MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee

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MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee
MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, No Monthly Fee

This April, fire up your PlayStation 3 and dive into Defiance: a massive open-world third person shooter in development at Trion Worlds. Today, we announced a full array of editions (and some sweet pre-order bonuses) but before we dive into that, let me give you a rundown on what Defiance is all about.

Decades ago, arks that carried the six species of the Votanis Collective to Earth. Their star system had been destroyed and they needed a new home. Unfortunately, their peaceful intentions led to a planet-wide war that culminated in the complete destruction of their ships. Their great terraforming machines crashed to earth and the face of our world was changed forever.

Fifteen years later, you take on the role of an ark hunter, a specialized scavenger who digs through the rubble of the fallen arks to uncover advanced technology, weapons, and other valuable loot. You have been hired by Von Bach Industries to find powerful ark technology capable of repairing our now broken planet. Armed with special abilities provided to you by your EGO (a nano-device that is injected directly into your body) you must brave the dangerous Bay Area frontier in order to find arktech. To survive, you will need to upgrade your EGO, increase your power level, and customize your weapons. To succeed, you will need the help of others. This is not a world where you can go it alone.

Defiance on PS3

Defiance is a shooter. Defiance is an MMO. Defiance is a game where you can group up with your friends – be it two, three, or thirty, and traverse the expanse of a terraformed San Francisco Bay area. You’ll encounter thousands of players in-game with you. With your friends, and the folks you meet throughout the course of your journey, you’ll explore the world of Defiance and unravel the story that is entwined with a Syfy series (coming to TV this April).

Together, you and your fellow Ark Hunters will take on Arkfalls: massive, dynamic events that unfold in the world at any moment and need dozens (or more) players to defeat them. You’ll happen upon Shadow Wars: huge competitive battles with up to 96 players duking it out. You’ll see these Shadow Wars unfold as you play through regular missions and can choose to jump in at any time (or watch from a hilltop, safe from the gunfighting but missing out on the spoils of victory.) We also have more traditional competitive maps for smaller skirmishes and, for those who enjoy co-op play more than face-to-face carnage, we have small group co-op instances where you and your friends can group up, strategize, and take down hulking bosses.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of today’s announcement. As of today, you can preorder four different editions of Defiance for the PlayStation 3. And to confirm, Defiance does not have a monthly subscription. Grab the game, jump into the world, and enjoy.

Defiance on PS3

Defiance on PS3Defiance on PS3

Defiance Pre-Order ($59) Bonuses Include:

  • Outlander outfit helps you blend in with the locals
  • Iron Demon title lets potential enemies know you are not to be messed with
  • Retailer Exclusive pre-order weapon that gives you a leg up out of the gate
  • 3-Day XP boost helps establish you on the battlefield
  • Beta Invitation – get in the game early!

Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition ($99) Includes:

  • Rare VBI Sentinel Shield helps you never let your guard down
  • In-game title: Badlands Drifter
  • Ark Infiltrator outfit – look good while crackin’ skulls
  • Hydra heavy weapon helps you bring the boom early
  • +5 Increased inventory space – don’t leave home without it
  • 30-Day scrip boost – more everything!
  • 30-Day XP boost – level up faster!
  • Lock Box – sweet random rewards!

Defiance Collector’s Edition ($99) includes the Digital Deluxe items and adds the following:

  • Unique Defiance Collectors Box
  • CD soundtrack – from legendary composer Bear McCreary
  • Exclusive Art of Defiance book – unique stills and never-before-seen renders
  • Exclusive Hellbug statue
  • An official Von Bach Industries contract
  • Defiance Post Cards and stickers
  • Bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD
  • 7-Day scrip boost
  • 7-Day XP boost

Defiance Ultimate Edition ($149, GameStop Exclusive) adds the following to the Collector’s Edition:

  • Exclusive Defiance Messenger Bag
  • Exclusive in-game title: Pale Wars Ronin
  • One Year Season Pass (All DLC)
  • 1200 Bits

Want to see more Defiance? Check out our latest co-op trailer or head to our YouTube page to see clips of both the show and the game.

If you have more questions, hit us up on our forums, or check out our Twitter.

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19 Author Replies

  • Been waiting for this.. Can’t wait to see more

  • Cant beat free ill try it!

  • Oh its B2P sneaky sneaky :p

  • Im in the PC Beta. This is going to be epic.

    Cant wait for this TV Show / Game mix.

  • This looks very intriguing another MMO for Ps3 can’t wait to check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can we pre-order on psn, please

  • can we preorder the game on psn/digital download because my ps3 bru ray drive went out and I can just download games now

  • Will we be able to preorder the game through the playstation store? I have a lot of credit.

  • I played the beta on PC last weekend. Not allowed to say much due to the NDA, but it wasn’t bad at all, maybe I expected more (sometimes it’s hard to tell with beta versions). I will check it out on PS3 as well though.

  • It will be laggy at times for sure. :P

  • I don’t play many MMO, and I’m not the biggest shooter person, but I have to say i’m interested and looking forward to see more of this.

    Definately leaning towards a buy at first glance. No monthly fees, world looks interesting, just need to sample the actual gameplay now.

  • Any word on when the PS3 beta will begin? This game looks great.

  • I’d like to try a trial version of the game. looks interesting though.

  • If the game cross saves between this and the pc version then Ill get it. Otherwise I’m sticking with the PC version. Still a great win nonetheless.

  • first dust 514 now this? if it isn’t pay 2 win then i’l have 2 free shooters to play.

  • Any images of the CE DLC and items?

  • i just love how PS3 is dominating the MMO CONSOLE MARKET!!!!

  • DAMN! look freaking awesome~ :)

  • btw Day 1 digital release please and count me in <3

  • you will be on twitch this friday talking about the ps3 version right? Would love to get into the beta for the ps3 and been following your guys ^_^ in a non-creepy ark hunter type of way :P

  • jayrabbit: yep, we’ll be on Twitch this Friday playing and we’ll answer all the questions you have (if we have answers for ’em) including PS3 ones.

  • will there get normal open (or challenge) PVP outside of shadow wars? I mean you are scavengers after all.. what if another scavenger wants to “scavenge” YOUR scavenge? lol

    Also you say no monthly fees.. does that men NO MONTHLY FEES AT ALL!! or will it be like dc univere online where you can play for free but theres an optional monthly fee which gives you access to so much more stuff than a free player than youd be better off paying them monthly (i.e more inventory space, free expansion packs, no money cap, voice chat, ability to create league/clan etc etc)

  • DuoMaxwell: yes. There are some more “regular” competitive maps out there beyond just Shadow Wars.

    And yes, I mean there are no monthly subscription options for Defiance: buy the game and play. We do have Season Pass and will have DLC but we’re going to be supporting and adding whether you pay or just want to play to your heart’s content.

  • can we pre-order the different edtions on psn/digital download day 1

  • good so 3 MMOs to play this year and only 1 with a monthly fee.. I can juggle that just fine without feeling like “im not getting my monies worth” i.e I can go a month without playing defiance and not feel like the 15 bucks a month isnt being justified with my “lack of time” to play

  • Played the hell out of the PC beta this weekend myself. All I “can” say is the game so far is pretty sweet, and Trion, you guys rock!!! This game, along with the cross tie in with the SyFy TV show is turning out to be awesome!! Are you guys planning on having some of the TV characters cross over into the game portion of Defiance?? Would be great to see either a game character or a TV character make a cross over from time to time to shake both portions of the world up. :-D

  • Def looking forward to it,sounds bad ass :)

  • PS: I’m also Elizabeth Tobey, the author of this blog, in case you guys are reading my comments and wondering what is going on. ;-)

  • Looks pretty neat, will there be a demo?

  • Will this have cross play with the PC version?

  • Andy: We do not have cross platform play.

  • Kchow: go to and sign up for any future announcements and/or betas!

  • @26 yeah tv characters do cross over in the game

    As for how it interacts with the show they already gave an example.. which was..

    in the show about midseason a character leaves… if you just watch the show and not play the game you see that episodes later that character that left comes back and shes changed dramatically.. you dont know why or how all you know is she changed.

    whereas in the game.. when she leave sin the show she show sup on the game.. and you play along side here and get to see first hands the stuff that happens storywise and how she changes and what leads up to it, so when she goes back to the show you know exactly why it is that she changed and you were there to see and take part in what happened to her.

    @30 nope no cross platform (because of Microsoft) which to me is stupid.. if its microsofts fault then let them stay on their own server and let PC and PS3 be cross platform but doenst matter to me.

  • Hey look! Now I have my fancy official login for answering your questions.

    So to do a roundup: go to to sign up for future betas/other fun events.

    We do not have cross platform play.

    There definitely is cross over between game and show although I’m going to be cagey about that to leave some mystery for you guys. ;)

  • This is a human vs AI??

  • White: there’s a bunch of modes. You can play competitively against people on a variety of maps and also group with people in the open world (fighting against AI) or in smaller groups in coop areas. You can also go it alone and fight through the main storyline but it’s a rough world out there so friends are always a bonus.

  • im in on ppl vs ai!!! Thats super awesome!!! Thanks for the info Elizabeth T. :) btw already enlisted for future beta.

  • Is this an MMO where the PC players play along with the PS3 players? Will we all get a chance of being on the show?

  • Hi Elizabeth

    Will this post be going into the EU blog?

    I have a few questions for you.
    1) Do you know the prices for UK?
    2) Can you tell us more about the season pass?
    3) When does the next beta take place and will it be for consoles or PC again?
    4) Any latest news on the TV show? Would it be in game or anything? (Need subtitles if it is)

    I tried the beta and have to say I F-ING LOVE IT!!! From what I seen anyway. I had some problems with running it on my PC as it wouldn’t play so tried my laptop. It runs on my laptop but not smoothly. I guess my PC and laptop just wasn’t capable of running it. Developers weren’t very helpful on the forums and they didn’t reply once to anything I asked or even to any of my feedback. Hope to get back into the beta again and for PS3 next time so can have a proper game of it and give better feedback. :)

  • Thanks for your reply Elizabeth. Have already signed up for the future beta and I cant wait. :D So excited for this game. I feel very tempt to buy the Ultimate Edition so better get saving now and cancel some other games until I get this one first!! Sadly been looking all over my retailers for pre-orders but none are up online yet. :( Would love to see some pictures of each edition.

    I look forward to hearing some more news from you cos this is exciting stuff :D

  • by the way will competitive modes take place on maps/instance areas specifically for that or will there be open world PVP too (outside of shadow wars)?

  • I played the beta this past weekend and it was fun! Cannot wait to get in on the PS3 version.

  • I already was excepted for the Defiance beta but i asked for PS3 & it gave me all the PC beta events.

    Does this mean i will be getting into the PS3 beta as well? (been trying to get this question answered on Trion forums)

    if the game is anything like the PC beta, the PS3 version is going to be very enjoyable


  • This was one of the projects I was most excited to hear about from Comic Con. I can’t wait to see how the show and game come out. Sounds like a pretty bold endeavor and I commend Trion Worlds and Syfy for doing it. I really hope it is a success on both fronts.

  • “Not yet – as soon as I have more final prototypes I’ll take pictures for you.” – Elizabeth Tobey

    Alright! Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely be purchasing this; I just need some eye candy to decide which version.

  • Was looking up and down them different versions to buy and then thought of two more questions. lol

    1) When you say bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD, do you mean of the game, show or both?
    2) What do you mean by 1200 Bits?

    • Good ones – Making of is still being created and so I don’t want to give a definite split but we’ll have a bit of both! And bits are an in-game currency. It’s a nice starter purse.

  • Any words on digital version in PS store??

    if we could have the pre-order editions it would be even better

  • This looks like alot of fun.

  • I’m loving the PC beta, so if the PS3 version runs smoothly, I’m definitely excited!

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