • Can you quickly change the Sub-Weapons without having to enter the menu every time on the final version?

  • “Solidus approves! Raiden is even better than snake! seems like S.O.L did it’s purpose…everything’s going according to plan” said the dead Solidus.

    Anyway Question: Will there be a collectors edition with an artbook included? Coz I’d totally be interested in Yoji Shinkawa’s work

  • I’m sorry Dolton but this doesn’t make any sense at all. You say the DLC is available for everyone and exclusivity for North America,. Which one is it?

  • Do VR missions have unlockables and/or leaderboards? What kind of things will be customizeable on Raiden? Does Konami/KojiPro/Platinum plan to make this a series on it’s own? I would wish for this so much! I have such a big love for all MGS games, and this is something new and refreshing. I w would like very much to see MGR and MGS both stay as very strong series’ for a long time. Such incredible art and brainpower! I am in so much awe. If not for MGS games, and Platinum too (my recent interest being LARGELY due to thier involvement in MGRR, amazing developers!) I would not be playing video games any more, I don’t think.

  • So, if the VR missions are only exclusive to PS3 in America, does that mean there’s a likely chance of it being on Xbox over here in Europe?

  • Ok, thanks for your answer Dalton. So my take on it, this only effects the PS3 DLC right? And if so, are other countries getting this at a later date?

  • MGS PP for Vita?

  • If it’s okay with you sir can please elaborate more about the weapon system? I know some guys that are sill on the fence about this game because of not knowing how the weapon system works. Because the weapon system is still in the shadows, they are thinking that it is somehow shallow. I know this will be revealed on Reviews and it will be too late to pre-order by then but if we can know about this earlier then somehow we can convince them to pre-order the game. The weapon and skill system is a very big part of the overall gameplay and needs to already be known at this point. You don’t have to reveal specific weapons and skills sir or any other spoilers just kinda teach us on how the system works. Since this plays a big part on how deep the combat system is.

  • Hey dalton,
    I don’t know if u work for Konami or platinum but, if you do work for Konami, please tell the higher ups to release portable ops on psn ( vita compatible ). You do that and you have a guarantee sale right here.

    Ps got this game preordered already and can’t wait to play.

  • Why is the metal gear rising Limited edition Steelcase not the size of PlayStation games cases?

  • I concur with many fellow posters. Please allow Portable Ops to function on the Vita. I bought it when I got a Vita thinking it would work, but alas, it does not.

    I would truly appreciate it. Thank you!

    Greatly looking forward to MGR.

  • I’ll wait for the reviews on the PS3 version before picking it up, since I’m a little worried about Platinum Games track record with PS3 development (ie Bayonetta).

  • I have pre-ordered this game and I am very excited. I suppose I must be asking unanswerable questions. It is no matter, this game has already met and exceeded every expactation. The demo itself is highly addicting! I live in Denver, so I am double hyped! I really am very curious about the VR mission rewards in particular, but I can wait and see I guess. I have already gained valuable insight thanks to your replies of many other questions people have. I am especially thankful, Mr.Dalton!

  • Looking forward to this game!

    Any news of Zone of the Enders Vita? You can find a really clear Vita logo in this trailer from TGS 2011 with Kojima on stage so it has been announced:

    Why haven’t we heard about it for long?

  • @Grognardt66: The Bayonetta PS3 debacle was Sega’s fault, not Platinum’s. Sega ported the game poorly. After that huge issue, Platinum made PS3 their lead development platform, so that the PS3 version of all of their games would be the basis for the 360 version.
    That’s why Vanquish and Anarchy Reigns are basically identical on PS3/360, with PS3 versions having slightly better cinematics due to uncompressed video (this is also visible in the MGR demos on PS3/360, where the PS3 version is 3.8 gigs due to uncompressed cinematics, while the 360 version is 1.8 gigs because of the compression).

  • Dalton you make this happen and I’ll name my first born after you haaaaa thanks for the reply.

  • I’d love to see MGS Portable Ops on Vita. I gave up hope a while ago. It’s the only MGS game I can’t play on my current-gen consoles, and I’d really like to catch up on the entire story before Ground Zeros and Phantom Pain come out.

    I (and many other MGS fans) will give you money for this. Please make it happen!

  • Are the exclusive pre-order DLCs being released as normal DLC later on?

    Here in Brazil we have 2 versions available for purchase but it seems to be a catch 22 situation, to be quite honest…

    There’s the Standard Edition for R$199,90 with the Gray Fox DLC which is great. BUT…
    There’s also the Limited Edition for R$199,90 (same price) with the Steelbook case and the Inferno Armor, which despite looking great isn’t as cool as Gray Fox, since his blade also seems to have different properties (it has a chance to cut people)…

    So what should we do? Are we getting the Gray Fox DLC as well as the Inferno Armor DLC in this Limited Edition of ours or do we have to with the standard package for it and not get the version with the awesome steelbook case?

    The real question is: Will these DLCs become available later on for purchase or can I say bye-bye to the one I don’t get?

    I’m really sad at the possibility of not getting one or the other…

  • Will details regarding the MGS4 skin DLC for North America be revealed soon?

  • @69: shmyazoo2

    I’ve seen some of the Kotaku Brasil’s guys talking about this on twitter and it seems the Limited Edition comes with both the Gray Fox and the Inferno Armor DLCs.

    I sure do hope so, let’s see if we can get any confirmation about the pre-orders in Brazil, right Mr. Dalton?

  • @Dalton Link:

    Will Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance have online leaderboards?

  • @Guerra-R

    Oh I hope so, man… I take it you’re a fellow brazilian, right?

    I asked the Saraiva store online department but they said they didn’t know, that what was in their store page was the only information they had so far…

    I got the Steelbook case pre-ordered even though I REALLY wanted Gray Fox, mostly because I believe Gray Fox and the Fox Blade are so unique and well designed that they wouldn’t leave them as pre-order bonus only. If what you said is true, I’d be extremely happy.

    Well, waiting to see if Dalton can clear this up for us, if possible.

  • Another reason to get this awesome game!!

  • Screw VR missions… seriously… those were the most awful and repetitive part about platinuming MGS2

  • are the any upgrades in this game or no? cause i dont want to get a game were your stuck with what you start off with.

  • And btw guys… Block and attack should not be the same button. Trying to fight that way is such a tremendous pain. When I found out it played like that… I’m honestly, for the first time EVER considering not buying a Metal Gear game

  • @78 – Sorry that you’re bad at the game. Myself, I have been practicing since the demo came out. I now can beat the demo without a single death and can take down the demo boss, through parrying and the block slash, in less than three minutes.

  • @77 – If you listened to the Codec conversations, in the full game, you’ll be able to buy upgrades from Her Doktor.

  • So Exclusive means only one market and we have to pay…………..

    Guess I will wait…..Controls didn’t hook me

  • An early reviewer stated that he found collectibles that netted him some VR missions in game. Is this still the case, and this DLC expands on that, or have the VR missions been changed to DLC only?

  • I would of preferred you developing the game exclusively for PS3’s obviously superior hardware, just like MGS4.

  • Finally the loyal Metal Gear fans are getting something.

  • Can i get a yeeeaah lovin the extra goodness for the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ive played the demo it was amazing i cant wait for the game to come out. how many different types of weapons do we get to use in the game.

  • I don’t know if you’ll see this Dalton Link, but it would be cool if you can let Konami / Platinum or whoever know that it would be appreciated if they allowed the option for white blood or red blood, and to have the in game music option with lyrics or completely instrumental (even if instrumental verions of the music was an unlockable for beating the game at least once). Last thing, I think this would make an awesome costume, following the somewhat traditional Metal Gear awesome trench coat look, and Red Gray Fox would be awesome too
    Don’t know if its in the game but heres hoping Stealth Camo is there to complete Gray Fox! Cant wait, this game is going to be amazing.

  • @dalton
    Why is the metal gear rising Limited edition Steelcase not the size of PlayStation games cases?

  • Already pre-ordered. You had me at Platinum Games.

  • I had already pre-ordered as a huge metal gear fan, but that demo was awesome, played through that thing so many times. Feb 19 is almost here

  • Any chance we can get the original MGS: VR Missions on PSN?

  • Cool, but I’ve always wondered why the original MGS: VR Missions has not been added to the PSOne classics list?

  • awesome stuff :D

    glad VR Missions is still a staple to the MGS series :P

    can we have MGS4 VR missions as well!!!

  • Really enjoyed the demo few weeks back, specially the whole sword mode mode. Going to soo enjoy cutting the enemy into hamburger pieces.

  • Let’s get the original PS1 Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions game on PSN.

  • To #35, the White Raiden skin from Metal Gear Solid 4 is only available for pre-orders at the GameStop in Universal City, California where Konami is going to be for the midnight launch.

    The Yoji Shinkawa artbook is awe-inspiring, he actually altered his style in minuscle ways, reflecting how this is a bit of a departure from the classic formula to Metal Gear like other departure titles, such as AC!D.

  • I was skeptical about Rising since i first saw it, but as soon as I played the demo I immediately fell in love. I hope this is gonna be a day 1 digital release.

  • I really did try to like this game, I’ve been a fan of Metal Gear since the original, but I just can’t have fun with this game. I have two big problems with this game. One is the weapon select screen. This works for a Metal Gear Solid game but just feels out of place in a fast paced hack and slash game like this. And the second problem is the parry system is far too forgiving. I literally beat the boss in the demo doing nothing but pushing forward and square at the same time and didn’t get hurt ONCE, that is not good. I still got faith in Kojima Productions though so bring on Ground Zeroes!

  • You know i wish they would a DLC of a alternate story when Vamp comes back as a cyborg and fights Raiden. That be cool you know.

  • @ ShinTetsu

    That statement I made about the demo having a miniboss with unblockable attacks was sarcasm, although I couldn’t block the attacks to save my life. The problem is that the parry function doesn’t work as advertised. The parry wouldn’t work on command but maybe one third of the time, even when repeatedly attempting it with perfect execution and timing. In other words, the function is broken.

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