Grab A Free PlayStation Mobile Game Every Wednesday for Six Weeks

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Grab A Free PlayStation Mobile Game Every Wednesday for Six Weeks

PlayStation Mobile: Samurai Beatdown

We’re still in a giving mood long after the holidays have come and gone. To prove it, we’re giving away six PlayStation Mobile games. Each week for the next six weeks, you’ll be able to pick up one PlayStation Mobile title for free – that’s a new free title each week.

To kick off this party we needed to find a title with a lot of punch, and we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than Samurai Beatdown. This fast-paced, side-scrolling slash-em-up pits your samurai rhythm skills against waves and waves of evil demons.

Download the game for free from the PlayStation Mobile Store on your PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Device. It’s free now, so be sure to jump in and pick up your copy today. Then check the Store Update post each Tuesday between now and February 19th to see which new PlayStation Mobile game will be free that week! One new game will be listed as free each Wednesday.

PlayStation Mobile: Samurai Beatdown

If you’ve never downloaded a game from the Mobile store, now’s the time to check it out. PS Vita owners can simply head to the PlayStation Mobile Section of the PlayStation Store. People with Sony Smartphones or Tablets, or folks with HTC Android devices that are PlayStation Certified just need to download and install the PlayStation Mobile Android App. From there, you’ll have access to all of the PlayStation Mobile games!

PlayStation Mobile Vita Store

Be sure to check next Tuesday’s Store Update post to see which game will be free on PlayStation Mobile next Wednesday. In the meantime, download Samurai Beatdown, then comment here, or head to the forums and let us know what you think.

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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14 Author Replies

  • This will be my first PlayStation Mobile Game download, which I am sure is the idea in this promotion, so thanx!

  • Do these games have trophies?

  • To bad that in mexico PS Mobile is dont avalible.

  • Anyway you can throw Chillingo a gigantic bag of money to port the He-Man game to PS Mobile?

  • its true that in march Sony will be anouncement the new PS??…mmmm. Will be awesome that in “elite” version of the next PS a Vita included. I think that help to sell more vitas an bring more games AAA,

  • Nice! Many thanks!

  • Pretty cool.

  • Very cool. I hope Super Crate Box is one of the free games.

    • We shall see! Check back in on the Weekly Store Update blog post on Tuesdays to find out which one is going to be free that following Wednesday!

  • This is great. I was just about to ask if I can play these on my Vita. Perfect.

  • Thanks for this, but we need trophies for these games, i thought Sony said they will add trophies to games like this….

    Speaking of trophies what happened to the US trophy patch of Frobisher Says…

    • @10, and @2 above, and @13 below:

      Trophies are a piece of feedback that we’re hearing loud and clear as regards Mobile. I’ve got nothing more to add at this point on the topic, but I do want to acknowledge the trophy hunters in these Mobile posts. We do hear you!

  • with PlayStation it present after present ,Christmas every day !! I just saw Two World 2 On for 49.99$ got it on PSN for 5 box with PS+ discount for sure but still !!!
    im a fan I mean yeah big fan big fan !!

    • franky,

      I’m a fan, too! Plus is a pretty good deal when you consider all of the things you get. Check back on all 6 of these free Mobile games, too. “Free” is one of the best deals around!

  • When are trophies coming?

  • Thanks Sony!

  • will playstation mobile ever appear in austria?

  • ma_youth,

    Unfortunately, that’s really a question for the SCEE Mobile team. I do know that they also made this same announcement today. There might be someone looking at replies to that post that would be better suited to answering your question. Good luck!

  • ok, thanks Paul Sullivan! sorry for spamming the comments section here!

  • DUDE! WHy it had to start with the only game i have from the PS mobile! sigh….

    • Awww! Sorry DarkOne! Check out the Store Post next Tuesday to see what we have for next week. You’ve got five more weeks of games to go to pick up some cool, free titles.

  • I cant seem to find the playstation mobile app in the android store. Im trying to download it on a HTC One S from T-mobile updated to 4.1.

  • thank you!

  • I have downloaded the game, its pretty fun but psmobile games need trophies and more psn integration like scoreboards, online play if possible.

  • haha dont worry paul. i’ll be sure to check the ps mobile next week then…. well as a matter of fact im a daily user of the ps blog so ill be checking for ur next post XD (finger cross for aqua kitty) XD

  • Thanks PlayStation for the free mobile games. I’ve picked up about 3 or 4 so far, and really like them. Hoping to see new games coming to the PS Mobile store in addition to this promotion–especially ones that take advantage of the touch interface.

  • The Vita OS needs to allow for the creation of folders ASAP!

  • Any chance PSM for Android will be usable (even if unsupported) on non-Certified devices like the Galaxy S II?

  • I turned it on, and had black screen for like 5 seconds! freaked me out
    working fine now, its really good for FREE game

  • Thanks for the free games. It is nice for the non PS+ users that they finally get something for free. I bought two PSM games so far so this will be nice to get a few more. I hope the creators of the six games that will be offered will still get some money from you guys. We need more Vita content and the best way to do that is to show the developers the money. :)

  • This game is killing my battery, it’s Soo addicting lol. Worth the 63 MB. Thanks!

    PS – Trophies would be awesome.

  • Of course the first free one is the first one I bought. Ah well.

  • Nice. Nothing like free games. Is there any possibility that in the future, we will be able to delete game install data without deleting all accompanying save data, etc. Switching memory cards is a huge hassle, I haven’t played Frobisher Says since the day I got it solely because of that. Either make it not rearrange your icons and/or not delete saves w/ installs and I’d be a happy camper. You can already do it with PSP games/minis, so why not VITA games?

  • When is PSM coming to more devices? I have a Nexus 7 just waiting to get an official version.

  • This is great, thanks! Now put a OFF option for the stanby mode in the POwer Save Settings. I’m tired of my game pausing every ten minutes (running trade ships back and forth in AC III Liberation) cause it goes into standby mode while it’s on your stand CHARGING. The 15 second standby on the lock screen is redundant enough without having the option to turn off the real standby.

  • Damn, I love you, PlayStation. :D This is an amazing deal; you’d be a fool to not even give these games a try!

    Samurai Beatdown was a great first pick. The game is beautiful and sounds amazing. Can’t wait for next week’s game! (Might have to get a new memory card at this rate xD)

  • Own it already. Great game, looking forward to the other five. Hopefully nothing i already own again.

  • ADD CROSS SAVES to PS Mobile. Trophies are nice, but not something that actually would benefit anyone in the long run. Unlike Cross Saves, which go hand in hand with the very idea of PS Mobile. I already have two devices I use PS Mobile on and it sucks needing to have separate progress. And if the Xperia Z is going to be certified (why wouldn’t it?) Then that’ll make 3.

    It would be nice to be able to share my save between devices. Since the entire idea of Mobile is to have it on multiple devices.

    OT: This kind of sucks as someone who’s bought almost ever PS Mobile game released. Sans ones I have no interest in. But whatever, I’ve got to enjoy them from the start and maybe something I didn’t get will be free.

  • I’ve been enjoying the PS Mobile offerings since day one, and I especially dig the retro titles.

    Now if only Wizorb and Where Is My Heart? would come to PSMobile, then I could completely move on from Minis.

    Also, wasn’t ‘I’m Gonna Be God of the Forest’ supposed to be out a few weeks ago? I remember Sid saying so in an earlier Blogcast.

  • I would like to voice a vote/opinion for the other side of the gamer coin. I say keep your leaderboards and/or trophies. I would like to play quick simple and lost cost games. If adding the other things adds to the development price keep them out.

  • Fan boys don’t bother reading!! I bought the PSP on release as I did the vita.. The PSP disappointed in the first few months but then became a great handheld. Wtf Sony!! WTF!! This is BS!!! The vita is awesome but the games suck!!! The up and coming games are mostly a joke and scarce, pathetic!!! I don’t want games that compare to the apps I get for free from the apple store on my ipad, I didn’t pay $199 for a system to get the same games I get for free on my iPhone and iPad.. This sucks!! Where are the good games? Where is the cross play you displayed at E3 before this ****y handheld was released? I am a angry consumer not the only one BTW, there are many of us who aren’t fan boys and believed your BS and feel ripped off!!! Get developer support or give me my money BACK!! I mean come on 2k13 made a PSP version of nba and ignored the vita, pathetic!! This is GD BS!!! Get your act straight man…..

    • There are some pretty exciting Vita titles on the horizon for 2013. At least I think they’re exciting. I’m certainly a fan of all types of games, from mobile puzzle games to AAA shooters. As for the Cross-Play comment, Cross-Play is absolutely part of the Vita landscape. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale comes to mind immediately. The LBP2 Cross-Controller pack released last month was pretty exciting stuff, as well. Drink Box has said that their upcoming platformer, Guacamelee, will have Cross-Control functionality too!

      Those specific examples might not be your cup of tea, but the Cross functionality of the Vita is something that is very much still in play.

  • Bet you won’t respond to that….

  • @Paul Sullivan

    “Trophies are a piece of feedback that we’re hearing loud and clear as regards Mobile. I’ve got nothing more to add at this point on the topic, but I do want to acknowledge the trophy hunters in these Mobile posts. We do hear you!”

    Just like you guys “heard” us when we wanted and need cross voice chat and other main features and lied that it was coming and waited YEARS to tell us it couldn’t be done because of RAM limitation? and of course it could still happen, worst case scenario releasing a new PS3 model with enough RAM, but of course you never did that.

    And how about releasing the US web store? I can’t download anything because I don’t have access to the Store on PS3 or PSVita right now so how am I suppose to download anything? Also, please oh please, let the US web Store be fully accessible and functional outside of the US, I’m not in the US right now and you guys (Sony) love to give access to web pages exclusively to the people in the country the web site is from, like Crackle -_-.

    • I can respect that perspective on the “we hear you” comment. But we really do hear you. We’re gamers too, and a lot of us are avid trophy farmers/hunters. That ding sound is pretty darn addictive.

      For the web store in NA I don’t have any specific details to share other than keep your eyes on the PS Blog!

  • P.S real gamers love real games.. Ball dropped on COD declassified and assassins creed liberation. Nice try! You rushed this handheld, they rushed those games, you screwed up! It’s sad gamers who bought this system pretend games like gravity rush (while acceptable) are ground breaking and “must have system selling games” when that’s not the case! Sony made us think this was the next great handheld for real gamers and all you are giving us is garbage wrapped in plastic marked at $39.99 to 49.99 (funny none of the 49.99 games are worth it) I’m beyond angry man!! BEYOND! You pushed this handheld to sell before your next gen console just as you did last gen and it’s BS!, because this time you have no developer support.. You suck!! Btw MLB 12 was good so was uncharted for vita that’s pretty much all.. Again fan boys idk for your opinion I’m a gamer not a nut jokey swolllow your hollow words

  • @41: AC3: Liberation is awesome. Any faults with that game were present in Uncharted as well, but people overlook them for whatever reason. In fact, Uncharted was worse in many regards. Such as swipe melee combat and swipe only menu navigation among other things like wiping chapter select if you start a new game (an issue resolved after the first Uncharted that should have never been repeated, even if it was Bend’s first go around)… among other things.

    And most games are $29.99 – $39.99 at retail. $49.99 is a premium that’s not been used that often. Yet trolls like yourself always tout about like every game is that price. I can only think of three games so far that have been $50. Uncharted, which quickly dropped in price. CoD, and Technika Tune (sp?).

    Oh, never mind the fact that brushing off LOGIC as “fanboy” chatter is ridiculous. You’re an ignorant person. You’re not a gamer, you’re ridiculous.

  • @40: All I recall them saying is “we hear you”. Not “it’s coming”. Please provide me with the proper words needed to google to find a source of them ever promising cross game chat was ever coming. Because if they did promise it, then that’s pretty dumb of them. However, I don’t ever remember that happening.

  • ……. I will respond on all vita posts, and will speak my mind to all I know on ps3, Facebook, yahoo answers, gamespot, twitter, and any other social media possible. What you are doing is wrong these games suck! Thank god you barely advertise this product because it deserves no advertisement. Thank you for taking my money and in return giving me nothing

    Angry Sony consumer

  • thanks a lot for that. but sadly it is not available in UAE store, i have to switch account and memory card. plz sony solve this problem

  • thanks a lot for that. but sadly it is not available in UAE store, i have to switch account and memory card.

  • thx! Nothing beats free in my book. No complaints so far.

  • sweet glad to see we get this also. seen it on the eu blog and was going to use my eu psn till i rememerd vita is tied to 1psn account now i dont have to miss out

  • Can anyone please help tell me after i downloaded the PSM runtime to PS Vita, how should i install it? Simply to open PSN store again? But nothing happens, still only games available, no video no PSM?

    Please someone help, thanks very much!!!

    • On the Vita you do not need the PSM app. You just need to grab the games from the PS Store directly and run them on your Vita like any other game/app installed on the memory card.

  • @44: You’ve barely played any games in general, let alone Vita. Shoo.

    @49: Honestly, I had no idea what they did when it downloaded. And I still don’t really know how I installed it. Try launching a PSM game?

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