Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita Today

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Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita Today

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

I hope everyone had good holidays with your friends and families, but it’s time to kick-start your gaming new year. Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable will be available for $39.99 in North America as a digital PS Vita download when the PSN update goes live later today.

Earth Defense Force 2017 first landed on US soil in 2007. With its addictive and exhilarating bug-squashing gameplay, the Japanese developer Sandlot succeeded in catching the attention of gamers. Now, thanks to the high performance of PS Vita, we are able to bring the EDF world to the handheld console with many new additions including online co-op and versus modes, new missions, enemies and weapons, and a new playable character in Pale Wing.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS VitaEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

The game has a total of 60 missions, including seven new missions. Each mission can be played on five difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno. Yes, you’re reading this right. “Inferno” is harder than the “hardest”! At first, you might feel “Inferno” is insanely difficult, but don’t worry. The more difficult levels you play, the stronger weapons you’ll get. By the time you collect tons of weapons and you reach “Inferno”, you’ll find that you’re a highly-trained EDF soldier. For the first time in the series, the game features multiplayer for up to four players, so play with your friends in North America and Europe in co-op or versus mode for EDF supremacy. With these new features, the game provides a whole new EDF experience, and you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay to collect all the weapons.

We also have a little bonus for you. If you purchase Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable through February 4th, you can get free downloadable content of the following four weapons.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

Electro Paralyzer
A top-secret superweapon developed by the EDF, whose flare shells halt the target’s actions. The technology behind it is shrouded in mystery. Some say it was developed by a military genius, or its secrets gleaned from a downed Ravager scout. Extend its effects by hitting the target repeatedly.

Heat Blaster
A short-range laser gun, whose mighty firepower compensates for its limited range. It requires heavy equipment to recharge, making it impossible to reload on the battlefield. Pull the trigger to release all of its energy, or it can keep firing until you switch weapons.

Limit Booster
A data transmitter that sends a special program to vehicles in the vicinity (helicopters, bikes, Vegaltas), shutting down their safety overrides and unlocking their maximum capabilities. Multiple uses won’t increase the upgrade ratio, but will make the effects last longer.

Reverse Drone
An unmanned drone with a nanomachine capsule payload. It flies straight ahead to the nearest ally, and once it connects, it disperses the nanomachines to heal the target. Adjust the direction of fire to select your target.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS VitaEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

The sequel, Earth Defense Force 2025 will also come out later this year, so I’m hoping EDF fans can refresh themselves on EDF’s over-the-top insect onslaught and explosions with 2017 on PS Vita. For those who are new to EDF, this version will be a good start to your EDF career.

This year, EDF will go full blast, so don’t be late to join EDF!

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5 Author Replies

  • Ha! I was thinking i’d pick this up but then I saw the price, $39.99? no.

  • The fact that there has been no gameplay videos attached to these posts concerns me.

  • @LBartley

    It’s out in Japan, you can check out some gameplay videos on YouTube.

  • english audio or japanese?

    • The voices are fully localized into English. Feel free to call out “EDF! EDF!” with the EDF soldiers in the game!

  • Lots of game-play videos on Youtube. Looks great. Insect Armageddon was a blast although a different developer.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, this is developed by Japanese developer Sandlot, known for its addictive bug-squashing gameplay. What are you looking forward to the most in 2017 Portable? Rest assured that the US version is every bit as good, and you’ll be able to exterminate the enemy with all the explosive fun EDF is known for!

  • When arrive at $ 19.99 I buy. = p

  • @6

    me too. 40 bucks for a port … XD never

  • Can anyone, rep or otherwise, confirm or deny if this game supports Custom Soundtrack? It’s actually a major factor in whether on not I buy this game.

  • @Miki Takahashi – I have owned every EDF title, and will buy this. Though I have to say I am VERY disappointed that this is digital only.

    Can you confirm that Earth Defence Force 2025 for PS3 will have a physical retail copy when its released this year?

  • Sorry but $40 is too much. I really enjoyed Insect Armageddon when playing with a friend, but cant justify the $40 for this. If its digital it should be cheaper.

    Hope this goes on sale eventually also can’t wait for edf 4, I’ll pick that up hopefully when a localisation is done.

  • EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • You want us to pay $39.99 for a port with some extra stuff and a game that is digital ONLY? You know what?Not going to lie but you just killed the games sales.

  • Really want this game, and do not mind DL only releases…but 40 is a bit too much. I would buy it in a hearbeat for 30 though. Does the bonus DLC have an extra cost after wards?

  • i was pretty excited till i saw 39.99 :/

    Kind of a gamechanger for me. 40 dollars for any vita game is imo ridiculous. I spent $40 day one for Insect Armageddon…

  • $39.99? i’m sorry but you lost me there, i’d pay $24.99-29.99 no more than that.

  • Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault vita version here i come!!!!!

  • Am I the only person who has never played a EDF game? SMH Shame on me. Dont like that price tag.

  • You’ve lost a lot of costumer for this ‘Only Digital’, and for the price. It should cost only R$29.99 or less.

  • I don’t believe the number of people complaining about the $40 price tag. This game has more fun and replay value included in the price than almost any other game available. And to everyone saying it is “just” a Vita game so $40 is too much– this is a port, with added features, of a FULL CONSOLE release. It was worth more than $40 when released originally in 2007, and is still a steal at $40 compared to what other games offer.

    I will be buying it the moment the store updates.

  • I thought I was the only one that the price made me think twice.

    Is it true it’s a digital only?

  • @19 – Agreed, the price is reasonable considering the amount of content, I too will be buying as soon as its added to the store…

    However, it should have had a physical copy.

    I would rather have had to pay for the extra 4 weapons as DLC, as the DLC packs for EDF:IA worked, and had a physical product I actually owned, not just a licence to a digital version that someone else actually owns.

    I think thats the primary issue people are having, digital only + full retail price is a bad marketing move, pure and simple, only the die-hards will end up getting this, and its a shame.

  • at 19 you should check Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed if you want fun and replay value and of course online multiplayer, sega released sonic with a $29.99 price tag and the game has a lot of things pack into it.

  • 40 $ after you cancel all the physical pre orders in 30$… sure
    40$ for the port of the 4- 5 years old game with nothing new…sure

    Im going to buy it when it hit the bin in 20 25$, good luck with the digital greed.

  • 39.99 and no physical release, this is ridiculous. I will have to import this one then.

  • So what will happen to my Newegg pre-order? $29.99 for a physical edition, box art and all. My pre-order hasn’t been cancelled, so maybe D3 should contact them and let them know they’re not honouring the physical (and cheaper) pre-orders?

  • This game is “Cult Classic” in true meaning. Casual whiners won’t buy this game no matter what range of price point they offer. Frankly, I think they will whine more if they see the game play video.
    This release is for those who know what this game is all about. It provides a definitive reason to buy Vita for small numbers of cult followers.

  • I’ve never played an EDF game before though I was interested in Insect Armageddon and never got it. This looks like loads of fun as single player or multiplayer. I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks for bringing a solid looking/fun game to the Vita!

    • EDF 2017 Portable is a great way to enter into the series. All 60 missions can be played with up to 4 players, with meany new weapons specialized for co-op play. If you encounter a tough mission, teamwork is always a great way to overcome the enemy! When you get together with your friends, you’ll find these invaders won’t stand a chance. The Vita’s great capabilities make it an amazing way to connect with your friends and play the game together! We all hope you enjoy – be sure to let us know what you think.

  • $40?? i hope this is free for plus in the next few months… if this was like $9.99 you guys would sell a couple million copies easy, not saying this game is bad or anything but for a digital only port?? give plus users a discount or something!

  • was interested in checking this out, but the price point reduced my interest considerably … seems excessive for a 5 yr. old port that reviewed poorly in the 1st place … no physical media so anyone wanting the game will be paying for it in the memory department …. seems an odd choice to drive possible purchasers away with a high price point … & as this version promoted the online MP, seems unwise to reduce possible players …. I think this will really hurt sales & with the impending release of EDF 2025, this will see a plus discount in the near future … also, on launch day, there really should be a trailer at the very least …. convince the public to give you their money ….

  • wow 40 dollars lol ill wait till its free on PS Plus …

    yo Sony …. whats coming in february for the special show of yours better be super amazing and more than just a vita price cut ….cuz you know pokemon for 3ds just got announced and you cant compete with that at 249.99/299.99+ (even with a price cut you wont compete with it lol)….

    its just impossible, you guys gotta step it up… stop doing these cross buy things so much its not appealing… we need more vita exclusives like this and Gravity Rush … but games people WILL REMEMBER!! Not just releasing games for kicks i just dont see how the vita is gonna survive if it keeps this up… i just dont …

    and dont get me wrong i LOVE my vita, YES i have one. But you gotta step it up and give it more features and more games … put Google Play on it and your set … lol come on make a partnership NOW!

  • Oh and i hope it isnt JUST THE PS4 either lol

  • oh yeah … the memory cards need to get lowered sony … i mean come on …

  • @ #26 Cult Followers …. LMFAO …. my god

  • $40 and available at retail ok maybe but $40 on Vita for what is a budget series on the consoles? No thanks. I’ll wait.

  • best buy shows a release date of 2/12/2013 for a Physical copy
    I wonder if that still holds true

  • Nobody had a problem with Persona 4 Golden being 40 bucks, and that was a port of a 5 year old game. Sure, its better than this game but thats still standard Vita pricing.

  • Count me among those that were excited about this release until getting to the price. I enjoyed it thoroughly when it launched as a $40 budget title on That Other Console 5+ years ago, and the seemingly small amount of added content just doesn’t justify giving it that same price (which is decidedly not a budget price for the Vita) for a handheld port all these years later. While I don’t mind it being digital-only I would have loved to grab a physical copy, but either way I wouldn’t pay more than $30 for it.

  • Btw, I played and loved the original EDF when it came out on xbox 360. The only thing holding it back for me was the lack of online co-op

    This might actually be a day one buy for me. I grimaced at the $45 price point of dj max technika tune, but purchased it anyway and I don’t regret it one bit

    • Thank you so much for your support! Let us tell you that the online capabilities found in EDF 2017 Portable are a great addition that makes the EDF battlefield more fun than ever before! On top of that, the PlayStation Vita release of the game also includes Pale Wing as a playable character, which wasn’t available on the previous platform. Be sure to check out all the co-op and competitive multiplayer modes and have fun!

  • Will I be able to play online with players who own the JPN/HK version of the game?

  • @37 I was hoping for a $30 or less price point as well, but something I wish would continue to happen would be to re-instate the 10% discount for buying digital versions versus physical.

  • @1
    40 bucks is a deal for the amount of content loaded into this single game. online, five difficulties, 300 weapons, added enemies, vs modes, extra character, this is a better version of the console version. Its a way better deal than black ops with less content than this. I’d gladly pay the 40 buck to keep this series going.

  • I have no problem with $40, it doesn’t bother me that it’s mostly a port, there aren’t a lot of Vitas in consumers hands, you guys have a buisness to run, not a charity.

    But to not have a physical release AND be $40 is a bit much, I will buy it because I love EDF and I love my Vita, red-headed stepchild that it is, but I would fell better if were a few bucks less, $35 or $36, to offset our inability to resell/lend/set on fire the physical media as well as offset the $3/GB Sony charges for memory.

  • @8

    Don’t ALL full Vita games support custom soundtracks? It’s not like PS3 where the developer has to program in custom sountrack support……on VITA it’s the hardware that actually does it when you have music running in the background. (though I wish Vita also did it on PSP and PS1 games).

  • Awesome I forgot this was coming out today! Def going to pick it up!! Thanks so much D3!!!

    • Thank YOU for your support! What are you most looking forward to seeing in EDF Vita? Will it be the new playable character available in the game? Or the new weapons? Or the new online gameplay? There are so many new features, we’d love to hear which ones you’re excited about!

  • @43

    No they do not, they simply come with the inherent ability to do so. Developers can and have decided to disable this feature.

  • Its a real shame that you are charging $40 for a digital only game and there won’t even be a PS Plus discount.

    Please tell me there will at least be a demo to hold me over till the price eventually drops?

  • @36 i thought Persona 4 Golden was overpriced as well. I got a used copy. I stand by the fact that ported games on Vita shouldn’t cost more than $19.99-24.99 at max.

  • not only that but people have payed 35 dollars of ds and 3ds games with less replayability

  • 40$? I’ll pass too…

  • $39.99. For EDF. Digital only, when physical copies were originally going to be $29.99? Wow. I love me some Earth Defense Force…but not that much.

    Golly! I can’t wait to see what Carnage Heart EXA will be going for!

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