Aquatic Papercraft PSN Adventure Derrick the Deathfin 25% Off This Week

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Aquatic Papercraft PSN Adventure Derrick the Deathfin 25% Off This Week

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when you read the words “you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get”? Yes, that’s the one. The one you’re feeling right now in the pit of your stomach. Well it’s time to put that feeling to good use because Derrick the Deathfin is now 25% off for one week only!

Since his release in October last year, Derrick has been slowly building in reputation, garnering some great reviews and adoring fans along the way. Sales have continued to improve as the game becomes more known too which is great. We know a PS Vita version would be super cool as well, we are still looking into that — is that something you’d be interested in? What’s more, we have some ideas for a sequel that would see Derrick indulging in some intergalactic mischief…

Anyway, all of this positivity and mindless speculation has put us in such a good mood that we now intend to ruthlessly capitalise on the upswing in goodwill with a sale!

Since we love PlayStation gamers so much you – and only you – can also have access to an exclusive downloadable DIY papercraft template of a controller made by our resident papercraft genius Ronzo. It looks suspiciously similar to a DualShock 3, without going so far as to infringe any legal copyrights!

Derrick the Deathfin DualShock 3 Papercraft: Page 1Derrick the Deathfin DualShock 3 Papercraft: Page 2

“Is that all?” I hear you ask. Well no, Susan, that is not all.

As a super sweet bonus deal I promise to try to reply to every comment on this blog post for 24 hours after it goes up. So please do get involved if you have any questions at all about Derrick the Deathfin, or indeed life in general. I am aim to hit a joke:fact ratio of at least 3:1 so hit me up!

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  • how do you like your eggs? Will this give me a paper cut? I hit my head the other day, did you feel it?

    • Eggs are the manifestation of evil.

      This is a word and will not give you a paper cut. Unless you build a giant word “this” out of paper, leave one corner slightly unfolded and run past it at high speed of course.

      I have never felt your head. This is a family blog so I will leave it at that.

  • I very much enjoyed Derrick and the paper-craft templates are fun to make! Would definitely be interested in a sequel!

  • Honestly I’d want a Vita version!! I was intrigued when it first came out but between life events and other games I was getting I didn’t have time, a Vita version fits into my personal schedule very nicely. Personally I just love the Vita a lot–especially for games like this, it means you can play these awesome smaller games (that are still to controller reliant to be fun as a touchscreen-only experience) while waiting for appointments and such. I will definitely buy a Vita version!

  • @3 Sounds familiar
    I have a huge backlog of games and buying new games has become less frequent. My vita fits my lifestyle so well now that I have 4 kids

    A vita version would be phenominal.
    Is there one in the works?

    • No nothing in the works at the moment, but it is a possibility for the future for sure. We get a lot of Vita love for Derrick :)

  • There’s $6.02 in my PSN wallet and it’s going straight to this game, sweet!

  • I bought Derrick the Deathfin on day one release, and love it a lot! I have completed it as well. I have contacted you before requesting a Vita version, I see you are acknowledging that in the post! Please do. Cross-buy would be awesome and probably sell to a ton of newcomers. If it has to be a separate release, some people like me would re-buy the game for Vita. I think Cross-buy would sell more though. In some ways it would be more fun on Vita than on a big screen, but both would be ideal. I find Cross-buy games an excellent value but usually only play the game on one system, not both. It’s nice to have the option though. I usually end up playing the Cross-buy games on Vita, I have more time for handheld gaming. I like that you’re thinking of a sequel, please make one. Whether it be Derrick the Deathfin or another game altogether with similar art style, I will be interested. If you have not bought this game yet, you should! It has an excellent story, lots of replay value, unique art style and gameplay. There is variety in the levels and mission types, it doesn’t get boring. There are a few boss/final missions that change things up a bit too.

  • What was the best thing you ate for lunch this month?

  • How much death would a deathfin fin if a deathfin could fin death?

    (Also, is Derrick’s name a pun on oil derricks? Jw!)

  • Do you walk down the escalator or ride it down?

  • got this game on launch day. its pretty challenging and a vita version would be awesome, especially with a discount to those who have the game already. keep up the awesome work. I need a polar bear and a killer whale papercraft. I already got every papercraft on your website

  • I also bought this day one, and asked for a vita version last time you were here too

  • I want this game too many on my ps3 but day one for vita if released

  • @4 x-Kicks-x
    I agree with you. So many games in the backlog that one have to settle not buying new games frequently. I’ve personally decided to buy mind-blown game titles for that same reason, barely get to play my old games. But with the Vita, things get much comfortable while not at Home.

  • I’m happy you brought up the question about a Vita version. I would love to see one in the near future, but with optional touch touch support. Hopefully you add online leaderboards and the fix the other minor issues the game has. For 5.99, I think that is a great price and I hope you start to see a return in your investment.

    The game would have suited the Vita at release and then later ported to the PS3. Maybe try getting this on PlayStation Mobile as well? Keep it in the family.

    • Some great ideas there God Child. Putting your all-seeing eye to good use!

      We’ll see about vita or ps mobile, good platforms for Derrick for sure!

  • Yes to Vita, and what’s the current price that you’re taking 25% off of?

  • Do you chew your food with your mouth open or closed?


  • Please sell me on this game with 3 major bullet points.

  • I would like to see the sequel on the Vita. I’ve finished the game on the PS3 and think the format would work great for the Vita.

  • Is Derrick a famous moviestar?

    Also +1 for a Vita release of this game, suits the platform better in my opinion :)

  • @17 It would be MUCH more fun to buy this game than to take 3 bullets.

    Seriously, though, It’s great if you love platformers.

  • Ok I have 20 games in my back log why should I buy this and move it to the front of my list!

    A Vita version would be great!

    • Ask yourself 2 questions:

      1. Do any of those other games feature papercraft in an aquatic setting?
      2. Would you like to make yourself significantly more attractive to the opposite sex?

  • I couldn’t remember much about the game so I had to go re-read some reviews on it and it sounds pretty fun. Can you tell us what game you are currently working on?

    • Hi Hogwild333! Thanks for the kind words, I can’t tell you what we are working on next as we haven’t quite worked it out yet :)

  • I wouldn’t mind if this was on the vita. The vita does not offer much in terms of software so there is always room for more; but I am packed beyond capacity on the PS3.

    Hopefully it could incorporate some use of the camera and back touchpad and with this kind of papercraft game, the possibilities sound creative.

    • Yes that would be cool wouldn’t it? Would definitely love to make a Vita game designed from the ground up to fit the system – so many input options.

  • Or if you guys cant do a vita version, if you can put it on remote play, I’ll buy the PS3 version.

    I just like playing games on my vita more than the PS3. Tokyo jungle seems to have been made for the vita, but alas it didn’t get on the system ;(.

  • I purchased the game on day 1 and really enjoyed the few couple of minutes I had with it, other than that I haven’t played it ever since. If this game were to be release on PS Vita, then I would definitely purchase it again.
    Recently I have only been able to play on the go, so I have been purchasing mostly handheld games for my PSVita and 3DSXL. Just like the good old GBA days.

  • I’m totally going to get this today!
    If a vita version pops up, that would be awesome!

  • what the price exactly once in sale please, ima get it for my son’s~

  • For those asking, the regular price of the game is $7.99 USD, and the sale will be $5.99.

  • @johnnyp70

    thanks for your reply~ ima get this little funny game later for my boys then~

  • This is off-topic, maybe sombody in here can help me. I changed my PSN icon/avatar like two weeks ago, yet I still have this Santa-sackboy here in the blog. Anyone suggestions?

    • Go on holiday for 11 months!

      You will come back feeling refreshed and your Avatar will feel relevant again too.


    delete your cookies ;)

  • Another supporter who bought Derrick DeathFin Day 1. Like many others due to my super extensive backlog i still got to finish the game. I like the look/Art style of your game, it’s unique and there’s nothing like it outside PSN.

    I would love to see another game with the same papercraft art style in a forest setting with forest animals and creatures. I wish you success in your endeavors.

  • Aaand since you’re answering any question, here’s mine…

    You (Gordon), Nathan Drake, Sully, Elena Fisher, Scarlett johansson and Rosie O’donnell (Hey man, just play along with me) Just retrieved The Golden DeathFin from the lost amazonian cannibalistic tribe called wiiluvfatchins, Sully’s plane is attempting to takeoff but can not gain air to takeoff because of Too much weight!

    Sully says… Well Gordon, we got your Golden Fish but never mentioned anything about cannibals! Not only that, we need to drop some weight or we’ll be flatter than Ihop pancakes if we can’t takeoff! Your call kid!
    Nathan is putting his moves on Scarlett, Elena is rolling her eyes and Rosie O’donnell is complaining about how hungry she is…and You (Gordon) Needs to make a decision! PRONTO!

    The Golden DeathFin is pure Gold with rubies and two Diamonds the size of baseballs, weighing at 250 Lbs. and Rosie O’donnell weighing at 200 Lbs. They’re approaching the end of DeathMan’s Falls with a 500 Ft free fall and the plane can’t takeoff due to too much weight.

    Who will Not coming back for breakfast?

  • Nice bullets funny man! Now fill them in with reasons!!! :)

  • @31 Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    I deleted those bastard cookies but it seems to remain the same, I will give it another try later.
    Thanks though!

  • I already bought it and love it! I’d buy it again if I could.

  • @35 if you’re using a newer version of ie like 8 or 9 you need to make sure that you don’t have the option “Preserve Favorites Website Data” checked or you won’t be really clearing the cookies/cache. The description reads “Keep cookies and temporary Internet files that enable your favorite websites to retain preferences and display faster.”

  • Would love to see a sequel. Maybe make the sequel compatible with both Vita and PS3, that’d be awesome.

  • HA ha ha…I can’t give you those 5 minutes back, BUT because you have a sense of humor and are taking the time to read/respond to us whippersnappers… i’ll keep my 4 eyes open for your next game! If it is a forest setting …that would be even cooler.

  • Hey Gordon,

    I know lots of people have asked for a Vita version already, and whatever the number is, you’re gonna have to add one more ;)

    I have a PS3, but I just can’t seem to enjoy downloadable games on it. I love downloadable games, but I enjoy them sooooooooo much more on my Vita. If this came to Vita, I would definitely buy it, I’m very interested in it right now. I’d buy it this week on sale if I were to get the Vita version (when and if) it came out for no extra charge, but I don’t expect that really, so don’t worry about it.

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know I’d be very interested in a Vita version if you were to make one. Glad to hear the game sell well by the way, it seems well deserved :)

  • #36 You can buy it for me if you’d like, considering I can’t any reasons from Grodon to part with my money…

    Seriously, Gordon, it’s great you come on here and play with us!

  • @37 x-Kicks-X

    I just noticed it was checked, so I tried one more time and un-checked that option. Unfortunately it still doesn’t change. I even tried logging in with my iPhone, but this same avatar appears. Thanks for your help though

  • This is the most direct feedback I have seen on these boards. THANKS! Now my questions:

    Is there an ETA on a North American Souls Sacrifice DEMO (or a release date)?

    Is the playstation store going to bring back the ability to show add-ons by game rather than in a HUGE list of new content with a million peices of avatars and costumes along with the new games? When I am looking for new games vita games I have to sift through a million pieces of LBP costumes etc.

  • @Gordon – Off topic feedback, but might be a great addition to the blog. Many people have comments lingering on other comments and either post their own comment, Many people ask questions and get the answers from community members but often look for a reply on their own comment instead of searching it. Might be beneficial to everyone to allow community comments on other community member comments and just render them another color besides red. instead of constantly looking and searching for their answer with “@name” or “@comment number”
    They can look back to their own comment for the answer. I’ve answered numerous questions sense reading onto this blog and half the time it’s been overlooked. Might also help on the comment number issue people like having opening discussions about the post and use the comment number, we all know the comment numbers get shifted around with the moderation waiting on certain comments.

  • I would like to see your next game in a forest but not in the same way as Tearaway. More like a 2D sidescroller or something, but a Vita version has to be on the cards. Are the sales of the Vita affecting your decision to develop for the platform? I will understand if this is not the type of question you don’t want to answer on the blog and I know you never said you wouldn’t develop for the Vita, but more or less, would you have come out with a Vita version prior to a PS3 version if the sales were better?

    Thanks for replying to my other comment.

    • Hmm interesting questions Godchild, maybe sales would have been better if we had done Vita first even then PS3, I have no idea. There are costs for developing for every console platform – engine licensing, time to develop, testing, QA etc. – and this is what we have to consider for Vita. If this post is anything to go by sales on Vita would be sky high though!

  • Im going to pick this one up also Gordon. I really liked the psnation interview you did a few months ago and now I will really love to play this game you put your heart and soul into. Also please make a vita version as I would gladly double dip. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Yes on a sequel and Vita version. And anyone who hasn’t bought the game yet, buy it this week.

  • Oh, hey, Gordon, I remember you now. You’re the one who took votes for a fictional Vita version and you were so funny I promised to buy the game day 1. I did, it’s on my XMB, but after about 60 seconds I gave up & haven’t touched it since because I can’t figure out how to play it. Like, what am I supposed to do, what’s the goal, how do I win?

    I guess I’m not cut out for these kinds of games but thanks anyway and I hope your company does well.

    • Hello lisa!

      Derrick is a simple game, try eating everything in sight & swimming to the right without dying!

  • Good to see al the responses I like that even though I want this for my vita u have compelled me to get this when the store updates.

  • Do you plan to release ALL of the paper models?

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