Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Animated Short Steals the Show

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Animated Short Steals the Show

When Ghostbot was first approached by Sanzaru to work on the next installment of Sly Cooper, I had to do a double take. I was already a big fan of the original games, and I couldn’t believe what a great honor it was to have an opportunity to work on it. Being a lifelong gamer myself, I have a lot of respect for Sucker Punch and the Sly Cooper story. There are legions of devoted Sly fans, so we wanted to make sure our addition to Sly’s journey respected the fun and charm of the original games. At the same time, we wanted to push the quality of the art and animation to the next level as well as bring the audience something they hadn’t seen before.

Working on the 2D cinematics for the game with Sanzaru was loads of fun. One of our goals was to convey the twists and turns of their story in an entertaining way. We also wanted to inject some real thought and dimension into each character’s personality.

One of the bigger goals artistically was to make sure our art integrated with what Sanzaru was doing in 3D. We took a cue from their elaborate models, detailed environments, and wonderful concept art to guide our cinematic work. We wanted to bring the whole 2D experience to a higher level. It’s a rare opportunity to do 2D animation in console gaming, so we had to make sure we did a great job.

Many fans, including myself, believe that Sly Cooper and the gang would make a fantastic animated TV show or movie. With that mindset, Ghostbot presented to Sanzaru and PlayStation the idea of doing an animated short that would reintroduce Sly Cooper and the gang in a big way. The animated short we ultimately ended up creating shows a story from Sly’s past that the fans haven’t seen. It also gives first time viewers a sense of fun and adventure that awaits them in Sly’s world.

Much like Sly and his sneaky ways, you might have seen episodes from the animated short pop up across the web on some of the industry’s most popular gaming sites. Here’s the first one, and another, oh, and here too. Some of you have already been tracking down the episodes and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to uncover the whole story, but we wanted to share the whole thing on PlayStaiton.Blog in its uninterrupted entirety.

Sly is one of the greatest thieves of all time, so we needed to create a heist that was not just challenging, but nearly impossible. He’s a thrill seeker with rogue-ish charm, so it’s no wonder he’s drawn to a dangerous relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox. That is something we wanted to touch on as well, as it’s always a big part of every Sly Cooper story. Beyond what makes Sly and his world tick, we wanted to inject a ton of action and adventure in a short amount of time.

We certainly loved working on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and we hope the fans will like it too. Sit back, and enjoy the show!

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  • so i added $60 to my psn wallet just to pre order metro its saying You are not eligible to purchase or download this content. on the webstore and on the psn store its telling me just error has acured everytime i try adding it to my wallet no one can give me any imformation and its makeing me angry

  • I want this!

  • Is Dead Space 3 on PSN the Limited Edition? I don’t know who to ask.

  • Haha Superb job Ghostbot!!!! i love this Animated short film , sony definitely need a playstation tv channel/show in the US. Sly, Ratchet, Jack would make fantastic animated TV shows.

    Anyways i think i have played the ps3 demo like 5 times already and im eagerly anticipating the vita demo as well, are these animated short films gonna be on PSN anytime soon?

  • This is nice, i love cartoons to the max! Can’t wait for this.

    @1 I believe Metro: Last Light is currently being “Held” atm due to THQ going bankrupt. I did read they had auction sale on the 22nd & therefore caused the game to be removed from Pre-orders, because EA, Warner Bros, and others were interested in some of their tittles. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  • Can’t wait till this game!

    Awesome job Ghostbot! Hope to see you in more video games.

  • I’d watch 20 minute episodes of this cartoon. :)

  • enjoyed this! i’d watch a longer version too, can we get it on psn store perhaps?.

  • Great short film, you guys did a fantastic job Ghostbot. Thank you for pulling this up. All characters look great, especially Carmelita. a reason to get this game for sure. :b
    I’ve got to find out what goes on between Her and Sly. lol

  • Demo rocked loved it. got to run working or suppose to be. :)

  • Awesome job Ghostbot. You guys are some talented fellas indeed. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

  • I enjoyed every bit of the video. This short animated film showcased all sneaky action, charming humor, and lovely romance that Sucker Punch Prod. once created in the Sly series and Sanzaru Games commanded to follow. Your team did an amazing job! I wish there was more. haha

  • I could watch a Sly cartoon like that on TV, I have downloaded the demo but didnt try it yet.

  • Amazing Job!!

  • @berae

    demo is enjoyable

  • I think you guys did a great job. I had to get used to how good it actually was, because of the bold coloring used my mind immediately thought “flash video” quality.

    However once I started seeing more, that quickly changed and now I think you guys did fantastically. I really look forward to seeing how it all plays out in game.

  • thank you :)

  • damn I want the Sly HD collection on vita. I’d be happy to play all three again on that beautiful screen. Just sly 4 on vita is nowhere near enough. Also I hope at pax east or even earlier they announce a price drop on all vita memory cards and a $100 64gb card. I need the extra memory or I am going to have to buy more retail.

  • cool owowo i cant wait 2 weeks longer
    can you buy it on 5 feb in the psn store
    yes than a cone buy it there taht easyer

  • Will the PSN version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time receive a discount similar to how Ni No Kuni was discounted?

  • As much as i love this animated short (ive seen it like 10 times already :D), i just cant place it anywhere in slys past, heres why:
    *Bentleys disabled- so its after sly 2
    *the vans there- the van went missing in sly 2 and didnt show up until china in sly 3
    *The van cant fly- why did they need to use fireworks in the last level of sly 3 if it could fly.
    *after that sly was faking amnesia up until the start of sly 4
    so theres no time, the only place it could possibly fit is between sly 3 china end and kaine island start. but even then, that means muggshot has only been in prison a matter of weeks/months which isnt long enough, plus bentley is in his sly 4 gear, not his sly 3 gear- the best explanation i can come up with is that after china, bentley made the van able to fly, but after these (your animation) events it was far too damaged to fly, hence firework usage in end of sly 3. but then how did muggshot get a big plane (well unless he was going to use that in holland) from in that time space of a few weeks?

  • anyway enough of that, time for some questions
    1) Will there be any more of these shorts?
    2) where in the world is this set? what country?
    3)when is europe getting the demo, and will it include the juggling act level (seen as we missed out on it the early access demo)
    4)will bentley have a sly 3 bentley skin? that would be pretty cool :)
    thats all thanks :)

  • thats was awesome thanks.. cant wait for sly 4.

  • I watch the animated short and I like it, good job!

  • I can’t wait for this game! Played the demo & it was so much fun and I love the art style.

    My son who is four watched the demo & this short series, he loved it & was pretending to be sly last night.
    He loves the Hippo & turtle as well, I just thought it was funny he was pretending to be sly.

    Thanks, look forward to playing this on my PS3 & Vita.

  • HI.
    I am u huge sly cooper an and i had a question for you
    will the game be in other language??

  • First off, I want to thank you guys for supporting ps vita cross-controller/cross-save etc. More devs need to realize that us gamers & vita owners want way more of this type of compatibility for all future & past games.WIth that said, it would be awesome to get cross-controller & or remote-play patches for Sly collection and possibly Infamous 1 & 2 etc.I have a kid who takes up the tv with children shows throughout the entire day and I havent been able to complete any of my games on ps3 because of this.Remote-play would solve this problem drastically , while cross-controller would enable us to utilize our vitas more even if it was just controlling sly wirelessly and thats it etc.Plus it’d make a lot more sony fanboys excited knowing more of their fav franchises are being supported by devs..

  • Looks awesome and I loved the Demo. Will be picking this up for sure on PS3…(to play on my vita)

  • lot’s of love for the guys at sanzaru games, they are the biggest fans of the sly cooper series and it shows, they put alot of care in creating (what seems to be the best) sly cooper game ever!. and i love that they also made a vita version, thanks for caring guys!!

  • I love this! I wish this would be done for every exclusive PS3 game.

  • i know this is totally off topic from sly, but any update on when ratchet and clank game will come out for vita?

  • 11 days to go – yea !! just looks awesome … my copy is preordered – wanted my little preoder goodies, & clearly with crossbuy & all, it was a Day 1 for me …. my son has played the demo that came on the R & C Collection disc soo many times, will be great to get going with it …. we’re counting the days – thanks for a job well done … this is going to be a blast.

  • I am incredibly excited for this game – I’ve already got my preorder set and I’ve been waiting since the release of Sly 3 back in 2005. Ghostbot’s animation looks incredible; I adore how emotive and fluid the overall look to it is, along with subtle bits of character design choices among other things. I’m also very glad that the animation has remained 2D and turned out so well – the animated video at the top of the page really does get me all that more excited for what is to come.

    Perhaps one day we will see a Sly Cooper animated series with Ghostbot at the helm of the animation department; I know I’d watch it. :D

  • I’m a mega fan of the Sly Cooper series as I’m currently playing all the games again on my PS2 plus I even have the ps3 collection and can’t wait for the newest game to be released?.
    There is one thing that has me puzzled that in the beginning intro of the new game is shows Sly with the images of 8 other ancestors which include Slytunkhamen 2nd Cooper , Sir Galleth Cooper , Salim al Kupar , Rioichi Cooper , Otto Van Cooper , “Tennessee Kid” Cooper , Henirette “One Eye” Cooper and Thaddeus Winslow Cooper 3rd so we already know that Sir Galleth Cooper , Salim al Kupar , “Tennessee Kid” Cooper and Rioichi Cooper are going to be in the game then will the others that were shown also appear?.
    Sorry if my message is so long but like I mentioned I’m just a big fan and would like to know and also really enjoyed the cartoon short that was released this week.

  • Now we need a Sly Cooper, a Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter Animated Show :D
    No, but seriously, that short sly animation was much better than some Cartoon Network show nowadays :)

  • when I played the Sly demo I was absolutely blown away by how great it looked. I mean don’t get me wrong, I was expecting a good quality game but you definitely surpassed my expectations, great job and keep up the really good work!

  • I’m loving the music!!! What is that?!

  • Wow that was awesome really looking forward to February!! I hope that the animated short didn’t spoil the game’s story much. Also, you guys should consider doing an animated show!! It was that good :)

  • Wish their was a full show.

  • I saw on iTunes there is a preorder up for the soundtrack for the game, will there be a cd version of the soundtrack available?

  • @drewk35 Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault comes out for vita this Tuesday the 29th.

  • This cartoon is great! Fantastic job Ghostbot.

  • Great video! Really psyched at the price cut, too. However, I have a PS3 and a Vita, but I didn’t want to buy the PS3 version. I want to put money into the Vita, and see it get its goods later as a result of demand. I pre-ordered just the Vita cartridge for this reason. I wish there was an incentive to do so. Sure, it’s $10 less…

  • Been waiting for this…I’m eagerly expecting Sly 4 for real the waiting is killing me…so I was counting the days for the demo and I downloaded right away…but there are some serious issues with the game…the worst of all…why in the world they don’t open their mouths while they’re speaking during gameplay?…also sly is sluggish his movements are too different from previous games,and carmelita’s face oh God why’s that? she’s ugly.I doubt you’ll change Sly’s movements and carmelita’s face so close to launch but the mouths issue I hope its fixed in the full game.After TLoU…Sly is my most anticipated game of this year…I’m dying to play through a new adventure with Sly please make the best possible.

  • can you buy this day one from PSN Store ? …btw im from EU

  • Will the demo be available for the UK?

  • thanks christian cardona yes comming in the store 5 feb
    iam so happy about that

  • i have a question about cross-buy, im from Brazil n the games i buy are made here, but my psn account are US, the cross-buy functionality will work?

  • Greetings,

    Since I am looking for ways to have my Vita interact with my PS3, I just wanted to ask if this feature:

    will be available out of the box.

  • I have a second question.
    I am from norway but i did a pre-order from USA
    Will the cross-buy still work on my ps3???

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