Watch the Sony CES 2013 Press Conference Here

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Watch the Sony CES 2013 Press Conference Here

Live video by Ustream

Post-holiday slump got you down? Perk up — Sony Electronics will be showing off the latest gadgets and tech tonight from the International Consumer Electronics Show starting at 5:00pm Pacific Time/8:00pm Eastern Time. Better yet, you can peer into this wonderful world in real time with the convenient livestream embedded above. Once the presentation wraps up, you can mosey on over to Sony’s official CES site to get full details on new product announcements, videos, links, pictures and more. Ain’t technology grand?

Though CES is adored for many reasons, it isn’t typically known for making waves with videogaming content. That said, if you keep your peepers peeled you’re sure to spot an array of slick new gadgets and consumer electronics. You can also follow along with the fun on @Sony Electronics on Twitter.

Stick around after the show, too: You’ll catch a live Q&A session with Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai and Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux. Feel free to Tweet your questions to @Sony Electronics (mark it with #SonyCES).

Okay, you’ve heard enough outta me. The livestream awaits!

PlayStation @ CES 2011

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  • Thanks for putting this up! I just thought I’d remind people that this is CES which means there will be very little if anything in the way of video game news.

    • Our pleasure, glad you find value in it. Yep, it’s not really a gaming thing but there’s always cool tech to check out and we’ve done it every year. So why not, right?

  • I’m guessing no Playstation news… unless, of course, they announce the PS4.

    But I doubt that. Oh well. XD

  • Ah… I was wondering where the CES link will be posted. Hoping that there might be some Gaikai news or at least something PlayStation related today. However, full aware that usually isn’t the case.

  • I’m kinda glad there isn’t going to be much video game news. This airs at the same time as Love & Hip Hop (which I’m only watching because Joe Budden of Slaughterhouse is on it, and I LOVE Slaughterhouse), so I didn’t know which one to watch. Now the choice is easier. Hope the press conference goes swell anyway!

  • Give me my Xperia Nexus, Crystal LED XBR BRAVIA, and tease me with some PlayStation 4 tech ;)

  • I know the news I want to hear is Sony dropping Windows 8 in favor of Linux or any OS that isn’t Microsoft at this point.

  • Hmm, seems strange to post this on the blog…Of course if there is new PlayStation news I guess… :D

  • Fingers crossed on a PS Vita price cut? bound to happen eventually and although I own a PS Vita already… it really needs to start selling.

  • Also: ” live Q&A session with Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai” :D

  • @7 Every year CES comes around, there is always a post on the blog… keep your expectations in check.

  • Hmm…I’ll hope for something interesting.

  • It woud be cool to hear about the TV service they are trying to make and if it will come to current PS3/ Vita or if its just a future device technology.

  • @10 – hence “new playstation news”


  • I bet Fumito Ueda is going to be here demoing The Last Guardian.. :'(

  • Any chance we’ll get a look at that $25,000 4k TV i keep reading about on Neogaf?

  • for people that have audio sync problems

  • the audio and video don’t match up :(

    anyone else having this problem?

  • i hope something playstation is revealed! even if not, new tech is always welcomed! 4k! did you see samsungs 8k tv, wow, lol

  • is ther gonna be any update for the vita or ps3 or a new ps3 xmb menue

  • not working with ps3 browser , i don’t have a pc

  • any reason why livestream isnt up on ps3 yet?

  • lol i thot it said next gen console son y just keeps teasing me lol

  • that tv is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Sony, but there products are always so expensive. Hopefully I can see something affordable today.

  • dont really expect any gaming news but still good to see what kind of tech is coming in the near future

  • SONY Z It’s COOL!!

  • Wow Sony better start shifting gears

  • is it the end of ces for sony if so noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Best thing for me was the x 10 headphones

  • Instant Classic Kaz Meme:
    Enjoy the…interface screen lol!

  • I dont want 4k i want cross chat,more vita features when can we hear about ps4

  • They brag about their cameras but the one in the vita sucks balls

  • Yea nirojan45 that kinda blew up in their face

  • Letting my plus lapse

  • On a brighter note walking dead the telltale talks about season 2 check IGN for better news than this tired blog

  • holy cow! even with the lowest picture settings, the video is still behind the audio by almost a minute

  • Go go go PS Vita!

  • In the Live Q&A, Kaz was asked about when we’ll hear about PS4. He said he won’t announce anything until it can be announced in a big way, or something like that. :/ At least he didn’t give a the standard “we can’t confirm or deny” line.

  • Maybe PS4 happens after PS Vita…. After all “PS9” was a handheld device….

  • + mainkster on January 7th, 2013 at 5:27 pm said:
    not working with ps3 browser , i don’t have a pc

    Man, since when something works in PS3 browser? :)

  • I heard rumours that Sony might be having a registration code for solo games.

    I only have one thing to say, are you insane or just on drugs?

    It doesn’t matter how you slice it, everyone looses with this feature.
    Especially PlayStation would loose, a lot.

    Please confirm that it is in fact just a rumour and that Sony will never, ever launch this horrible idea.

    Think about it, 75% to 80% of PS3 owners have the internet, meaning 20% to 25% have not.
    So right there, based on 70 million PS3 sold, that’s 14 to 17.5 million customers that won’t be able to play solo games since they don’t have the internet, combine that with people who has the internet and are buying used, you’ll be another 15 to 25 million, most of your clients.

    Essentially, it won’t work.

  • Nice to see the new, normal sized 4K TV’s (hopefully @ more sensible prices) …..but why don’t they support 3D, Sony?

  • so how is the new 4k oled prototype sid kaz hirai didn’t give much details about the specs im curious can you tell us more or is that top secret?

  • @39 PS4 At E3 2013 :D

  • Let’s see what having a registration code for solo games would mean.
    -Gamestop won’t like you, “may even shrink you game display wall”
    -Gamer without internet can’t play any games.
    -Customers won’t buy a console with such restrictions.
    -If Gamestop closes, they’ll be less and less stores for games, therefore less game sold.
    -Customer can’t share, rent games. When games are great, this may as well be the cheapest marketing. They say, “hey, this game is good, I’m buying this one and the next one in the series.”
    – It would be insulting for gamers who did buy new and can’t resell their game back (or have less $)
    -I’ll would cause more concerns when buying a new game, not knowing if it will be worth it or not.
    -Gamers, because of this insult, might just go with digital copies online instead, or even hacking.

    In the end, everyone looses. PlayStation/Sony, The gamers, the retail business, everyone.

  • If you want to increase the revenue for solo games, the only way you can make it so that it would be “profitable” is to release it exclusively online on the PSN, wait a year/year and a half, and then release it for retail.
    A digital copy can’t be resold, so the profit is much higher than having people buying used games.

    The registration code needs the internet, in that case, having it as a digital copy simply makes more sense. If they want the hard copy, they’ll wait.

    The advantage of releasing the digital copy is that if it ain’t a success, they haven’t spent anything in production of physical distribution discs, and won’t end up as a 20$ bin game if it flops, they can safely not publish the game on disc or adjust the price for if there is a hard copy demand.

    I know Sony is smart, and would never attempt such ridiculous restrictions, but I’m just concern of the negative impact this would have to all gamer and want you to confirm that the rumours are false.

  • @ CommandingTiger

    True or false, it wont make any difference for years to come.


    well because most ppl will still be playing PS3.

    The days of throwing out perfectly good tech every few nears for the latest, more expensive, but little improvement model are coming to an end – just look at the Vita.

  • *years

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