MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee

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MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee
MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee

This April, fire up your PlayStation 3 and dive into Defiance: a massive open-world third person shooter in development at Trion Worlds. Today, we announced a full array of editions (and some sweet pre-order bonuses) but before we dive into that, let me give you a rundown on what Defiance is all about.

Decades ago, arks that carried the six species of the Votanis Collective to Earth. Their star system had been destroyed and they needed a new home. Unfortunately, their peaceful intentions led to a planet-wide war that culminated in the complete destruction of their ships. Their great terraforming machines crashed to earth and the face of our world was changed forever.

Fifteen years later, you take on the role of an ark hunter, a specialized scavenger who digs through the rubble of the fallen arks to uncover advanced technology, weapons, and other valuable loot. You have been hired by Von Bach Industries to find powerful ark technology capable of repairing our now broken planet. Armed with special abilities provided to you by your EGO (a nano-device that is injected directly into your body) you must brave the dangerous Bay Area frontier in order to find arktech. To survive, you will need to upgrade your EGO, increase your power level, and customize your weapons. To succeed, you will need the help of others. This is not a world where you can go it alone.

Defiance on PS3

Defiance is a shooter. Defiance is an MMO. Defiance is a game where you can group up with your friends – be it two, three, or thirty, and traverse the expanse of a terraformed San Francisco Bay area. You’ll encounter thousands of players in-game with you. With your friends, and the folks you meet throughout the course of your journey, you’ll explore the world of Defiance and unravel the story that is entwined with a Syfy series (coming to TV this April).

Together, you and your fellow Ark Hunters will take on Arkfalls: massive, dynamic events that unfold in the world at any moment and need dozens (or more) players to defeat them. You’ll happen upon Shadow Wars: huge competitive battles with up to 96 players duking it out. You’ll see these Shadow Wars unfold as you play through regular missions and can choose to jump in at any time (or watch from a hilltop, safe from the gunfighting but missing out on the spoils of victory.) We also have more traditional competitive maps for smaller skirmishes and, for those who enjoy co-op play more than face-to-face carnage, we have small group co-op instances where you and your friends can group up, strategize, and take down hulking bosses.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of today’s announcement. As of today, you can preorder four different editions of Defiance for the PlayStation 3. And to confirm, Defiance does not have a monthly subscription. Grab the game, jump into the world, and enjoy.

Defiance on PS3

Defiance on PS3Defiance on PS3

Defiance Pre-Order ($59) Bonuses Include:

  • Outlander outfit helps you blend in with the locals
  • Iron Demon title lets potential enemies know you are not to be messed with
  • Retailer Exclusive pre-order weapon that gives you a leg up out of the gate
  • 3-Day XP boost helps establish you on the battlefield
  • Beta Invitation – get in the game early!

Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition ($99) Includes:

  • Rare VBI Sentinel Shield helps you never let your guard down
  • In-game title: Badlands Drifter
  • Ark Infiltrator outfit – look good while crackin’ skulls
  • Hydra heavy weapon helps you bring the boom early
  • +5 Increased inventory space – don’t leave home without it
  • 30-Day scrip boost – more everything!
  • 30-Day XP boost – level up faster!
  • Lock Box – sweet random rewards!

Defiance Collector’s Edition ($99) includes the Digital Deluxe items and adds the following:

  • Unique Defiance Collectors Box
  • CD soundtrack – from legendary composer Bear McCreary
  • Exclusive Art of Defiance book – unique stills and never-before-seen renders
  • Exclusive Hellbug statue
  • An official Von Bach Industries contract
  • Defiance Post Cards and stickers
  • Bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD
  • 7-Day scrip boost
  • 7-Day XP boost

Defiance Ultimate Edition ($149, GameStop Exclusive) adds the following to the Collector’s Edition:

  • Exclusive Defiance Messenger Bag
  • Exclusive in-game title: Pale Wars Ronin
  • One Year Season Pass (All DLC)
  • 1200 Bits

Want to see more Defiance? Check out our latest co-op trailer or head to our YouTube page to see clips of both the show and the game.

If you have more questions, hit us up on our forums, or check out our Twitter.

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  • So this is a free 2 play MMO? cuz i don’t get it

  • 99% of users who watched that video are under 18 years old…

  • What’s with the codes at the end of the video in the purple box? I downloaded the video to my hard drive and went frame by frame but there were about 10 five digit codes. That code seems way too long to input anywhere…

  • Can hard of hearing and deaf people play this game with no problem?

  • I played the PC Beta event past weekend, I am excited it is coming to all platforms Im ready to Experience the beta on PS3. Trion and staff you already captured my interests very heavily and will open my wallet for the PS3 version. One question is that would we be able to interact with all Users ie PS3 members work along side with PC players and Xbox? or is it Totally separated?

  • Would love a digital version too,Elizabeth will the ps3 beta come eventually to ps plus members??lastly keep up the good work :) game looks bad ass!

  • This looks scrumptious. Om nom nom. Loving the lack of subscription too. I just hope that doesn’t lead to any pay to win nonsense.

    Curious on one thing, though. Outside of those competitive matches, is the game going to be PvP? Or is it PvPvE… PvEvP? lol

  • Elizabeth, why would I play this game instead of PlanetSide 2 or Dust 514, both of which are free? I’m being honest by the way. What makes your game so special that I would be happy to pay money for it, instead of playing all the other free-of-charge MMO shooters on the market right now?

    • Good question and I think the best way to answer that is to come to our live streams on Friday (4:30 PM PST) and see for yourself. We have competitive modes, missions, loot, cooperative play… but I’d rather you see it for yourself than pitch it to you with words.

  • Never heard of it but WOW put it upon psn and I’m buying it already hoping to get in on a ps3 beta.

  • Whoa, looks like I may be buying this. Looks pretty impressive.

  • @58

    easy Planetside isnt on PS3… Defiance is a THIRD person shooter while Dust is a FIRST person shooter (some ppl prefer one over the other) and lastly Defiance acts like a standard MMO would.. i.e hundreds of players existing in the same space at the same time (as opposed to dusts 32×32) and theres a huge open world to explore and other things to do (like scavenge) aside from fighting.. Dust doesnt have a huge explorable open world and its just one battle after the next (hang out in the war barge until you get dropped in the next battle). So yeah I see reasons to choose one over the other..

    or in my case.. play both

  • Im confused. In order to play the game, you need to at least purchase one of the editions or can you play for free without paying anything, like Dust514?

  • This sounds super ambitious! Can’t wait to see more.

  • So it’s a “buy and play” MMO? Meaning, you buy it up front and then you’re good to go?

  • the game is buy-to-play like any other game you buy it once and its yours forever no in-game subscription like other MMOs.

  • I just want to know if there will be a beta for this? I’m sure my connection will be fine – it handles multiplayer in other games perfectly well – but this is an MMO. I feel like that’s more stressful than, say, a match of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’s Headhunter mode.

    Love that it’s buy once, play forever though :) Not a fan of monthly fees. Also, the tv show thing sounds intriguing… but SyFy sucks majorly. And they seem to hate games. They screwed over THQ a bunch of times – first with making Red Faction Origins, which was really good (by their standards) and well received…. so of course, SyFy did not order it to series. Then with their “SyFy Kids” label, plastered all over de Blob 2. “SyFy Kids”, by the way, never existed, so that game got none of the promised promotion THQ was likely banking on from them. And now they want to charge ahead with one of the most ambitious gaming projects to come along in awhile? Yeah, I’ll believe it when (if) I see it. I’m pretty sure SyFy will just screw up their end of the deal. Again.

    But good luck to Trion Worlds! The game looks great and the fiction seems very interesting!

  • why dose says theres a update for ps vita 2.05 when I go to update it wont let me update I currently have 2.02 when is the update avable

  • @E94Allen
    Yes deaf people can play this. I’m profoundly deaf myself and can confirm it has subtitles in the game so can understand just fine. My only concern is if the game has a TV or something to allow us to watch the TV show ends up with no subtitles then that would be a big disappointment.

  • Human vs Humans
    Humans vs AI
    Single Player

    What’s not to love.

    “Seeing this latest footage, it’s actually starting to remind me, a lot, of a third-person version of Borderlands. The story may be more serious, but some of the guns look just as crazy.”

    That alone had me sold.

    Now the decision to order Collector’s or Ultimate…

  • Will Defiance have cross platform play with PS3/PC?
    I mean, this is a new MMO, and MMOs these days usually die within a week wether it be cancelling subscription (The Secret World) or going F2P altogether (SWTOR).

    Also, it’d be pretty rad.

  • WHOOHOO! I was hoping for this. I got into the PC beta, it’s a cool game, but I’d rather have a controller in my hand. (And nobody start that “THEY MAKE CONTROLLERS FOR PC GAMES!” crap, I bought one once, it was hot garbage.) The fact that it’s a one-shot fee is icing on the cake.

    My one worry: The show that goes with this game is on SyFy. Considering how bad their original movies are…………I ain’t optimistic. Hopefully the game will go on if the show gets the axe.

  • Too bad it’s not free.

  • this looks like stupid fun! count me in!

  • I’m very excited about this game coming to PS3 because I’ve heard many good things about it from a friend who has played it in the PC beta.

    A few questions:
    1) Will we be able to pre-order the Digital Deluxe version on the USA PS Store?
    2) Will PS Plus members be able to purchase the One-Year Season Pass at a reduced price?
    3) Will the soundtrack be available as a digital download for purchase through Itunes or Amazon?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Will this have global servers? NA people play with EU people? or will it be region locked based on PSN account?

  • Regarding the Digital Deluxe Edition: the official website for Defiance states that it is for PC only:

    Why have you stated that it is available for the PS3?

  • @69 @Dark_angel69

    You mean you hope that Bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD will have subtitles? On TV I am planning to watch it on the TiVo. I am really hope it has Closed Captioned and doesn’t have mess up CC too. I hate games that are voices only or not enough texts to understand what is going on.

  • @E94Allen
    No I’m sure the DVD will have them as now days they all do. In the EU blog last week I asked if the game will have a TV in it (similar to what Uncharted 3 has) only to allow us watch the show from in the game as not all of us have the channel to watch it on TV. I doubt they would even do that and Elizabeth said that its up to Syfy or something. Hate that too. Without them then no point in even watching or playing games.

    The games are now up on my local retailers to buy but the price looks very weird. I don’t think us EU consumers are going to get the same package otherwise the price would been much higher. Can you post on the EU blog to say what we are getting in ours? Don’t make that same mistake as The Last of Us by giving the US the better editions which we can’t get in EU

  • Loved the PC beta! Can’t wait to play it for PS3 though, my rig isn’t top notch so i think I’ll enjoy it more on the consoles ^_^!

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