Watch the Sony CES 2013 Press Conference Here

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Watch the Sony CES 2013 Press Conference Here

Live video by Ustream

Post-holiday slump got you down? Perk up — Sony Electronics will be showing off the latest gadgets and tech tonight from the International Consumer Electronics Show starting at 5:00pm Pacific Time/8:00pm Eastern Time. Better yet, you can peer into this wonderful world in real time with the convenient livestream embedded above. Once the presentation wraps up, you can mosey on over to Sony’s official CES site to get full details on new product announcements, videos, links, pictures and more. Ain’t technology grand?

Though CES is adored for many reasons, it isn’t typically known for making waves with videogaming content. That said, if you keep your peepers peeled you’re sure to spot an array of slick new gadgets and consumer electronics. You can also follow along with the fun on @Sony Electronics on Twitter.

Stick around after the show, too: You’ll catch a live Q&A session with Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai and Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux. Feel free to Tweet your questions to @Sony Electronics (mark it with #SonyCES).

Okay, you’ve heard enough outta me. The livestream awaits!

PlayStation @ CES 2011

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  • The loss of the second hand market means I will buy less games. Also the whole process will likely delay my transition to a next generation system. The only way this would work is if the price of games is reduced at least $15 across the board. This change should not come via digital distribution which is still pretty stupid. The US is all about profit and there is no profit in actually providing decent broadband to the entire nation when people are willing to still pay for dialup/dsl. My last 5 purchases were a result of trading or selling games. If anything can push people back to a pc it is stuff like this. Besides as Nvidia has shown we can play the games on our tv now. Sony needs to find another area to make a profit…. maybe ditch those lousy phones. I have an original xperia play… its only real value is as an emulation device barely.

  • wtb xperia z

  • Is over? Video and audio not working :(?

  • – If you release phones outside Android and Windows Phone I will buy one. Sony has said they want to have and use their own OS, let’s get to it.

    – TV SideView is voice enabled and you can speak your request huh? How about adding that to PlayStation 3/PlayStation Eye like was said by Sony themselves that PSEye can do? I hate Sony’s dumb decision to not support their own products (virtually no PlayStation Eye and Sixaxis support and PlayStation Move not as much as it should), why would I buy a PlayStation accessory if it won’t get support even by Sony themselves? While you’re at it how about releasing the much overdue PlayStation Move enabled UI (the current PSMove UI “compatibility” doesn’t count, it’s complete crap) and PSEye enabled UI would be amazing too.

    – Also, how about giving all your portable devices the TV SideView features? There’s no reason why we can’t control everything via our PlayStation Vita or any other mobile device.

  • Sony I Want to create a channel on youtube about PS vita lets plays and Reviews since im a day one customer on everything awesome on the vita!

    Sadly I cant make that happen until U create a cable or program over the computer or ps3 in which i can Record Gameplay Straight from the image of the vita… I want to do things like intended and not some cheap a.s.s camera recording stuff. PLS consider it.

    BTW: why Square Enix and Sony relationship has deteriorated so much? I mean… The Vita can REALLY get some help from them, and as of now the only thing coming for vita from SE its Army Corpses…. well.. yea its not a game i want to play being SE.

    What happened to FFType0? What happened to Kingdom hearts DDD? it can ezly made a jump to vita. How about KH BBS for Vita? Whatever happened to FFX HD? whatever happened to FFvs13? How about a New FF for the vita or a whole new Jrpg for it! I would DIE literally if u push a little SE to make u a new FF tactics exclusive for the vita? Sony Move things up….

  • Hi:
    I would like to see some content of the 4K TV like pictures or Specs (Contrast, 10, 12 or 16 bit Color Panel, REAL Frame Rate, etc.).
    Red 5.

  • hi sony , it was great to hear how your up on trying and delivering the latest innovated ideas but i think people needed to hear how your technology will grow to become house hold standard and that other companys will probably follow this future of where the technologies going , for example you have delivered a next stage of visual effects but how long will it be untilyou come up with something new because people dont want to auomatically lose what theyve allready got they want to hear how you can save what theyve got and incorporate it into the new tech for example will 3d tv standard be able to be used on 4k so does that mean when new res 3d comes is 4k equiped etc. with 1 touch people would also like to know how hard is it keep up , do they have to run out and buy new tech or does some old tech tie in as well . its a bumma about competition with the next gen console it would have been great to hear what the plans were about what the console could pack .is ps4 going to have 1 touch tech and 4k capabilities? or will the next ps phone have a video output?

  • Holy crap, that Xperia Z looks absolutely fantastic. I might finally consider getting a Sony smartphone.

    – Sony, please, for your own sake, Market this phone well and price it at a reasonable price.
    It’s going to be pretty hard to sell this phone with Apple’s smartphone and the upcoming SG IV.

  • Thanks alot for posting this! Im from Sweden so was abit hard to catch this live :D Havnt watched it yet but i hope for some great stuff as allways!

  • 1st question for Kaz was…about the PS4!!!:D BRILLIANT;)

    +Really liked the ‘TV Side View’ thing & the ‘One Touch/NFC’ thing :P

    + I always wanted all my(well future) SONY products to work all together in this way. VERY COOL Stuff;)

    I just wish i could get a 42” or 46” 4K HDTV now :-( 1 day…

  • i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 but the Xperia Z looks pretty impressive. will it support psn? if so then its an instant buy from me or at least some sort of ps4 or vita connectivity.

  • What the Playstation Vita is missing is marketability. How can such a cool device not have a sales strategy.

    I like Sony alot but aside from forums no one is commenting on it. This changes by word of mouth which is in your wheelhouse.

  • yeap i agree with havocsarmy sony is not markeking the vita at all, they should create a entertainment on the go video featuring actual gameplay from Little Big Planet, playstation all stars battle royale, need for speed, call of duty, oddworld stranger’s wrath hd, sonic&all stars racing transformed and more.

  • If the Playstation 4 is revealed, I will MARRY you Sony! I want a PS4 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly ;)

  • The Last Guardian where are you????

  • The Last Guardian is a PS4 game for sure. Oh well just have to wait for PS4 I guess.

  • Thank you for putting up the press conferences in their entirety (CES, E3, etc.). I appreciate being able to watch it myself and not have to watch other people’s summaries online. It allows me to form my own opinion. Since I can’t go myself, it is the next best thing.

  • To those complaining about sony giving SP games a code to play, you don’t matter. If you buy games on the secondary market, you do not give any profit back to the companies making the games, you give all your money to the place you bought the used game. Why should any company care about you except the Gamestops of the world?
    Sony has horrible customer service and tech support. I have a camcorder that cost over $1000 sitting in a box that I could only use about 3 times before it was sent out 4 times for repair and never got fixed. Sony said “Sorry, it is now out of warranty” – gaming industry was my last hope at Sony redeeming themselves and it isnt going good (remove Linux, remove ps2 playability, game saves have security, released the WAY overpriced Vita LOL).
    4k tv – Show me the massive amount of content available to make use of that tv and to justify the ridiculous pricing they will have.
    Oh well. Sony used to be a leader but I just cant see it any more. My panasonic plasma blows away anything Sony makes and it is over 4 years old.
    Now Sony, prove me wrong.

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