The Last of Us: Survival Edition, Post-Pandemic Edition Revealed

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The Last of Us: Survival Edition, Post-Pandemic Edition Revealed
UPDATE: The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition has sold out! Survival Edition quantities are limited — pre-order here.

The Last of Us is coming May 7th, 2013, and we’re celebrating the impending arrival by announcing two very special editions of the game available in North America. First off, the Survival Edition will be hitting retail shelves packaged with some very cool extras.

The Last of Us: Survival Edition for PS3

When you get the Survival Edition, you’ll be able to explore over 170 pages of the incredible artwork and designs that went into making The Last of Us in The Art of The Last of Us, a full-sized hardcover art book by Dark Horse. Also packed in from Dark Horse, artist Faith Erin Hicks, and The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann is The Last of Us: American Dreams #1, the first issue in a series of comic books that dives deeper into Ellie’s backstory. The version you’ll get features a variant cover that can only be found in the Survival Edition.

In addition to the books, you’ll be getting the Steelbook edition of the game showcasing artwork of Ellie on one side and Joel on the other side of the cover. Ordering the Survival Edition also nets you the Sights & Sounds DLC pack:

Sights & Sounds DLC Pack
– Official Game Soundtrack by Academy Award winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla
– PS3 Dynamic Theme
– PSN Avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie

The Survival Edition retails for $79.99 and is available in-store and online at participating retailers.

Dark Horse will be releasing a standalone edition of Art of the Last of Us ($39.99; 978-1-61655-164-3), available at your local comics shop,,, or your local bookstore.

The second offering is for the true collector: Witness the Post-Pandemic Edition.

The Last of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition for PS3

In the Post-Pandemic Edition, you’ll receive the Steelbook edition of the game and The Last of Us: American Dreams issue 1 with the variant cover. Also included is a highly collectible 12” Premium Statue of Joel and Ellie by Project Triforce that’s worthy of any display case.

You’ll be getting two DLC packs as well. In addition to the Sights & Sounds DLC Pack, the Post-Pandemic Edition includes a plethora of digital content in the Survival DLC Pack:

Survival DLC Pack
– Multiplayer Bonuses:
· Bonus XP
· Melee booster
· In-game currency
· Customizable character items
– Bonus Joel and Ellie skins available once the single player game is completed

The Post-Pandemic Edition will only be available at GameStop for $159.99. It’s very limited, so pre-order your copy today! Both the Post-Pandemic Edition and the Survival Edition include custom chrome Naughty Dog stickers so you can stylishly tag your preferred items or walls with the developer logo of your favorite new game.

Hop online or head to your local retailer and pre-order today. Be prepared for The Last of Us before May 7th, 2013!

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  • European versions are way better. Even the packaging.

  • omg that is sooo awesome

    but which to choose?

    difficult to decide between the statue or the full sized artbook

    • Hey there! Awesome indeed! Naughty Dog and PlayStation both wanted to offer a choice to the fans!
      Glad you like these editions!


    I said goddamn.

    • Ha! I like the “Pulp Fiction” reference above…Sounds like you are into the Post-Pandemic Edition then! Cool! If you are a collector of video game memorabilia, or just of cool statues, you’re going to go nuts over this one! The statue alone would retail for $199.99 so worked incredibly hard to be able to bring this to our fans! Wait till you see it!

  • will we be able to preorder the last of us on ps3/psn for digitally download

  • I’d much rather have the European editions.

  • Do we not have the option of the European Versions? If not then damn because those are really cool.

  • So this is for the R1 version? Personally hoping that my local retailer can get the Ellie Edition in (unless there’s a R3 version planned somewhere…) All of my money. Just take it already.

  • You did good on this Sony!

  • Well first off, awesome.

    second off, screw you guys and your gamestop exclusives.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this game up, hope its out as a Day One Download, so I can share it with my sister.

  • Does the Pandemic Edition NOT include the full sized art book? :C I mean for $150 I’m sure you can guys can squeeze it in there.

    • Hey Jose, We’re packing an unbelievable amount of value into these editions. “THE ART OF THE LAST OF US” Art Book alone will retail separately for $39.99 so it’s literally impossible to “squeeze” it into the Post-Pandemic Edition where we are already including a $200 12″ statue of Joel and Ellie in for only $159.

  • why is the survival pack listed in the post-pandemic edition, when it is a preorder bonus?

    • Hey recon, that way if you get the Post-Pandemic Edition at a time AFTER the pre-order bonus offer expires, you still get these cool DLC packs! Cool, huh?

  • ok i think now the survival edition is the better choice. not because of the price, but because i want to learn about the development process of this amazing game (dev interviews and such). Whereas i already have enough game related statues (getting the GOWA CE that comes with Kratos statue as well).
    gamestop here i come!

  • yep i would like the survival edition better because of the art book ..

  • I want the statue but $150 is too much even for a PS fan like myself. Personally I like the GOW package for $80 much better. I’ll buy the regular edition game anyway though :)

  • Post-Pandemic Edition is too expensive, so I’ll probably just get the Survival Edition. With this, Ni No Kuni, and God of War, this is the year for Collector Editions. I’m hoping they will announce one for Beyond: Two Souls, and maybe Tales of Xillia as well!!!

  • the book is $26.57 on Amazon :) instead of the listed $40

    • Hi there, I just double checked and it’ definitely not listed on yet. Do you mean in another country other than the U.S. perhaps? If it is listed as anything other than $39.99 I can guarantee you that it will be fixed/updated to the correct retail price. You’ll love this book when you see it, it’s a premier art book by Dark Horse!

  • Definately will be switching my pre-order to Post Pandemic Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey tusunami, Glad to hear it, but better hurry the Post-Pandemic edition is extremely limited in quantity, and only available at GameStop so these will sell out very quickly!

  • @ joaryche

    great minds think alike :)

  • I don’t want to sound weird or anything but I love you Naughty Dog.

  • That is nice. When are we getting more infos on the game?

  • Oh man… Now i feel like i have to buy this…

    $150 on the Infinite Songbird Edition
    $150 on the Metal Gear Rising CE
    $150 on the Last of Us Post Pandemic Edition

    At least Sly Cooper is $40… Yay?

    What money will I have left on the PS4?!

  • these are cool, but if im not mistaken, u get these dlc’s for preordering at gamestop so ill just be getting the normal edition. plus I just spent my xmas money on a sleek new Pulse Elite Wireless Stereo Headset. I have to admit that the EU version of the collectors editions are superior, though choosing between which LBP costume to get would kill me. hopefully they come out together later on for everyone.

  • @22
    I am sure you left out $80 on the God of War Collectors

  • I want that post pandemic edition!!! Bring it to EU!!

  • will there be a Multiplayer beta ? and any word on a demo ?

  • Looks fantastic, definitely worth to get! Though unfortunately I own a big backlog of games. Perhaps this could be my very first time to wait for a Naughty Dog’s ‘Game of the Year Edition’. Sorry

  • so your telling me that if i dont spend $160 i will have an incomplete game and a disadvantage thanks. i was looking forward to this game but now i have a reason to wait for it to be $30. why would i want a collectors edition of a game that no one knows is even good or not? why do any of you?

  • Glad to see Steelbooks becoming popular for these special editions.

    I started getting them for various big movies last year, and i think Steelbook editions are an excellent way for retailers & publishers to tempt us into buying physical games & movies over digital.

    I also love how they keep their value, and how some rare Steelbooks can become extremely valuable to collectors over time.

  • @Aeolus426 that dlc is all preorder bonuses from gamestop…you dont need to spend any extra money. Just put 5 dollars down on the game

  • Cool! Then…The Post-Pandemic Edition it is. Got to change my gamestop preorder.

  • after reading the European versions i was so pumped then i read what us americans are getting and i cried why do we seem to always get the worse special editions of games.

  • Why not Europe? Always why not Europe? What is wrong with Sony? What the hell is happening? This happens with every PlayStation 3 exclusive game. And the best part is most of their money comes from Europe.

  • And there’s still ‘gonna be a regular version, which will retail for $59.99, then drop to $39.99 a few months later, and eventually find its way to the $19.99 shelves not more than a year after release. After which, a GOTY version will be released at $29.99 which includes some actual DLC and at the very least, up to date bug fixes.


  • Great now to spend more money >.>…Survival edition it is…

  • Hi,

    I apologize if this is a silly question, but is the Sights/Sounds pack DLC still free for those who preorder in advance regardless of version?

    For the record, these are very nice collector editions and will make many collectors happy, but I’m probably going to stay with the regular version. I’m still supporting it though with a day 1 purchase :)

    • Hi pumpkin, (okay…that felt weird saying that) Yep, no matter which version you pre-order, you will still get the Sights & Sounds DLC Pack! We are just including them in our two premium skus so that you are sure to get these pre-order bonuses even if you purchase AFTER the pre-order bonus offer is already over.

  • Why on Earth does the Post-pandemic NOT have the Artbook from the Survival edition? THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE

  • You’d think you’d get all the bonuses for $160 (Including the artbook) since there are so many other special editions that are a lot cheaper and have a lot more bonuses

  • So the true collector is ONLY at gamestop? I hope not!

    • Cool PSN name, Lara! Nope, that’s not what it says above. What we’re saying, is that collector’s who are into this unbelievable new world Naughty Dog has crafted for us all to play in, and who will want to collect and show off their 12″ Joel and Ellie statue in all it’s glory, will want the Post-Pandemic edition. :)
      The fact that this edition is exclusive to GameStop is only because the edition is so limited in quantity that we weren’t able to offer them to our other retail partners as well.

  • Is The Last of Us a dual layer disc?

  • that’s awesome , now how about surprising us with news about a psvita version or psvita game with in the same world with a different story and characters ?
    You did a great vita game in the uncharted series so I think a lot of people would want one in this series as well .

  • No art book included if you buy the Post Pandemic edition? Would be great if we got both the statute and the art book… $160 is a bit steep.

  • When I saw the content, I was like: I got to get this! but when I saw the 159,99$ price tag, I was more like: no way I’m getting this at that price…

  • Damn!!!! Why doesn’t the Survival Edition have the Survival DLC pack????!!!!!!!

    • Hey Cookie! That’s because the Survival DLC Pack is a GameStop pre-order bonus exclusive. Since you can buy the Survival Edition of the game at other retailers, we couldn’t pack in the Survival DLC Pack inside the box.
      If the Survival Ediition is the one you wan to go with, you could always pre-order it from GameStop, and then you’ll get both the Sights & Sounds DLC Pack as well as the Survival DLC Pack. The choice is yours! :)

  • Really happy that the Last of Us is getting these collector’s edition might have to rethink my preorder :)

  • lol Europeans want the US version, and Americans wants the European version.

    ….can we do a swap please? :)

  • I thought Metal Gear Rising’s a hundred fifty dollars collector’s edition was expensive enough…. This cost a hundred and sixty, huh….. And if I want the Art Book as well I’ll have to spend a totally of two hundred bucks, huh…..

  • @17 togue

    Thanks! I went and preordered the book by itself. You have to search for “The art of the last of us,” otherwise it won’t come up.

    Now I can just order the pandemic edition without wondering about the book :D

  • @ 46 MP_is_for_Chumps

    An indecisive world we’re living in, huh? lol

  • will this game be first day PSN ? i really can’t wait for it.

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