Resident Evil Revelations Creeps to PS3 May 21 with New Features

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Resident Evil Revelations Creeps to PS3 May 21 with New Features
Resident Evil Revelations Creeps to PS3 May 21 with New Features

Survival horror fans! I’m super excited today to announce that Resident Evil Revelations is heading to PS3 this May. I know a lot of you guys have been patiently waiting for this one so we’re happy to be bringing you the definitive Resident Evil Revelations experience along with some new extras. For those that haven’t heard of RE Revelations, it’s a little bit different than some of the other Resident Evil titles you may have heard of or played recently. Revelations harkens back to the classic “survival-horror” style gameplay where you’ll be exploring dark, creepy areas with little (and sometimes no) ammo to protect yourself from whatever might be lurking around the next corner.

The storyline focuses on Jill Valentine and her partner Parker Luciani as they track down the whereabouts of series standby Chris Redfield and his new partner Jessica Sherawat. Jill and Parker are investigating the last known coordinates of their comrades on an abandoned cruise ship known as the Queen Zenobia when they’re thrown into the middle of bio-terrorist conspiracy full of danger, mystery, and of course plenty of T-abyss mutants.

Resident Evil: Revelations for PS3

Resident Evil: Revelations for PS3Resident Evil: Revelations for PS3

What’s new to the package? On top of the core campaign and co-op RAID mode experience we’re adding new character costumes and new playable characters and features to RAID mode, providing an even higher difficulty mode called “Infernal Mode” for RE ninjas, adding a new enemy to the mix and randomized positions for all enemies, reduced load times, more save slots, more weapon customization parts, more character skills, integration/unlockables, completely reworked visuals, and of course lest we not forget the fact that you’ll get to play all of this in high definition in the comfort of your own home on PS3.

Resident Evil Revelations will be available May 21st in North America (May 24th for our Euro friends) on PS3 via retail disc or as a day-one digital download on PSN for $49.99. Hope you guys enjoy the game and be sure to hit me up on PSN for some RAID mode!

Resident Evil: Revelations for PS3Resident Evil: Revelations for PS3

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  • So you’re porting a game from a handheld to a console while bypassing another handheld that has no Resident Evil games on it yet? While it’s very clear that porting from 3DS to PS3 has to be more difficult, time consuming, and costly compared to porting from 3DS to Vita? Wise choices made indeed. Hopefully Capcom isn’t following THQ down the road due to bad business choices and decision making.

    Just pointing out that I’m not one of those people against Capcom or its games but poor decisions and logic like this won’t reassure me about future progress.

  • Oh right… releasing it on consoles and PC makes way more money than on the Vita.

    Hear that Sony? No one wants to support your much-hyped technologically-advanced Next-Generation-Portable-handheld-gaming-machine-capable-of-delivering-console-quality-gaming PS Vita which many of us bought at launch. Hell I bought 2. Right now I have no idea why.

    @31. Always great to hear ‘smart’ comments from not-so-smart people who pretends they are smart (who also happens to have no manners) and somehow consider everybody else are idiots.

  • i love how developers have no confidence in the life of the vita. the number continues to climb on the missed opportunities for the vita. what is sony going to do about it?

  • Why is everyone so obsessed with every PS3 game being made available on the Vita? I’d much rather see developers work on Vita-exclusive games that make use of its features, rather than simply porting every PS3 game to it.

    And RE Revelations will work best as a console game anyway. Definitely excited to see it in HD.

  • Why no Vita version? Might skip Capcom games entirely if this keeps up.

  • Will get it for PS3, great news but where is the Vita version?

    Is it next to Resident Evil Portable, Devil May Cry PSP and Monster Hunter 4 Vita?

  • Gotta echo the comments wishing for a PS Vita version.

    Or better, ask Capcom to bring a Monster Hunter to Vita. :P

  • yays now everyone gets a chance to play the only good resident evil game that has been out for the past 5 years

  • It seems fairly obvious that Resident Evil Revelations didn’t make as many sales as was expected, being a 3DS exclusive. So why on earth would they remedy that problem by porting it over to another handheld that’s doing WORSE than the 3DS? It seems common sense that to regain the money spent on developing Revelations, that they’re better off porting it to consoles that will actually make them money, like the 360 and PS3. Capcom used the exact same strategy for Resident Evil 4. While sales for the Gamecube were good, it wasn’t as much as they had expected, so the remedy the problem, they immediately ported it to the PS2, the highest selling console of all time. Believe it or not, the number one MAIN reason these companies make video games is to make money, and porting Revelations to the Vita so that the 7 Vita owners will be happy just doesn’t make any sense. So just keep that in mind before mindlessly posting complaints and whining about Vita this and Vita that. Face it, the Vita is FAR from a success, and developers are not in the business of making games for a machine that no one is buying.

  • @59 there’s more then 7 of us, thats for sure..

  • Sony, Cacpcom, get it together ffs.

  • @ 69,

    Sony has NOTHING to do with what Capcom does. But like most people, that little fact will fly right past their heads.

  • er, meant @ miky_magawolaz

  • This will be awesome. I have loved all of the RE game’s. This one will bring the game back where it shoud be.

  • 50 dollars? no vita? no thanks! lol

  • I’m still pretty new to Resident Evil. I didn’t really take an interest until fall/winter 2011. But now I’m a immistakable fan. I used to prefer the action orentied side of RE, but now I find myself more open to the franchises roots. Whither it’s slow and scary or fast and a blast (literally, lots of blasting[shooting]), I like Resident Evil for what it is. A interesting game cherished by both types of its fans. I am super excited about this too, Mr. Lunn and I thank you for bringing this to our attention. Capom, thanks for giving us console gamers without nintindo hardware a chance to play this already legendary RE title. And Sony thanks for working with Capcom and supporting this. Mr. Lunn please tell your surperiors that RE6 wasn’t a flop. This U.S. gamer happens to like it!! Lastly thanks for the RE.NET support for this game too. Great idea.

  • @59: If everyone thought like this, then no new console would be successful. Endless cycle: “Console doesn’t sell because it has no games, developer doesn’t port game to console because it has no installed base”.

    Come on. The Vita has double the installed base of the Wii U (which is selling quite horribly, BTW, slower than Vita in Europe), yet Capcom is porting the game to Wii U.

  • This is great news! Nice to see a great RE game making it’s way to the PS3. Really disappointed this is not also being ported to the Vita. I am guessing Nintendo had something to do with that. You can bring RE:Rev to other consoles including the WiiU however, you cannot bring it to the 3DS’ rival Vita. Maybe we’ll see it on the Vita a year from now.

  • I really liked the game. Didn’t finish it but I guess this is my chance. However a Vita version seems a lot more attractive to me and it seems to a lot of other people too.

  • Why not give us RE Outbreak instead?! That was a traditional RE game with 4 player co-op, it just released too early when online was still new to consoles. If you released again now it would do much better! all we want is a true RE game with co-op and that was it.

  • Yes, because when I think of Survival Horror, I think Resident Evil.
    I almost got excited for this.

  • No Vita? Seriously?
    Oh well.

  • Excellent game! I absolutely loved the Nintendo 3DS version because this Resident Evil game was one of the better ones out of the series since Resident Evil 5-6 was just absolutely ridiculous in terms of the story line and acting. However, Resident Evil Revelations was brilliant since I had a few scares and chilling moments from playing this game on the Nintendo 3DS. I highly recommend gamers to pick this one up for the PS3 because I know I will since the Nintendo 3DS version was absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to play this on the big screen, lights turned off and cranked up the volume. Playing Resident Evil Revelations 3DS was like going back to playing Resident Evil 1-2 or Code Veronica but that’s just my opinion.

  • I…I think I just fagnasm’d.

    I seriously cannot wait for this.

  • This is probably the only 3DS game that maintained my attention for more than an hour. Actually, this is an incredibly good resident evil game, and probably the best I’ve played since RE4.

    Mike Lunn. I would appreciate your consideration of a Vita port. I understand that the engine used in this game is already on the Vita, but I understand the work would still not be trivial. Is there anything we can do to show our support for the port?

  • selective question answering too…

    will this be in 3D yes or no

    • Not so much selective as it is I’ve answered a lot of them already :) I completely understand the flux of Vita inquiries (I’m a happy Vita owner myself), but please see the 1st comment for my full response.

      3D isn’t supported for Revs unfortunately, we wanted all versions to be consistent and 3D wasn’t possible on all platforms

  • @19/mike answer

    i hope it’s like RE5/R (movement) i didn’t have a problem with it… :/

  • Any chance this will be cross-controller compatible?

  • Damn thanks. Definitely need to get this game.

  • It would be nice to see Resident Evil the way it started out. You know, with puzzles, the door loading screens, etc. That’s the version I want to see again. I remember being freaked out when it came to PS1. It was so memorable because we had a violent storm at night when I played it for the first time; the house shaking and all.

  • @ Mike Lunn

    Thx for the Platinum clarification, it will look good next to my RE5 one!

    ….also looking forward to seeing Jill’s amazing butt again in HD @___@

  • I know this is an off-topic question but will you ever port RE0 and RE1 remake from Gamecube to PS3? They are the only RE games that haven’t come to Playstation :(

  • Is there stereoscopic 3D support ?

  • I think if you don’t own a vita, you shouldn’t call people out on asking for a vita version..this game was for a portable, vita is a portable, common sense why people are asking..i would like to see a vita version..vita needs games and this would be a good addition..maybe in the future if it does well on consoles

  • Lots of people asking for VIta support, why not do it capcom? Isn’t it better to expand and put it across all systems so that way people have more opportunity to get it on their system of choice? Might even be a good idea since some VIta owners are lacking games to play (personally I am not) and RE Revelations might just be the handheld game they need on the VIta.

  • This is one of the reasons to own a 3DS. Its personally my favorite Resident Evil of all time. Thanks for bringing it to the next level with a PS3 version. Now more people will/can play it.

  • The whining here about the vita version is crazy. It would not sale on vita end of story. It is coming to ps3 be excited about that. I played it and loved it. And thinking back it was better than re6. So take the good from this. Vita is sure to have something released this year that is good.

  • Too bad this is not on Vita. I would’ve bought it. For now I’ll just wait for a price drop. $50 for an old game seems a bit too much.

  • The Vita is DOA, Sony has pretty much given up on it so it’s about time everyone stopped begging for games on it. It’s not gonna happen. It’s a hand held Dreamcast.

  • It’s a fun game, but I think there are some things done wrong here…

    1. It should be a $29.99 Vita game (based on the fact that it’s a 3DS game with updated visuals.

    2. Why no 3D on the PS3? This game is perfect for it since it was developed for it.

    3. There should be a Vita version. I actually assumed this was a Vita port of the 3DS game.

    4. I hope you ran the box art through a spell checker…Sorry, low blow, but all in good fun. :P

  • please make this game for PS Vita. Capcom we need a resident evil on PS Vita or other Resident Evil really we need a Resident Evil.

  • Glad to see Resident Evil Revelations is making its way to the home consoles. Easily the best RE game released in 2012 and much more inline with “survival horror”. For those who never played this game yet, just wait until you play RAID mode. Basically a “Borderlands” meets “Resident Evil” with mission structure that’s very addictive.

  • I would’ve loved to be playing this game on a nice OLED screen just saying :)

  • Does anyone know the name of piano music in this trailer or is a new OST for this game :)

  • Mike Lunn on January 22nd, 2013 at 3:46 pm said:
    Hey Stargazr, when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent.


    What a load of crap. Don’t think gamers are dumb, this is a stupid cop out. Just say Vita doesn’t fit your business models due to low sales of the machine and/or moneyhat from Nintendo to keep the game from other mobile platforms. Funny thing is this is too close to TLOU for me to care on PS3, will MAYBE get it a year from now free on Plus or for 10 bucks, if it was on vita I would have paid $30 for it.

  • That “Vita” response is rather weak, the PS Vita is perfectly suited for a Resident Evil game more so than the 3DS since it has dual sticks and touch screen.

  • welp to everyone read @42 they answered all the questions.

    im not happy to say the least…

  • RE: the lack of a Vita version…nice to know Capcom doesn’t want my money that badly. It’ll make it a lot easier when I’m trying to decide whether to buy the game on PS3.

    (Spoiler Alert: I won’t. Or, at least, if I do decide to buy it, I’ll be sure to get it used. Wouldn’t want to burden Capcom with my money or anything.)

  • so sony create a handheld console very powerfull, i have both systems PS3 and PSVITA i am sure im going to buy this version of the game for my ps3 and of course if there a version in my PSvita for sure i buy it too, about the experience that you want to create im pretty sure that if i put my headphones on you could create something with high quality for the psvita, i buy the vita cuz i want good games for both systems if you tell me that you cannot develop this, well i think i make really big mistake buying the console cuz i want the big good AAA games in my hand, the PSVITA its great and powerful, why not make a version of ths game your answer in the top its not enough for me, yea we know that system its no a well selling but if still like that this gonna get worse, i hope news in the future cuz this add a great value to the PSvita and i hope you guys give support to this.

  • This is my all-time fav. Game Series. 2nd MG series. I love to add this game to my collection. Digital from day one is a Win!!! Thx!

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