Aquatic Papercraft PSN Adventure Derrick the Deathfin 25% Off This Week

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Aquatic Papercraft PSN Adventure Derrick the Deathfin 25% Off This Week

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when you read the words “you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get”? Yes, that’s the one. The one you’re feeling right now in the pit of your stomach. Well it’s time to put that feeling to good use because Derrick the Deathfin is now 25% off for one week only!

Since his release in October last year, Derrick has been slowly building in reputation, garnering some great reviews and adoring fans along the way. Sales have continued to improve as the game becomes more known too which is great. We know a PS Vita version would be super cool as well, we are still looking into that — is that something you’d be interested in? What’s more, we have some ideas for a sequel that would see Derrick indulging in some intergalactic mischief…

Anyway, all of this positivity and mindless speculation has put us in such a good mood that we now intend to ruthlessly capitalise on the upswing in goodwill with a sale!

Since we love PlayStation gamers so much you – and only you – can also have access to an exclusive downloadable DIY papercraft template of a controller made by our resident papercraft genius Ronzo. It looks suspiciously similar to a DualShock 3, without going so far as to infringe any legal copyrights!

Derrick the Deathfin DualShock 3 Papercraft: Page 1Derrick the Deathfin DualShock 3 Papercraft: Page 2

“Is that all?” I hear you ask. Well no, Susan, that is not all.

As a super sweet bonus deal I promise to try to reply to every comment on this blog post for 24 hours after it goes up. So please do get involved if you have any questions at all about Derrick the Deathfin, or indeed life in general. I am aim to hit a joke:fact ratio of at least 3:1 so hit me up!

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  • Thanks for the feedback, Gordon. I’m going to make the purchase tonight. It’s nice to see a dev take the time to come and answer us, and with a sense of humor to boot!

  • This is really cool but Sony needs to make more REMOTE-PLAY & CROSS-CONTROLLER COMPATIBLE GAMES and to patch the older ones.WIth the Wii-u out now there is no excuse not to attempt to compete with it in some way.Both remote-play & cross-controller could help do that.We dont even really need col interfaces with every game like little big planet 2 etc, all we want to do is to control games like infamous 1 & 2,Sly,,r& C or J&D collections via cross-controller and remote-play, is that too hard to ask for.Sony has so many games that could use these features and that will help sell tons of Vita’s.I hav been trying to push this for so long but have never gottn a reply so I will keep on posting it until I do.

    • Okidoke Dork Genius I hear you sounds like a good idea to me! Not really a question for me to answer though ;)

  • Gordon – thank you.

  • Door-to-door salesman? That would be hysterical. Unless you are familiar with Boardwalk Empire, and Agent van Alden…

  • I know Gordon…I just wanted to at the least make sure its passed on to someone who can make it work…We were all hyped for both features ever sense they were showed off and announced and then it was almost like sony forgot about them..So far we only have about 3-4 games or so that use these features and Sony needs to know we want more..If at least they enable cross-controller to work with the ps3 as is than we can just play whatever game we want and if a dev wants to make a dlc pack or so they can but other than that I want to play everything on and with my vita because I love it so much…

  • I can’t tell if you are joking, so in case you’re not, Boardwalk Empire is a HBO Show set in Atlantic City, NJ in the Prohibition-era 1920’s. Agen van Alden is a character played by the excellent Michael Shannon.

    • I have that problem all the time! Ah okay cool never seen Boardwalk Empire, spend too much time hollered up making games :)

  • Mos def, whether its vita games, ports or whatever, we want it..Now is the time to take on the wii-u…I just talked to a friend at work and he aid he was debating on whether to get either a wi-u and 360 or Ps vita & Ps3.I talked him into getting the ps3 & Vita solely by showing him what it could do with cross-controller & remote-play and he was sold immediately.Keep C-C & R-P in mind when making any upcoming games and pass the word to all devs you can because I want the vita to sell almost more than Sony does…Thank you for replying and taking the time, as long as someone heres this message than im good…

    • I think it’s in everyone’s interests that the Vita does well, so hopefully you get some more cool stuff coming your way soon.

  • @Gordon Midwood – ah I see so it doesn’t help the cause for the blog’s sake and I am trying to talk to the wrong person about this idea. I am in true sorry I did not know, I just seen a lot of comments and seen that someone was actually reading on this comments. Seeing how ideas section in the blog many ideas go through that end up being great ones don’t ever seem to happen. Thought I was getting someone on the blog team to grasp this idea. Honestly sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I understand that their is a lot that goes into making games, even though I have never made one. I know it takes money and a lot of it to make games for more than one platform. I just thought since since the Vita is a handheld, the buy in and develop cost would be cheaper than it would be to develop on the PS3. That might be the case, but why don’t more Developers think of the Vita Platform before the PS3, when it comes to downloadable titles?

    I also think Derrick the Deathfin was in development before the Vita release, so that could have also played a part in your choice of which console to develop the game on?

    Last question, will you be attending GDC? Thanks for answering my question, you got my purchase and my recommendation to my friends and family with PlayStation 3 systems.

    • Ah yes thats true development started before Vita existed, forgot about that little fact!

      Not going to GDC sadly this year due to lack of funds. Although after this mega sale maybe I can!

  • ill buy it today :)

    what about:

    sequel+space forest location+ps3 psvita crossbuy+multiplayer+platinum???

  • I own Derrick the Deathfin and it is awesome. I recommend it to anyone!!

  • Who’s going to the Super Bowl??

    What’s your favorite origami animal to make??

    What’s your favorite place to get a burger??

    What upcoming games are you looking forward to??

  • 我喜欢这样的风格 cute style!

  • Still have some money in the wallet so I’ll be sure to pick this up the next day or two here (would also be in support of a Vita version). Have heard good things about it from those that have played it so far and meant to check it out sooner but I guess I forgot about it.

    PS. I’m assuming how they say Derrick is a SEGA reference? One of many in the actual game perhaps?

    • Yes there are a few SEGA references in there, gameplay is a bit of a homage to Ecco and Sonic so that’s the reason!

  • Urgg..Forgot to buy when it first came out. The comments on this page alone were worth the $6 so you may have my monies. Unfortunately my debit card is being denied due to fraudulent charges…guess I have to go shank someone for cash. It’s worth it.

  • This was an AWESOME GAME!!! even the Iron Ray or whatever was that thing in the final level, are you planning to do another game?

    • Alienfish!!!

      Of course there will be plenty more games where Derrick came from, just a question of what to do next….

  • I am definitely sharing this on my Pepakura blog… Never heard of this game before but, now am will join the Church of Derrick…

  • I’d buy it again on PS Vita. I haven’t even played it yet on PS3 though. If you do a Vita version, I hope you add cross saves though. Hate needing to start over *looks at Jetpack Joyride*… fracking 4901 score on PS3. D:<

  • 25 % of what price or better question, how much is it now? That a side nice paper controller, If only it would work for derrick the deathfen and tear a way and other paper like games i can’t think of.

  • Gordon, old bean, I just wanted to let you know I was true to my word and purchased your game last night. Did not have the chance to play, but I am sure it will be everything I desire and more! Cheers!

  • I’m really interested in this game, but I’m on the fence. Will there ever be a demo for it so I can try it and make a decision?

  • I would love a Vita version. just picked one up for xmas. love it lots. want more games. feed me.

  • Finally got around to purchasing it today so I’ll be giving it a go once it finishes downloading in a minute or two here. Thanks again for answering all the questions and for the heads up about this discount.

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