Grab A Free PlayStation Mobile Game Every Wednesday for Six Weeks

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Grab A Free PlayStation Mobile Game Every Wednesday for Six Weeks

PlayStation Mobile: Samurai Beatdown

We’re still in a giving mood long after the holidays have come and gone. To prove it, we’re giving away six PlayStation Mobile games. Each week for the next six weeks, you’ll be able to pick up one PlayStation Mobile title for free – that’s a new free title each week.

To kick off this party we needed to find a title with a lot of punch, and we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than Samurai Beatdown. This fast-paced, side-scrolling slash-em-up pits your samurai rhythm skills against waves and waves of evil demons.

Download the game for free from the PlayStation Mobile Store on your PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Device. It’s free now, so be sure to jump in and pick up your copy today. Then check the Store Update post each Tuesday between now and February 19th to see which new PlayStation Mobile game will be free that week! One new game will be listed as free each Wednesday.

PlayStation Mobile: Samurai Beatdown

If you’ve never downloaded a game from the Mobile store, now’s the time to check it out. PS Vita owners can simply head to the PlayStation Mobile Section of the PlayStation Store. People with Sony Smartphones or Tablets, or folks with HTC Android devices that are PlayStation Certified just need to download and install the PlayStation Mobile Android App. From there, you’ll have access to all of the PlayStation Mobile games!

PlayStation Mobile Vita Store

Be sure to check next Tuesday’s Store Update post to see which game will be free on PlayStation Mobile next Wednesday. In the meantime, download Samurai Beatdown, then comment here, or head to the forums and let us know what you think.

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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14 Author Replies

  • Anyone looking for a fun Playstation Mobile game check out Surge. That was the only game I was playing for a while. Until Jetpack Joyride came out. Maybe Surge will be one of the free Mobile games?

  • I admit I was never one for mobile gaming outside of dedicated gaming portables like the Vita and the PSP. The whole touchscreen thing just doesn’t work for me when I play games. The Vita’s physical control setup is just what I needed. I hope this game supports it. And if it does, I hope to see a lot more of these mobile games in the future.

  • How do I PlayStation Mobile on my Vita? I don’t see it anywhere in the PSN Shop.

  • Awesome, thanks for doing this! Here are some I’d be interested in:

    Super Crate Box, Hungry Giraffe, Life of a Pixel, Haunt the House, Alien Breed, Rebel, and OMG Zombies.

  • I already bought that Samurai game…..can I get a refund now that it’s free??

  • can i download this on my Android device and still have it in a queue to download to my ps vita at a later time? i dont wanna miss this.

  • Free is good. Thanks. Will check these games out.

  • @50 this isn’t my only account.. Shoo

  • I’m assuming that each title will only be free for a single day (i.e., Wednesday). I’ll be getting home late tonight and won’t be able to get to my Vita until then. Does the deal end at precisely at Midnight?

    • davivman,

      The deal on this game will run for one week. Next Wednesday Samurai Beatdown will go back to its regular price, and a new PS Mobile game will be free for one week. Rinse/Repeat for 6 total free games over 6 weeks.

  • @53, go to ps store on your Vita. In the top right hand corner is the Playstation mObile link, click it and go to Music/Rythem section to find the game…..Keep on Gaming.

  • Strange that the Vita downloads the PSM runtime, but according to Paul you don’t need it. So why does it bother to download it?

    To add the title made it seem as if we had one day a week, Wednesday to get the game. Once reading the article did I notice that the offer was good for a week.

  • This is great news. This rhythm game makes me want a release date for Kick Beat even more. Please Sony give us a release date.

  • If I could suggest any PS Mobile game, I would have to go with Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe, that game is insanely addictive.

    @Paul – This is a great way to start the new year and give the Vita more exposure. The lineup for this year looks good but small. Although I know you can’t give me direct answers right now, are their any surprises along the way for the Vita from around June till December? I’m a big fan of Cross Play and Cross Buy (favorites being PSABR and Retro City Rampage) but I think the Vita needs more original titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Soul Sacrifice and Ragnarok Odyssey. Exclusives set the system apart from the rest and usually showcase its strengths.

  • thanks – really nice touch to give out a free PSM game for 6 weeks … I snagged Life of Pixel, Haunt the House, Super Crate Box … looking fwd. to trying out this one …. I’m always amazed when folks complain they have nothing to play on their Vita – I have 10 retail games & a bunch of DL games – Dokuro, Super Stardust, Zen Pinball, Mutant Blobs etc …. I have an abundance of things to entertain on the Vita . love cross buy – All Stars is fantastic on the Vita … have Sly preordered, & looking fwd. to the Vita release for R & C FFA ….

    hope an update is in the wings for folders – especially with the addition of the PSM freebies … for those of us with the 32 gb card & a bunch of DLs, the pages will run out quickly, then the only choice will be to delete some items … I’m sure someone is on this dillema. :-)

  • Please make PS Mobile available in LATAM!

  • Will PS Mobile games also get their own live area backgrounds instead of the generic blue one?

  • This is great news and something that has been severely lacking until now. I have hundreds of free games on iOS, it’s about time PS Mobile starts offering good, solid free games, especially considering many are way overpriced. For example, I got Super Cratebox for FREE on my iPad, yet it costs $3.49 on PSM?! I don’t know if there’s something with the way Sony deals with devs that makes it so it’s not viable to offer free games, but that definitely needs to be rectified and offering a free game each week for six weeks is a good first step. I mean it’s not like these games offer trophies or online cloud saving, so what’s the incentive for me to buy them over downloading them for free on my iPad/iPhone?

  • Awesome, but why can’t I install the app on Xperia Arc S!!!

  • Please make Super Crate Box free next Wednesday :)

  • When these games return to their original price, will we still have access to download them again from our Download List if we formatted our memory card since the time we got them for free?

  • I like this game.. think one of the best of playstation mobile..

  • ATM cubixx is not free.

  • I think there needs to be a few better games on the PS Mobile. I like Lemmings, but I dislike most of the free games, do you think that you could make Gun Commando and Super Crate Boy free? I would brighten up my 6 weeks of free games.

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