God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

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God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

We have some exciting news, fellow Spartans! In celebration of God of War: Ascension hitting stores March 12th and to commemorate one of our most popular and epic franchises, we’re releasing a limited edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle for our die-hard fans!

For $349 (MSRP), this bundle comes complete with a 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 system, the entire God of War storyline including God of War: Ascension and God of War Saga (which includes all five of the previous games from the franchise) and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can get your hands on this collector’s bundle when it hits stores on March 12th.

The Limited Edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle is a must-have for series fans. You can experience Kratos’ epic story with a stunning Garnet Red PS3 system, whose color is inspired by Kratos’ signature tattoo. The 500GB of storage is perfect for all of your games, movies, music, photos and more.

God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle

The complete God of War game collection allows fans to relive their favorite series moments with the God of War Saga, which includes God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and God of War: Origins Collection, comprised of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

The collection also includes God of War: Ascension, the newest addition to the franchise and a prequel story that introduces fans to a Kratos they’ve never known before. Ascension boasts a host of enhancements to the single-player experience, with new gameplay mechanics and combat systems, and also offers the franchise’s very first multiplayer experience.

Let us know what you think of this bundle in the comments below. Will you be picking it up?

*This article was updated on January 31st to clarify the price of the bundle ($349).

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4 Author Replies

  • God of War Smash!!

  • … I have to get this… MSRP?

  • Now I want this and both of my PS3 and my wife’s PS3 work fine so there’s no point (not to mention I have all of the God of War games and pre-ordered Ascension Collector’s Edition) but I love the color. One thing I noticed missing – what’s the price going to be? $299?

  • This is one GODLY Collection……but to bad I have no interest in it

  • This looks great for me…so how much is it?

  • man that’s a nice one glad i seen this one i was about to buy the white one this beats that ill will wait till march 12TH but if the PS4 come outs in June or May i might have to pass on this one

  • i thinks its going to be $299.99

  • By the gods! Sucks that I already have the PS3 I do…and that I’m poor, otherwise I would pick this up in a heartbeat.

  • Guys why couldn’t you have done this bundled with GOW 3?

  • wow.. this is very very nice.. I wonder ever happened to abbey rayes or she retired from this or must have gotten a huge promotion.. Tell her everyone said “Hi”

    I have 1 question will sony direct be selling these( website) or will gamers have to hit retailer hard and quick for these limted red consoles. Its very hard to beat folks in the stores with rare consoles with some mothers buying 4 ps3.. and thank you Crystal Mackenzie for all you do. :)

    vp -psn legionaire group

  • I must own this.

  • This looks like a pretty cool bundle, but most likely the die hard fans have the full collection and launch 60GB PS3s already.

    Personally, the red looks a little light to me. If I were to get this, I’d like to see a much deeper red. That, or a white console and controller with a red Kratos tattoo pattern across both.

    Also….is it just me, or do these new “super slim” PS3s look really cheap? I’m very happy my launch 60GB is still alive and kicking, because I wouldn’t want to have to buy a super slim. Here’s hoping it stays alive until the PS4 releases.

  • @12 ps4 is not coming out this year.. I wish folks would stop these rumors, let just enjoy the great consoles theyre putting out.

    vp- psn legionaire group

  • @Darklurkr23

    GoW Saga has GoW 3 in it!!

    I wish I hadn’t just got a anothr ps3 cause this one just sings to me!!

  • @12: It’s not just you. I find the super slim to look really cheap looking, and I thought the regular slim looked cheap. I hope my PS3 lasts forever, because I can’t live without that sexy fat.

  • According to Amazon, the item will be $349.99, but it looks like it may be a placeholder.

  • Sony, I’d be onboard if it wasn’t the awful looking new PS3. I’m normally a fan of your hardware, but this new model is ugly, and looks cheap.

  • @9 Um…God of War Saga has GoW I, II, III, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta.

  • Sadly, looks like the price is indeed $350. Many legit gaming sites have this posted.

  • Why are there always God of War bundles, the PSP had one to. Bring over the other title bundles, like the Metal Gear Rising bundle, the black and blue PS3 is a lot more unique.

  • Wow, I already have the God of War collection but it looks amazing for someone to get into the game for first time.

  • $350 seems highly plausible. A 500 GB bundle with a game (collection or what not) retails for $300, this adds a new game also, and the 30 days of Plus, so, adds up right.

    Just remembered I can only have my profile on 2 PS3s, so I guess I can’t get this, as one would have to be non-gaming for me, which is not an option at this rate. Darn, if only we kept the initial value of… 5 I believe.

  • Great collection here. I already own all the games, but to anyone looking to get into the series, and a PS3, this is the way to go.

  • Whats with all the special edition ps3 modles coming out? I’d like to get them sure…but this really only helps out the rich or people without a ps3. I can’t justify spending an extra 300 bucks for something i already have.

    But, when the ps4/orbis ever comes to pass i would really hope that ON RELEASE you have different color schems and options. The bundles are a great selling point though. Keep it up and xbox will be a thing of the past.

    Side note, i’d like to see this bundle in more controller/game form. Without the ps3. I could splurge on a game/controller bundle. Start adding that option to these mixes and there may be a spike in sales. Just a thought.

  • sweet jesus Playstation on a roll!

  • I think this is an amazing bundle that being said I always see them announce bundles on this blog site and I think they should be advertising it somewhere else most of the people on this site already own of PS3 and I’m just being modest when I say most!
    By the Way, God of war seems to be phenomenal can’t wait I have the limited edition paid off

  • I think this is an amazing bundle that being said I always see them announce bundles on this blog site and I think they should be advertising it somewhere else most of the people on this site already own PS3 and I’m just being modest when I say most!
    By the Way, God of war seems to be phenomenal can’t wait I have the limited edition paid off
    Sorry for the typo

  • Quite tempting, since my 320 GB slim PS3 is almost full. With more good games joining Playstation Plus IGC, I will need more HDD sooner or later. But I already owned all of the God of War games….

  • BY THE GODS!!!…….If this bundle had the earlier slim model i’d be more interested

  • will this come with all the preorder bonus or no?

  • Awesome! I will be buying this. The new slim is the best look console on the market today.

  • are you kidding us? God of War + a pink….Pink….PINK console? what the….

  • Price would be helpful.

  • ugh…………..another bundle i could of waited for!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ascension in 3D still?? someone please confirm

  • I don’t get why all the hate for the model. I mean it’s smaller than the slim model, uses less energy, didn’t lose the ability to swap drives and has a better finish in my opinion!!

  • When is Sony going to release the 12GB SuperSlim that is currently being sold in Europe, in the US? The bundle is nice but $350 is too much and many people would like to buy a console at a budget price and upgrade the HDD themselves.

    PS3 got outsold 2 to 1 by XBox 360 in December and that’s likely because you can get a 4GB 360 for less than the cheapest PS3. When the competition outsells you 2 to 1 it says your marketing strategy sucks.

  • @Mattsta001

    That might be true however how many of those 360’s got returned in the following few weeks?? I mean I just traded in my 360 for a ps3!! Also, i will add that a lot of those purchases were for the kinect which was cool for a bit and then novelty wore off and couldn’t stand having it anymore!! Microsoft may have better marketing but when comes to customer confidence, Sony beats them!!

  • Nice bundle, but it would even better if the PS3 instead of only featuring a new color, it had featured a nice God of War franchise art. Similar to what the PS3 bundles in japan look like.

  • I like the slim PS3 over the new model without the motorized DVD drive… And it is still a lower cost proposition to purchase a model with a smaller hard drive and perform your own upgrade… Unless you haven’t played the GOW series or simply have to have a red system, little appeal here… A GOW graphic on the unit would be more impressive than the overall red treatment to me… And $299.00 sounds better than $350.00…

  • Whoa Mattsta001! You tryin’ to go Leroy Jenkins into the console war fray? Easy tiger.

    Despite being released a full year later than the xBoX, the PS3 has moved 1 million more units as of January 2013.

    Source: IDC (Worldwide Video Game and Entertainment Console Hardware and Packaged Software 2012–2016 Forecast)

  • I would get this if it didn’t look so “cheap”
    You compare this special PS3 bundle compare to the Japanese Yakuza, Final fantasy, etc special bundles that actually had a design on the console representing the game. Wow it red, big deal. Why not have the God of War logo on there? Kratos signature tattoo? Kratos himself?

    Sony America and Europe need to ask Sony Japan on how to actually design a Limited Special bundle for a game.

  • I knew a red GOW would come stateside. I’m happy for fans of red, but I was really hoping the blue PS3 would come over too. I’ve had my MGS4 80GB upgraded to 500GB for many years. I know I need to get a new PS3 soon and when I saw that white made its way state side, I thought red and blue would too. Please bring blue over even by its self.

  • @37 lol its not too much tell us where you can get a 500gb anything for under 350$.? a laptop with cost around $400. No one is hurting for anything becuase of the price, the avg meal in usa out to eat is 35$ a serving. 35×7 days is what? 245$ a week. Now if want really do number the avg meal in the usa is what 8-10$ a serving if you eat 3 times a day out that 24$-30 a day. for 7 days that $210 a week just to eat out..

    If think folk cannt afford 350$ your sorley mistaken. The avg american spend $ 300-650+ a month on enetertainment . I understand what its like to not to able afford things and not all have money to spend. but it taxe season man .. let be realistic

    vp-psn legioniarre group

  • Here is some examples
    Final Fantasy VII blu-ray bundle **https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS87nrfVi5w8nB8eTJ-_UL24av2_g4ePH-vwmGwtEfpVsThlOWVCw

    Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Special Bundle **https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLq0fKrOkFs2xUqQfWUBpcakCykXM1KCViX-DjPRt5DIl_sSaA

    Yakuza 5 **https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS5DQX6jxB7od3elWGGmsR_dtip0UBpKK623DlaatZU46YxBhtf

    Yakuza 3 **http://sclick.net/cool%20gadgets/exclusive-advanced-luxury-gadget-idea/11/coolest-latest-new-best-top-luxury-hi-tech-gadgets-Yakuza-3_PS3.jpg

    Tals of Xillia **https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSxfTNEzjzbOwhYo3SpEhhwQydbNBUxYsTdpmoCsLPRYkE4Wd_6MA


  • @13 mcbuttz78

    Did I say the PS4 was releasing this year? I believe I said I hope my launch 60GB stays alive UNTIL the PS4 is released. The only rumor I was perpetuating was that the PS4 will eventually be released at some point in the future. That sounds more like a fact to me.

  • *my 1st exampe is family serving out to eat . my second is solo out to eat. people have other bills in life too. It cost sony more to amke then it cost you to buy it. Nothing comes cheap. You may say it looks cheap but truth it future techs and advancement of material to keep the system more stable.

    The guy with 150 lb armor may look beastly and win winter and spring . But once you take guy with 150lb pure iron armor on and fight him 45lb armor with equal strength in the summer, he is going to get tore alive becuase he is going to bake in the sun and tired down faster becuase he fighting someone with lighter armor with greater or equal skills and has mass strength as him.

    Thats ps3 new look in nut shell, Durability n speed/ power is what matters, its not all about the looks

  • Now that I see this Sony needs to have the Blue PS3 500GB with the Sly HD Collection & Sly Thieves of Time Bundle.

  • I never ment you directly? i said lets not dwell in PS4 rumors and enjoy the console at hand while they doing these things. I wasnt disconcering or belittling you/your comment . If it sounded like I did “Sorry”

    Honestly nobody knows if there is going be said ps4. To my understanding sony could run the ps3 console for 10 more yr if they wanted, They really dont need a ps4 console in 3-5 yrs time. the way ps3 is doing numbers it would silly release ps4 to soon.

    vp psn legionarrie group

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