Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita Today

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Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita Today

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

I hope everyone had good holidays with your friends and families, but it’s time to kick-start your gaming new year. Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable will be available for $39.99 in North America as a digital PS Vita download when the PSN update goes live later today.

Earth Defense Force 2017 first landed on US soil in 2007. With its addictive and exhilarating bug-squashing gameplay, the Japanese developer Sandlot succeeded in catching the attention of gamers. Now, thanks to the high performance of PS Vita, we are able to bring the EDF world to the handheld console with many new additions including online co-op and versus modes, new missions, enemies and weapons, and a new playable character in Pale Wing.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS VitaEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

The game has a total of 60 missions, including seven new missions. Each mission can be played on five difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno. Yes, you’re reading this right. “Inferno” is harder than the “hardest”! At first, you might feel “Inferno” is insanely difficult, but don’t worry. The more difficult levels you play, the stronger weapons you’ll get. By the time you collect tons of weapons and you reach “Inferno”, you’ll find that you’re a highly-trained EDF soldier. For the first time in the series, the game features multiplayer for up to four players, so play with your friends in North America and Europe in co-op or versus mode for EDF supremacy. With these new features, the game provides a whole new EDF experience, and you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay to collect all the weapons.

We also have a little bonus for you. If you purchase Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable through February 4th, you can get free downloadable content of the following four weapons.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

Electro Paralyzer
A top-secret superweapon developed by the EDF, whose flare shells halt the target’s actions. The technology behind it is shrouded in mystery. Some say it was developed by a military genius, or its secrets gleaned from a downed Ravager scout. Extend its effects by hitting the target repeatedly.

Heat Blaster
A short-range laser gun, whose mighty firepower compensates for its limited range. It requires heavy equipment to recharge, making it impossible to reload on the battlefield. Pull the trigger to release all of its energy, or it can keep firing until you switch weapons.

Limit Booster
A data transmitter that sends a special program to vehicles in the vicinity (helicopters, bikes, Vegaltas), shutting down their safety overrides and unlocking their maximum capabilities. Multiple uses won’t increase the upgrade ratio, but will make the effects last longer.

Reverse Drone
An unmanned drone with a nanomachine capsule payload. It flies straight ahead to the nearest ally, and once it connects, it disperses the nanomachines to heal the target. Adjust the direction of fire to select your target.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS VitaEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

The sequel, Earth Defense Force 2025 will also come out later this year, so I’m hoping EDF fans can refresh themselves on EDF’s over-the-top insect onslaught and explosions with 2017 on PS Vita. For those who are new to EDF, this version will be a good start to your EDF career.

This year, EDF will go full blast, so don’t be late to join EDF!

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  • @47

    40 dollars is 20 dollars less than the consoles, while giving similar graphics and specs to a console game. I can’t really see how that price range is bad for a Vita game. Its the same as 3DS, which has lesser graphics and memory.

  • I’m sure there are plenty that will pay the price for EDF. People say that they want good Vita games but they’re not willing to pay is kind of silly.

  • I am really looking forward for this ………. but $39.99 for digital only………I’ll wait….

  • 25.- I dont know about newegg but all the gamestop pre orders for 30$ of the game had been canceled.

    36.-U are kidding right? Persona 4 had a physical copys not to mention, that yes is a old port, but has a lot of new features and its around 80-90 hours in the first playtrough, personally im the 2 around 150, like 4 x times the value if u compare it with this

    And the digitals can come at full price when u can: trade it, refund it and sell it like steam, so far digitals here are just a Rip off

  • I don’t consider balking at the price silly. I paid $40 for physical copies of great new games like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Gravity Rush.

    The rub here is that I already own the original version this game. It’s a physical copy that I will be able to play 20 years from now, or for as long as I can find a console that will play it.

    A digital-only release will only work on, what? I think only 2 PSVitas at maximum, regardless of whether or not it is linked to my PSN ID, right?

    There were no boxes manufactured. No labels printed. No in-store POP or advertising space purchased. No sales/buyers working orders for retail outlets. Where is the manufacturing cost in this digital-only release that justifies the same price as the two 100% new digital/physical games previously mentioned?

    I don’t know. To me, it seems like abusing a pretty loyal installed user base.

  • You still insist on charging overpriced $30 and $40 for games? and worse, charge those prices for digital download only? pff, only a consumer that isn’t smart will buy this at any of those prices. $30 and $40 is way overpriced and non physical copies is only good for the companies and horrible for consumers. Release this at retail and I will purchase when price hits a fair price or if you’re going to keep it digital, drop the price to $15 max.

    Also, gamers wake up, the “dedicated” video game industry keeps getting worse and worse in every way for consumers, one example here, if you purchase the game by Feb. 4th at ridiculously overpriced $40 you get lame “free” content that should be included in the game as an unlockable or whatever for free. Remember we are in control, we decide everything that happens because companies depend on us, they depend on our money, they are nothing without us. Everything good and bad that happens is because of us. Remember that.

  • Got to agree with the general sentiment here regarding the price point. Console version released for what, $30 four years ago, so now the port releases for $40…!? Bad move, guys. I really like the Vita, and I really want to see it get some positive momentum, but I sure as heck won’t be buying this for $40, and terrible pricing decisions like this are looking like this aren’t going to help anything. Sure the publisher is also to blame, but c’mon, this is ridiculous.

  • I think someone can ask for whatever price they want and I respect their decision. But me personally will wait for this game to come down at least 10 dollars. Persona 4 Golden is probably the only vita game I’ll pay a full 40 for. But I wanna stress that I do wanna buy this game. Maybe once I’ve finished all my vita games (this includes Persona 4’s meaty campaign) and IGC games AND PSP games maybe. But you have a long wait if you’re waiting for that!

  • Looks like Vita will be full of ports like the PSP, what a shame…

  • $40 might be reasonable for a physical release, but not for digital-only. The memory cards are just way too expensive to warrant that.

  • Perhaps those saying that they will import the game didn’t look at the prices. Between a few sites I’ve looked at you’d be set back nearly $80-$100 before taxes and shipping and handling-for a physical copy. It also depends on if you want to have a single or double copies of the game…and if you’d prefer a game to be untranslated (regardless of how easy the game is to follow.) Oh, and not to mention the wait times for the game to arrive at your house…you could easily drop the $40 dollars and wait a good hour or less for the game to download to your memory stick…

  • Wow. You lost me at $39.99. In my eyes, this is a budget series to begin with and to tell me the downloadable version is $40? Just doesn’t work with it. $15-$20 maybe. Nothing more. Sorry.

  • Should have released at retail if you wanted to charge full price. $40 and digital only is as anti-consumer as you can get. I hope sales are poor. You will have no one to blame but yourselves.

  • Comments are very funny =)))))….. Super funny =)…. It’s really hard for people from Japan to sell games lower than 40$, because in Japan they cost like 60-70$ =))))….. And this game could be easily imported and played by anyone from Japan…. I mean, it’s not some RPG or something like that… where you need to have really high english skills…. So high price tag and only digital realese is understandable =))…

  • I’ll be buying this as soon as the store updates… I Hope their is a discount for PS+ members :)

  • I am currently playing the import version of this and I love it. It’s one of those mindless shooters that I can’t get enough of because it’s so much fun blowing up EVERYTHING! But…I also had this pre-ordered from Amazon for $30 and I think it’s a put off to charge more for a digital release after a physical price point was determined. So I am undecided if I want to pull the trigger on a game that is now $10 more than what it was originally listed.

  • Hey Miki, I’m excited for everything in an EDF game! :) Didn’t Sandlot develop the old Robot Alchemec Drive game on the PS2? That game was a hugely underrate classic! That was the first time I’d heard of Sandlot and I’ve always been a fan since.

  • Digital only is a deal-breaker. no thanks.

  • So whoever priced this game must be living in Washington or Colorado. $39.99 for a game that came out in 2007 is just plain greedy and stupid. I feel bad for those who preordered the physical and got messed over. This is a pretty despicable way of handling this release. I was looking forward to this game but that price tag is beyond ridiculous and I just can’t justify buying it and giving these greedy bums more money than what is deserved. I’ll buy at $24.99 or less.

  • Ignoring the price tag, before I buy it- does the online mode support VOICE CHAT?

  • Just so you guys are aware, EDF2017 launched at $39.99 on Xbox 360 in 2007. It was never more than that.

  • Like others i really wanted this game so badly but i just cant get over the price 39.99 for what…… Are you kidding? I will just have to wait till the price reduces. Really disappointed :(

  • Extremely vital feature for me that will decide if I purchase this or not…

    Does it have Online Survival Mode?

    It was my most played mode in Insect Armageddon even if it sucked that I had to pick the same crap weapons and there was no choice of armor in it, it was still very fun…. I need EDF Survival Mode…

  • Previous posts show that EDF VITA will be PSN only, but the retail version shows up for and to debut on 02/12. May you please clarify this? Thanks

  • Huge EDF fan here. Actually, since EDF 2017 on the 360. also got IA, even if it wasn’t a sandlot title. 2017 is probably the game I had the most fun with in recent history. So yeah, you can call me a huge fan.

    But see, I still have 2017 for my 360. But since I also have a Vita, the tought of playing it on the go, everywhere, was just plain awesome. I saw a while ago that it was supposed to come out at 30$ at retail, and I thought it would be a day-1 purchase for me.

    Now it seems it’s dowload only, and 10$ more too. I wouldn’t have minded the price hike too much if it was still a physical copy. But 40$ for a download only version of a port (even with added features) of a 5 year-old budget game that was itself 40$ when it was released back then?

    I would admit that I probably wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have 2017 already. But that’s not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to play it on my Vita. But I guess I’ll go back to play it on my 360 instead. Bummer.

  • I see they cant be bothered to answer peoples questions. Nice……

  • looks like 95% of us say $40 is a no buy price point. you can add me to the list.

  • If I buy this, and there is no voice chat- I’ll be pisssssssssed

  • I’m always looking for a new action game for my vita. I favor games that boast replay ability over single play run throughs. Like alot of other folks though that $40 price tag really makes me second guess buying. Putting out a demo would solidify my decision. The game from videos looks like mad fun, but limited budget means I have to do research before I buy anything.

  • EDF EDF EDF!!!!!!!

  • $40 for a game that debuted on the XBox 360 at $29.99 over 6 years ago?

    I was super excited about this game, but I can’t go for that. I’ll just go back to the console version if I feel the need to play it. This is a $19.99 product, time for a reality check.

  • I’m sorry guys, but even as a big spender, this digital only price of $40 is not acceptable for me. This is a real disappointment. Me and a few others were very excited about this game, but we will not be purchasing at this price. Please reconsider the pricing of this title.

  • ….$40.00 wow…Tokyo Jungle, an almost brand new CONSOLE game that is also digital only with arguably just as much replay value and content and also very fun….and that launched at $15.00…just sayin.

  • I haven’t played the game but looks fun tooooo, also is this a download or retail ? i prefer to buy retail but i guess i could buy it downloadable as well i don’t mind the price as long it had extra content =D

  • no demo? any plans for one?

  • Is there general lobbies or matchmaking multiplayer?

    I also agree the price of entry is pretty rough….

  • “$40!!? OMG! buts its a port of a 6 year old game wah wah blah blah”
    Yes it is a port, a port to a system that needs it AND remastered with Additional content and most importantly the one thing the original was missing ONLINE CAPABILITIES! However! I will Rabble Rabble with the angry ppl on the digital release aspect..that sucks, as I am one that prefers hard copies. If anything is overpriced its the Vita’s mem cards. The game is alot of fun and has replay value.

  • @ Miki Takahashi

    Can you in no way comment as to why there is no retail release? and as to why a digital only title with all the cost of manufacturing cartridges cut out is still the same price as the a full on retail release?

    I can handle digital only releases, I can handle ports, I can handle paying 40 dollars for a game….but a digital only port of a budget title costing the same as a brand new retail game…aint no way in hell….you guys are killing your own game.

    And the most important question….why the heck after saying you would have a retail release for $10 less than what you are currently asking, would you guys decide to charge MORE for LESS work?

    then again maybe im just being an idiot but i always assumed that if you cut production costs that meant a lower price in the end…but i guess in todays world doing less is more work huh?

  • I’m pleased to see it translated, but like a lot of others, I really can’t justify $40 for a digital release. I’d have picked up a physical release for that money, but not in this format, sorry guys :(

    I understand that the Vita is very niche at the moment and needs all the help it can get, but I have to be very careful with my budget these days and EDF just can’t compete with other titles in the same price bracket.

  • @ LBartley

    “The fact that there has been no gameplay videos attached to these posts concerns me.”

    Exactly i could not agree more and when i youtube the game all i get is re-release of launch trailer?

    anyway now days that’s how marketing sugar coat games.

    Do not mistaken my above post i will eventually buy the game just to support the vita cause and boost developers recognition in releasing import titles state side. But I will happily do so when that $39.99 price tag diminishes into the sunset. Cannot and wont support a product that hides on release (no official reviews spamming the webs) at $39.99

    Hopefully my comment doe snot come across as bashing.

    with that said

    Thank you for releasing EDFP 2017 in US looking forward in the future to purchase it.

  • It’s very hard to express how disapointed I am with this release. My disapointment probably equals my love for EDF. Which is very high.

    I mean, with limited VITA games available out there (compared to PS3 or other systems), a game like this would’ve been picked up by a vast majority of VITA owners if it was priced at about 19,99$. 29,99$ would also have been fair, although less people would’ve bought it, oviously (but I would buy it at 30$).

    But 40$? I’m very curious about who decided on that pricepoint, and based on what factors? I’m pretty sure a lower price would’ve mean a lot more sales. I mean, there are many other games avaiable for that price, or even less, that probably had more work put into that this And, although I admit I don’t know how much work this really was, it really shouldn’t be for me to guess that. It should be the burden of the developper / publisher to convince people that the price asked is a fair one.

    Can someone explain to me why I should pay 40$ for this, while many games with far more content and production values are priced lower than this? And I’ll point again, I’m a HUGE EDF fan.

  • The power of the internet developers/publishers cannot hide behind their greed so easily curious to see how long this will take for them to realize how much loot they lost at that price point quantity of sales is key here. Worst part this title dropped at a low new vita title window.

    This means
    1. They could of made bank priced correctly
    2. The greed is affecting 1st post, because its the only new title someone decided lets put it at $39.99 (we will make a killing) == Wrong

    I got a $50 psn gift card for Bday during holiday break that loot is just sitting there i could get this game since it would be like a gift but i can’t back this tag up.

    bewteeen now and Soul Sacrifice release, if the greed price stays i’ll be seeing you Soul Sacrifice

  • For me, it was worth the purchase. I bought it and now I don’t have to worry about switching game cartridges to play it. I do have a 32gb card, but this game only takes up about 636mb. I loved this game on the 360 and now I can play it on the go,or at night with headphones on while my wife watches tv:) Multiplayer works great,or at least the one time I tried it out. Connected with 3 other players last night and played through 5 missions. I did not experience any lag. EDF all the way!!!

  • Oh and by the way the graphics are on par with the original version including the destruction of buildings and all the enemies on screen at once(bugs and spaceships). I have yet to experience any framerate problems and I am on mission 8.

  • Yes more PS Vita games rolling out yes, bet they wished they bought a Ps Vita now.

  • EDF 2017! For Vita! Awesome!

    Wait, it’s $40??? Psh, never freaking mind.

    I bought this game on Xbox 360 brand new for just a tenner. Heck, on day one it was just $30.00! For this game, I outright refuse to pay any more than $15. If I want my EDF fix I still have the 360 version and Insect Armageddon (which, by the way was full retail for $40 with more to it than this game.)

    So yes, it IS too expensive, no matter how you slice it. Anyone who believes otherwise either has way too much money to spend or doesn’t understand the term “rip off.”

  • I really don’t give an ef about the price,It’s standard price for a vita game…

  • Just stop complaining,I live in Czech Rep. and BO Declassified here costs 65 bucks!

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