Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is Coming, And It Knows No Mercy

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is Coming, And It Knows No Mercy
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is Coming, And It Knows No Mercy

Well, the time is almost upon us. A week from today – Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 – Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will be available for purchase on the North American PlayStation Store for $19.99, with a European release to follow shortly thereafter. It’s been a long journey getting this game to you guys, so it seemed prudent to give you all a bit more information about it. After all, an appetite for blood and dismay is at its best when thoroughly whetted…

And since each chapter in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows tells its own standalone story, I thought the best way to make you salivate even more would be to give a brief, spoiler-free introduction to each one. So without further ado, here’s a taste of what’s in store for you when you fire up your PSP (or PS Vita) next week.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSPCorpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSP

Chapter 1: Seal

An important introduction to the “alternate universe” within which several of the game’s chapters take place. What if our poor Kisaragi High protagonists went into Heavenly Host Elementary School (the cursed plane where all the horrors of the first game occurred) with an almost instinctive foreknowledge of what awaited them therein? Would it be possible for them to avert their horrific destinies? “Seal” tracks Naomi and Seiko as they seek to answer this question, mirroring and expanding upon events from chapter 1 of the first game.

Chapter 2: Demise

Similarly, “Demise” tracks would-be transfer student Mayu under these same circumstances, weaving a rather lengthy tale that delves deep into her personality while also prominently featuring other Corpse Party mainstay characters and reuniting series fans with Musashigawa Junior High student Nana Ogasawara (whom players of the first game may remember from Extra Chapter 1).

Chapter 3: Encounter

The first of the game’s two prequel chapters, “Encounter” takes a closer look at the life and times of overzealous homeroom T.A. Ms. Yui Shishido, who’s caught herself a nasty cold and – through a series of unlikely circumstances – found herself being cared for by one of her top students, Satoshi Mochida. In her fevered dreams, she recalls her own high school life at Kisaragi, recounting memories of a boy she fancied back then… as well as a ghostly encounter that may or may not have actually happened one rainy evening…

Chapter 4: Purgatory

The second prequel chapter focuses on high school paranormalist Naho Saenoki and her best friend, Sayaka Ooue. Both girls are famous – Naho a published author and respected paranormal investigator, Sayaka a popular radio personality – and their collective star power is about to double as Naho is scheduled to appear on Sayaka’s show as a guest speaker. But it may not be only airwaves the two share, as we learn in “Purgatory” just how dangerous Naho’s research can be…

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSPCorpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSP

Chapter 5: Shangri-La

The longest of the game’s eight chapters, “Shangri-La” focuses on the socially reclusive Morishige as he struggles to cope with the inhumanly cruel environment in which he now dwells. Along the way, his path will cross with those of numerous other students from Byakudan High and Musashigawa Junior High, as well as the hapless cameraman Taguchi. With this many miserable, paranoid souls wandering around in an inescapable land of death and dismay, it’s only a matter of time before somebody cracks…

Chapter 6: Mire

To summarize “Mire” would be far too big a spoiler. Suffice it to say, it chronicles the adventures of stoic old Kizami, little Yuka and the girl in red herself, Sachiko. And it connects with one of the first game’s many wrong ends. (Those who’ve played Corpse Party should be shuddering right about now.)

Chapter 7: Tooth

“Tooth” takes place during the first Corpse Party and is entirely canonical with the main scenario. While the first game focused on the students of Kisaragi High, “Tooth” takes a closer look at the lives and times of the Byakudan High students, and serves almost as an “origin story” for Kizami. It also helps explain that iconic (and disturbing) image of Tohko Kirisaki from the first game, with her black eye and missing tooth…

Chapter 8: Blood Drive

Unlockable either by loading save data from the first Corpse Party and completing “Tooth,” or by viewing every single ending in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows chapters 1 through 7, “Blood Drive” continues the story right where it left off last time around. Set two weeks after the ending to Corpse Party, “Blood Drive”… well… takes us somewhere else entirely. Somewhere even more threatening than Heavenly Host Elementary School. But I don’t dare say any more than that. You’ll have to play the game for yourself to see how such a thing is possible!

So, are you ready? If not, there’s a whole new website full of information and images to peruse, as well as a brand new short trailer. Which means, if you’re not already scared out of your gourd… well, you will be. Oh, you definitely will be!

And let’s face it. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  • I’m the loving the PSP support! It’s a console that is still way worth the purchase even to this day, with it’s low price, enormous amount of amazing games, extremely low priced games ($10 and less!), cheap alternative to memory (micro sd to memory stick adapter) and simple and quick way to be able to play your legal copy of your UMD game like we legally can and are suppose to be able to enjoy (but of course enough gamers don’t care which is why Sony themselves don’t give us the option and we have to run custom firmware for that). If I enjoy this type of game I will purchase! But the only thing is the price, $20 seems a bit overpriced for this game. Well have to see, if it’s not and I like this game I will purchase, if it is, I will wait for a price drop. :)

    • It’s the same price as the first game, which fans seemed to think was perfectly fair. And this game is much, much longer, so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck!

  • i planned on buying no games for a while but now this comes next week you have changed my mind!

  • Urgh. This is definitely lighting a fire under my ass to finish the first game. I JUST finished Persona 4 Golden this morning and was trying to decide what to do next. I was planning on checking out Persona 2, but now… I think I’m gonna have to get back into Corpse Party. I think I’m gonna have to start over though, I’m in chapter 4 and do not remember much of what’s going on. :x

    • Well… the biggest plot revelations come at the end of chapter 4 and beginning of chapter 5, so you’re proooooobably safe continuing from where you left off. Though if you do choose to replay the game, it shouldn’t take you as long as it did the first time, since you’ll likely remember things as you go.

  • It really sucks that neither of the two are playable on the PS3. I have not and will never buy a PSP or Vita for only a handful of games I want to play.

    • Awwww. Not interested in any of our other PSP titles? We’ve released quite a few, and they’re all pretty good stuff. Three Ys titles, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Corpse Party, Wild Arms XF, Half-Minute Hero… and even outside of our games, the PSP’s library is really fantastic. The Vita’s library is growing pretty fast too. What kinds of games do you like? Maybe I could recommend a few to you. ;)

  • YES. The first game had some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a translated game, and I’ll definitely be getting this on day one, even though I haven’t bought a PSP game in who knows when.

    • Yay! As the guy who translated the first game (and most of this one), it makes me very happy to hear you say that. ;)

  • OMG a PSP release *searches for his charger*

  • I’m so happy that it’s coming out so soon. I was a little worried that the date would be announced and then it’d be a month or so longer to wait. I’ll be getting this on my PSP as soon as it comes out so the first Corpse Party isn’t alone anymore.

    • Nah, for digital titles, a lot less time is needed on the publishing side, so we’re usually able to release games very shortly after we have a definitive date. It’s one of the nicest parts about publishing digitally: less waiting. ;)

  • I forgot to add, PSP has hardware that can still keep up with 3DS. Sony should keep supporting PSP as a mid end handheld for consumers who don’t want, need or don’t want to pay for the PSVita prices and PSVita as their high end handheld.

    • I totally agree. The PSP has such a massive library of quality Japanese games that have never been translated, too (and Japanese games that are still being released!). The more people support it, the more of those we’ll have a chance to see in English!

  • I haven’t finished the first, but will be keeping an eye on this. $20 seems just a little steep for me personally, I might just wait for it to go on sale like I did the first one. I’m still excited to play it though :) Thanks for bring it to NA for us :)

    • Awww. Sorry to hear the price is higher than you were hoping for. It’s the lowest we could manage, unfortunately. I can assure you it’s worth every penny… but, if you choose to wait, then so be it.

      It will continue to loom over you, however, with its tempting, dead eyes. ;)

  • Will there be another sale on the first sometime? I missed it last time.

    • Not anytime in the foreseeable future, I’m afraid. Our budget is stretched pretty tight to begin with, so we can’t afford to put our games on sale too often. ;)

  • yays this news makes me want to happy dance up and down the street

  • I’ve been waiting for this since I completed the first game. I loved it. Just goes to show that even with RPGMaker style graphics, you can do a lot with voice/text/atmosphere. Can’t wait to play this.

    And I have to say that I hate how the 360 introduced Achievements and then everyone was begging for them and Sony introduced Trophies and now everyone can’t play a game like they did in the generations before without having something to measure their progress besides, you know, just knowing they played the game. I’ve never cared what people got or how to get achievements. If they pop up while I’m playing, cool. I’m not actively looking for them. It’s just an artificial way to extend a game’s play time. But they’re usually stupid things like collecting a bunch of worthless items or for things you’re doing anyway like progressing through the game.

    Unlockables are the only reason to strive for things. Something you can actually do something with. Not some achievement/trophy that’s like “I did this! Are you proud of me!? PLEASE BE PROUD OF ME!”

    Play games for the games.

    Okay I’m done.

    • Totally agreed. I do understand the need for trophies as well… but if you reach the point where that’s all you care about, then you’ve literally gone from gaming into meta-gaming. Which is just… odd. ;)

  • $20? Sorry but no thank you. I’ll just wait until a price drop. The first game was awesome though.

    • Hmm? If you enjoyed the first game so much, then how is $20 too much? This game is easily twice as long, just as good, and is the same price as its predecessor…

  • Might get this.

    But I REALLY want news on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Chapter 2. I’m starting to think it will never come out. :,(

    • Be patient. No news is good news. If we haven’t announced its cancellation, then there’s still hope for it! We’re doing the best we can, but it’s not something that can be rushed. It has to be handled veeeery veeeery caaaarefully.

  • Thanks for the response. I can certainly understand the need to be careful. I’ve started learning Japanese and I’ve seen that translation is anything but word for word lol.

    Trails had a great translation and it made the characters jump to life and feel fully fleshed out. It’s worth the wait for a repeat performance.

  • I loaded money to my PSN account during the fall when I first heard of the announcement ; I’ve been anticipating this game since then, checking PSN often to see if would make a stealthy release. The first game was absolutely a great experience and introduction for me to digital purchases on PSN, and have since bought titles like Lunar Silver Star Harmony and Phantom Brave.

    Thanks for the great localizations!

  • First of all, thanks for the great job on the Mercenary Edition of Ragnarok Odyssey. It’s the first collector’s edition of a Vita game on the US, or am I mistaken?

    Second, buying this day one. Keep up the good work bringing this type of games for us. I’m also waiting news on your plans for the year. Ys Celcetta for the win!

    • I think it may have been, yeah. Though Persona 4 Golden miiiight have beaten it… *checks* Ahh, no, looks like we were first! Yaaay! ;)

  • my mistake I’m in chapter 4 almost at the end

    I like the game but the first one just had 5 chapters at least this have 8 chapters so it looks longer

    anyway I hope corpse party 2: dead pacient will be on psvita :3 someday XD

  • first time I played this kind of games and love it btw XD

  • Nice, Only $20. Still have to play the first one, it would be a great way to hype the game by putting the first one on PS+ for free “wink wink”

    I’ll buy a $50 card and buy both games, at $20 a pop you can’t go wrong.

    @RidleysBox How did you get that Asuka avatar, I’m guessing Japanese store but hot damn I want that

  • I can’t wait, I need to finish replaying the original by next Tuesday. I’ve never been a horror fan but I absolutely LOVED the first Corpse Party and when I heard there was a sequel I was hoping you’d bring it out. The release announcement a few months ago made my day and now I can’t wait for next Tuesday.
    XSeed, you rock.

  • I’m regretting not buying the first one! I didn’t really take interest in Corpse Party until now. Looks like I’m buying gonna be buying both!

  • Hey Tom, think I have time to beat the first game if I breeze through it? I remember rage-quitting due to dying repeatedly in some kind of room so I’d probably have to replay from scratch. The sequel sounds much better in terms of gameplay (I’m into this for the story anyway).

    Will purchase day one regardless. Would also love Unchained Blades Exiv from you guys!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i was dreading this most of us only got the 1 gig psp stick it wont be able to fit im soo sad man this is really one of the only games i got to look forward too this year

    • PSP memory sticks are pretty cheap nowadays. You should be able to get a 2 GB for $10 or less with a bit of looking, or a 4 GB for just a few dollars more.

      The game is worth it, trust me! ;)

  • Oh wow, what a surprise. I didn’t think that I’d ever get to play the second game in the series, and then wham, here it is. Hope the European release isn’t far off, I’m excited to play.

  • Quote Tom Lipschultz “This game is easily twice as long, just as good, and is the same price as its predecessor…”

    Well, I didn’t know what to expect from the first game. It was a short game for being $20. I supported it either way though when it first came out on psn. Book of shadows game-play looks kinda lame. I wish it was like the first game (2D and not point and click). Book of shadows was release for free in the Japanese psn store, so that that’s how I tried it. It was all in Japanese of course, so I didn’t know what I was reading, and I deleted it soon after. If the game was in English dub then I wouldn’t mind dropping easily $20 or even $25 for it.

    • The gameplay was never the selling point of Corpse Party, though — it was always about the story, the characters and the atmosphere. The new gameplay style of Book of Shadows very much helps spotlight these aspects of the game, and eliminates some of the first game’s more frustrating aspects.

      And would you really WANT this game dubbed? I just couldn’t see that ending well. ;)

  • Thank you! I loved the first one.

    Please bring CP2: Dead Patient over here next!

  • I feel sorry for the devs, having to put up with comments like “$20 is too much” or “no trophies=no buy”
    $20 is not too much for a game. iphone gaming has ruined the industry for the rest of us who like quality
    And you should know by now PSP games don’t support trophies

    I just want to say I loved CP1 a lot. It really appealed to my sense of empathy. It was a horror game that wasn’t trying to scare me directly, but get me scared for the well-being of the characters in the game. That’s how well written/translated it was. And I will buy every CP game that comes out

    • Yay, I love comments like these. ;) Really glad you enjoyed the first game, and thanks for the kind words about its translation!

  • So glad I picked up the first game on sale last winter, so spooky. But there were some bad ends I might have missed from not wanting to make obvious wrong decisions which makes me wanna play it again. Tell me, how many pairs of underwear should I have with me for this game?

  • I just went back to Corpse Party after hearing this news and can’t wait to finish it up so I can get this one.

  • Will this have english audio, or an option to turn off the japanese voice?

    • No English audio, but yes, like the first game, you can turn the volume slider for the voices all the way to 0 if you want.

      You’d be missing out on some top-notch material by doing so, however!

  • I have always liked adventure games, but too scaredy-kitty to plunge into The Corpse Party.. missed the sale last year and ended up watching other people playing it on Youtube (still scary). I wonder how different this one will be (gameplay-wise) as compared to the first game. anyway, I just finished VLR a few weeks ago, so I think getting this one will keep the adventure-games momentum going.

    • It’s quite different indeed. Think point-and-click adventure with map-based movement — kind of like Myst, but horrifying and with long dialogue scenes. ;) Might be a little less scary for you, since there really aren’t any chase scenes or anything of the sort this time around — it’s all very “Choose Your Own Adventure.” The horror is much more atmospheric and thematic than in the first game.

  • This is such good news! Huge fan of the first game. Bought it on a whim for my Vita a few months back, and couldnt put it down. All i want to know is… will there be any anatomical models in this one?!?! Oh yeah, and will we see Kizami again? He was such a great part of the first game. Damn that guy made me feel uncomfortable!!! Anyways, thanks for binging this over to English speaking countries, you give us hope as gamers!

    • No anatomical models, but a great big YES on the Kizami. He plays a huge role in chapters 6 and 7. In fact, you’ll see more Kizami here than you did the first game — he’s gone to full-on star status. ;)

  • I’m very excited about this news. I also want to thank XSEED for bring games to the states. RO is freaking sweet and I love corpse party. Thank you!

  • Honestly, Tom’s translation is fine. A bit on the liberal side, but his attitude toward translation is more of localization than word-for-word translation, which is a stance I hold as a translator as well. Japanese is NOT a language that AT ALL lends itself to word-for-word translation. If one was to actually employ word-for-word translation in a game – professional work, especially -, you’d end up with incredibly awkward and sometimes stilted dialog.
    Translated dialog should ALWAYS be able to be read in such a way that you can’t even ever tell it was originally in another language. If you can tell what language it was translated from, then the translator failed at their job and the immersion is lost. There is exceptions to this rule (such as material steeped in foreign culture; localizing that would be unfaithful to the author’s vision), but by and large, media and entertainment should be enjoyed without any entry requirements; meaning, I shouldn’t have to have any prior Japanese knowledge when I load up a game or pick up a manga. Everything should be fluid and flow nicely in natural English without any kuns, sans, or sempais littered throughout or awkward sentences formed by 100% literal translation from Japanese.

  • Awesomenessss Chaaaa!

  • I picked up Corpse Party on the last sale, and though I haven’t played it yet due to Layton v Phoenix and No Escape series, this is still a day 1 buy for me. I I love these kind of games and want to support the he’ll out of you guys in hopes we get more! Seriously, thank you for this!

    • And thank you for your support! I hope you greatly enjoy the games. Remember to play them in the dark with a nice pair of headphones for maximum effect!

  • Thank you XSEED for translating this and also releasing it in Europe sometime in the near future! I still haven’t gotten around to finishing Corpse Party, as what I have played of it has been amazing and I like the thought of having at least one amazing title that I still need to play. Guess that’s a bit sadistic of me, but oh well.

    This will be a day one purchase for sure, as I’ve known it would be ever since it was first announced. Hope it does well. ;)

    • So do we! ;)

      And I know what you mean about having one amazing title that you still need to play. It feels good knowing that something awesome is waiting for you, and can be broken out on some upcoming rainy day!

  • I started replaying the first game a week or so ago when I found out this game is coming, sounds like it should be out by the time I finish the previous game! :D

  • TeriwynShade, I’m pretty sure you’re one of the Aksys workers or you visit the forums. That’s almost word for word what one of the workers from Aksys has posted in their forums before.

    I know enough Japanese to know how ridiculous it is to actually translate it literately, but I doubt anyone is asking for that. What’s more likely is that people complaining would rather have a more dry translation than a flavorful translation. Dryer is boring, but more accurate. That is what I’m assuming is what people are asking for.

    • I don’t think TeriwynShade isn’t from Aksys (we know those guys pretty well), but he (she?) is a regular on our forums, and a generally cool person who writes a lot of really thorough, well-argued posts.

      And I suppose a “dry” translation is probably what was being asked for, but… well, we don’t do those either, and I actually disagree with you that they’re “more accurate.” I’d say that a dry translation is quite a bit LESS accurate, since it fails to capture the feeling and personality of the original Japanese, which is equally as important as the meaning. Without feeling and personality, you’re only getting half the experience. It’s often the only thing that helps flesh out a character and make him/her feel more real and relatable.

  • I picked up the first Corpse Party when it went on sale last year. Still in the first chapter (keep running into “wrong ends” ) but I like what I played so far. I really feel for the characters and it’s so upsetting anytime something bad happens to them. Now I really want to go back and finish it!

  • And I took your advice Tom about playing at night with headphones…definitely the way to play!

  • Will this be out on the EU PSN as well, or is it US only?

  • YES! I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THIS! The moment I read this I quickly jumped on the site, saw what it had and now have a gorgeous Book of Shadows wallpaper on my Mac! <3

    I had originally refrained from learning ANYTHING that could be considered a spoiler in hopes of it being brought over here and I am so glad I did, totally worth the wait! [Well, aside from a couple of dubs I did online where I was casted as Morishige for a couple of scenes from this game, but the spoilers weren't too big, I believe]

    Honestly can't wait to pick this up! I feel like replaying the first one so badly, regardless of getting every ending and unlockable from it. Love the game and the series to death! <3


    /If/ it can be answered, though, since I understand how it may be extremely difficult to answer ahead of any actual full-fledged knowledge on it, but if this does well on the market and you guys decide to bring over any more titles from the series, can we look at a possible release for “Corpse Party Anthology: Sachiko’s Game of Love Hysteric Birthday 2U”? [Which, of course, will more than likely have a /way/ shorter name]
    If “Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient” gets a release, would that be on the PC as well or would it be released for any sort of console as well? Although obviously too soon to ask, just thought I would nonetheless! xD


  • I am so hyped for this! I am going to beat the first one again. A refresher course to make sure I have the story down and to be ready for Blood Drive.

  • Awesome looks like psp mem cards are super cheap now. Can’t wait for this game. love xseed’s work got many of thier games. Id love for you guys to touch on some more japanese adventure/ visual novel games!!!!!
    Anyway everyone should play corpse party now to get ready for the second one also watch this on youtube animated corpse party short( its in japanese though)

    ps. i just also wanted to say thanks so much for getting one of my fav games of all time Fragile dreams in US cant thank u dude enough for that!

  • I just bought the first game yesterday and im loving it, but please PLEASE tell me you guys arent going to force us to watch the dialogue or death scenes EVERYTIME they happen. I hate it when i accidently get caught by the blue boy ghost and am forced to listen to my self get buried alive. I just restart the game because its faster than trying to hammer X through all the dialogue boxes. Please tell me we have the option to skip or fast forward dialogue boxes after we have already seen them.

    • Yep, this game has a really robust fast-forward feature, as well as the ability to save literally anywhere (including during dialogue scenes).

  • I just hope this will also be available on the Mexican PS Store on day one, since you know, even if we’re also part of NA we tend to get neglected in terms of content on the PS Store.

    It was just recently that the Ys Saga (Seven, I & II, Felghana) became available here in the Mexican PS Store. I waited for those games for like one year and a half and I dont want the same to happen with Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Here’s hoping it wont happen!

  • You’re welcome Tom. I know what it’s like to be a dev getting picked on.

    To emphasize just how well written it is, a 16-bit style game was able to scare me.

    It plays great with a PS3 controller on a TV thanks to a PSP go. Sad both of those features are gone from Vita…

    I’m glad you’re aware of Dead Patient. I’d prefer not to get it for PC, but I’ll get it for whatever it comes out on.

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