The Last of Us: Survival Edition, Post-Pandemic Edition Revealed

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The Last of Us: Survival Edition, Post-Pandemic Edition Revealed
UPDATE: The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition has sold out! Survival Edition quantities are limited — pre-order here.

The Last of Us is coming May 7th, 2013, and we’re celebrating the impending arrival by announcing two very special editions of the game available in North America. First off, the Survival Edition will be hitting retail shelves packaged with some very cool extras.

The Last of Us: Survival Edition for PS3

When you get the Survival Edition, you’ll be able to explore over 170 pages of the incredible artwork and designs that went into making The Last of Us in The Art of The Last of Us, a full-sized hardcover art book by Dark Horse. Also packed in from Dark Horse, artist Faith Erin Hicks, and The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann is The Last of Us: American Dreams #1, the first issue in a series of comic books that dives deeper into Ellie’s backstory. The version you’ll get features a variant cover that can only be found in the Survival Edition.

In addition to the books, you’ll be getting the Steelbook edition of the game showcasing artwork of Ellie on one side and Joel on the other side of the cover. Ordering the Survival Edition also nets you the Sights & Sounds DLC pack:

Sights & Sounds DLC Pack
– Official Game Soundtrack by Academy Award winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla
– PS3 Dynamic Theme
– PSN Avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie

The Survival Edition retails for $79.99 and is available in-store and online at participating retailers.

Dark Horse will be releasing a standalone edition of Art of the Last of Us ($39.99; 978-1-61655-164-3), available at your local comics shop,,, or your local bookstore.

The second offering is for the true collector: Witness the Post-Pandemic Edition.

The Last of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition for PS3

In the Post-Pandemic Edition, you’ll receive the Steelbook edition of the game and The Last of Us: American Dreams issue 1 with the variant cover. Also included is a highly collectible 12” Premium Statue of Joel and Ellie by Project Triforce that’s worthy of any display case.

You’ll be getting two DLC packs as well. In addition to the Sights & Sounds DLC Pack, the Post-Pandemic Edition includes a plethora of digital content in the Survival DLC Pack:

Survival DLC Pack
– Multiplayer Bonuses:
· Bonus XP
· Melee booster
· In-game currency
· Customizable character items
– Bonus Joel and Ellie skins available once the single player game is completed

The Post-Pandemic Edition will only be available at GameStop for $159.99. It’s very limited, so pre-order your copy today! Both the Post-Pandemic Edition and the Survival Edition include custom chrome Naughty Dog stickers so you can stylishly tag your preferred items or walls with the developer logo of your favorite new game.

Hop online or head to your local retailer and pre-order today. Be prepared for The Last of Us before May 7th, 2013!

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  • Let me think… Is a PlayStation exclusive ok, is from the creators of Uncharted ok is going to be Game of the Year ok. Now the problem is going with the 79.99$ edition or 159.99. Hmmmmm!

  • I’ve always said that when it comes to special edition packages of video game software, DLC’s are more important than anything else. With that said, the “Post-Pandemic” edition seems the way to go; however for $159.99? A little to much in my opinion. We gamers still haven’t seen any footage of the games’s multi-player, so why even take the risk of buying something so expensive. Yes, the artbook/statue/comic-book/DLC is nice but again, its all about the DLC’s in my opinion

  • Still waiting for naughty dog and sony to buy Crash Bandicoot rights. :(

  • Kinda lame that the two editions are different in that the higher tier one doesn’t include what the lower tier one does and then some.

    Either way, cool bonuses, but I’ll be waiting on TLoU. Looks great, but for the first time in over a decade I’m just not hyped about a Naughty Dog game.

  • Mick, any idea if gamestop website will allow for in store pickup? (probably more a gamestop question) If not i guess just have to do it in person in store.

  • Not buying this because multiplayer.

  • Super excited for this game, a little disappointed to see the Post-Pandemic edition so expensive, would’ve liked to put Joel and Ellie next to Nathan Drake. I’ll definitely be getting the Survival edition though. Maybe for Last of Us 2 we can get a less expensive, non-Gamestop exclusive statue edition :D

  • That’s some good stuff with it, although I won’t be able to buy though editions, mainly because $160 is to much for me, and also because I got the game pre ordered for $45, part of last years E3 sale.

    I do have a question though, about the sights and sound pack, that’s a pre order bonus’ for certain retailers, I was wondering if you could tell me if Future Shop was on the list of retailers to get that pack. (besides gamestop, I can’t even find a single canadian reteller that offers any pre order bonus’ for this game.)

  • I’m pretty upset at how I feel obligated to buy the very pricey edition >.<.

    Either or, I don't see it up on Amazon yet. Is this a Gamestop exclusive? I'm always surprised this stuff never makes it's way to Newegg though.

  • Also, how limited is the Post-Pandemic edition? Typically this stuff ends up bombing and price and is fairly easy to get a hold of after the release. I’m specifically asking because I’d love to own something that’s genuinely hard to come by. Especially in relations to Naughty Dog.

  • While this box/edition set looks really cool I have decided that the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition game will be my last & final pre-order box/edition set. Why? Because I cannot continue to fork over $$$ for these insane overpriced box/edition sets that these game companies release & I am running out of space in my condo lol! We all know the real price of making these box/edition sets are MUCH cheaper & the game companies will double/triple the price. “The Last Of Us” editions look cool & all but I am going to respectfully just order the stand alone game itself because I do want to support Naughty Dog for their excellent hard work on making fantastic games. I truly loved all three Uncharted games & I am sure I will enjoy “The Last Of Us” because after all this is Naughty Dog were talking about :) I am just thankful that these editions/box set do not include extra DLC for the main single player story because if it did, I would have to wait for the GOTY (game of the year) edition to be released with all the added DLC & the game would be more reasonably priced at $19.99 or less via Amazon sales.

  • And so the tiresome DLC panhandling for all my loose change begins again with crappy MP bonuses. *shudder* You won’t suck me in this time round Naughty Dog.

  • Is the Post-Pandemic Edition available in Canada??

  • Multiplayer???? This is the first I’ve heard of multiplayer for Last of Us….Is this an un-intention’d leak.??? Can’t wait to get the details….

  • That statue would look nice next to my Uncharted 3 and Infamous 2 statues…

  • @ KevCity89

    You cant be serious. – the Statue, Hardcover artbook and Steelbook have actual physical real-world value.
    The MP DLC will be is absolutely worthless in about 2 weeks, after all the 10rylds have gone back to CoD :/

  • Nice pieces to push this game beyond. Naughty Dog, y’all seriously do well the game industry and your loyal fans!

  • Both editions come with the Naughty Dog stickers? I can’t wait to play this game. Thanks for making such amazing games ND.

  • Survival pack only for me, the Post Pandemic edition is awesome, but I can’t justify spending that much on a game, my limit is 100$, that’s way over the limit for me. I love art books anyway, so the Survival edition will be just fine :)

  • I’m going for the survival edition. It looks awesome and the artbook will be worth it. The price of the other one is a bit hard for me to justify in a game that I haven’t tried yet. Even though I know it’ll be amazing.

  • Nice for those willing to shell out for the extra editions.

    I’ll be buying the GOTY edition.

  • So the Survival Edition will be available at Amazon, correct(just checking since I don’t see it up for preorder yet)?

  • Any news whether this game will be available as a digital downloadable in the Playstation Store? As a day one purchase perhaps?

  • Coincidence. Just went to GameStop during lunch to get my Ni No Kuni steel case edition, asked about Last of Us CE, & immediately pre-ordered the Survival Edition. I am a sucker for steel cases and Naughty Dog!

  • how very limited is this edition?

  • Just curious, will Canada be getting the Post-Pandemic Edition? It would be quite unfortunate for us to get the short end of the stick again.

  • No art book included if you buy the Post Pandemic edition?

  • ehh looks okay :\

  • maaan, I thought “maybe i should wait to see a special edition” and booom. ITs here. and its awesome.

    • Maaaan, I was like, “I hope killercorc119 logs into the blog today and checks out these sweet new editions for The Last of Us”…and then you did…and it was awesome too! ;)

  • Will the survival edition be available at Best Buy?

  • Will these editions be available on Mexico?

  • Is the post pandemic edition available at ebgames in Canada?

  • Ill be getting the one with the statue,
    calling it now atleast one of the skins for beating the game will be Drake for Joel

  • im becoming a big fan of the steelbook cases, i wish it came with a regular pre-order.. if not i will gladly pay an extra 20$ for all those bonuses, Thanks!

  • This really frustrates me I really want the statue but also really want to art book, the post apocalyptic should include everything you shouldn’t buy the collectors edition feeling like you’re missing out on something

  • With the steelbook editions, do you get the retail plastic casing as well, and the empty steelbook casing to use at our discretion? Or just the steelbook containing the game disc and manuals? I hope it’s the former, like was done with Assassin’s creed 3! I would like to have both cases for consistency in my collections :/ Please respond!!!

  • I really wish the Post-Pandemic Edition came with the artbook. I’m not really big on the idea of spending $200 to get both it and the statue (and the game, and all the other stuff).

    Who am I kidding, I’m going to do it anyway lol

  • Damn you guys! making it come with an epic statue! i dont really spend 160 but im a sucker for this kind of stuff… so once its avable to pre order on im gonna pre order it

  • I love you Naughty Dog!! Lol :p you guys are literally the best in the biz :) I’ll be buying this game ASAP and I’m still holding out hope for lots more of Nathan Drake :) best game franchise in history!!!!

  • So the Post-Pandemic Edition is $80 more than the Survival Edition and doesn’t even come with the artbook? The statue is nice I guess but not worth the extra $80. Ripoff. Guess I will just go with the Survival Edition.

  • Mike, is there a way to get the ‘Full size hardcover artbook’ on it’s own, since it won’t be put together with the Post-Pandemic Edition? Because that would be great to get the Premium statue, along with the artbook as well, but I know that’s a bit too late, considering the decision was made for the packaging! Can’t wait for this!!

  • “The Post-Pandemic Edition will only be available at LameStop” = Fail

    How about selling on the official site? *sigh*

  • Just pre-ordered the Post-Pandemic Edition and plan on getting the art book asap! Sooo excited to play Naughty Dogs next masterpiece!

  • if canada isnt getting the Post-Pandemic Edition, are we at least getting the other collectors? Cause really im not paying outragious shipping to get them from usa. Pretty much cause of this i WILL NOT BUY THIS GAME or any other game by naughty dog. lost a fan here

    • I can tell you for sure that Naughty Dog would love for everyone to be able to get the Post-Pandemic Edition! What you don’t know, is that it’s actually up to each territory (country) to decide which editions they will carry – so no reason to stop being a fan of Dogs, right?


    Why is the post pandemic edition US exclusive? What did us Canadians do to deserve this? Sigh.. guess I will get the survival edition

  • @95 if you read some of the guys comments… it says BOTH are US only… so canada gets screwed out of BOTH

  • This is definitely a game that is worthy of a collector’s edition and these look like really good ones, better than what Europe is getting. My only complaint is that the post pandemic edition is gamestop only, but I’ll put up with them for The Last of Us.

    I already have my Post Pandemic Edition preordered and I’ll gladly buy the artbook separately, can’t wait for this game!

  • I just pre ordered the post apocalyptic edition of of the US gamestop… you win this round sony

  • Still love ND… but please next time get an edition universal to the NA region…

    I love statues. I mean I have one of Drake, Cole, Kratos, Ezio, Connor, Scorpion and Subzero, the EC Drake, Batman

    And now Im getting this and the bioshock infinite collectors edition

  • can you at least tell us if canada gets the Survival Edition? Cuase if so…. then MAYBE … just maybe will restore some faith in naughty dog for me

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