God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

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God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

We have some exciting news, fellow Spartans! In celebration of God of War: Ascension hitting stores March 12th and to commemorate one of our most popular and epic franchises, we’re releasing a limited edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle for our die-hard fans!

For $349 (MSRP), this bundle comes complete with a 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 system, the entire God of War storyline including God of War: Ascension and God of War Saga (which includes all five of the previous games from the franchise) and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can get your hands on this collector’s bundle when it hits stores on March 12th.

The Limited Edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle is a must-have for series fans. You can experience Kratos’ epic story with a stunning Garnet Red PS3 system, whose color is inspired by Kratos’ signature tattoo. The 500GB of storage is perfect for all of your games, movies, music, photos and more.

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

The complete God of War game collection allows fans to relive their favorite series moments with the God of War Saga, which includes God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and God of War: Origins Collection, comprised of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

The collection also includes God of War: Ascension, the newest addition to the franchise and a prequel story that introduces fans to a Kratos they’ve never known before. Ascension boasts a host of enhancements to the single-player experience, with new gameplay mechanics and combat systems, and also offers the franchise’s very first multiplayer experience.

Let us know what you think of this bundle in the comments below. Will you be picking it up?

*This article was updated on January 31st to clarify the price of the bundle ($349).

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4 Author Replies

  • Ok so you want me to buy yet another game from you do you?

    Well first tell me what you are going to do with the games under your command which I already own.

    Most recently is Starhawk. You guys hold the reins, but forget this game and you can forget any future sales to me.

    Why would I buy something from a company with a history of pure neglegence to the games they hold in their palms?

    At this point all Starhawk needs is some more user freedom. Let us create custom servers and select which B&B items will be in the game. Also saving the server rotaions would be a nice touch.

    These are simple fixes and dont effect game balance or require much work to implement.

    Make me proud and I will continue helping to make you rich.

    With the Christmas influx Starhawk has seen some cash recently, dont spend it all in one place.


  • Nice color, too bad it’s spoiled by a Bundle. Can’t we get a color for once and not have it tied to an overpriced bundle?

  • not feeling the new ps3 nor the color..but i will be getting the GOD of WAR Ascension collectors edition..just wish i knew how the OFFICIAL STATUE LOOKED LIKE >:/…i guess i can SLICE and DICE the time with Metal Gear Rising :p


  • Man I just got the new white super slim. I love the new look of the super slim. The regular slim was butt ugly. I so want this red one now -_-

  • I believe that if you have already bought a new super-slim 500GB system there should be a way to do an even trade. Just saying cause I really want this red one because God of War is one of the best game series out there and the red is pretty badass. I’m not sure about the $349 price since I already have evrything included except Acension and I’m getting the collectors edition of that.

  • I wish the PS3 was crimson red and not garnet red.

  • After 8 years US finally gets a non black/white ps3?

    *holding chest*

    Gahhhh my heart!!!

  • but seriously, at least u guys seem to have a clue now. Well done Crystal MacKenzie, not bad honey :)

  • Ok, this is a big step in the right direction, but let me say again, “Would it kill you to put out a purple PS3?!!!!” There are a lot of female gamers now and we like pretty colors.

    I might trade in my 120 boring black slim for this, though. Maybe not since I’m too lazy to keep moving that top and manually put a disc in and out. But if it was purple I would work through my general ennui.

  • Crystal MacKenzie.. combo of Crystal Pepsi and Spud MacKenzie?

    Red is ok I guess but I wish we had a blue or dark purple one, that would be awesome!

  • If anyone wants that Garnet Red super slim separately, or a Azure Blue super slim, both are currently up for pre-order on amazon.co.uk, if u don’t mind importing from Europe and paying UK prices :)

  • This is cool but ever since red and blue was announced for Japan I’ve wanted the blue one.

  • CMON!!!! I cant just BUY another PS3… I already have 2!! Can’t activate more than 2 Consoles to play games… Not 5 like it used too! Bring it back to 5 consoles!! I was thinking about selling one of them since it has corrupted data that seems to never erase, no matter how many corrupted data delete methods I follow from y’alls support guys. Anyway… Great Bundle!! No price shown though… Sketchy!

  • @32 It just looks pink due to the lighting, the description says Crimson. I’d totally get this if I didn’t already have the GoW Saga and didn’t already upgrade the HD on my ps3. New PS3 looks… not very sexy.

  • I take that back… The Price is posted… I meant to write, No likee the price shown though… Now I’m Sketchy!! LOL!!

  • $349???

    Dear Sony,

    Please get your head checked. I know you are being pressured by shareholder to make a profit, but a forced bundle at a really high price is not going to help your sales.

  • @ UnholyBahamut

    lol its not pink!

    but i will say that its a rather poor shade of red chosen here tbh ….My Scarlett Red original PS3 slim (2012) is a deeper, classic Ferrari shade of red, and suits GoW much better than this.
    Plus the shape and ultra cheap construction of this new super slim also makes the garnet color look even worse.

  • SONY can you PLEASE stop making new PS3 colors, how about making unique designs?

  • This is a h** of a deal.

  • @Crystal MacKenzie,

    Now what do we have to do to get this garnet red and the azurite blue PS3s made available stateside permanently? Those and the cosmic red and sapphire blue Vitas?

    Please let your superiors know that we have demand here as well.

  • I really wish these PS3s had happened much sooner in the lifecycle… I was awaiting a unique PS3 bundle with God of War 3 and nothing happened. Hopefully this changes with the next console :)

  • Should have been a year of plus, not 30 days. Value proposition isn’t very good with this TBH. If it was $299 sure, but at $349 plus should have been a year.

  • i guess this is only for the US ?
    why europe dont get these deals and colors choices,dont understand…

  • @Souga_Houjou_Jin – The US is only now starting to get these limited edition PS3s. Japan has gotten them for years and, after years of begging… we’re finally getting them.

    Just a shame they didn’t have one for Uncharted 3. :(

  • ‘Garnet Red PS3’? It should be ‘BLOOD Red PS3’ :D

  • + SONY why haven’t you released in the US the cheaper 12GB PS3 for? I really don’t get why not? It would boost sales & maybe overtake Xbox 360 sales ‘monthly’ in the US. It seems like SONY don’t want to for some reason? Hmm…baffling… :D

  • Sweet deal but I would rather like to see a blue or a white edition bundle up with the Last of Us that would be awesome..

  • oh gawd *.*

  • what is sonies email contact???

  • Will amazon carry this console

  • I’m not a fan of non-black consoles, but that looks quite good. I just wish I could afford to get this, since my now out-of-warranty PS3 has fell victim to YLOD.

  • YAY! After years for waiting and hoping- A RED PS3!
    Next stop: Cosmic red PSVita! MAKE IT HAPPEN, SONY!

  • Im getting a job this summer. so i was planning to get a regular 160 gb ps3. (sharing one with my brother right now) but instead imma get A RED PS FREAKIN 3!!!!!! STEP YOUR GAME UP WITH PSP. NEVER STOP PLAYING WITH PSVITA. IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING WITH PS3. GO CRAZY WITH PS4(CODENAME: PS ORBIS) LONG LIVE PLAY!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah the red and blue vita colors (and a lot more) should come to AMERICA ALREADY!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.


  • This is extremely very exciting to be a new and returning PlayStation user. It kind of stinks that they finally started releasing more colors for the PS3. But never the less an excellent and exciting time for PlayStation Fans.

  • Is this some sick joke or something,Sony finally understands that North America likes colors as well.It’s about freakin time.But on another note what marketing is going on for PS Vita which is still struggling outside of North America.

  • I am so getting this. Nice.

    I have a question though. Please tell me the games come in actual boxes. I don’t care if they say not for resale on the bar code, I just want actual boxes man. ;)

  • I don’t like it… the color or the new design.
    I’ll stick with my Glossy Black ‘FAT’ PS3… 5 years old and going strong. ^_^

  • Slick looking machine, but you couldn’t pay me to play a God of War game.

  • any blue ps3’s in the near future

  • I think sony as made great improvements over time it’s online game libary is starting to make xbl look like a gimmick they better keep it free or i’m gone nobdy should have to pay for online. But besides that thisnew design is okay with me i think it looks like a hybrid of the slim and fat ps3.

  • Can i get this bundle at The Amazon US ?

  • ok now I’m pissed. I just decided a few days ago to upgrade my 60GB PS3 [160GB] to a 750GB drive because my 160gb was full. Thought about a new White PS3 but said nah, if it was red I’d just buy a new PS3 and retire my Launch console. Well just 2 hours ago I slapped in the 750GB drive and started downloading content… RawR~
    do love it though. still not a fan of this version PS3 but it is badass like Kratos himself…..

    Regarding the sorting of content. It still baffles me and irritates me that we can’t sort content alphabetically in Content Folders [ie: PSN, PSP, PS1]. Come on Sony, it can’t be that difficult…

  • Any chance for a candy pink ps3?

  • I would love to see a gold one to mach my controller

  • Why does the superbowl commercial have the headset on the box? Pretty misleading.

  • If only I had the money for this,if it wasn’t health problem and the economy I would buy it.
    Need a new ps3,still have the one I got since day one.

    Sony knows how to make there console last/strong ,I say.

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